Editor, Will A. Vick

March 6, 1895


Miss Hattie Blackburn left Monday for Nashville to visit relatives.

Misses Effie and Bettie McMillen of Statesville spent the evening with Dr. Sam McMillen.

R.E. Lee and wife have gone to housekeeping on Locust st.

Hatton Shaver and Erwin Kennedy are clerking for Liv Tubb.

Nat Marler of Linville was in town Monday.

Miss Eula Smith is visiting at Rev. John T. Oakley's this week.

William Bass and John Bryan of Shop Springs spent Thursday night with Liv Tubb.

Mr. R. Marler has been confined at home for sometime with sickness.

Zed McMillen and family spent Sunday at Esq. Mack Walker's.

Andrew Thompson was in town Sunday.

Miss Mattie Walker is again at the store of Liv Tubb.

A little girl of George Rollins (col.) died Sunday.

Charlie Wheeler leaves today for Louisville, Kentucky for two weeks.

Dr. C.C. Knox went to Nashville this morning on business.

Rev. W.H. Smith and J.W. Bailey were guests of Dr. McMillen during the Pastor's Conference.

Dr. Hugh Waters was found dead on the pike below Grant Sunday evening, having been shot through the head. A Young man was arrested on circumstantial evidence and charged with the crime.

Ed Oakley is not clerking for Liv Tubb now, as he is thinking of going into business himself soon. Ed's many friends regretted to see him leave Alexandria.

Will Beckwith and wife leave this week for Lafayette, Macon Co., where they will reside. Will will take charge of a bank to be organized at that place.

Temperance Hall

Lige Foster of Laurel Hill was here Thursday.

E.M. Hayes ordered the free course by mail from Capital City Commercial College.

Willis Dowell and family of Sykes visited James Sykes family at this place.

John F. Frazier of Smithville was here last Monday.

Miss Effie Hall of near Hicks has been visiting Dr. G.W. Martin's family.

Mr. Bernard Lightstan, our clever peddler, spent the last two nights with your scribe.

Misses Mollie Nixon, Lizzie Askew and Delia Fitts took a pleasure trip and went down in mill bottom last Wednesday.

Dr. Sewell and wife and Miss Nora Askew of Walker's Creek are visiting T.H. Nixon's family this week.

S.W. Watson's family or part of them have rented the house recently occupied by John McBride. They will move here very soon for the purpose of schooling the children.

Our Neighbors

News Taken From Our County Exchanges

Rutherford County ----- The News

John Sanders, a colored resident of this city, atttempted to play a practical joke on the members of his household last Monday night and he came out "at the little end of the horn".

A stable belonging to Mrs. W.F. George of Normandy was set on fire last Friday.

Judge W.C. Houston charged the grand jury to deal extensively with violations of election laws.

John Brinkley and Nat Miller became engaged in a fight Sunday evening, Miller was struck with a brick or rock and his skull badly crushed.

Putnam County ----- The Press

Last Thursday as Burr Barnes and G.W. Birdwell were passing the house of George Watson near Dry Valley, we are informed that Mr. Watson, who was at the barn, saw them coming and ran into the house, appearing again on the back porch with a pistol and fired, presumably at Mr. Barnes, as the bullet went near him. The gentlemen, though considerably wrought up, continued their journey, as they were unarmed. The explanation for the shooting is that about a year ago while Mr. Barnes was deputy sheriff attempting to arrest Geo. Watson's brother, James, Mr. Barnes shot and killed him in order to prevent Watson from killing Sheriff Bradford. Intense hatred has existed since. Watson says he was shooting at a hawk.

Huse Maynor, col., went down to a colored friend in Bushtown Sunday morning to have his 'razzer' sharpened when Hugh Bradley, col., came by. Maynor don't think so overly much of Bradley, so he went out after him with the foresaid 'razzer' and a club. Bradley seeing what was coming said, "look out nigger, I'll blow you up", but on come Maynor and Bradley produced a pistol and fired, the ball striking Maynor just above the left eye, doing no damage to the head except battering up the ball. Thus the row ended. Bradley was tried Monday and bound over.

One day last week at Silver Point we learn that John Jones and Filmore Anderson became involved in a fight, when Constable John Jones arrived and took the part of Anderson and during the lively melee which followed Constable John struck private John across the nose with a man's size pistol, inflicting a painful wound. All the boys were drinking.

J.E. Gore, of The Press, with his family has moved to Gainesboro where he will become manager of the Gainesville Press, that our firm will establish there at an early date.

Rev. E.A. Stellar has about recovered from his recent illness.

Last Monday afternoon, Miss Maggie McClure, daughter of James McClure of Silver Point, while burning brush, her clothes became ignited and she was so badly burned that she will die.

White County ----- The Expositor

W.L. Steakley had quite a chase after a young man named Bennett who had returned from Sparta and attempted to paint the town red.

The case of Montgomery Smith vs. Gillette et als, was tried at McMinnville last week by Chancellor McConnell. About $100,000 is involved in the suits.

Mrs. Wesley Cope of Doyle, who had gone to Texas for her health, died at Hillsboro, at the residence of Dr. M. Anderson, Saturday, Feb. 23. She was afflicted with consumption. She was Mrs. W.T. Anderson's mother.

Dr. D.R. Gist returned from New York Monday, where he has been attending lectures.

Col. Tom Price has a quarry of very fine flag stone.

Warren County ----- The New Era

Miss Elenora Lanes left last Thursday to join her father in Guntersville, Ala. to take a trip.

Mrs. J.M. Pascall returned last Thursday from Hot Springs, Ark, where she had been for her health.

Cheatham Nunneley has returned to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. Nunneley, after an absence of several years, spent in school in Indiana and in business in Denver, Colo.

Elder P.W. Harsh, pastor of the Christian Church, preached his last sermon there. He leaves us to accept work as an Evangelist in Nashville.

Smith County ----- The Times

W.G. Geers, who lived three miles from Lebanon, died last week. He was the father of Ed Geers, the famous driver of trotting and pacing horses.

Mrs. Rudel Bass, daughter of Henry M. Tuggle of Grant, died at her home in Linwood, Wilson County, Wednesday of last week of heart failure. She leaves a husband but no children.

The residences of T.A. McCall, two miles south of Rome were destroyed by fire night.

E.S. Vance and T.F. McClellan of Donoho have received their letter patent on the new safety envelope invented by Mr. Vance.

Clear Fork

Hon. H.A. Overall and wife visited relatives at Capling last week.

Miss Lola Robinson spent Sunday night with Miss Sallie Givan.

R.J. Givan and daughter, Miss Isa, went to Watertown Sunday.

Little Amie Robinson spent several days with her sister, Mrs. G.B. Givan.

Messrs. H.B. Blair of Mt. Juliet and E.W. Young of Paris, Illinois, spent Monday and Tuesday in our midst.

Jordan, a son of John Goggin, had the misfortune of falling and breaking his arm at the elbow one day last week, which has been causing him to suffer a great deal.

Cherry Valley

Mrs. Joe Patton's health is worse than common.

Mrs. Dr. Bratten was visiting her mother Sunday.

Howell William's mother is laying at the point of death.

Donald Patton, south of here, died and was buried at Mt. Vernon graveyard Wednesday.

Gater Campbell is no better.

J.D. Phillips went to Lebanon last Tuesday on business.

T.W. Vantrease of Mahone was seen Sunday on his way to Henderson X Roads on business?

George Davis and Miss Nora Cox drove over from Statesville last Wednesday to the home of Rev. J.P. Gilliam, where he said the words that made them man and wife.

Forks of Pike

William Robinson sowed clover seed last week.

Grant Fite will move into his new house today.

John Stevens and James Grooms went to Alexandria to hear Rev. Holt Thursday.

Wash Taylor has gone to Smithville on business today.

Mrs. H.C. Givan is doing well this week.

Miss Mattie Griffith is confined to her room for a few days.

Mrs. J.J. Evans is up on a visit.

J.E. Henley and wife spent Sunday at J.W. Grooms.

Misses Mai and Fanny Measle came out to enter school at Four Corner this morning.

W.P. Griffith and family spent Sunday afternoon at Mrs. Avant's in Dowelltown.

Mrs. S.D. Fite is at Mrs. W.P. Smith's for a few days.

J.B. West has been on the puny list this week.

Miss Sarah Griffith spent a few days with Mrs. Robert Griffith at Dowelltown.

A nice dinner was served at the hospitable home of Mrs. S.D. Fite's on Thursday last in honor of her son Robert's 27th birthday.

Basil Neal came up from Watertown Saturday to visit his brother, Ancil, who is attending school here.

Rob't Griffith moved his family to Dowelltown last week. He will go back and forth to attend to his farm as usual.


Jimmie Stephens is just recovering from a severe attack of pneumonia.

Mrs. Nan Patterson has been very sick for some time.

Sum Williams, the "cornbread" man, was up a few days ago selling our farmers a corn drill.

J.C. McAdoo of Watertown was mixing with his many friends last week in this community.

Dr. J.A. Walkup and R.F. McAdoo paid Alexandria a visit last Thursday.

Wells Barrett of the Adamson Branch paid C.C. Odom a visit last Sunday.

We were glad to read an article from Tom Odom of Duquion, Illinois.

Attorney Walter Hancock of Murfreesboro was here a few days ago, employed in a case in the interest of his father, Hon. R.A. Hancock.

Dry Creek

Rob't Lamberson and sister of Liberty have moved to our little village.

George Martin is very sick at this writing.

Miss Nancy Atwood of Brush Creek is visiting here this week.

Sam Tittle of this place moved to Auburn last Sunday.

Born, during the last ult. to Rev. J.H. Davis and wife, a girl, to Wm. Turner and wife, a boy, to H. Robinson and wife, a girl, and to J.C. Bennett and wife, a boy. These were all cold weather chaps.

I.D. Wilson's little baby is quite sick with pneumonia fever and Miss Connie Braswell is on the sick list.

Mrs. Polly Fish, aged 56 years died Saturday night of consumption and was buried at Hall's graveyard. She leaves a husband and five children to mourn her loss.


On last Wednesday morning at the residence of the bride's father, Miss Izzie Green was married to Jas. Maddux, Rev. L.H. White officiating. The bride is the accomplished daughter of Sam Green, a prosperous and wealthy farmer of the Linwood country, while Mr. Maddux is an enterprising young man of this place, being connected with the firm of W.E. Hale & Co.

A. Young has moved his coffin shop a little further down the street.

C.J. Phillips & Co. are building a coffin shop adjoining the buggy department of Smith Bros.

John Bass' work on his large building is progressing slowly on account of bad weather.

Tom McGee went to Nashville last week in the interest of the Watertown Planing Mill Co.

Esq. Irenus Beckwith of Smith Co. was on our streets last week.

Wiley West is in Nashville at the bedside of his sick mother. Mr. West has the sympathy of all. Last Saturday, just one week from the death of his sister, his father died, and now his mother is not expected to live.

Mr.&Mrs. W.E. Hale and Mr.&Mrs. E.B. Phillips left this morning for a visit to relatives at Mt. Vernon, Indiana.

W.E. Hale and A. Bryan of this place in company with J.W. Beckwith of Alexandria, went to Fayetteville last week on business.


Mr. Matt Knox is very sick with pneumonia.

Joe Nichol has been confined to his room for several months with consumption.

Mrs. M.J. Cates has been sick for some three weeks, but is better at this time.

C.T. Cates has been conducting a music class in DeKalb at Cooper's Chapel.

Lode Romine is visiting his sister, Miss Bell Romine, at Catestown this week.


C.L. Bright has been on the sick list for a week.

C.W.L. Hale is having his dwelling repainted.

Mrs. H.L. Hale is up from a short spell of sickness.

The Givan's heirs have revived their suit against Mrs. W.B. Preston.

Mrs. Ella Williams of Hickman is visiting her mother here now.

Mrs. Jennie Smithson is very low today and can hardly live till another issue.

H.G. Roy went to Temperance Hall yesterday to survey the Frazier land.

Geo. Neal and D.L. Smith, two of Wilson county's best citizens, were here yesterday.

Mrs. Matilda Bratten of Watertown has been visiting relatives here for the last few days.

Dr. W.A. Barger of Statesville was here last Friday on business.

C.J. Phillips of Watertown was up yesterday on an oiling trip. He reported several sales.

Mrs. Delia Carroll has moved to Dry Creek near the store of J.L. Lamberson and Br. Bob will board with her.

G.L. Smith, a good farmer of the Statesville community, was here yesterday enroute to Smithville.

W.T. Robinson got judgement in Chancery court against Capt. E.W. Bass for several hundred dollars. It was an old transaction involved. The case was appealed to the Supremem Court.

G.R. Turner married Miss Novella Fuson last Wednesday at the home of the bride in Smithville. She is the lovely daughter of J.H. Fuson, DeKalb's circuit clerk and the groom has been a hustling trader of this country for several years.

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