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July 2, 1890
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John Hawkins, J.D. Hawkins and Miss Etta Hayes were in Alexandria last week.

Walter Edwards, who has been very sick, is improving slowly.

Miss Nannie Hawkins was quite sick last week, but is much better this week.

Joe Young and wife and Miss Hollie attended Fifth Sunday Meeting at Fall Creek.


The public schools in this 15th district have been put under the supervision of the following teachers: JH. White, Statesville; S.M. Bradford, Mt. Vernon; _. F. Johnson, Stroud; _.E. Hale, Campground; J.L. Tribble, Rock Spring; S.R. Jennings, Knight; Doc. Baird (col.), Colored school.

A.G. Pennel, who has been in the West in the fruit trees, has returned home.

Miss Drusie Gold of Alexandria has been spending the week with Miss Josie Armstrong.

Miss Rena Pemberton was visiting in town last Sunday.

Miss Osie Hopkins of Warren county is visiting Prof. Hopkins and lady.

A.W. Cox, who has been sick with stomach disease, is no better.

W.E. Hale has purchased him another fine 3 year old gelding.

Mrs. Dr. Turney and sister, Mrs. Laura Williams, are in Lebanon visiting their sick sister, Mrs. Seagraves.

Hugh Quarles of Fall Creek was in town yesterday.

S.C. Knight is through taking the census of this district.

Land Sale

By virtue of an order issued by the Honorable Circuit Court…Smithville…

T.J. Fisher vs. Geo. W. Fisher (land of Geo. W. Fisher in the 15th district)

Orr, Scoggin & Hume vs. Wilson Bros. (land of M.L. and J.A. Wilson, etc, in the 9th district)

S.M. Crowder vs. S. Malone et al (land of Jackson's heirs of which Malone owns two shares, in the 17th district)


A little child of Ann Swift's was kicked by a colt Sunday and was quite painfully injured.

Mrs. Callie Rollins, Mrs. Alice Williams, Miss Callie Tubb and Misses Beulah and Pauline Dinges are in Springfield attending the Woman's Missionary Conference.

Mrs. Palley Vantrease will give a dinner at her home near town next Thursday.

Tom Hall of this place and Miss Adelia Davis of Statesville will be married at the home of the bride Wednesday.

Sam McMillen took his Uncle Sam Marler to Nashville to have his eyes operated upon.

Miss Angie Stroud visited Miss Ophelia Jones of this place last week.

Miss Hattie Bowers is visiting relatives near Columbia.

Walter Odom has returned home.

Prof. H.L.W. Gross has returned home from a visit to relatives at Sparta.

M/M McAdoo and children of Auburn visited relatives near here last week.

Mrs. M.H. Allen of Lafayette visited relatives near town last week.

You can almost hear Lon Compton smile-born to Lon and wife Sunday, a ten pound boy.

Miss Livy Jones was in town shopping Saturday. She is still in very feeble health.

Dr. T.M. Eaton's baby is much better today.

Mrs. Eli Sullens is quite sick.

B.A. Adamson is a great deal worse today.

Mr. Nichols, R.A. Lawrence and Mrs. H.C. Flippen are sick this week.

Sarah Smith (col.) died last Friday.

A Society Event

Last Wednesday evening was the occasion of a very enjoyable social event at the residence of Mrs. Campbell of this place [Liberty] in honor of Miss Alice Davis and Miss Minnie Foley, two of Nashville's fairest daughters. Among those present were: Harvey Fite and Miss Alice Davis; Bill Evans and Miss Minnie Foley; John I. Whaley and Miss Ella Davis; Rob't Youngblood and Miss Viola Armstrong; Jim Bradley and Miss Eula Vick; Tom Gossett and Miss Nannie Whaley; Charley Evans and Sallie Whaley; Mr. Moore and Miss Jennie Smith; R.H. Givan and Miss Etta Woodside; Mr. Fite and Miss Sallie Fite; Willie Williams and Charley Lamberson; George Bradley a nd Nannie Payne. The following morning the Misses Davis and Foley took their departure for Nashville.

Round Top

W.H. Talley has the flux.

George Adamson has someone's mule in his lot.

Daniel Chumley, who lived three miles west of here, has crossed the dark river of death.

John Blankenship, who lived one mile east of Statesville on the farm of L.R. Jennings, died Thursday. His wife and little ones have our sympathy.

We have four candidates for County Court Clerk-Joseph Britton, W.H. Harkreader, White Cox and W.H. Cocke.


Henry George and Matthew Tribble are both very sick with flux at present.

Hiram Patton of Mud Flat spent Saturday with relatives at this place.

Miss Drusy Gold of Alexandria spent several days with Miss Josie Armstrong.

Bom Barbee and wife of Commerce were visiting the family of A.N. Walden.

Tom Shelton and wife of Nashville are visiting relatives here this week.

Morris Smith and family of Smithville were visiting relatives in this community Thursday.

James Davidson of Commerce is spending this week with his bereaved son, J.L. Davidson.

Prof. Wm. Turney left for Coffee county where he will begin a public school Monday.

Wednesday evening, June 25th, Mrs. J.L. Davidson died at her home near this place. She leaves a mother, three sisters, and a husband to mourn her premature departure.


W.T. Hale has a cow and calf for sale cheap.

John Rutland was here Monday on Business.

William Estes of Wilson county was in town yesterday.

Dr. W.H. Robinson is confined to his bed this week.

We had an interesting letter from W.T. Foster, Shannon, Mississippi.

Wiley Fite had his leg pretty badly cut by falling on a mowing blade.

Esq. P.C. Adams and J.L. Adamson of Cottage Home and Statesville respectively, were here on business Monday.

Jas. Keton, the Liberty and Gassaway mail carrier, made his last trip Monday.

C.F. Barrett, special pension examiner, who has been investigating claims has had his headquarters transferred from Nashville to Columbus, Ohio.

W.G. Bratten sustained a stroke of paralysis Friday and is not expected to recover.

We learned by telephone this morning that in a livery stable fire in Nashville last night, John Givan's wagon and team were burned. It seems that our market men are faring badly this season. About a month ago, Mart Payne lost a mule and la st week, J.T. Turney, a horse, both dying while returning from Nashville.

Brush Creek

Gideon Tamelson of this place died last night at his grandfather's.

George Allen is thought will not live but a few days.

Bill Lindsey of Commerce is thought to be dangerously sick.

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