Editor, Will A. Vick

March 13, 1895

Clear Fork

John Goggin is to represent this section in the present circuit court.

Wm. Barret, Jr. has returned from Texas to live and die in old Sweetwater, as he says, there is no place like home.

Cherry Valley

Miss Myrtle Oakley left for Texas last week.

Huell Griffin and Miss Bettie Hardin were married Sunday a week ago.

William Davenport and Mrs. ____ Murphy were married last week.

Howell Williams' mother was buried Saturday.

O.W. Phillips of Henderson X Roads, was visiting his mother, Mrs. Hester Phillips, Friday.

Henderson X Roads

Miss Eula Smith of Alexandria and Miss Nora Lee of Watertown spent last week with Misses Lillie and Lucille Oakley.

Ed Oakley and dog of Alexandria also spent he week with J.T. Oakley.

Charlie Oakley of Coffee county also spent the last four weeks at the same place.

Mrs. Wink Robinson is some better though yet unable to sit up.


J.B. Williams and little daughter of Liberty was in town today.

Charlie Wheeler has gone to Louisville.

Dr. E.A. Gold, formerly of this place, died in Louisville last week.

James Evans and F.M. Shurer of Nashville came up Saturday.

Knox & Co. is the style of a new drug firm that will occupy the Dinges storehouse.

Chas McNelly has returned from Nashville and will be found at the drug store of Knox & Co.

Liv Tubb went to Nashville last week and returned Friday.

R.E.Lee and family visited friends at Grant Sunday.

B.F.C. Smith was in town Saturday.

Edgar Wood of Watertown was here Sunday.

Hatton Shaver and Erwin Kennedy are clerking for Liv Tubb.

Mr. & Mrs. James Evans left for their home in Nashville Thursday.

O.S. Barbee has severed his connection with the Alexandria Times and takes charge of a newpaper to be published in Watertown

Sam Herd (col.) was carried to Smithville jail Sunday, he having failed to give bond for his appearance at court.

Our Neighbors

News Taken From Our County Exchanges

Warren County ----- New Era

Mr. D.F. Wallace took charge of the McMinnville post office on the 1st instant.

Mr. Chas. W. Smith, one of Warren County's oldest citizens, died at his home on Charles creek last Friday night. His health had not been good for many years and his death was not unexpected. He leaves several grown children and a wife to mourn.

Rutherford County ----- The News

The residence in which Mr. Van Henderson lived was burned yesterday.

Putnam County ----- The Press

Walter Williams, son of James Williams of Gainesboro died in Nashville last Friday. He was attending the medical department of Vanderbilt University.

John Chilcutt of Newark died Tuesday. He was 90 years of age and one of the best citizens of this part of the state.

Demps Whiteaker was driving in front of the depot Monday when his horse became frightened and ran through the stumps beyond the Shanks house. …bruised consideralby.

Mr. Carmillus R. Huggins, Jr. and Miss Ada Juliet Murfree were united in marriage at the Presbyterian church yesterday afternoon at 5:35 o'clock.

Temperance Hall

Col. Blackburn of Dowelltown was in town today.

Bill Turner of this place went to Alexandria last week.

Dr. G.W. Martin and family visited Mrs. T.H. Nixon and J.R. Hayes family last week.

Ben Drake visited homefolks up at DeKalb Saturday and Sunday.

Bill Moore, P.M. at Close, is on the sick list.

Aunt Eliza Mason was the guest of Mrs. Sarah Hays last Friday.

Old grandma Fitts, who is now 80 years of age, is able to visit this week.

T.H. Nixon and wife will visit friends and relatives at Walker's Creek tomorrow.

Miss Josie Haynes is visiting relatives at Hicks this week.

Little Altia and Aubry Hayes are visiting relatives at Exum this week.

Uncle Hack Mason has been complaining with Rheumatism this week.

Miss Molly Nixon, Miss Daisy Driver, and Miss Lizzie Askew are the guests of Mrs. Charles Williams this week.

Cottage Home

Joe Ford's school opened Monday with better prospects for a spring term than for years.

C.C. Vanatta lost nearly all of worthless (?) sheep by some valuable (?) hurs.

The widow, Henry Smith, is getting better.

Miss Lillie Jennings and her little sister, Bonnie, spent Wednesday night their cousin, Mrs. T.A. Patton.

If your carriage turns over and spills everything into the creek, try to be as wise as Misses Lula Sellars and Leona Turney, that is, be out of it at the time.

New Middleton

Mrs. Ed. Baird is no better at this writing.

Dee Johnson of Grant is trading on mules this week.

Alden Hale of Auburn passed through town enroute to Carthage this week.

Willie Wilson of Rome, J.G. and F.B. Bridges new clerk, begins business March 1st.

Mrs. Swann and her children are visiting her sister-in-law, Mrs. Wilkenson, at Jennings, Wilson co.

Joe Harper, who was very low with consumption died on the night of Feburary 25th. He leaves a wife and little boy and a host of friends to mourn his loss.

Mr. & Mrs. S.E. Agee gave the young people a nice party at their home last Monday night. Those present were; Misses Fannie Horthorn, Pearl Jones, Mattie Lou Bransford, Carrie Hallum, Florence Gill, Daisy Swann, Ola and Mittie Barrett, Mattie Bradford, Etta Bowers and Messrs. Luther Neal, Charlie Barrett, Willie Wilson, Lon Johnson, Ollie Swann, Seim Agee, Ernest Smith, Albert Swann, Willis Gill and Robert Litchford.


J.H. Lamberson has had a hooking cow dehorned.

Miss Charlie Lamberson visited her sister on Dry Creek yesterday.

Miss Della Thomas of Watertown is visiting relatives here this week.

J.D. Smith's little girl is about well again. Mrs. W.P. Smith is also better.

The Foutch-Malone case is set for next Monday. That will carry a big crowd to Smithville.

Mrs. J.W. Overall, her son, Oliver and Willie Whaley are visiting in Smith co. this week.

Mr. Stroud died at the home of his sister-in-law, Jas. Hale, on the Adamson Branch last Friday.

B.L. Hale fell through the ceiling of Overall Bros. new storehouse yesterday, skinning him up pretty good.

E.J. and B.W. Robinson have gone to Nashville to buy furnishings for their summer hotel at the Sulphur Springs.

Doc Crook and Sallet Evans hauled 7375 pounds, net weight, of farming implements on a 3 inch Fish Bros. wagon for Vick & Bright last week. Four horses drew it from Watertown in five hours.

Mrs. R.L. Smithson

Last Saturday morning at 3 o'clock, Mrs. R.L. Smithson quietly fell asleep surrounded by the immediate members of her family and friends. For weeks and months she has suffered from that most terrible of all diseases-consumption-till her life just wasted away. She bore her afflictions with remarkable fortitude but never murmering. She leaves a husband and a little boy four years old, besides other relatives, and a host of friends. The Herald would sympathize with the living in this extreme hour of grief.

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