Editor, Will A. Vick

December 19, 1894


Born to Charlie Hall and wife, on the 11th inst., a boy.

Jim Grooms of Forks of Pike was here yesterday.

Richard Page's wife died Wednesday and was buried at the Chestnut Grove Cemetery.

Tom Amonette and S.E. Tramel went off this evening on a horse swapping expedition.

H.L. Overall and family visited on Clear Fork Sunday.

Little Frank Adams and brother of Cottage Home are visiting at their uncle Lee Overall's.

T.S. Walls and family are visiting at Riley Dale's tonight.

W.S. Evans, our expert marksman, killed another wild turkey.

Little Clarence Hunt is selling medicine for the removal of corns, etc.

Prof. W.M. Hunt has a splendid arithmetic school at Pisgah.

Temperance Hall

Miss Delia Fitts, who has been visiting the Hays family, has returned home.

At a meeting of the Epworth League at this place on Dec. 18th, a proposition was made by Aunt Eliza Mason for the young men to give her a pledge that they would go thru the Holidays without a tainted breath of alcoholic spirits. The following numbe r so pledged themselves; A.M. Reynolds, Nicholas Reynolds, Willie Midgett, Johnny Mason, Edgar Hayes, Corbon Reynolds, W.W. Nixon, P.P. Reynolds, Chas. Reynolds, W.H. Frazier, James Davenport, Felix Reynolds, Hadon Irwin, W.J. Avant, Johny Rowland, T.H . Nixon and Willie Mason.


Prof. John Woods has bought a house and lot from Gross & Boon on Locust street.

T.W. Eason has purchased the house formerly owned by D.A. Eaton on South High street.

James W. Hays is clerking for Liv Tubb in his furniture department this week.

Miss Nora Lee left for her home in Smithville Monday.

Miss Beulah Lawrence visited friends here last week.

Mrs. Albert S. Smith will return today from a visit to relatives at Commerce.

Miss Cordelia Rowland has returned from a visit to the home place near Lancaster.

Rob't E. Lee and Miss Etta Vantrease and Frank Robinson and Miss Minnie Smith were married last Sunday near Commerce by Rev. Levy Smith while the happy couples were seated in the buggies.

H.C. Flippen will move to the place now occupied by Ike Grandstaff. Mr. Grandstaff will move to the country.

New Middleton

Charlie Dougherty passed through going to Carthage.

Monroe Preston of Gordonsville was here Tuesday and bought 3 head of mules.

Hatton Shaver of Grant made a flying trip here on his wheel.

Misses Florence Gill and Carrie Hallum went to Brush Creek shopping.

Olie Swann went to Auburn one day on business.

Percy Barrett and Julia Bass were visiting friends at Grant this week.

Misses Ella and Jennie Turner of Brush Creek were visiting their uncle, J.W. Turner, here.


J.L. Lamberson went to Nashville yesterday.

J.W. Overall and wife went to Brush Creek Sunday.

Sheriff Anderson and A.J. Goodson came down Saturday on legal business.

All persons indebted to G.A. Smith must settle with him.

Scott Burton, a good citizen of the river country, was here yesterday enroute to Nashville with a drove of cattle.

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