Editor, Will A. Vick

June 4, 1890

Cottage Home

Mrs. P.C. Adams has been quite sick, but is much better. Her sister, Miss Bell Dodd is with her.


LaFayette Cummings has announced himself as a candidate for constable of this district.

Jas. Thomas of Statesville was down a few days ago.

Our champion fox hunters, Allen Patterson and Bud Mount certainly enjoyed themselves last night.

Wes. Thompson and Mrs. Eastham have been sick.

S.J. Rhodes has just returned from a fishing tour on Cripple Creek.

Frank Gentry, who got his eye knocked out some time ago, is a book agent and paid us a call.

R.D. Rhodes paid Auburn a visit last week.

John C. Oakley, our X roads sheriff was here a few days ago.

In Memoriam

Mrs. Laura L. Mourfield, wife of W.R. Mourfield and daughter of Mrs. Elizabeth Turner of Dowelltown was born February 19, 1857 and died May 22, 1890 at her home in Louden county, Tennessee of consumption. She leaves a widowed mother, two brothers, three sisters and one little daughter, 8 years old.


Messrs. Hop and Walter Smith have purchased them a new buggy each.

Dan Smith has a nice piece of corn.


A party of young people from Auburn were visiting the cave in F.J. and E.F. Johns's lot yesterday. The party consisted of the following couples, vis-F.M. Bryan and Miss Effie McBroom, Walter Hancock and Miss Meda Brewies, Caesar Thomas and Miss Lena McGaughey, and Chas. High and Miss Het Brewies.

Jas. Pemberton and family have been visiting in this community.

Hark and Geo. Davis, who have been attending school in Smithville have returned home.

W.E. Hale and Sam Davis have returned from Lebanon school.

G.M. Armstrong has returned from Alexandria school.

S.C. Knight and G.M. Armstrong will begin their work as census enumerators today.


This is a little village seven miles Northwest of McMinnville on Charles Creek. There are seven dwelling houses, post office, a store run by Henager & Son, one blacksmith shop and woodshop, a steam saw mill and a water mill.

Mrs. J.B. Henager is very low with consumption.

Mrs. R. Kerly is very low with lung trouble.

Jennie Baly, little daughter of Dillard Baly, has the fever.

There was a wedding on the creek Thursday night-Jo Canbel to Miss M.J. Smith.

John Hopkins of Clear Fork took dinner with Dr. F.M. Johnson Friday.

Oliver Towel's store on Mountain Creek was robbed Wednesday night.

Catlen's Mills

On Saturday night, May 31st, some burglars broke into John Pinegar's.

Somebody, a few nights ago, rocked Isaac Delong's house and also Mr. Calvell's house and cut up in general.

Faulkner Springs

G.E. Cartwright and family left Friday for Shop Springs, their former home, to visit relatives.

Thos. Montgomery returned from East Tennessee where he had been buying wool.

E. Montgomery is off on an extensive trip in the south for the shoe house he represents.

Thomas Mason, who has been in the West for several years, returned home this evening.

Sid M. Gibson will go to Liberty tomorrow for a load of wool, then leave Wednesday on an extensive southern tour in the interest of the Tennessee Woolen Mills.

Wm. Martin of Indiana is visiting relatives at this place.

Letter from Titus Fowler in Weston, Texas

'Possum Hollow

Jas. Raikes and Walter Hood of Milton spent last Saturday here.

Shug Sneed and wife are visiting relatives at Milton.

Coudy Thomas, who has been in feeble health for the past year, has improved a great deal.

Bob Smith of Lebanon, formerly of Statesville, has been here nearly every day. He claims to be a candidate, but we think he only has one voter in view.


Prof. S.B. Yeargin from Putnam county has procured the school at Elmwood, Smith county.

The closing exercises at the Masonic Normal School took place last week. Some medals were awarded to; little Miss Verda Barry; Miss Ella Jones of the young ladies class; the young men were divided into two classes-Walter Hancock and Ova l Barry were selected as champions. Then, the graduating class, Misses Alice and Lizzie Austin of Mineral Wells, Texas and J.F. Pendleton of this place delivered their addresses and received their diplomas.

George Measle and wife returned from a trip to Watertown.

Ed Reece of this place and Charles High of Riddleton left this morning to attend the prohibition convention in Nashville.

Dr. T.P. Davis and family will leave for the Springs near Nashville for ten days.

Mrs. O.P. Hill of Murfreesboro is visiting relatives at this place.

Tom Compton has rented Mrs. Dinwiddie's house on Main street and will move this week.

A.J. Edwards has been appointed receiver and will take charge today of the Drugstore of Ira W. King & Co.

A fire built in the henhouse of Tom Baird to destroy the mites came near destroying the building.

The Misses Austin, Miss Cecil Barry, John Durrett and Lun Rollins leave on the N & K today to visit friends in Putnam County.

Mrs. D.W. Dinges and Miss Mattie Bone are visiting in Lebanon.

Mrs. J.T. Blackwood is visiting her father near Franklin, Tennessee.

Miss Daisy Cooper went to Nashville on a visit to relatives.

E.Turner and Claud Doss are both improving.

Mason Tiller came in on his "Bike" today.

Capt. W.H. Lincoln and wife are in town visiting friends.

Wm. Botts died Sunday and was buried Monday.

Shelah W. Ware died at Nashville last Saturday.


Mrs. H.H. Delay has gone to Lebanon on business.

Hugh Jones spent the night with H. Delay.

Miss Lizzie Quarles of Murfreesboro is visiting John Quarles.

Josh Jennings and wife of Statesville gave H.H. Delay a call on their way from Miss Minnie Henderson's.

Nute Ricketts was on our streets last week.


Geo. Turney of Smallman was here on business.

Mrs. W.W. Sellars and her son, Willie, were here yesterday.

Allen Wright's wool wagon is doing a lively business.

Rev. I.S. Napier and family are visiting friends near Milton and Statesville.

R.C. Nesmith went to Nashville.

M.H. Fite and Mrs. Sallie Fite went to Smithville Monday on legal business.

Mrs. M.J. Baird received new millinery goods last week.

W.H.C. Lassiter and T.W. Shields were here on a little electioneering tour.

Our old friend, A.B. Cheatam, of Smithville was here.

Lannis Bass, son of J.A. Bass, dec'd., had a light attack of bilious fever.

Dr. Jackson performed a very difficult operation removing a tumor from J.L. Lamberson's nose.

Prof. John Bryan, Jr. is Principal of Shop Springs Academy.

J.F. Turner and others from Temperance Hall came up to hear Prof. Tate.

Andy Kersey came up to work for the new Saw Mill Co., at present located on Snow's Hill, near Mrs. Evans.

Sam Jones closed his meeting at Nashville, being called home on account of the illness of his little boy.

Judge Dan Williams came up as attorney for T.W Eason vs. Hary Lewis, a suit growing out of a horse swap.

C.W. L. Hale, Dr. Squires and John Stevens went to Nashville to attend the prohibition convention.

Prof. John S. Woods of White Sulphur Springs Academy in Rome was here yesterday.

Tomorrow morning, J.C. Bass will be married to Miss Birdie McEachern of Smith county. Henry Bass will arrive Thursday with his new bride.

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