Editor, Will A. Vick

July 16, 1890


Mrs. Rachel Shelton, who has been here visiting relatives, left for her home in Nashville.

Tom Bryan, one of Auburn's hustling young business men, was visiting this writer Tuesday.

Alex Ferrel of Jefferson is visiting the family of J.W. Davis.

Jep Turney left for Monteagle where he will run a well machine for the rest of the summer.

Prof. James Rickets will open school at Hebron Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Patton of near Statesville are the happy parents of an infant child which has 10 living grandparents. Who can beat that?

The Sick of the community at present are; Mrs. A.N. Walden, Mrs. Cason Davis, Ike Harvey, R.C. Jennings, Sr., Mrs. R. Jennings and Walter Edwards.


The Sunday School at Prosperity re-elected officers and teachers for this quarter, except for two. Billy Fite's place is being filled by Burlie Kennedy and Mrs. H.F. Barrett will take the place of Prof. Wheeler.

Mrs. Babe Kennedy, is quite sick.

Mrs. Ellie Hamilton, an old and respected citizen who lived near Cottage Home, was buried near this place Thursday.

John Hawkins and daughter, Nannie, and Miss Mary Reams attended Teacher's Examination at Statesville.

J.W. Dodd of Clear Fork was visiting in our community yesterday.


Jas. Purser is very sick at present.

Sidney Anderson, of DeKalb and Mrs. John Purser of Short Mountain were baptized Sunday. Elds. John L. Byars and J.T. Trapp delivered sermons.

Ed Clark and wife of White County are visiting their son, Jim Clark, this week. Also, Misses Maggie Simrel and Susie Parker, two of White County's fairest blonds are visiting here.


Wm. Lindsey is very sick at this writing.

J.C. Whitehead and Bro. passed through here today.

Foster Beard and family of Watertown visited T.H. Lanham.

Mrs. Elizabeth Wright and Rosa Wright were visiting this place last week.

Messrs. Jake Barbee, John George and Brit Barbee left for Nashville where they will do some work for Dr. Baker.

Mrs. J.W. George had a chicken hatched last week having but one eye and its bill was crossed.

Letter from J.T. Oakley about trip to Fort Worth, texas, for the Southern Baptist convention.

Shop Springs

A threshing machine and near 100 bushels of wheat were burned at Sam Forbes. The fire caught from the engine.

Miss Lizzie Major of Leeville has been visiting relatives near this place.

Rev. E.S. Bryan preached a good sermon Sunday.

Misses Eva Redman and Helen Leeman were guest of Misses Gassie Donnell and Jennie McKee Thursday.

Bill Henderson was here Friday evening.

Miss Lucy Donnell of Lebanon is visiting relatives at this place.

Charlie Thompson died at the residence of his father, about 3 miles south of here on the morning of the 12th inst. His home was in Texas, but he came here about four months ago seeking health.


M/M Aaron Williard and two daughters of Texas are visiting in our midst.

Haywood Champion, J.D. Raikes and S.M. Bradford returned home Friday from the teacher's institute at Woodbury. S.M. Bradford will take charge of the Mount Vernon school in Wilson county.

Those on the sick list are; infant son of John Peden, T.R. Summar, Mrs Mattie Rich, Mrs. James Stephens, Mrs. Summar and T.R. Brewies.

Round Top

Jacob Jennings has been sick for several days.

Thomas Wooden's son was badly hurt by the thresher wagon running over him.

Mrs. S.C. Hamilton and Mrs. Malinda Ewing died last week and were buried in the Prosperity neighborhood.

Miss Melissia Mullinax and Alice Roberts are on the sick list.

Mrs. Parlee Tarpley and Mrs. J.B. Mullinax are still in very bad health.

Ike Turney has the flux.

In the 13th district, Pitts Hearn, W.G. Davis and W.J. Jennings are Judges; W.R. Lewis, Jr. and J.D. Wheeler are the Clerks for the August election.

P.Y. Hill being the lowest bidder was given the contract to furnish road tools for the county.


Prof. R.B. Harris, associate principal of Eureka Academy at Dowelltown will marry Miss Mary D. Bailey today at 5:00 in the city of Clarksville.

Last Thursday, Robert L. Smithson was married to Miss Jennie Smith at her father's residence. She is the daughter of W.P. Smith.


The delegates to the Sunday School convention are: Baptist-Isaac Cooper and H.H. Jones, alternates-L. Tubb and John Measles; Methodist-Ed Reece and Dan Williams.

Prof. John Woods was here this week.

Capt. W.B. Petty was here to debate with L.E. Simpson.

Miss Alma Dewees left Saturday for her home in Louisville.

Van Garrison returned home Monday.

Col. Jo Blackburn was here Monday on pension business.

Charlie Brien of Nashville came up last week.

Henry Blackburn is here this week.

Dan Williams went to Nashville to attend the Convention.

Mrs. Wm. King and children of St. Louis came yesterday on a visit to Mrs. Mary King of this place.

W.W. Patterson and daughter, Miss Nora, left Monday for California.

It looks natural to see John W. Botts in town.

Mrs. Mason and Miss Ethel Thompson are visiting the family of A.P. Smith at this place.

R.F. Jones and family of Dowelltown visited relatives at this place Sunday.

John Rollins and Dib Dinges are sick this week.

Liv Tubb and daughter, Lena, left for Nashville today.

Patsy Myers (age 90) and Mary Preston (both colored) died last Tuesday.

George Allen of Brush Creek died last Wednesday.

Miss Ida Dinwiddie, daughter of J.L. Dinwiddie, died last Wednesday.


Dr. J.M. Hale and lady of Mt. Vernon, Indiana are visiting their mother at this place.

Misses Lillie and Lucy Oakley, daughters of Rev. Jno. T. Oakley, are visiting Misses Sue and Nannie Oakley this week.

Buddie Witty and family of Granville are visiting the family of W.A. Witty.

Brush Creek

Born to B. Thompson and wife, a girl.

Miss Livvie Jones is still low.

Misses Lena Smith and Lucy Johnson of Commerce returned home after several days stay with Mrs. Albert Smith at this place.

Mrs. Belle Lee is also visiting at Mrs. Smith's.

George Measles, wife and mother passed through here this morning.

Mrs. Eva Bailette and sister, Miss Fannie Lindsey, were here last week.

John Patton has a rising on his foot, which has kept him in.

There was preaching at the church Sunday at 3 o'clock by Louis Allen.

Little Nettie Smart, who was sick at Dock Overall's, has got about well.

Our clever depot agent, Albert Allen, will leave for Cookville where her will take charge of the depot.


J.L. (Lon) Hill died at his father's home on Dry Creek Monday morning at 11 o'clock.

The wife of Dr. Bob Fuson died yesterday at home in Dowelltown. She was young and left two bright little babes.

Letter from J.R. Chapman in Pottsboro, Texas


Jack Squires of New Middleton was here today.

Jas. Pritchitt's little baby is among the sick this week.

Miss Ella Davies has left for her home in Nashville.

Elija Bratten returned to Nashville Saturday.

Nathan Driver and wife on Dry Creek are both dangerously sick.

The Messrs. Ball Brothers went to Nashville last week.

W.C. Avant will represent the 20th district of DeKalb in the democratic convention.

Just as we close our forms at 3 o'clock, news is received that W.G. Bratten died at 2 this evening.

J.F. Smart and his wife were here last week to see their little daughter whom we reported sick.

T.P. Bragg has his new store adorned with a large stock of ready-made clothing.

Esq John Botts and Col. James Jones were here yesterday for a meeting of the courthouse committee.

Jim Squires, a cadet in the Mississippi Military University was here on a visit last week. He has gone to California.

Mrs. D.D. Overall has gone to her mother's to spend the summer. Her little girl, Monice, cannot be said to improve any at all.

W.B. Corley and R.E. Robinson, two of the most promising lawyers of the upper country, were here yesterday on legal business.

Eld. T.J. Estes will deliver a lecture at the Masonic Academy.

Mrs. Dr. Hudson and little son, Truett, left for Red Boiling Springs to be gone about a month. They were accompanied by her father, Judge W.T. Robinson.

Lost-a red and white pided cow, 4 yrs. Old. Reward. Milton Hughes, Liberty.

Last night I received from Washington the largest pension I have ever worked through. It was for Nancy Tramel, widow of John Tramel, Dec'd.----J.H. Blackburn

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