Editor, Will A. Vick

December 21, 1887


Henry Bass, Griffin, GA, will be here soon to buy mules. John A. Bass is also buying mules for him.

Roe Williams of Watertown was here today.

Misses Alice Williams & Sallie Bass returned home from school in Alexandria.

James B. McClellan & Sampson Chapman went to Nashville last week.

S.L. Williams has sold Mrs. Nancy White an organ.

Mrs. R.F. Jones, sick for several days, is improving.

Miss Ada Davis has gone to her home near Smithville to say awhile.

Mrs. Elizabeth Turner is on the sick list.

Uncle Billie Blackburn is no better at this writing.

T.S. McClellan has returned from Nashville.

Miss Emma Curtis of Capling is visiting Miss Nettie Davis.

Miss Lula Davis & Miss Maggie Taylor gave Misses Kate and Ella McClellan a call.

Forks of Pike

Col. Shield was here buying horses & mules-he and dau. Kitty (who has been attending Liberty School), left for home in Coffee Co.

Sam Vanatta had a ditching [dug] Tuesday.


L.E. Jones is moving to the Adamson house on Locust St.

T.W. Eason sold his fam to J.H. Snoddy.

W.W. Patterson has a sow with a litter of 17 pigs.

Uncle Bill Evans was here Saturday.

Dr. Sayles died Morning morning.

John Rutland and Jim Goodner have moved to town.

Officers elected for Alexandria Lodge, No. 50, F& AM----L. Tubb, B.F. Bell, J.A Donnell, R.M. Bone, Sect'y., J.A. Kitchings, Treas. Alexandria, Chapter No. 50----P.D. Williams, Ira W. King, J.A. Donnell, B.F. Bell F.M. Schurer, Treas.

Uncle Jo Lawrence, aged 72 years & 1 month, d. Sunday at home of his son, R. A. Lawrence.

Jonathan Denny & Miss Sallie Watt m. Friday near Alexandria, at the residence of R.G. Davis.

Lena Johnston visited her schoolmate, Laura Wauford.


Miss Nannie Potter's school at Student's Institute closes Friday.

F.B. Tittsworth will enter Central College, Cannon Co. on January 1, 1888 - also R.L. Turner at Pure Fountain.

S.S. Young returned from a business trip to Cannon Co.

Brush Creek

Dr. W.A. Barrett has recently moved to this place.


D. Drennon, ex-sheriff of Wilson Co., d. at home, Dec. 12th.

Thos. Rice m. to Miss Gill last week, both living near Round Top

Logan Davis & wife left for Forest Home, MO to make it their future home.

Mrs. Barrett, Of Stones River, visiting nephew, C.W.L. Hale.

John Turner, Wilson Co., left for TX, carrying only 11 of his ch., 3 more to follow.

Joe Lively of Mc Minnville is dead.

Thos. Chapman, Sr. of Dowelltown, m. Miss Lucinda Moore of Liberty, yesterday. He is about 65, bride 35.

J.M. Driver returned from Kentucky and is here for a few days.

R.M. Johnston of Round Top was here Saturday.

Prof. J.M. Paschal of McMinnville came Monday.

J.T. Wilson, proprietor of McMinnville Marble Yards, was here Monday.

J.M. Driver is taking all sizes of photographs.

Young folks party at M/M W.T. Hale's last Friday.

Mrs. H.C. Fite of Commerce and a Mr. Lee of Iowa have been visiting here.

Henderson's X Roads

Wm. Gainwell, formerly from here, d. in Murfreesboro, Dec. 13th-buried at Greenvale.

Master Aubrey Lillie and Luccie Oakley to Smith Co., to attend m. of aunt, Miss Hattie Smith of Commerce.

John Coffee Oakley, s/o Nathan Oakley, has built fence. "Coffee" added to distinguish between him and John "Tea" Oakley.

Zi Robinson has new house and new baby.

Miss Mary Thomas was judged prettiest in Wilson Co. at Rocky Valley.

W.N.B. Owens has subscribed to the Herald.

Rev. M.A. Byers, Methodist preacher, subscribes to the Herald.

Claud Hendrixson is okay again.

Cottage Home

Fate Fox & Mary Adams, (col.), were m. the 17th.

Mrs. Amy Smith and g-dau., Miss Paty Dodd, visiting in Watertown.

Jep & John Turney, who went to Cumberland Mtn. several years ago, have moved back.

Mrs. Mary (Fite) McMillen visiting friends & relatives here.

Pate Turney has been sick.

J.B. Adams would like all those indebted to him to come settle.

J.B. Estes returned from Nashville with Christmas goods.

Samps Alexander is in very critical condition.

Miss Sue Armstrong visiting her sister, Mrs. J. F. Patton.

Miss Halton Berry of Simmons Bluff and Miss Mary Atwood, Smith Co., are visiting here.

Messrs. P.W. & T.R. Harris are both very feeble.

Miss Hettie Delay is improving.

Rev. J.M. Stewart is very low.

H. Monroe Pennel has gone to Florida for the winter.

John Bryan, Jr. of Shop Springs was here surveying for E.D. Jennings.

New Middleton
Esq. Barrett sold 50 acres of the old Douglas farm to W.S. House.

Mrs. Jennie Stark is still very feeble.

Miss Nannie Marks of Grant is visiting friends here.

Aunt Nancy Slaughter gave an old-fashioned quilting party.

W.H. Carpenter had a well sunk, turned out to be gas.

Insolvent Notices

Mary Wooden, dec'd.-------M.A. Lynum, adm'x.
Jacob Adams, dec'd.--------W.W. Sellars, amn'x.
Jas. Harper, dec'd.-----------G.W. Bond, adm.
James M. Byford, dec'd------Jennie Byford, adm'x.

Chancery Court at Smithville

J.M. Evans vs. N.E. Evans
J.P. Davis vs. T.J. Davis
J.H. Savage vs. James K. Fisher, et als
M.A. Lynum, adm'x. vs. Thos. Wooten, et als
Isaac Woods vs. Charity Woods

Business Ads

Gleason Bros.---Liberty----Blacksmithing

The Hollandsworth House---Liberty----Hotel

Mrs. M.J. Baird---Alexandria----Millinery

Fisher & Nesmith---Smithville-Carthage----Attorneys at Law, T.J. Fisher and J.A. Nesmith

Robinson & Robinson---Smithville----Attorneys at Law, J.B. Robinson and R.E. Robinson

Webb & Moore---Smithville----Attorneys at Law, B.M. Webb and J.B. Moore

D.O. Williams---Alexandria----Attorney at Law

A.L. Porter---Alexandria----Barber

W.P. Smith & Son---Liberty----Buggy, Jersey & Wagon Work

Masonic Normal---Alexandria----School, Gross and Boon

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