Editor, Will A. Vick

March 20, 1895


Miss Bena Gothard of Liberty attended church here Sunday.

G.M. Fuson and daughter, Pama, were the guests of Dr. Bob Fuson Sunday.

Miss Della Thomas is visiting at Humphrey Barry's.

Mrs. Nancy White is on the sick list. Also, Mrs. Gherity is on the sick list.

Geo. Corley of Carthage, who has been attending court at Smithville, was in our midst Sunday.

On the 22nd of February, Barney B. Taylor, of this place, died at his home. He had been confined to his bed only six days.

Sunday morning at 10 o'clock, some friends from town drove up the pike until they were met by quite a number of folks in carriages, a halt was made and Rev. T.J. Stricklin said the words that made W.B. Williams and Miss Sarah Hendrixson man and wife. Mr. Williams is the rising young merchant of our place. Miss Hendrixson is the accomplished daughter of Mrs. Nancy Hendrixson. A little after noon, a sumptuous dinner was served at Andy Myers.

Forks of Pike

Ike Bogle is building a house on his father-in-law Taylor's farm and will move into it soon.

Miss Daisy Groom has had a right bad case of la grippe, but seems to be on the improve.

E.J. Groom and family visited relatives near Alexandria Sunday.

Mr. & Mrs. J.J. Evans left for Nashville last Tuesday.

George Scott was married last week to Miss Sarah Sandlin, both of Dismal Creek.

Miss Carrie Simpson of Alexandria spent Saturday night and Sunday with Misses Maud and Mary Flippen.

There was a nice little entertainment at John Meacham's last Wednesday night given in honor of Miss Annie Foster, who is visiting there.

Cherry Valley

Miss Ada Phillips of Brush Creek was visiting her uncle Will Phillips, last week.

Miss Mattie Williams was at home last week from her school at Nashville.

Miss Jennie Williams is visiting at Mr. Howell Williams.

W.S. Henderson of Henderson X Roads, our ex-merchant, was in town last week.

Jesse Hearn of Sykes was here last week on business.

Born to Howard Jacobs and wife last week, a girl.

Jordan Vantrease has a working billy goat.

J.D. Phillips replaced his old garden fence with a new one recently and it seems that his sister, Miss Ellen, and "others" were co-partners in furnishing the wire-wonder who the "others" were.

Our Neighbors

News Taken From Our County Exchanges

Warren County ----- New Era

The young daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bowyer, who reside about five miles north of town, sustained a "distressing accident". While riding in a cart drawn by other playmates, the cart got away and the shafts running into the ground, caused her to be thrown and one of her limbs catching in a wheel and badly fractured.

The 13 year old daughter of Martin Earles, living six miles north of this place, was fatally injured last Saturday afternoon. She went to the woods with her father to see him cut a tree, the branches of which caught her as it fell and broke her thigh. She suffered intensely until death relieved her a few hours after the accident.

Wm. Biles returned last Friday from a stock trading expedition in the South.

Rutherford County ----- The News

Eth. B. Wade arrived home from Washington City last Sunday night.

Mr. and Mrs. C.B. Huggins, Jr. arrived home from their bridal tour Tuesday and are at the home of Dr. J.B. Murfree on Main street.

J.W. Hunt, who lives in the 9th district, had the misfortune of having his barn destroyed by fire.

J.P. Bohman died at the home of his step-son, Morritz Crass, last Saturday. He was buried at Evergreen Cemetery last Sunday.

The trial of H.C. Moore for killing W.B. Pemberton near Lascassas last summer is set today.

Putnam County ----- The Press

James G. Maxwell and Miss Tavey Wallace of Silver Point were married last Sunday. They were tendered an elegant reception at the home of Mr. Simon Maxwell.

A.D. Dorman of Cleveland, O. is visiting his father, David Dorman, and brother, E.E. Dorman, at this place.

As the train neared Double Springs it was flagged by Guy Rout. His horse had fallen in a trestle, they got it out as it would have caused a wreck if the engine had struck the horse.


Tom Oakley of Statesville was over today.

Mr. & Mrs. James Maddux have moved and are keeping house.

Several of our boys attended a party at the residence of W.B. Eastes near Shop Springs.

Mr. & Mrs. M.F. Pickett, our popular furniture dealer and M.L. Allen and wife, attended a meeting at Shop Springs yesterday.

Letter about the West from C.M. Curtis in Lancaster, Texas

Temperance Hall

Miss Jennie Close and brother of Sulphur Springs visited friends and relatives here last week.

George Gregson was in town last Tuesday.

Mrs. Parker, who had been sick for several years, died last Wednesday at 9 o'clock.

B.F. Hayes is delivering fruit trees here today.

Frank West had a fine mare to die last week.

S.W. Watson, P.M. at Exum, is in bad health at present.

W.W. Nixon (Davis), E.M. Hayes (Wauford) and R.W. Tubb (Douglas SS class) will go to Walker's Creek tomorrow.

Miss Anna Robinson, who has been visiting relatives on Walker's Creek this week, returned home yesterday.

Sam Robinson and Miss Bell Starnes, a charming bride of Exum, were united in the holy bonds of marriage last week.

There was an entertainment at Bill Robinson's last Saturday night. The parties present were, viz- R.W. Tubb and C.F. Rose; K.V. Betty and Laura Byford; Nick Reynolds and Miss Daisy Driver; C.C. Reynolds and Miss Lizzie Askew; W.W. Nixon and Miss Sarah Burton; E.M. Hayes and Miss Mollie Nixon.

"Old Uncle" Hose Winchester, one of the oldest citizens of Long Branch, happened to a very bad accident last week by getting his leg broke.

Court Proceedings

What Has Been Done in Circuit Court up to Date
State vs. Jesse Gill Assault to Kill 2 years in the Penitentiary
State vs. Nathan Kirkland Larceny 3 years in the Penitentiary
State vs. James Kirkland Larceny Not Guilty
State vs. Geo. Blankenship Malicious shooting 1 year in the Penitentiary
State vs. James Robinson Assault to commit murder Nollied
State vs. Sam Pope Perjury Nollied
State vs. Samuel Bing Murder in 2nd degree Con't
State vs. Joe Wade Larceny Not tried
State vs. Lex Tubb Housebreaking 3 years in the Penitentiary
State vs. Alex Johnson Larceny 18 mos. in the Penitentiary
State vs. Ambros Foutch Assault to commit murder Set for 2nd Thursday
State vs. Oc Bethel Housebreaking Cost secured and defendant discharged
State vs. Wash Hollis Public Drunkenness Not guilty
State vs. Sam Vantrease Breach of Peace Costs secured
State vs. Isaac Cummings Carrying a pistol Not guilty
State vs. Mary Ethridge Profanity Judgement
State vs. W. Fowler Public Drunkenness Not guilty
State vs. J.D. Rigsby Carrying a pistol Not Guilty
State vs. Henry Anderson Carrying a pistol Not Guilty
State vs. Wm. Linder Refusing to work the road Fined $10 and costs
State vs. Granville Martin Gaming Not Guilty
State vs. J.D. Dyer Gaming Con't
State vs. Geo. Palmer Gaming Con't
State vs. Ike Hays Giving liquor to minors Con't
State vs. Riley Williams Selling liquor within 4
miles of schoolhouse
Con't by consent
State vs. Rufus Garner Selling liquor within 4
miles of schoolhouse
Con't by defendant
State vs. Sam McBride Selling liquor within 4
miles of schoolhouse
Fined $5 and costs
State vs. Ira W. King, Jr. Selling liquor within 4
miles of schoolhouse
Con't by State
State vs. Geo. Whitehead Selling liquor within 4
miles of schoolhouse
Con't by State
State vs. Denton Watkins Selling liquor without license Fined $1 and costs
State vs. Bond Harris Carrying a pistol Con't by State
State vs. Peare Gilbert Carrying a pistol Guilty
State vs. Don Jones Gaming Fined $1 and costs
State vs. Wm. Corley Carrying a pistol Con't by state
State vs. Harvey Ratley Carrying a pistol Con't by defendant
State vs. John Bethel carrying a pistol Con't by State
State vs. J.L Palmer Gaming Con't by State
State vs. C.P. Palmer Gaming Con't by State
State vs. Phoenix Crane & Wm. Bullard Gaming Con't by State
State vs. James Robinson Carrying a pistol Convicted
State vs. Osborn Maxwell Carrying a pistol Fined $10 and costs
State vs. Sidney Winfree Giving liquor to minor Con't by State
State vs. Sherman Crowder Carrying a pistol Called out
State vs. Ib League Gaming Con't by State
State vs. Wm. Sanlin Carrying a pistol Fined $25 and costs
State vs. Doss Tisdale Carrying a pistol Con't by State
State vs. Thos. Anderson Carrying a pistol Not guilty
State vs. Randolph Snoddy Carrying a pistol Not Guilty
State vs. Ed Robinson Public Drunkenness Workhouse sentence
State vs. Everett Trapp Selling & giving liquor to minors Con't by State
State vs. C.J. Dyer & L.G. Palmer [???] Con't by State
State vs. Charley Bridges &
Mrs. Mary Bridges
Stopping highway Con't

Epworth League

Program for The Liberty Epworth League, Wednesday evening, March 27, 1895 Singing, Prayer by Rev. T.A. Carden, Singing, Scripture,Lessons by Rev. T.A. Carden, Singing, [Scripture] Questions & Answers by Prof. Killman, Tom Carden, Sam Woodside, Miss Ethel Bratten, Don Squires, Miss Nettie Youngblood, Miss Mattie Lambersonn, Miss Pearl Squires, Miss Zella Vick, Felix Davis, Miss Lelia Whaley, Miss Virgil Overall, Sylvanis Pritchett, Miss Stella Bratten, and Cecil Squires. J.M. Bradley & R.E. Bratten-Comm.

Letter from "Jack" from Huntingdon

[It appears that several local youth were in school there] dgc
Mentions a Saturday trip to McKenzie, 12 miles West of Huntingdon, with F.A. Meacham, M.W. Robinson, N.E. Groom and H.L. Craddock.


An egg boiling was given as entertainment at J.M. Malone's Saturday night.

Old Uncle Elisha Conger, who has been sick at his granddaughter's (Mrs. N.L. Parley) quietly breathed his last yesterday morning [March 12th?], aged 70 years.


Mrs. Sallie Walkup is very sick at present

Miss Bettie Knight has been sick for sometime, but is somewhat better at present.

Mrs. Frances Odom, wife of C.C. Odom, has been suffering a great deal with her hand.

The personal property of John Coffee Leach, deceased, was sold Friday.

Mrs. Zora Higgins will open school on Hurricane creek today.

An infant of Drew Wommack's died today.

Mrs. Bettie Greer, who has been sick for several months, is improving.

Dr. J.T. Turney & Burns Summar will enter the mercantile business at Auburn very soon and will occupy the stand vacated by Hardcastle near the old Post Office.

New Middleton

H.M. Comwell, trustee and John Hogg, deputy, were in town Wednesday collecting taxes.

Bill Hall of Brush Creek was in town Thursday on business.

Geo. Flippen went to Lebanon last Tuesday on business.

Syd Harper, U.S. Deputy Marshall, was in town Friday.

Hershal Overall and J.R. Tramel of Capling were in town Saturday evening.

U.J. Kemp of Kempville, candidate for register, was in town Wednesday.

Melvin Young of Lebanon spent last Thursday night in town.

Bill Hall delivered a fine lot of fruit trees Friday.

Edgar Thomas of this place committed suicide on last Wednesday.

John Ballenger and wife went to see the latter's father Wednesday.

Miss Etta Bowers began school on Denny's branch.

Miss Gerdie Wilkson was visiting friends and relatives here last week.

Albert Swann and Miss Carrie Hallem made a flying trip to Wilson county last week.

Fate Gill and Ollie Swann were visiting friends on Hogan's creek Saturday.

Misses Hattie Williams and Julia Haley of Rome were guests of Misses Mattie and Alice Bradford last week.

Dr. J.G. Bridges left Monday morning for Nashville to bring his daughter home, who is there under medical treatment.

G.M. Stephens, our enterprising merchant is in Nashville buying goods and John Craighead is clerking for him while he is gone.


Dr. C.C. Knox & Co. is the style of the new drug firm in town.

H.A. Jones and W.A. Hayes went to Smithville today.

Miss Eula Smith returned from a visit to friends at Henderson X Roads.


M.C. Vick went to Nashville last week.

Wm. Rose and wife of Temperance Hall were here yesterday.

J.B. West of Forks of Pike has ten nice yearlings for sale.

Rev. P. Lancaster of Texas preached at the Baptist church yesterday.

Miss Kittie Hancock of Sycamore has been visiting Miss Nannie Gossett.

Mrs. McNelly (Miss Mattie Walker) has charge of liv Tubb's Dress Goods Dept.

Mrs. Emiline Clayborn, at the 2nd toll gate toward Smithville, is very sick with la grippe.

Hatton Shaver and Erwin Kennedy want their friends to call and see them at Liv Tubbs.

Miss Robbie Davis of Alexandria has been visiting at C.W.L. Hales for a couple weeks.

J.H. Lamberson gave a royal dinner to quite a number of his friends yesterday.

John Inglis and family came down from Jones Mill last week to visit relatives on Clear Fork.

One day last week John Caskey was married to Miss Louisa Bogle near Forks of Pike.

The Herald is indebted to "Lord" Rollins, Sam Foster and S.L. Williams for the court proceeding published in this issue.

Dr. Hudson and Melvin Young, agent for Equitable Life Assurance Society, went to Smithville last Thursday.

Hershel Overall and "TRJ" went down to New Middleton country on a courting expedition. It's pretty bad on the boys that they have to go where they are not known.

The evidence in the Foutch-Malone case will be completed today and the case will be given to the jury tomorrow. There is much speculation as to what will be the verdict.

The little 5 year old boy of Mr. Jaco living on Clear Fork, was burned to death last Saturday. The little fellow was around the fire trying to cook some bread when it's clothing caught fire and was burned off before any help could come to the rescue.

On March 9th, 1895, Mrs. Jennie Smith Smithson, the loving daughter of a widowed mother, the young wife of a devoted husband and the mother of a darling baby boy, after a long and painful illlness, died. She was married to Mr. Rob't L. Smithson in 1890.

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