Editor, Will A. Vick

October 3 , 1894


John S. Bass has two children very sick.

Buck Clark and family are visiting at this place.

Dr. C.H. Risser is off on a visit to his former home in Missouri.

W.A. Bryan has accepted a position in one of the high schools at Nashville.

E.H. Smith of the enterprising firm of Smith Bros. returned from a business trip to Cincinnati.

Some unknown person broke in the house of Mrs. Mittie Smith and stole all the clothing of her deceased husband.

Two deaths in our little place the past two weeks viz, that of Mrs. Lillie Neal, wife of Geo. Neal, and the little baby of Mr.& Mrs. J.C. McAdoo.


Burrel Driver of Gallatin is visiting relatives and friends near town.

Mr.&Mrs. John F. Frazier of Smithville have been here for the fair.

Miss Eula Smith entertained her friends at her home on Main Street Friday night.

Rutland Bros. are having a new front built to their store house.

G.L. Walker went to Smithville Monday and was appointed and qualified Deputy Sheriff.

Miss Fannie Medford has been quite sick, but is able to be out again.

J.D. Colvert is on the sick list this week.

Rev. J.B. Fletcher is holding a series of meetings at Round Top.

Lena Smith of Commerce opened a music class at this place Monday.

Miss Jennie Yeargin of Nashville is visiting relatives here.

Miss Mattie Walker gave an entertainment Thursday night in honor of Miss Greenie Crowder. Mrs. A.E. Crane and Mrs Mattie Bailey left today for their home in Sanborn, Indiana.

Miss Lou Cooke, a charming young lady of Nashville, has been visiting D.W. Dinges and family.

Liv Tubb, wife and 2 children, Paul and Mildred, left for St. Louis Monday to visit Mrs. Tubb's sister, Mrs. Chas. Grooms.


Miss Jennie Hawkins is visiting here at present.

Mrs. Amanda Saflol is very sick and not expected to live.

Tom Robertson is able to be about after a short spell of fever.

Prof. C.T. Cates is able to walk about the house, after being confined to his bed.

of Rome is visiting her brother, Richard, at this place.

Mrs. Elizabeth Garther of this place is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Mary Morgan, of Nashville.

Letter from The Grove, Texas-from C.M.C.

In Coryell county, mentions-Prof. C.B. Stark of Dowelltown, Tennessee, who very lately arrived, will teach school at "Knowledge Box" on the Owl Creek. Charlie Curtis, a young Tennessean, will teach the public school at Pleasant Ridg e, Leon Junction, in this county. Also, Chas. Huggins will make 10 bales of cotton and Sam Huggins has gone to Austin to purchase some fine stock.

Land Sales-Circuit Court

W.T. Robinson vs. Jas. Johnson-will offer for sale the undivided interest of Wm. Parker in his father's estate, Horace Parker, dec'd…to satisfy judgement and cost in favor of W.T. Robinson, Guardian.

M.C. Marcum vs. G.W. Martin, et als-will offer for sale the remaining interest of G.W. Martin's land…to satisfy judgement and cost in favor of M.D. Marcum.

J.N. Watkins vs. Fed Starnes, et als-will offer for sale the Homestead of Fed Starnes subject to his lifetime interest…to satisfy judgement and cost in favor of J.N. Watkins.

Wm. Deering & Co. vs. Jas. D. Vaughan-will offer for sale the interest of Jas. D. Vaughan in the James Vaughan's heirs land…to satisfy judgement and cost in favor of the plaintiff.


W.D. Odom, teacher at Hurricane school closes out Friday.

Mrs. Nezzie Stone of Missouri has returned home after several weeks with her kindred here.

Joe B. Hawkins had the misfortune of losing a good horse to chest colic.

Lee Bryan sold his farm on the headwaters of Marshall creek to Ross Groom and bought the Brantly Burns farm near Auburn.

C.B. Odom has sold his farm on Sycamore to Jerry Collins and bought Cripps' and Fuson's farms joining his on Hurricane.

Forks of Pike

Miss Jessie Groom is slowly improving.

Joe Rigsby is able to be out again.

John Taylor and family are visiting Mrs. Taylor's parents near Woodbury.

Mr& Mrs. G.R. West and son, Mr. Leverett, took dinner with J.I. West and wife.

G.B. Givan and wife passed through Friday enroute to Chas. Robinson's at Milton.

Wash Taylor and wife visited relatives of Snows Hill last week.

Grant Fite and family spent Sunday afternoon at Mrs S.D. Fite's.

Mrs. Mattie Hicks and son, Dallas, spent Sunday with Mrs. E.D. Vanatta.

Rob't Griffith's little child has been very sick at Dowelltown, which prevented them returning home as intended.

Mr.& Mrs. E.J. Groom have moved in their nicely fitted dwelling, which is the handsomest in town.


Miss Sallie Switzon returned to her home in Murfreesboro this morning.

Uncle Tommie Huggins is very much improved for the last few days.

Prof. E.W. Brown attended an institute in the 8th district last Saturday.

J.P. Starks and family have returned home from Nashville to spend the winter.

Mrs. G.L. Talley and little son, Spencer, went back to their Texas home last week.

Jo Stevens, one of the best citizens of Woodbury, died last Sunday morning after a short illness.

Jo and W.B. Evans went to White county last week with some Texas mares.

Rev. Geo. L. Beale preached a good sermon here Sunday night.

J.D. Smith and family will attend the New Salem Association at Round Lick which convenes tomorrow.

Mrs. L.W. Bailey and Mrs. A.E. Crane have returned to their homes in Sanborn, Indiana, after visiting relatives here for a few days.

Dr. Hudson has begun work on his residence, which will be one of the handsomest in town when completed.

W.H. Allen and wife and two of J.W. Goggins daughters and Edger Clark, Bill Caskey and Elzie Givan went to Nashville Monday.

C.L. Bright, the democratic committeeman for this district, requests all democrats in the 2nd district to meet at the academy, to establish an "Old Pete" club.

Loose page found between these issues

(Possibly October 24?)


Mrs. Geo. Fuson quitly breathed her last at her home on Dry Creek last Wednesday night. Sympathy to the husband and children.

Letter from McKinney, Texas-from Joe ?

Mentions: W.A. Amonette longs to see the time worn cliffs of Capling once again.

Monval Self has fallen a victim to Cupid's matchless power.

Joseph Driver is the handy man in the city hotel now at McKinney.

Chas. Curtis will return to Coryell county Saturday to take up school.


The little infant of Mr.& Mrs. John Hardcastle died Saturday, the 20th.

Rev. R.A. Knight preached the Widow E.A. McGregor's funeral Sunday night.

Jack Newby has moved to Ball Knob.

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