Editor, Will A. Vick

October 31 , 1894


Yesterday morning [10-28-94] at 2 o'clock, Mrs. Mary Young, wife of T.A. Young, died at their home at Cherry Valley. She was buried at the Neal graveyard. During the funeral services the congregation learned of the death of Mrs. Arthusa Young, wife of J.A. Young of this place. She will be interred at Jones graveyard.

Mrs. S.S. Patton is very sick at this writing.

Mrs. Dr. Crutchfield has a light attack of fever.

Rev. J.P. Gilliam returned last Saturday from a trip to Robinson county.

Mr.& Mrs. James Haynie of Rome were up yesterday.

Mr.& Mrs. A.F. Thompson went to Laugardo to visit their son Saturday.

Mrs. John Bass went to visit her brother, Daniel Hardin, last Saturday near Ramah.

A. Bryan has built an addition to the Planing mill.

W.R. Murray will build a residence in east town soon.

"Dred" Phillips has lost a white calf, about 30 lbs.-Reward

Dr. Bratten is having the front of his office painted.

S.B. Grandstaff will begin building another large building opposite his house he now occupies.

We hear that J.H. Snoddy of Alexandria will soon erect a large business house here and will go into the mercantile business extensively.


Prof. Jas. Wood is in town today.

Mack Walker is moving to town today.

Sam Vantrease will occupy Mack Walker's residence in the country.

Bill Forrester's youngest child died yesterday.

Hon. Jas. D. Richardson has established a bakery at this place.

Bill Reece expects to move to Nashville soon and Dr. Knox will move to the Reece house as soon as it is vacated.

Miss Mattie Walker presented the Hon. H. Clay Evans a basket of flowers as he was passing through on his way to Liberty.

Mrs. Hayes, wife of Wm. Hayes, who lives one mile from town, died last week and was buried at Salem. --- also, Aunt Patsy Hayes-Martha M. Hayes was born July 18, 1820. She married W.H. Hayes, July 17, 1842 and died October 24t h 1894, aged 74 years, 3 months and 6 days. She leaves a husband, old in years, 2 sons, and many other relatives.
[This is not in the DeKalb Cemetery Book]

Forks of Pike

Born to Mr.& Mrs. John Meachem, a boy.

Old Uncle Jake Taylor is able to be up again.

Miss Lois Griffith is very sick.

Mrs. E.D. Vanatta is better of a case of chills.

E.J. Groom and family visited relatives near Watertown Sunday.

Misses Era and Agness Luck spent a day with Mrs. H.C. Givan.

T.E. Cooper and family spent Saturday night at Mrs. E.D. Vanatta's.

Miss Delia Yeargin spent at her Grandpa West's.

Tom Scott and Miss Maggie Hawker were married at their home on Dismal last week.

Miss Jennie Powell took dinner with Miss Daisy Groom Sunday.

Misses Maggie and Alice Robinson spent Sunday with Ella M. Measle.

Mrs. Callie Griffith spent Sunday with her mother, Mrs. Blackburn, who is very sick at her home in Dowelltown.

David & Co. dug a well for J.W. Groom and found sulphur water at 135 feet. They also dug one for H.C. Givan at a place designated by T.M. Givan, who says he has not failed for seven years, finding pure sulphur water at 80 feet .

Short note from A.P. Dulaney in Bluford, Illinois


Prof. W.J. Gothard and family moved Monday to Liberty, where he will teach school in Prof. Brown's stead.

H.L. Overall & Bro. sold their Gothard (or more generally known as Uncle Sam Caplinger's) farm last week to, H.R. Taylor, Sen. And Taylor will likely move to it soon for the improvement of his health.

James Wilson, the Smithville leather man, was here Saturday and while here, let Dr. Logan pull two teeth and said it was done without pain.

A.M. Bass of Cannon county was here among us Monday. He says he has been almost blind for quite awhile.

Temperance Hall

The new store of Driver, Sykes & Avant is now completed.

James Sykes is building him a new dwelling on College street.

I understand Martin & Nixon will build more to their store in a short time.

Water having gotten so low, the roller mill had to employ John Reynold's engine last week.

Turner Bros. have been busy sawing this week, as there is a great demand for lumber.

Donnie Wilson visited relatives at Smithville last week.

Miss Lillie Isabell is visiti__ [paper is torn]

Hays & Young shipped a carload of cattle from here Wednesday.

Lena, the little daughter of C.B. Williams, has been very sick for the past week.

Dr. R.W. Mason, L. Driver and others attended the speaking of Hon. John M. Taylor.


E.W. Brown is tearing away the side room of his store house.

Born to Elijah Haley and wife since our last issue, a boy.

Born to Horace Evans and wife last Thursday, a boy.

Quince Pritchett is in very delicate health and no better.

T.P. Davis of the Smithville country, was here on business this morning.

The little baby girl of Mr.& Mrs. Jas. Trail died since our last issue.

George Bradley got home from Texas Monday night and says he has come to stay.

E.C. Bratten came up from Nashville to play with the Liberty band at the Evan's rally.

Prof. R.L. Smithson came down from Cookville to visit his wife and child.

Mrs. Horace Evans had a stroke of paralysis last Saturday that was very serious, but since has had no recurrence of the trouble and is apparently our of danger.

Uncle Spy Anderson passed away Sunday night at his home near Cottage Home. He was in his 88th year and had been in very feeble health for a number of years.

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