Editor, Will A. Vick

November 22, 1893


is very low with consumption and not expected to recover.

Rev. J.H. Whitlock left for Texas, but says he will return in 30 days.

J.L. Jones was kicked by a mule the other day.

John Helton and F. Simerls left for Texas this morning.

Prof. W.B. Newby of Forks of Pike passed through here Saturday.

F.M. Sellars is building him a new crib. W.E. Wauford, F.M. Sellars and H.L. Brown did not go to the show Saturday.

Mr. Wenston of Ohio is visiting his daughter, Mrs. John French, of this place. Mr. Wenston is about 88 years of age.


The work on the residence of S.L. McAffrey is steadily being pushed on.

L.A. Phillips has about got his house In east Watertown finished.

Miss Lalla Smith continues about the same.

Ed Hainey is improving slowly

Mr. & Mrs. Young were called to Dixon Springs Friday evening, due to Mrs. Young's father having died suddenly.

Joe Phillips has recently bought out the stock of Groceries and Hardware from A. Young & Co. Mr. Young gets Mr. Phillips farm 1 mile east of town on the pike in payment.

Warren Murphy has moved to his farm north of town. Mr. West occupying his house and Ed Jones has taken possession of the house vacated by Mr. West.

J.H. Griffin, our enterprising harness and saddle man, has purchased from W.L. Waters, the house recently vacated by Uncle Jimmy Stark.

Forks of Pike

N.E. Hays and E.J. Groom had a big hunt Saturday.

Wm. Robinson has gone to Nashville this week.

Horace Evans was visiting in our midst Saturday night.

M.W. Robinson went to Milton Saturday.

Rev. JarvisMrs. S.H. Flippen Friday.

J.B. and G.R. West spent last Saturday in Smithville.

H.C. Givan will ship a carload of cattle to Nashville this week.

Miss Emma Marler spent Sunday with Miss Nannie Barry.

Miss Bertha Vanatta spentMiss Myrtle Payne.

Mr. & Mrs. J.E. Henley spent Sunday at J.Groom's.

Monroe Givan and family visited at H.C. Givan's yesterday.

Willie Chapman visited his sister on Dry Creek Saturday night.

Mesdames Ida and Sallie Evans visited relatives at Mahone last week.

Mrs. Wm. Robinson is visiting at Shop Springs.

The little babe of Mr. & Mrs. Joe Rigsby was very sick last week.

Mrs. J.J. Evans will move to Nashville Tuesday.


Med and Obe Williams (col.) were convicted but appealed to the Supreme Court.

Mrs. Manda Foutch, wife of Leve Foutch, of Lower Helton died Sunday.

Kittie, the 5 year old daughter of Lafayette Foutch, died Tuesday the 14th, after a few days illness.

Born to Charlie Palmer and wife Wednesday, a girl.

The Cooper case was compromised last week.

Hal Tubb, Lun Rollins and Albert Smith went to Lebanon Monday.

Misses Ola and Memble [?] Lee are guests of Miss Etta Foust, High street.

Dr. Briem Tubb returned from Smithville Saturday.

Mrs. H.H. Jones, who was quite sick, is much better.

Phil Pledger and Liv Tubb spent three days in Smithville last week, on a criminal jury.

Rufe Gleason was in town Monday.

Albert Smith's little son, Jo Preston, is quite sick today.

Bud Talley and Miss Ada Davis were married at the home of the bride near town Sunday.

James Evans came up from Nashville Monday and will leave for Nashville today accompanied by his wife.


The commencement exercises at the Masonic Academy Thursday and Friday were fully up to the standard in every sense. Prizes were awarded to Miss Nannie Whaley, Miss Myrtle Payne, Don Squires and Miss Beulah Overall.


W.W. Wallace of McMinnville spent several days in Smithville on business.

James Dearman lost one of his horses on his way from Nashville.

Mrs. Geo. M. Potter has been quite sick, but is improving.

John B. Robinson has moved to the brick house on Academy hill.

Hon. M.L. Bonham left Saturday for Kentucky on a business trip.

Judge B.M. Webb is holding court in the mountain counties this week.

T.M. Hooper has sold his place north of town to Thomas Allen and purchased the house formerly occupied by John B. Robinson where he will move in a short time.


J.W. Turner went to Nashville Monday.

Geo. Hale of Gassaway was in town yesterday.

W.G. Evans condition is somewhat improved this week.

J.D. Pemberton of Milton was here yesterday.

J.A. Newby, trustee, will be at Liberty, Nov. 28th to collect taxes.

Sam Young and son, enterprising fruit tree men of DeKalb, were here yesterday.

Tilford Hollandsworth's wife on Clear Fork is very low and has been for several weeks.

Bob Givan, who has been in Texas for the past two or three years, will return home this week.

Prof. R.L. Smithson, Principal of Woodbury College, was here a short while Saturday.

Prof. Wm. Hunt and two boys went to Lebanon Monday.

Chas. Bratten of our office force has bought him a new bicycle.

Rev. T.J. Eastes was here Saturday enroute to Smithville where he preached Sunday.

Misses Jennie Powell and Daisy Groom of Forks of Pike gave our office a call.

Bob Lee and his two sisters of Hartsville spent part of last week with the family of J.F. Youngblood.

C.L. Bright has bought a house and lot from Dr. Squires on West Main Street and will move to it soon.

Mrs. Em Burns of Nashville is visiting her sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Turner at this place, for the first time in thirty years.

The little child of Mr. & Mrs. Geo. Fuson, living on Dry Creek, died Saturday and was buried at Salem Cemetery Sunday.

Jo Wright, who for some time has been living in Indianapolis, returned to his home at Dowelltown Monday night.

We understand that Reps Whaley, son of E.M. Whaley of this place, living now in Atlanta, Georgia, is very sick.

___n Daugherty, who had made _____- at Ozark, Missouri, for the ____years, arrived here Thursday to spend a while with _________nts.

Mrs. D.W. Dinges, her little daughter, Bettie Jo, Mrs. Bob Bone, Mrs. Bertie Barbee, Mrs. McCollough, and Miss Mattie Bone, all of Alexandria are visiting Mrs. Wm. Vick today.

R.B. West passsed through enroute to Wichita Falls, Texas to visit relatives. His wife has been out there a month or more.

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