Editor, Will A. Vick

November 15, 1893


Robt. L. Higgins of Hurricane Creek is in a demented state again.

Charlie High is improving.

Born to Rufus Tarpley and wife, a girl. Also to Press Higgins and wife, a girl.

S.O. McKnight of Sandy's Fork has been confined to his bed.

Hurk Mayor married Miss Zora Higgins of Hurricane last Thursday.

John D. Smith has returned from a trip to DeKalb.

S.M. Bradford will open a writing school at Round Top next Monday.

One passing through the little village of Ivinsville will find and Dalis McAdoo, Frank and Pluto Hancock, Samuel and Marvin Hawkins and that vigilant officer Joe B. Hawkins, also this citizen and son, Charlie Odom.

Aleck Mingle and fair lady of Georgia have been on a visit here, left Saturday for Woodbury to visit Will T. Mingle, editor of the Courier.

Lee Owen of Auburn and Miss Alice Sellars of Cottage Home were married at the bride's home Sunday.

Murdered in Oklahoma

News has reached us that the wife and daughter of Gib Clarke (col.) were murdered by their throats being cut in Oklahoma Territory last week and Gib was so badly wounded that his recovery was thought doubtful. Gib has been out there for some time and sent for his wife and daughter. They left in company with a negro man by the name of Higgins who it is thought committed the crime to get possession of the four or five hundred dollars they had. Gib and his wife were thought well of while here.

A Merited Honor

The senior law students at Cumberland University last Thursday elected George Corley orator [of] the law class for commencement day. He received twice as many votes as any other student. (from Lebanon News)

Forks of Pike

Prof. Newby spent several days with his home folks at Dibrell.

Miss Mattie Griffith is rapidly improving.

J.B. West was very sick last week.

Mrs. U.W. Neal attended the bedside of her sick father last week.

Miss Virgil Overall is the guest of Miss Nannie Groom.

Mrs. Eula Trial is visiting Miss Sarah Griffith.

Miss Ara Campbell, Reps and Marvin are at Wm. Robinson's for a few days.

Sam McMillen and wife visited Zed McMillen, Esq. of Statesville last week.

J.P Barry and family visited relatives at Dowelltown Sunday.

Miss Carroll McClellan spent Sunday with Miss Mary and Maude Flippen.

Misses Jennie Powell and Daisy Groom spent several days with Miss Anna Henley.

Miss Lula Yeargin spent last week with Miss Delia Yeargin.

Miss Nannie Barry spent Saturday night with her aunt, Mrs. Alice Marler.

S.H. Flippen and son Roger, went to Watertown Friday.

Matt and Maggie Robinson went to Liberty Saturday night.

Mr. and Mrs. James Evans were in our midst last week. Mrs. Evans will remain several weeks, when she will go to her husband, who left Monday for Nashville.

The sixtieth birthday of Mr. Thomas Groom was made pleasant the 10th by a dinner and visit from his kindred.


A.M. Bass of Cannon county and Red Odom of Auburn were among us on Thursday on business.

Old Uncle Denis Tramel of Dowelltown is spending a few days with relatives here.

Ham McGinnis has a patch of about an acre of turnips that DeKalb can't excell.

Dock Tramel and family went to Smithville this evening to visit relatives.

G.S. Blackburn and wife of Dowelltown are visiting relatives here.

Mrs. Louisa Tramel is about well again . Her daughter, Miss Cora, has been on the sick list.

J.A. Gothard and family moved to Smithville Saturday and his brother, Prof. Jordan Gothard and family of Temperance Hall moved in his house here.

Henderson X Roads

Mrs. J.T. Talley has returned from a visit to Kentucky.

Elvis Young, our popular insurance agent, happened to a funny experience last week.

The much talked of debate between Rev. W.T. Dye and J.T. Oakley has fallen through by Brother Dye withdrawing from the contest.

Old Mrs. Fletcher, living a few miles of this place, died last week from injuries sustained by falling from a buggy.

Rev. J.T. Oakley, accompanied by Burlie Kennedy, went to Cottage Home Sunday and officiated at the marriage of Lee Owen and Miss Alice Sellars.


Rev. J.B. Fletcher of McKinzie has been called by the Baptist of this place.

W.A. (Dick) Brien came up from Nashville last week.

Mrs. W.T. Hoskins left for her home at Dowelltown Friday.

Miss Virgil Grandstaff has been quite sick for several days.

Mrs. H.H. Jones was taken suddenly ill with heart trouble, she is some better.

Esq. Zed McMillen does not improve any, is gradually growing weaker.

Mrs. Fannie Tubb died at the home of her father, Gen. W.B. Stokes Wednesday and was buried Friday.

Howard Davis and Miss Nevada Hamilton were married at the home of W.A. Hayes (Grandfather to the bride) on the 9th by Judge Dan Williams.

Mrs. Calhoun and Mrs W.A. Brien returned to their homes in Nashville this morning, they having been in attendance at the bedside of their sister, Mrs. Tubb, for some time.

R.A. Lawrence and wife and Jas. Allen of Brush Creek attended services at the Methodist church Sunday.

Claud Bridges came up from Nashville to visit his father, who has been in feeble health for some time.

Mrs. Mary King left for St. Louis where she will make her home.

James Evans left for Nashville this morning.

Alex Winebaum was here Thursday.

Mrs. Arch Davis visited her brother, Tump Simpson, at Tucker's X Roads.

Tom Mason of Grant was here Friday.

Born to Toni Hall and wife Wednesday, a girl.

Lewis and Jess Chapman of Franklin, Kentucky are visiting relatives near town.

Miss Ethel Blackburn has returned from a visit to relatives at Nashville

Misses Minnie and Ida Eastes of Grant visited the family of H.H. Jones.

Mrs. Jackson, daughter of Mrs. Edie Hays, is visiting her mother who lives near town.

W.R. Cooper had a sale of his household goods last week and has moved to Nashville.

Miss Annie Lou Donnell of Nashville is visiting relatives at Alexandria.

Dave Dinwiddie is clerking for Hal Tubb.

Mrs. Demps Odom is visiting today.

Misses Edna and Florence Rollins entertained friends at their home near town Saturday.

Rev. J.B. Stevens of Nashville will begin a protracted meeting at the Cumberland church.

Mrs. Andrew McClellan, after a visit to relatives at this place, left Saturday for her home on Main Street.

Mrs. Em Goodner and daughter, Kate, left this morning for Nashville where they will make their home. H.C. Flippen will occupy Mrs. Goodner's house on Main Street.

Chancery Land Sale

Mattie N. Wood vs. J.T. Quarles, et al.-tract of land in 1st civil district, DeKalb, to satisfy judgement-will sell November 30, 1893.


C.W.L. Hale pays cash for corn.

J.T. Turney wants 400 well feathered geese.

W.B. Corley at Dowelltown is much better.

Jas. T. Clayborn's condition is about the same this week.

Dr. Robinson's little boy, Frank, is bettter this week.

H.L. Hale moved to his farm near Dowelltown yesterday.

W.G. Evans condition is about the same as last week.

E.J. Robinson and son, Shela, of Auburn, were here Monday on business.

Old Uncle Rans Youngblood died at his home near Keltonburg last Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Vandergriff of Gassaway were in town Monday.

Miss Eula Turner of Dry Creek is visiting Mrs. Elizabeth Turner on West Main street.

S.W. McClellan and wife of Alexandria visited the family of C.W.L. Hale Sunday.

Wagons left here this morning to move James Stark of Watertown back to this place.

Uncle John Hendrixson and wife got back from Texas Saturday in very feeble health.

Tom Hendricks of Dry Creek brought a beet to our office that weighed 4lb 12oz.

J.H. (Buster) Huggin brought a four and a half pound turnip to our office.

Stark, Bratten & Huggins are getting along well with J.W. Davis new house near Statesville.

All persons indebted to Pat Geraty must make settlement by January 1, 1894.

Strayed from my premises on Clear Fork-Bay Mare-Reward-Jno. R. Dodd, Gassaway.

J.P. Stark is at home this week, having completed the new jail at Smithville. He will go back to Nashville next week.

Mrs. H.M. Hale and little daughter, Lucile, of Carthage and Mrs. Jas. Jennings of Statesville were here with the family of C.W.L. Hale.

Jas. Hollandsworth informs us that he has sold and delivered only 40 coffins since the first of last January, which speaks well for the health of the country.

Mrs. Jas. Drake and Misses Fannie Paty, Willlie and Nora Lee passed through Monday on their way home from Prosperity.

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