Editor, Will A. Vick

July 18, 1888


Robert Anderson of Sanborn, IN, arrived Tuesday and his little girl, (only ch.), d. Wednesday.

Dr. W.W. Jones, wife & son of Murfreesboro, visiting family of R.F. Bell.

Bud Harmon of Mahone & Miss Lavina Barbee of this place, m. last Thursday.

Mrs. M.N. Wood left for Logansport, IN to visit dau, Mrs. Baxter Barbee.

Mrs. Ana (Stevens) Anderson of Sandborn, IN, visiting her mother, Mrs. J.M. Baird.

Mrs. Bowman, Nashville, and several g-children are visiting her dau., Mrs. Will Reece.

R.A. Lawrence is building a barn.

Work has resumed on the James Jones store house.

Rev. John B. Stevens preached at Cumberland Church.

Will Reece is getting well.

Nick M.. Brown is able to be out again.

Rob't. Donnell & Charlie Simpson are packing flour at the mill.

Joe R. Sneed joined the Alexandria Band.

Mrs. R.V. Wright and ch. left for McMinnville last week.

John Goodner went to Lebanon today.

Champ Yeargin, who has been visiting here, left for Nashville.

John M. Durrett, who has been visiting here and in Hickman, left for Nashville.

Shelah Ware was here last week.

Mrs. Goodner left today to visit relatives in Nashville.

John C. Hooper spent Sunday here.

Mrs. Nancy Davis, Mrs. Cumi Davis & Miss Hays passed thru on their way to Cottage Home.

Mrs. J.H. Snoddy gave the writer two tomatoes, 1 ½ pounds.

Col. W.B. Stokes left to attend the Republican convention at Nashville.

Dr. W.W. Jones, wife & son of Murfreesboro are visiting the R.F. Bell family.

Mrs. R.A. Bridges and Miss Nora Patterson are visiting at Scottsville, Kentucky.

Charlie Sanders went home today.

Lee Jones has returned from a trip to Pikeville.

Miss Callie and Mr. Hal Tubb left on a trip to Cincinnati Centennial Exposition.

Supt. B.F. Bell is buying lots of wheat.

Sam Brown is employed as engineer at the new mill.

Ed Reece's household goods arrive today for his new home.

Offie Jones returned from a visit to Dover, Texas.

Little ch. of Stephen Robinson's was taken sick Saturday and d. before a physician could be summoned.

Rev. Ira W. King is on a trade to exchange his property here for a farm in Smith Co.

H.H. Jones has threshed wheat.

Charlie McNelly has the finest garden in town.

Charlie Wheeler, Miss Lena Irvine & Miss Elmer West went to Viola last week.

Miss Bettie Doak of Shop Springs is visiting her brother near this place.

Forks of Pike

Mrs. M.J. Ford visited her sister, Mrs. Lizzie Hays of Auburn.

Misses Mollie Smith, Eula Potter, Lee Witt & Effie Smith paid our town a visit.

Bessie Hays of Nashville is visiting here.

Joe Barry and wife of Dowelltown are visiting relatives in this area.

Henderson's X Roads

Born, to J.I. Reeves & wife, a boy.

Robert Jones m. Miss Bettie Thompson last Sunday.

J.C. Alexander of Cherry Valley was here last week.

W.P. Phillips is buying Texas ponies to fatten at Mud Flats.

Hon. F.M. Campbell will not return to Nashville till fall.

A.A. Owens is no better.

R.L. Prichard has declined entering Lebanon Normal due to health.

Prof. S.M. Thompson returned home to Kentucky.

Mrs. Mary Talley is studying medicine under Mrs. Dr. Seat.

Rens Beadle found his lost mule.

Rev. M.A. Byers preached at Macedonia.

R.S. Alexander and family paid James Baird at Baird's Mill a visit.

Bill Cox thinks chances are good for re-election for Magistrate in the 18th district of Wilson Co.

J.A. Thompson of Oak Point got his nose broken.

Putnam Co.

Simon Jared m. Miss Lucy Denny, Sunday, at the home of the bride's parents on Indian Creek.

Warren Co.

July 12th, at the home of bride's mother, Rev. Geo. W. Arnold m. Miss Julia Henderson.


James Keith, W.T. Robinson's miller, m. last week to Miss Malone, Smith Fork.

Born, July 8th, to Bee Turner and wife, a girl.

Mrs. James Robinson has been on the sick list.

Harrison Self has been very sick.

Rev. W.P. Banks preaches here 3rd Sundays.

The Stewart Well can't hardly supply the demand for water. J.M. Stewart, proprietor, built a well house and is fixing to build more rooms for boarders. Hundreds are also using the water at home.

Jo Turner is talking of moving to the railroad.

Shelah Turner & Jo Blackburn won in the Banner drawing.

A Happy Occasion

A Lawn Party was given Saturday night at the residence of Dr. G.G. Dillard. The following were present:

Miss Nettie Potter Dr. Wilson Miss Hattie Potter (of Kentucky) E.H. McEwing
Miss Carrie Webb R.E. Robinson Miss May Robinson (of Sadlersville) J.A. Phillips
Miss Ada Blankenship Tom Bryant (of Auburn) Miss Effie Smith Ed Potter
Miss Florence Frazier Dan Wilson Miss Eula Potter (of Statesville) Caesar Thomas
Miss Mattie Blankenship Toy Hayes Miss Alice Robinson J. T. Allen
Miss Sudie Phillips P.C. Crowley Miss Lee Witt Jno. West
Miss Mollie Smith Luther West Misses Villie Dillard Grace Pettie
Also, Mattie Foster, Messrs. Jay Dillard, Jno. Potter, George Foster, Jas. Wilson, Silas Worley, and Pem Shields.

Oak Point

We fear Mr. A.A. Owen will never recover.

J.C. Oakley and family have gone to visist relatives in Statesville.

Clear Fork

Obe Hollandsworth injured his foot with a pitchfork.

Henry Vandergrift found a large rattle snake.

W.B. Preston is our juror this court.

Mrs. Jasper Ruyle is very feeble.

E.C. Bratton is leaving on a short trip.

A. Daugherty was up from the railroad.

Tom Anderson of Clear Fork killed a mad dog.

Mrs. S.L. Williams arrived from Smithville for a few days.

Prof. Renick and wife visited relatives in Coffee Co.

Mrs. Wm. Rowland has a chicken with no eyes and a crossed bill.

Rev. N.A. Anthony's ch. are going to Bedford Co. for the rest of the summer.

Mrs. Monroe Griffith brought this office a bucket of tomatoes.

Lon Givan has a talented goose, can shake plums from a plum tree.

Earnest Stark was hit by a stick of wood.

Capt. Abe Britton and wife of Lebanon were in town yesterday.

Dr. A. Avant's dwelling in Smithville burned. It was occupied by Trab Martin & F.Z. Webb.


[A special article devoted to those that used to live here]

W.A. Ruyle moved to Missouri in 1859, now lives at Little Beaver and has done well.

Lemuel Braswell went to Missouri, 1855, lives now at Garfield, Mo., and is a good farmer.

Lee Braswell moved to Colin Co., Texas in 1868; lives near McKinney. He is a farmer and has made money.

John Simpson moved to Texas, 1855; now at Florence, Nebraska.

I.M. (Tip) Smith moved to Colin Co., Texas in 1867; now lives at Weston. He m. the only sister of S.B. Sellars.

Bluford Hancock went to Texas in 1848; is still living and has done well.

Ross Hancock went to Texas in 1848; is still farming there.

S.K. Lewis, brother of W.R. Lewis, has been in Texas about 10 years; lives near Mesquite and is doing well farming.

J.H. Burton moved to Cincinnatti, Arkansas about 20 years ago; he is postmaster. His peculiar and original wit still clings to him.

Frank Foster went to Arkansas since the late war. We understand he is still working at his trade, saddlery.

Edward Adamson left this country in 1846; now lives at Springfield, Missouri.

James Mullinax went to Pettis Co., Missouri since the late war.

Durham Bethel moved from here to Pettis Co., Missouri since the late war.

Wm. Adamson moved to Missouri in 1848; went to Texas and was a farmer and has been dead about 10 years.

H.A. Bratten moved to Missouri in 1839; now living near Fayetteville, Missouri, on a good farm. He is brother of W.G. Bratten.

Joseph Mullinax moved to Missouri in 1840; now living at Leadville, Colorado and mining silver.

Mrs. Mary Schackleford, nee Mullinax, moved to Missouri in 1840. Her husband has been successful financially.

Leonard Walker moved to Missouri in 1840; lives now at Springfield.

G.W. Dirting moved to Alabama in 1869; went from there to Texas and is now at Roseville.

H.H. Morris lives at Dodd City, Texas and is doing well; left here about 8 years ago.

R.R. Evans lives now at Germantown, Tennessee. He is a preacher.

J.W. Clarke lives at Great Bend, Kansas and practices law. He left here 4 or 5 years ago.

Bob Berryhill went from Clear Fork to Waco, Texas, where he is now at work on the railroad at a good wage.

J.P. Hipp left Clear Fork and resides now at Waco Texas. He has lived other places in the Lone Star State.

Business Ads

Bank of Alexandria---Ed Reece, Pres., J.F. Roy, Cashier, J.C. Wheeler, Ass't Cashier

W.G. Crowley---Smithville----Attorney at Law & Solicitor in Chancery

Webb, Corley, & Moore---Smithville----Attorneys at Law, B.M. Webb, W.B. Corley, J.H. Moore

Alvin Avant---Smithville----Attorney at Law

Liberty Hotel---Liberty----J.L. Hollandsworth & Will A. Vick

Science Home at Lawrence College---Alexandria----School, Mrs. F.S. Gold & Dr. T.A. Gold

Vick & Bright---Liberty----Dry Goods

J.D. Colvert---Alexandria----Tinner

L. Woodward---Liberty----Photographer

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