Editor, Will A. Vick

July 4, 1894

Forks of Pike

T.P. Bragg has bought out Stevens and the firm is no longer Bragg & Stevens.

Wm. Robinson visited relatives at Milton last week.

J.B. West and family were visiting relatives at Watertown Sunday.

Guy Wilson and wife spent the night in our village.

Mrs. Ocie Cathcart and James Hayes spent Saturday with Mrs. Will Griffith.

John Fuson and wife were visiting in our midst last week.

Miss Eva Meachum has returned from a visit to Smithville.

Miss Etta Woodside visited Mrs. S.L. Williams last week.

Miss Bernice Neal is spending a week at her Grandpa's, J.B. West's.

Little Ella Luck is visiting her Grandma Luck at Watertown.

Wm. Robinson and wife are visiting near Smithville this week.

Rob't Griffith and wife are visiting beyond Smithville.

Mrs. T.P. Bragg and Miss Daisy Groom spent a day with Mrs. J.E. Henly.

Rev. T.A. Carden and family took dinner with Mrs. S.H. Flippen.

Sam Vanatta's colt that got hurt about a month ago, died.

Miss Jennie Powell returned Sunday from an extended visit to the Mountain, accompanied by her cousin, nee Miss Hattie Alexander who was married in the morning to Prof. Tom Turner.


Last Tuesday morning a party of young people left here shortly after sunrise to spend the day at the Sulphur Springs. They arrived there about 11 a.m. and all said the day was well spent. The party consisted of: E.E. Bass, Miss Vera Robinson; Neal Ro binson, Ola Magness; L.A. Bass, Ara Avant; W.C. Groom, Julia White; C.B. White, Bertie Avant; W.T. Robinson, Lucy Robinson; W.H. Bass, Carrie Bass; Mrs. Maggie Bass.

Long letter from T.M. Hinsley in McKinney, Texas.


C.A. Malone is still visiting the East side of town.

Andrew Braswell, while at work in the field, was struck with paralysis and is very feeble.

Old Aunt Judy Winfree, who has been visiting Dock Winfree and family near Laurel Hill, has returned home.

Compliments to T.M. Hinsley of McKinney, Texas for his writing to the Herald. He was a schoolmate while in Tennessee. He will become a graduate of the McKinney College very soon and old DeKalb should be proud.


Miss Daisy Armistead of Granville is visiting the family of Geo. McNelly.

Rev. Ira W. King is at his store today after several days illness.

Esq. Mack Walker went to Smithville this morning.

Patti Cooper is visiting his Grandfather on Dismal.

Enoch Rollins has so far recovered from his injuries as to be able to come to town.

Miss Effie Simpson has returned home after a visit to relatives and friends in Gordonsville.

Mrs. Em Turner and Mrs. Mary McCullough leave this evening for Bloomington to spend the Summer.

John Bowman and wife of Nashville are visiting the family of Bill Reece, corner of Main and Church streets.

Misses Mamie Gold, Dela and Robbie Simpson of Gordonsville are visiting the family of L.E. Simpson on Locust street.

Mrs. Charlie Palmer and children returned home after a pleasant visit to the family of A.J. Marler in Wilson county.


Miss Zora Quarles will soon leave for Greenvale where she will take charge of an art class.

Prof. Adams will be opening the school here with Miss Nora Hawkins as assistant.

Charlie Jones, who went to Texas nearly a year ago, has returned to his old home.

A gift, in the form of a ten pound boy to gladden the hearts of W.C. Kennedy and wife at their home.

The community was somewhat shocked on last Friday morning to hear of the death of Winket Robinson, son of E.J. Robinson. He had been complaining for sometime, but no one thought the end was so near. He was buried Saturday at the Robins on Burrying ground.

Election passed off quietly here. G.H. Mcbroom, T.M. Bryan, J.D. Smith and Capt. B.A. High paid Murfreesboro a flying visit after the polls closed to get the election news.

Henderson X Roads

Miss Mary Thomas of Waco, Texas is on a visit to her old home at the X Roads.

Rev. G.A. Ogle, Rev. G.W. Patton, Rev. F.S. Bryan, with their families, are billed for a square meal here Thursday.

Willie Doak, a young man of 21, lost his life by drowning in Cumberland river last week. His remains were brought to the family graveyard near Doak's X Roads for burial.

Aunt Betsie Womack, who lived about 4 miles southeast of here, received injuries by falling through the porch floor of Mr. Bailey in Nashville, on her way from Texas a few weeks ago died last Friday. She was a member of Round Lick (Baptist) church.

Rev. G.S. Bryan, who recently graduated from the Southern Baptist theological seminary on Louisville, Kentucky, is spending the summer here. He is accompanied by his accomplished lady whom he succeeded in capturing in Kentucky not long since.

Rev. J.T. Oakley has been invited to visit Vernon, Texas, at the expense of the Baptist church of Christ at that place with a view of considering a call to its pastorate.


Frank Patton was married last week to Miss Lillie Skelton of Jackson, Tennessee.

Miss Mary Cox of Statesville was visiting here last week.

Miss Ada High, a charming girl of Hartsville, is visiting here.

Angie, the little daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Geo. Midgett died last Friday of Ersylsipilas.

Miss Cornelia Eastes returned home yesterday after a visit to the country of Lynwood.

B.C. Hale, our clever wheat "buyer" made a trip to Nashville last week.


Miss Nora Keaton of Cottage Home spent Monday night at Mrs. Ruyles.

Rev. J.T. Tracy has been spending a few days here among friends.

Chas. Bratten of our force has been laid up for a few days.

The trial of Bud Fuson, charged with shooting Bethel Womack, was continued until next Saturday. Bethel is getting better.

T.A. Carden, Dr. T.J. Jackson, T.M. Givan, W.D. Smithson, D.D. Overall and Will A. Vick left today to attend the organization of a K of P Lodge at Carthage.

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