Editor, Will A. Vick

January 23, 1895


Thos. Smith is in very feeble health.

Mrs. C.C. Henley, who has been on the sick list for sometime, died on the 14th inst.

Harve Taylor killed two wild geese with one shot with a rifle last week.

Rev. D.C. Kelley, who has been in bed for some time with a serious __ in the side, is up again.

Letter from Leon Junction, Texas, from C.M. Curtis

Letter from T.A. Carden in Ozark, Missouri, about churches.

Homicide in Missouri

"The following account of the killing of W.E.Chapman was published in the Pike County Post of Chapman's November 2, 1894, which we have been requested to publish for the benefit of Mr. Chapman's many friends in this country."

Thursday night, November 15th, 1894, at about 8 o'clock, this community was profoundly shocked by an unexpected tragedy, the killing of William E. Chapman, night watchman, by George E. Emerson, proprietor of the Star livery stable.

[Long article about the shooting and inquest] ---- then----

William E. Chapman was born January 8, 1854, near Liberty in the state of Tennessee. He was one of a family of 10 children-6 boys and 4 girls. Seven of the number are yet living. His life for the most part was spent in the state of Tennessee. He came to Missouri and located in Bowling Green [Pike Co.] about 15 years ago. During his residence here, he has served 2 or 3 terms as city marshal and was serving in the capacity of night watchman at the time of his death. He had been a member of the AOUW (Ancient Order of United Workman) about 6 years. For a number of years he was in the employ of the Stark Bros. Nursery as a salesman and collector. He was married to Mrs. Moseley, November 10, 1883. She had 2 children by a former marriage, little Lucy, who died several years ago and Fornie, who feels deeply the sorrow. Mr. Chapman loved his home and family. He leaves a wife, step-son, and seven brothers and sisters.

Temperance Hall

Green Wright and family visited Mr. Mason's family last week.

Mrs. Eliza Mason is on the sick list this week.

W.D. Irvin, the picture man, will move to Lancaster soon.

Bill Askew of Lancaster was in our midst last week.

Bart Malone is very sick at this writing.

Son Winfree has moved to Smithville where he will reside in the future.

Jim Wilson of Smithville was here last Friday.

John Bonham went to Smithville last week on business.

Miss Lizzie Fletcher will come down next week to take charge of the music class.

Rance Askew returned from Nashville last Thursday.

Mrs. Daniel Watson of Exum is very sick at this writing.

S.W. Watson, P.M. at Exum is improving slowly after a few days sickness.


Dave Burkett is very sick at this writing, with pneumonia.

Mrs. Quire Dunn of Readyville died suddenly last Monday night.

Miss McJames McNabb and Chas. T. Cates will visit Wilson Co. this week on business.

A.J. Brandon and Wm. Vance had a law suit January 17th. Vance gained the suit.

Miss Nettie Garther of this place is visiting her sister, Mrs. Howell Williams at Burt, Tenn.

Prof. R.G. Taylor of Wayside, Rutherford Co., is now in charge of the Prosperity High School.

Prof. J.J. Davis of Burt will commence a mathematical school at Curlee school house.

New Middleton

J.W. Turner is on the sick list.

Miss Ada Reeves gave a nice entertainment Friday night.

Misses Neal of Watertown is visiting Clarence Neal and wife this week.

Uncle Sam Johnson is moving to Viola to make his future home.

The dogs made a raid on W.T. Barrett's sheep Friday night.

Fate Bridges is very sick at this writing.

Edgar Bethel of Auburn make a flying trip to this place Friday.

W.H. Carpenter is in Illinois buying livestock up.

S.E. Agee and family are visiting his father at Fostersville this week and will return by Nashville to visit Mrs. Agee's father and mother.

We have a club that meets daily at the post office. The name is the League of Liars-Joe Flippen, president; Frank Smith, janitor; Ollie Swann, secretary. So far, Chuck Smith and Fate Gill have the papers.


Esq. J.P. Self and Constable Charlie Smith have about recovered from a severe attack of mumps.

Two weddings in our vicinity Sunday, viz: Boss Baity to Miss Mary Hill and J.R. Hill to Miss Catherine Arnold.

Albert Jette (col), a 17 year old of a good darkey family died Friday, this only leaves his mother and a borther living out of a large family. They have most all died here in the last ten years.

Esq. Natie Hays and Jim Grooms of Forks of Pike, Jo Barry of Dowelltown, Lon Barry and Doc Tramel of this place, all started Thursday morning at 4 o'clock for a big turkey, squirrel and bird hunt.

Lon Spencer left Sunday for Texas, where he'll likely make his future home. He left a beautiful young 15 year old wife who filed a bill for divorce Tuesday afterwards.

Dr. J.G. Bridges was called away suddenly to Nashville to the bedside of his daughter who is lying at the point of death.

There was a singing here at Dr. W.H. Curtis' Thursday night.

Hon. J.A. Gothard of Smithville was among us on business Wednesday.

W.A. Tramel is having an addition put to his barn.

T.I. and C.B. White of Dowelltown were here yesterday buying calves.

Half of J.R. Tramel's main barn roof fell in Wednesday night.


Prof. Mat Summar is teaching the spring session of the school at this place.

A.H. Ferrell went to Murfreesboro after a two horse car load of cattle last week.

Sam Ferrell of Murfreesboro was in our community last week.

T.H. Oakley is now a resident of our town.

Sam Whitlock lost a good mule for which he paid sixty dollars.

John Jennings, Sr., of this place, is in school at Dechard.

W.H. Armstrong and wife and Bob Armstrong of Illinois have been visiting their, Esq. H.C. Armstrong.

R.J. Patterson has moved to the house formerly occupied by Shelah Barbee, Barbee to the one vacated by R.M. Barbee, Barbee (2) to the one vacated by G.M. Patton, Patton to the one vacated by R.Thompson, Thomson to the one vacated by Prof. Hopkins, he having moved to Liberty.

Round Top

James McMillen moved to Pleasant Mound last week.

Mrs. Jennie Ford has been visiting her father, J.T. Adamson.

Miss Maude Ford of Shop Springs is visiting at Jim Ford's at present.

W.C. Jennings has been on the puny list for sometime, but is some better.

Little May Fite has been right sick with croup, but is better now.

Misses Lissie and Cynthie Mullinax spent Thursday at Joel Adamson's.

Master Ollie Adamson and Hudson Jennings went visiting Saturday night.

It makes no difference how much ice is on the creek or how hard it snows, Lon Ford and Charlie Turney are seen going up the West side of Puddles creek.

Billie Lewis and family of Laurel hill have returned home after an extended visit to relatives and friends here.

We understand that W.E. Rich of this place and Miss Sallie Paine of Alexandria are to be married today at the Methodist church in Alexandria.

Cottage Home

George Elrod and "Poss" Allen were in town Friday buying mules.

Frank Marler sold one mule to the above parties for $35.

An entertainment was given at the home of James Keaton Saturday night.

Mrs. M.E. David has been suffering with erysipilas of the hands, but is much better.

Miss Ella Turney, after attending school at Lascassas for some time, has returned.

Misses Leona Turney and Dora Patton were visiting their sister-in-law, Miss Sallie Patton.

Widow T.S. Patton has moved into the Robinson house on South Main and Love street.

Matt Hays saw mill is still at Cottage Home.

Amos Patton occupied his new house on Bluff Street New Year's Day.

Born to Amos Patton and wife, a boy, January 23rd.


R.E. Lee will move in a few days to the Cooper place on High street.

Prof. John Woods has gone to keeping house on Locust street.

Born to Dr. Womack, a girl.

B. Waterman is in town today.

Mrs. White, wife of Elder Brach White of Putnam county, was buried at New hope last Sunday.

Misses Eula Smith and Cornice Brown have returned from a visit to friends and relatives in Wilson county.

Charlie Wheeler is making the greatest success traveling for Bamberger, Bloom and Co., Louisville.

Willie Anderson, one of our merchants returned from Nashville Saturday. J.H. David goes today.


Mule Day at Liberty next Monday.

Z.P. Lee and wife of Smithville were in town yesterday.

Oliver Stanton has been on the sick list for a few days, but is better now.

Prof. W.J. Gothard has been on the sick list for a few days.

L.D. Hamilton, W.J. Jennings, and F.M. Johnson, prominent farmers of the Round Top community, were in town last Saturday.

Prof. R.L. Smithson came down from Cookeville yesterday to be with his wife, who is very low at this time. There is no hope for her recovery.

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