Editor, Will A. Vick

February 15, 1895

Temperance Hall

Mrs. Mattie Watson, wife of Daniel Watson, died of the consumption.

Born to S.S. Robinson and wife, a boy.

Bill Jones little boy is very sick at this date.

M.J. Pitts and family of Exum has been on the sick list the past few days.

J.M. Young was in town Monday.

J.R. Rowland of Alexandria was the guest of your scribe Monday night.

Prof. T.J. Driver and others went to Buffalo Valley last week.

L.L. Braswell is very sick at this writing.

Messrs. R.W. and Jeff Tubb went to Walker's Creek last Saturday.

Little Maggie and Georgie Martin are the guests of Altia and Aubrey Hayes this week.

Ollie Sampson's baby died last week.

Titus Sampson is very sick at this writing.

Mrs. Sallie Martin is very feeble at this writing.

Nathaniel Jones and Miss Sis Driver married last week.

Last Saturday, Mrs. Margaret Robinson, who has been sick so long, died at 4 o'clock.

Martha Mason has gone to Watertown this week to be under the care of a physician.

J.M. Dulaney of Illinois is in our country. He was called to the bedside of his daughter, Mrs. Watson.

Cherry Valley

Misses Nettie and Eula Potter of Smithville were at Round Lick Sunday.

Mrs. Lassie Vantrease Phillips of Nashville spent a few days last week at Mahone with parents.

Mrs. Thos. Young was visiting at Watertown last week and did not return until Sunday on account of bad weather.

Miss Mary Lane has returned home, much to the relief of one Phi__ip. [This is exactly as it was placed in the Herald]

Cottage Home

Thos. David returned Thursday from Mont Eagle.

Miss Lillie Hays, after a two-week visit to Watertown, returned Sunday.

Jimmie Hays was at his old home Sunday.

Mrs. Ella Johnson from Mont Eagle will attend school at Prosperity.

Born to France Anderson and wife last week, a girl.

Chas. Fite, an agent for first class organs and pianos has instruments on exhibition at J.H. David's. M.D. Brien says they are good ones.

Henderson X Roads

Our community was greatly shocked on the morning of January 31st, to learn of the death of Hardin Beadle, caused by an overdose of morphine administered by his own hand. He was a young man, 27 years old and a member of Fall Creek Baptist Church of Christ, in good health. He left a long letter directed to his brother, R.W. Beadle, in which he gave instructions about his business affairs, burial and wrote at great length of his conversion. If he gave any reason for ending his mortal existence, it is not known to the public.

Charles A. Oakley of Coffee co. is back among his many friends of this community looking very much like a man wanting to marry.

Wm. Oakley of Lebanon, John Ogle, Rev. G.A. Ogle, Allen Kilses, Rev. J.P. Gilliam and Rev. J.B. Fletcher went on a big hunt in Smith Co. last week.

Johny Man Thompson lost a child of diptheria last week.


Dan Williams and wife have returned home from a trip to Florida.

Mrs. Helen Harvey died at her home today. She was the daughter of W.R. Lewis.

Walter Allen has accepted a position with Hal Tubb.

Alfred P. Smith and his daughter, Linnie went to Temperance Hall Sunday to attend the funeral of Mr. Smith's sister, Mrs. Robinson of that place.

Manson Payne was arraigned here Saturday charged with various offenses against the state. He gave bond for his appearance at court.

Hal Tubb, having bought Dr. Brien Tubb's place on Locust st., will move there next week. He and his wife have returned from their bridal tour to St. Augustine, Florida.

New Middleton

Henry Thomas is on the sick list.

John Ward is no better and Bill Gill is on the puny list.

Hatton Shaver of Grant made a business trip here one day last week.

One of our most prominent old darkies, Uncle B. Stephens, died Friday.

Miss Ola Barrett is on the puny list.

Col. B.F.C. Smith is at Alexandria this week.

R.H. Washburn and Dick Johnson are visiting W.F. Barrett and family.

Charlie Barrett was fixing to go out sleigh riding with his best girl Sunday morning and his sleigh got broken down and he had to repair it before going.

Dry Creek

Math Martin, who has been sick for several days died Friday, leaving a wife and children.

Old Uncle Tommie Huggins is still no better at present.

Mrs. Bud Fite and daughter, who have been very sick, are improving.

Newton of Helton has recently moved up on the head of our creek.

George Martin and family, who have been sick so long are about getting straight.

Jim Farmer has an old muley cow which he would swap for a billy goat.


Born to Lee Overall and wife a few days ago, a boy.

Mrs. Jep Williams of Dowelltown is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Alice Tramel, here this week.

Misses Mary and Ella Drury of Round Top are visiting relatives here this week.

Old Uncle Tomie Smith, aged 92 years, who had been in feeble health for a long time, died last week. Esq. Jerry Smith, his son, has administered and will sell, on the 16th inst., all his property, except the widow's statutory exemptions.

Prof. Henry Foutch of Alexandria will teach our public school at the Cave Spring school house again this year.

Last Sunday night at 7 O'clock at the home of the bride, Jeff Hendrixson and Miss Sissie Dale were united in marriage. Rev. David Taylor tied the nuptial knot.

The best singing there ever has been in the seven states was at J.R. Tramel's last Wednesday night. Ask W.H. Overall if he kept back enough popcorn that night for seed.

A Mr. Spurlock and wife of Clear Fork visiting here at their Son-in-Law, Lee Overall, last week.

Last Sunday, Miss Daisy Gothard, a charming Belle of Dry Creek, after inviting 75-100 relatives and friends, prepared an elegant and most sumptuous dinner to celebrate the birthdays of Dr. John A. Fuson and wife, respectively 80th and 70th anniversary of their birthdays, at their home, with whom she has lived since the death of her mother, several years ago. Miss Daisy is dearly beloved by her devoted Grand Parents.

Harve Miles and family moved here from Sligo last week and W.D. Taylor and family from the river too, last week.

There was an entertainment given Tuesday night at Mon Ellis' here, in honor of Misses Mary and Ella Drury of Round Top.


Bill Clark has sold out and is moving to Half Acre today.

The infant son of Jessie and Mary Phillips is reported very sick at this writing.

A.M. Bass has missed coming to the store one day this week and his many friends are afraid he is sick.


Last Thursday at the home of the bride in Dowelltown, Will Grooms of Forks of Pike was married to Miss Julia White. The groom is a son of J.W. Grooms and one of the most solid young men of the country. He is industrious, moral and an all around typical boy. The bride is a daughter of Mrs. Nancy White and is just such a woman as makes the world better and blesses the lives and homes of our best men. Bill is putting him up a new house and will soon be living there.


Amos Patton came to town in a goods box Monday.

J.D. Smith took a degree in Masonary last Friday.

Ode Woodside has been on the sick list for some time.

Jos. Turner has moved from Waxachie to Abbot Hill co. Texas.

J.H. Overall has returned from a business trip to Richmond, Indiana.

W.N. Wilson passed yesterday with his new bride, nee Miss Eva Thompson of Wilson Co.

T.M. Givan says this spell has not been as cold as in 1886. The mercury went as low as 20 below then.

Mrs. Nancy Brandon came in from Kentucky last week. She has been married 3 times and is a widow now. She is going to live with her brother, Horace Derting on Clear Fork.

Thos. Rowland was married Sunday to Miss Phronia Williams, the beautiful daughter of Sam Williams. The groom is a splendid young man and son of Jas. Rowland, living out near Alexandria.

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