Editor, Will A. Vick

June 11, 1890

From Ad for Lawrence & Jones

A List of names who bought the McCormick Steel Mower and say it is the best.

Alexandria-Dent Griffith, David Wauford, John Rollings, James Grandstaff, James Foutch, Bill Hendley, W.P. Phillips, E.A. Foutch, F.M. Schurer, W.G. Davis, John Deadman, Henry Jones, John Measles, Geo. Measles.

Auburn-James Bryant, Bethel Odom, Summers & Co.

Brush Creek-Jonathan Smartt, Paschal & Son, E.R. Wills.

Cottage Home-L.D. Hamilton, James Keton, John C. Johnson.

Dowelltown-Bill Malone, W.B. Pritchard, John Corley, Lem Corley, J.L. Hill, C.L. Roady.

Forks of Pike-Henry Givan, Sam McMillen, James Barry, Wm. Yeargin, R.M. and W.P. Griffith, John Vanatta, J.B. West, James Grooms, Mrs. S.D. Fite.

Hickman-Billie Robinson

Lancaster-J.C. Pritchard

Liberty-James Givan, James Pistole, Len Mattes, John B. Stark, Horace Overall

New Middleton-Frank Gill, R.M. Baird, H.B. Ballinger, O.D. Parish, Wm. Rollings

Smallman-George Melton, Len Melton

Smithville-Brockett Estes, W.N. Wilson, G.R. Smith & Son, H.H. Allen, L.P. Potter

Statesville-George Smith, Wisman Davis, W.D. Bryant, Slone Patton

Sykes-T.B. Wills

Temperance Hall-Fisher Bros., Fox Frazier, James Rollen, Jep Avant, Mat Avant, Wash Reynolds, Met Oakley

Faulkner Springs

Uriah Gibbs was taken very sick today.

Mrs. Bessie Cantrell has been on the sick list.

Misses McCalthy and Kate Jennings of Nashville will spend several days with M/M B.P. Cantrell.

Sid Gibson will leave for a month's trip for Tennessee Woolen Mills.

Will T. Gibson has returned from Nashville and has accepted a position again with the Tennessee Mills.


Miss Cantrell Odom and sister, also Miss Mattie Brown, have been visiting Prof. Hopkins and lady.

Billie Turney has arrived home from school.

Miss Stella Hale, who has been attending school in Murfreesboro, has returned home.

Jas. Ricketts has now left our town and is living with his father.

Miss Emma Patton, who has been attending school at this place, has returned home to Round Lick.

Alex Ferrell of Smyrna is visiting the family of J.W. Davis.

J.F. and F.H. Johnson have 30 fine feed hogs for sale.


R.T. Knox of this place has a chicken that can walk a picket fence.

Geo. Cranor and Bub Spain went to Murfreesboro Thursday.

Monroe Jennings of Statesville passed through our village selling books.

The two John Odoms of Auburn passed through Thursday with a nice drove of sheep for market.

Walter Hood of this place is on a visit to Murfreesboro.


G.L. Smith attended the closing exercises of Pure Fountain College and returned home accompanied by his daughter, Miss Lillie, who has been attending school there.

J.P. Jennings and family of 'Possom Hollow have been visiting the family of G.L. Smith.

Sam Davis and J.R. Smith, two of our hustling boys, returned home after attending a 10 month school at Cumberland University in Lebanon.

H.G. Davis has been visiting relatives at Henderson's X Roads.

A.N. Walden, Jake McMillin, J.B. Armstrong and J.M. Armstrong have been on a fishing expedition in DeKalb County.

The following cases from this community were tried in Lebanon.
Ed Jennings-carrying a pistol-trial and acquittal
Pleas Chumley-selling whiskey-trial and acquittal
Jim Harvey-disturbing Public worship-mistrial and compromised by paying the cost
Jody Cunningham-carrying a pistol-mistrial
Bob Lanier-public drunkenness-submitted and paid the cost
J.M. Harvey-2 cases of public drunkenness-fined $25 and cost in each case


The closing exercises of Lawrence College took place Friday. Master Charlie Davis and Miss Mattie Brown were awarded prizes in their respective classes. Miss Mary Sampson gave a recitation. Master Randolph Snoddy was awarded the prize as the best declaimer. The gold medal for recitation was awarded to Miss Mickie Hoskins.

Prof. R.A. Syler of Henderson, Kentucky, a graduate of Bowling Green Normal school, has been employed as a teacher at Science Home.

Eld. E.S.B. Waldron will preach at the Christian church.

Rev. Chester Rayburn preached at the Presbyterian church Sunday.

James Driver moved his photograph gallery to Carthage.

J.F. Roy has had his house on Main street newly painted.

Tom Compton moved to town last week.

John Crutchfield came up from Nashville Saturday.

Miss Eddie Hoskins attended the closing exercises at Science Home.

Ed Reece and Dan Williams attended the District Conference at Dixon Springs.

J.H. Snoddy left Monday for an extensive business trip south.

Forrest Bailiff has been visiting here the past week.

Mrs. Garrison, Miss Laura Wright and Tom Bowman's children came up from Lebanon.

Mrs. S.F. Gold, Profs. Arnold and Hess, James Wood, Oval Barry and Miss Ophelia Jones went to Carthage to the teacher's meeting.

Dan Williams and wife went to Smithville Monday to be absent about a week.

Jo Wheeler has been visiting at this place, he left for Nashville Monday.

Steve Goodner (col.) beat his boy unmercifully last week and was arrested yesterday.

Mrs. S.M. Driver has rented her farm to George McMillen and has moved to C.A. Bailiff's house.

Rev. B.F. Whitley attended the conference at Dixon Springs.

B.F. Bell and Charley McNelly are sick this week.

Mrs. J.A. Donnell is better today.

James Bates, who lived near New Hope, died last week.

A little child of Doak Burks and of Wash James died last week.

Ira W. King, Jr. came over from Gallatin Monday.

Henry Foust and John Goodner went to Nashville last week.

Lun Rollins and John Durrett went as far west as Watertown today.

Misses Alice, Lizzie, and Kittie Austin left today for their home at Mineral Wells, Texas.

Jeff Blackburn is clerking in the drugstore.

Brilliant Nuptials

Last Thursday at 11 o'clock, Mr. J.C. Bass and Miss Birdie McEachern were married at the home of the bride near Grant, Tennessee. Rev.J.F. Fender of Texas officiating. Immediately after dining the bridal party drove to Watertown to m eet the 2:30 train on which was Henry Bass and wife. A carriage was in waiting to receive them and soon the two handsome grooms and beautiful brides, followed by a long train of attendants, were on their way to Cap't. E.W. Bass', where eleg ant and elaborate preparations had been made for a reception. Mr. T.D. Bass, another brother, with his newly made bride had preceeded them and was among the number at Mr. Bass' to receive the guests.

Griffin, Georgia-May 28-Tonight at 8:30 o'clock at the elegant home of Dr. J.N. Harris, his beautiful and accomplished only daughter, Miss Ella, was married to Mr. Henry H. Bass. The ceremony was performed by Rev. H.S. Bradley . The groom is a personal friend of the writer, who knew him twelve years ago when he stood behind the counter of Bass & Heard. Mr. and Mrs. Bass will remain in Griffin until Monday, when they leave for the North.


W.S. Henderson and Mrs. J.S. Womack of Cherry Valley have been visiting the family of S.B. Sellars and other relatives in this neighborhood.

Wm. Odom and wife were visiting at Mrs. Campbell's Friday.

Mrs. W.G. Evans, who has been on the sick list for some time, is improving.

W.B. Foster and Dick Eaton of Smithville were here on business.

Edgar Hale of near Statesville was visiting the family of C.W.L. Hale.

Silas Anderson, the republican for sheriff, spent last night in town.

Dee Beckwith of the upper country was here on business.

Mrs. W.E. Meyer and Miss Maud Flippen of Carthage are visiting here this week.

Commissioner E.J. Evans was here Monday and heard the case of the U.S. vs. Sid Anderson.

Lee Johnson and wife of Murfreesboro were visiting his sister, Mrs. J.H. Overall, last week.

Uncle Tommy Keaton and wife of Cottage Home were guests of Mrs. Ruyle.

Mrs. Hiram Neal and her daughter from Watertown are here visiting relatives.

Jimmie Davis' ankle was badly crushed by being caught between a wagon axle and a large rock.

Thomas Richardson and wife of Catlen's Mills spent a part of this week with the family of Wm. Youngblood.

D.D. Overall's little baby, Monice, is better today and thought to be out of danger.

Old Mrs. Vandagriff(Note:Mary Keeton Davis), mother of John, Elisha, Wm., Thomas and Ike Vandagriff died on Dry Creek last week and was buried at Salem.

Dee Gibbs and Miss Martha Norton were married by Esq. Wm. Robinson one day last week.

Born to Henry C. Givan and wife, two weeks ago, a girl. Henry says his boy is named for the old Roman, Allen Thurman, and he is going to name his female heir for the wife of the old Roman.

Last Friday, Esq. Wm. Robinson tied the knot that linked for life the fortunes of Jas. Bethel and Aunt Chisie (col.). They were a very handsome couple to have passed the years of three score and ten.

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