Editor, Will A. Vick

August 4, 1894

Forks of Pike

Mrs. Martha Roy is right sick with chills and fever.

Mesdames Sophia West and Ellen Givan are rapidly improving.

Miss Nannie Clark of McMinnville is visiting Miss Fannie Groom.

Miss Ida McMillen spent Saturday with Miss Hattie Griffith.

Wm. Chatman and Miss Delia Yeargin attended church at Round Lick.

E.J. Groom and wife went to Watertown Sunday.

G.B. Givan and family spent Sunday at Sam Vanatta's.

Rob't Cooper and wife visited Mrs. Cooper's parents on Dry Creek Sunday.

Misses Nettie Youngblood and Lelia Whaley spent the night with the Misses Robinson.

Misses Elma and Lanna West and Nettie Foutch spent the night at Thomas Grooms.

Miss Florence White is visiting Miss Callie Griffith.

Misses Daisy Groom and Ella Mai Measle spent Sunday with Mr. & Mrs. H.M. Evans.

Messrs. Jim Jewel of Auburn and Shelah Jennings of Round Top spent the night at Wm. Robinson's.

Mrs. Callie and Misses Mattie and Sarah Griffith have returned from a week's stay at the Springs.


H.L. Brown is a little sick this week.

H.B. Webb thinks he is sure elected J.P.

Death robbed Mr. & Mrs. Jas. Green their 4 mos. old child.

Miss Minnie Womack visited Mrs. W.E. Wauford Sunday.

Seth Walker has been very sick but is improving.


Mrs. Castles and daughter, Miss Clara, of Nashville are visiting here.

Mrs. Carter, mother of Mrs. Jas. Brewries, is visiting relatives here.

J.R. Cumpton of the Boiling Springs Dairy was in town today.

Miss Sallie Thompson of Laguardo is in our midst, visiting friends and relatives.

Prof. F.M. Bowling has added another structure to his premise, a coal and wood house.

J.C. McAdoo, after about two years has a nice fence around his beautiful residence.

A new firm is started here, with F.M. Pickett at the head. He will handle furniture extensively.

Miss Maud Clark of Tuckers X Roads is the guest of Misses Gertie and Cornelius Eastes this week.


Jake Marshall was here last week wanting a job of painting.

S.W. Watson is not improving much at this writing.

We had a hard rain last Friday, doing much damage on Indian creek. Sam Page lost a fine lot of chickens.


Truett Hudson has been on the sick list for the last several days.

Mrs. Lucinda Evans has been visiting here for a few days.

P. Parrish of McMinnville was here Monday and Tuesday.

Geo. Bradley and Fox Evans will pull out for Texas next week.

Mrs. J.L. Hollandsworth's condition remains about the same.

Shelah Turner and wife went back to the Sulphur Springs Sunday.

C.W.L. Hale is putting up a new iron fence around his front yard.

Willie Jones of Nashville is visiting relatives at this place.

Jas. Hollandsworth is no better and his condition is extremely critical.

Mrs. J.J. Stark left for the Sulphur Springs yesterday for her health.

James Pistole is making some improvements on his dwelling on Adamson Branch.

Jas. Givan says there has been plenty of honey dew lately, and bees are doing well.

J.F. Johnson, our efficient correspondent at Statesville, was here.

Wiley Fite got in from Texas last week. He reports good crops in the Lone Star.

Arch Markum came down Monday to get him a new hayfork for his new barn.

P.B. Bashaw was here canvassing for Attorney General. He seemed hopeful.

J.A. Fuson, Jr., the merchant gardener, is on the road again to supply the housekeeper.

Wiley Fite and Shelah Rowland made a flying trip to Linwood Sunday.

Mrs. Wm. Huggins is still very sick.

J.B. Patton and wife were in town today.

Brackett Eastes and wife of the Smithville country have been visiting relatives here.

Rev. T.A. Carden and wife and Miss Forrest Squires have gone to Coffee county to a meeting and visit.

We hear that Uncle Nathaniel Parker, aged 81 years, died last week at his home on Eagle Creek.

Also from Eagle Creek, that S.L. Tinsley found a Pearl last week for which he has refused $300. He found it near the mouth of Eagle Creek.

T.G. Bratten, J.D. Smith, and S.L. Williams are candidates for magistrates in this district.

W.L. Vick and John Gleason are candidates for constable.

J.D. Pemberton, a good citizen of the Milton country, formerly of Statesville, was shot and killed by H.C. Moore, a prominent citizen of Murfreesboro. Mr. Moore is the owner of the pike from Milton to Murfreesboro and the trouble gre w out of some toll matter.

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