Editor, Will A. Vick

October 23, 1889

New Middleton

J.B. Jenkins returned from Kentucky last Monday.

Hugh Squires returned from Ohio.

Master Frankie Turner and Albert Bass are quite sick, also Miss Mamie Turner.

Miss Josie Hall returned from visiting friends and relatives in Nashville.

Mrs. Ab Johnson has been to Nashville to see her husband who is in the insane asylum.

B.F.C. Smith returned from Nashville Saturday.

A.S. Allen was in our town Saturday.

Asa Bass and wife visited Grant Sunday.

Lincoln Orange of Kentucky and Mrs. Mary Pullin passed through enroute to Dowelltown.


Mrs. Tobias Tenpenny, an aged lady, died of Heart disease Thursday and was buried near Alexandria Friday.

"Aunt Patsy" Smith has been in feeble health.

Dr. C.A. Swan's horse fell with him last evening. He was not hurt.

H.B. Higgins of Nashville has been visiting friends and relatives at this place.

John Holmes, a merchant of Porterfield, was over Sunday.

J.C. McAdoo, prosperous merchant, is having a well bored.

Wm. Kennedy has purchased him a farm near the mouth of Hurricane Creek and talks of closing out his stock of goods and town property and try farming.

Capt. Nichol, formerly of this place, but now of Chattanooga, has returned to dispose of his property. He and family leave next week.

C.C. Odom and wife paid Fall Creek and Nelson Hill a visit.

Joe Herimon and family moved to Clear Fork this week.

Forks of Pike

Miss Lellie Anthony of Liberty is visiting at this place.

Mrs. W.T. Hays visited relatives near Auburn last week.

Uncle Lewis Y. Davis of Cottage Home was here Friday on his return home from a visit in Nashville.

Clear Fork

M.A. Evans and R.A. Smith are having their houses newly repaired.

Miss Helen Lamberson of Liberty was visiting relatives and friends in the neighborhood.

R.J. Givan is improving slowly.

Alpha, the little son of T.M. Givan, has been sick, but is improving.

Cottage Home

W.R. Paty, who has been confined for some time with consumption, is not any better.

"Aunt" Alla Hamilton has been very sick.

Mrs. J.H. Fite has been sick, but is better.

Moving is on a boom in this section. P.C. Adams moved to Cottage Home last week. J.B. Patton bought Pleas' farm and will move to it soon. J.W. Keaton, T.S. Patton, Thomas Dunn, L.Turner, Geo. Spurlock and Tobe Truitt will also change places shortly.

M/M J.H. David and Mrs. Mary Anderson are talking of starting on a visit to Nashville.

Tom Bright and Eugine McClellan were drumming our merchants today.

It is reported that W.W. Sellars is building a house for his hired hand.

'Possum Hollow

J.W. Hays and Son will soon move their sawmill to our neighborhood.

Jas. Thomas has gone on a business trip to Louisiana.

Mrs. Shug Sneed is quite sick at present.

Monroe Pennel from the Greenvale neighborhood paid a visit here.

Mrs. Annie Sneed has been sick, but is improving.

Mr. ____ Vantrease from Jackson county was visiting Elija Jennings.

M/M L.D. Stroud paid A.N. Thomas and wife a flying visit Saturday.

Our Worthy Constable, Lon Hays was in the neighborhood on official business Sunday.

Today was a gala day with the veterans of the Mexican War. The old veterans present were; Favor Cason, Bob Reeves, Jas. Bryan, Dr. Gid Alsup, Nathan Oakley, Wm. Talley, Reubin Hubbard, Wm. Witty, George Lorance, Al James and Newt Thomas. T he other visitors present were; Mrs. Bob Reeves, Mrs. Jas. Bryan and daughter, Miss Mary Lorance, Woods Thomas and wife, J.W. Sneed, Mrs. Sarah Sherril of Nashville, D.S. Boyd, Jno. Jennings, H.C. Armstrong and Lee Foster.

Letter about Kansas from James T. Haley


R.A. Botts has the framing up for his new dwelling.

Mrs. Rebecca Cooper has had a well drilled at her home on Main street.

Dr. R.M. Bone has built a barn on his lot on Locust street.

James Jones (agent) has sold John Rutland and Robt, M. Bone a safety bicycle each.

Miller Schurer and M. Tiller have ordered safety bicycles through Will Beckwith.

A lamp fell from the sewing machine of Mrs. Tennie Bowers last week and Pattie Bethel had her hand burned in attempting to put out the flames.

D.W. Dinges has returned from Lexington, Kentucky where he purchased several head of fine horses.

Capt. J.D. Baird leaves this morning for Columbia where he will represent Poston Lodge No. 57 at the meeting of the Grand Lodge of the I.O.O. F.

Prof. Willis Palmer lectured at this place Sunday.

John W. Botts, Esq. has purchased the Baptist parsonage.

Jim and John Goodner went to Nashville Monday.

Col. W.B. Stokes and D.O. Williams, Esq. are attending Federal Court at Nashville.

James Donnell, U.S. Commissioner, left this morning for Nashville for Federal Court.

Deputy Marshal O.B. Wright, is in Nashville this week.

Ira W. King went to Gallatin Saturday.

Miss Bettie Saunders of Carthage is visiting at this place.

Rev. Z.W. Moores was here last week.

Hig Calhoun and wife of Smithville are visiting relatives at this place.

Rev. R.P Ransom, pastor of our Methodist church for the past year, leaves today for his new field at Winchester.

The little son of Rob't and Lucy Allen died last week and was buried at this place.

Vernon Davis, son of Tom and Lillie Davis, died yesterday.

Chestnut Hunters

A merry party of young ladies and gentlemen from Smithville passed through town last Saturday enroute to that famous pleasure resort, Snow's Hill, in quest of fun and chestnuts. Among the party were;
A.J. Patton & Miss Mary Armstrong
L. Tribble & Miss Lillie Jennings
Hugh Quarles & Miss Mary Thomas
Bob Jennings & Miss Angie Stroud
Joe Talley & Miss Anna Jennings
Clarence Ganang & Miss Lillie Smith


Walter Hancock of Auburn was in town Monday.

W.L. Vick is putting a new roof on his house.

A.J. Kersey came up from New Middleton.

J.I. Whaley's school at Stewart's school house closed Friday.

U.W. Neal of Watertown and J.B. West gave us a call yesterday.

J.M. Driver, the artist, will be at Alexandria one week longer. [photographer?]

Ben Payne and Melvin Parker have gone on a visit to relatives in Bedford county.

Eld. Wm. Tramel of the Indian Creek country, died at his home Sunday.

Rev. J.C. Napier and family arrived here last night and are located at the parsonage.

Mason Tiller and R.E. Robinson came down from Smithville yesterday.

Thomas Bass of clear Fork raised a sweet potato that weighed 7 ½ pounds.

John Gunter of the Short Mountain country was here on business.

Rev. W.P. Banks has been appointed by the conference to take charge of the Tullahoma station.

The carpenters laid the foundation of W.G. Evans house, which will be one of the finest in town.

Miss Mildred Harvey left this morning for her home near Nolensville.

Messrs. J.I. Whaley, Frank Holmes and Misses Nannie and Sallie Whaley and Etta Woodside all visited friends and relatives at Temperance Hall Saturday and Sunday.

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