Editor, Will A. Vick

June 18, 1890


Alex Ferrel and family of Jefferson are visiting relatives in this community.

Pleas Crowley of Smithville was visiting at G.L. Smith's.

Bill Turney has returned home from school at Walter Hill.

J.R. Smith and Sam Davis went to Lebanon to hear the Hon. Benton McMillin.

James Patton and family of Sherrel Town were visiting relatives here Sunday.

B.C. Jennings, one of our oldest citizens, is in very feeble health.

Drua McKee carried a large load of wool to the Dowelltown Woolen Mills.

James and John Hucherson are boarding with George Owens, Esq. at present.

George (Turk) Hucherson says he saw a very strange animal the other night.

John Patton and Son have moved their sawmill from this place to their home in Hog Skin Hollow.

Daniel Chumley, an aged gentleman who lived near this place, died suddenly with Flux last Monday night.


Much sickness prevails in and around this place. The sick in town are M/M S.W. McClellan, Mrs. J.A. McClellan, Mrs. J.D. Donnell, Miss Cecil Barry, Carry Simpson, John Durrett and B.F. Bell. Jas. A. Walker's son, Bob, near to wn, is quite sick.

John M. Walker has finished taking the census of this district.

Miss Hattie Bowers school at Brush Creek closes Friday.

Dulaney Jennings, who has been clerking for Durrett & Co., left Monday to take charge of his father's farm.

Walter Lester left on a business trip to Cookeville.

Norman Botts and Jo Sneed leave this evening for Putnam county.

Hon. J.J. Ford went to Ashland City on legal business.

Jim Allen has a position on a boat on the Cumberland River.

J.Fisher of Lancaster was here last week.

Miss Alva Nesmith of Smithville is visiting relatives here.

Miss Ella Jones is visiting at Carthage this week.

Miss Annie Neal of Lebanon is visiting her uncle, B.F. Bell.

Jeff Balckburn is running the soda fount and can make it "Blubber" like an old timer.

J.M. Driver was here last week.

Steve Goodner (col.) was fined $5 by Esq. W.W. Foutch for whipping his boy, T.

Esq. James Nesmith and W.P. Corley were in town today.

Esq. W.B. Corley expects to move to this place to reside in a few days.

Born to James Dinwiddie and wife, a girl.

Mrs. White is quite sick at her mother's, Mrs. Grandstaff, near town.

A little child of James Malone, near New Hope, died last night.

Bob Green (col.) died last week.

Dr. T.P. Davis' little child died in Nashville Sunday and was buried here Monday.

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