Editor, Will A. Vick

June 13, 1894

Temperance Hall

Mrs. Wm. Bates, who has been confined so long with consumption, cannot survive long.

Mrs. Sallie Martin, wife of Dr. G.W. Martin, has been quite sick but is now improving.

Mrs. Bluhm, who was called to the sick bed of the father, James, has returned after a month's absence from Dry Creek.

Our school will commence the 1st Monday in August with Prof. James Drake as principal and Prof. Daniel Wilson both of Smithville.

Mrs. Thos. Terry, who has been confined to her room for several weeks, is slowing convalescing

Letter from T.M. Hinsley about McKinney, Texas (mentions Bennie Hindsley buying a bicycle)


C.B. Odom is still troubled with chills. Mrs. Betsy Odom, his wife, is also having chills.

Miss Lena Odom, daughter of Calvin Odom, is improving.

Marshal Donnell, who has had a very tight spell, is thought to be improving.

Miss Lettie Summar, little daughter of J.D. Summar, is visiting here today.

On last Thursday a birthday dinner was given for Dr. J.A. Walkup and wife.

Old Uncle Jimmie King of Sycamore is visiting his daughter, Mrs. Linda Bryson of Hurricane.


Mrs. Jane Davis of New Middleton is in town today.

Dr. Sam McMillen and wife spent Saturday in Smithville.

Mrs. Gus Johnson of Commerce is visiting relatives here.

Cicero Sullen and family have returned home.

Mrs. O.P. Hill visited her brother, J.H. Shurer, at Round Top.

Rev. T.J. Eastes of Grant is in town today.

John Rutland is out from a severe spell of sickness.

Mrs. Tennie Bowers and daughter, Fannie of Nashville, are visiting at Sykes.

Charlie McNelly and Miss Mattie Walker, Hal Tubb and Miss Fannie Medford, George Lester and Miss Daisy Odom visited the Sulphur Springs Sunday.


By seeing either W.W. Patton or Lon Allen you can get ice at 1 cent per lb.

Mrs. Sallie Smith was visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Neal, last week.

Mrs. Jas. Edwards and Edgar, the "chunky son" of Auburn visited relatives here last week.

Mrs. Alex Young and Master Turner returned Friday from a visit at Nashville.

Death claimed for it's victim, Earl, the baby of Dr. T.O. Bratten, at their home last Thursday night.

Work is progressing rapidly on the building of Dr. R.H. Baker's office and the large business house of C.J. Phillips, also W.E. Hale's residence.

Forks of Pike

Jim Roy is having chills.

Frank West Groom is right sick.

Mrs. Selena Measles and daughter, Mai, visited at H.C. Givan's Saturday.

Mrs. Stevens and children spent last Friday with Mrs. Lizzie Hays at Auburn.

Miss Ida Carter and little brother visited Miss Jennie Powell Saturday.

Mrs. J.W. Groom and daughter, Daisy, spent Saturday at W.H. Henley's.

Master Bob Vanatta went to Murfreesboro and returned last week.

J.P. Barry and wife are visiting relatives at Short Mountain.

Miss Delia Yeargin spent last week at her Grandpa West's.

Mrs. Mary Redmon, daughter Eva, and John Bryant spent last week at Wm. Robinson's.

Miss Nolia Ford of Round Top is the guest of Miss Bessie Ford.

J.E. Henley and wife took dinner at J.W. Groom's Sunday.

Sam Vanatta had a colt to almost break a leg.

Mary Turner (col.) says she is not enjoying usual good health this spring as she weighs only 242 ½ lbs.


T.E. Compton of Evansville, Indiana, visited his parents here last week.

John A. Smith and family of Rucker, Tennessee have moved to our vicinity.

Prof. W.M. Carter closed the spring term of Milton school 2 weeks ago.

Mrs. Elizabeth Smith of St. Louis is on a visit to the D.H. Sneed family.

Miss Lizzie Fletcher of Smithville is visited Miss Nora Byrn.

A great many young people of this place attended a lecture at Murfreesboro delivered by Ex-Gov. Bob Taylor, among them were; Misses Beata Elrod, Jennie Hooper, Nora Byrn, Carrie Knox, Nannie Hooper, Messrs. D. Hooper, Giles McKnight and J .H. McKnight.


Gold watches at Jas. A. Youngs, from $10 to $40.

Ed Bradley spent part of last week in Watertown.

Ed Evans is doing a rattling good blacksmith business on Helton.

Write to J.H. Snoddy, Alexandria, if you have sick hogs and want them cured.

Prof. John Bryan and family of Shop Springs are visiting Dr. Robinson's.

E.W. Brown and family have just returned from a visit to Warren county.

W.B. Evans is trading in livestock again.

B.N. Hicks of Flatwoods country was here last Saturday on business.

Born to Lem Barger and wife last Saturday, a girl.

Dave Bass (col.), who was shot by W.C. Smith, is able to be out again.

E.C. Bratten has been visited the old folks at home and friends here for several days.

Wm. Huggin's family are perhaps some better this week, although his daughter, Miss Lillie, is very sick.

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