Editor, Will A. Vick

October 16, 1889


R.A. Botts is busy at work on his new dwelling on Main Street.

Stokes McNelly broke his arm while acting on a trapeze.

D.W. Dinges attended the sale of trotting horses at Lexington, Kentucky.

Andrew McClellan has gone to Texas on a pleasure trip.

Miller Schurer has ordered a safety bicycle.

A.B. Hix, a rightly respected citizen of this district, died October 8th, born August 13, 1821. He leaves a wife and two children.

Mrs. Sandlin, who lived near this place, died last Thursday.

Born to Tom Foutch and wife, a boy.

Letter from Flat Creek, Missouri-by J.J. David

Our friend and neighbor, J.W. Gooding, who emigrated from Cannon county thirty-six years ago, started last week to visit his old home.

We were at Marionville, Missouri last week where we met our old friends, J.H. and Robert Fite, both of whom are doing well in the mercantile business.

Cherry Valley

Thomas Bass is able to be out again.

Ben Rogers is at home again after a week on the drummer's road.

Jeff Vantrease is progressing very nicely on his new barn.

Joe Berry will soon increase the general appearance of Cherry Valley by the completion of his house.

B.H. Phillips of Cumberland University, Lebanon, was at home Sunday.

That Chestnut Hunt

Mrs. James Barbee, Mrs. Hatton Barbee, Miss Florence Neal and Rev. H.J. Lanham spent Sunday with Mrs. James Youngblood and made arrangements for a chestnut hunt. They left Liberty for Snow's Hill with Misses Nora Youngblood, Flore nce Neal, Ella Davis and Rev. Lanham in one of the buggies. The line became tangled in the shaft and caused the turnover of the buggy, but no one was badly hurt. The young ladies wish to return thanks to Bro. Lanham for his kindness is assisting them to their feet for he forgot his lady friends and made for the much beloved mule.

Bright Hill

The various Farmer's Alliance Lodges of DeKalb county met with the Bright Hill Lodge No. 413, October 4th. After a parade and music by the Liberty Cornet Band, speeches were given by Bros. M.B. Scott, T.P. Givan and Patric Moore. Judge Bonham and Attorney B.M. Cantrell were introduced by Bro. J.H.S. Knowles. The committee members were; L.K. Cantrell, W.M. Adcock and T.P. Givan.


The Methodist Conference closed its' session at Murfreesboro Monday night. Below we give the appointments for the Lebanon circuit with T.L. Moody, presiding elder: Lebanon Station, J.W. Hanner; Lebanon Circuit, N.B.S. Owings; Cainvi lle Circuit, C.Heriges; Statesville Station, W.A. Johnson; Liberty Circuit, J.S. Napier; Alexandria Station, J.T. Blackwood; New Middleton Circuit, W.W. Graves; Goose Creek Circuit, J. Webster; Carthage Station, G.B. McPeak; Wartrace Circuit, J.K. Smotherman; Chestnut Mound Circuit, N.A. Anthony; Livingston Circuit, B. Smotherman; Cookeville Circuit, M.N. Ford; Short Mountain Mission, M.R. Tucker; A.H. Reams, Su per numerary.


Mrs. Geo. Davenport has been improving.

W.J. Haynes infant has been quite sick, but is improving slowly.

Carrol Summar is very low with heart disease.

An infant of Dr. J.T. Turney's died last week.

Sam McAffrey paid Murfreesboro a visit this week.

Mrs. Sallie Sherrell of Nashville is visiting the family of Jno, H. Odom of Hurricane Creek.

Leslie Alexander of Porterfield is practicing dentistry under Dr. J.T. Duggan of this place.

Clarence Hale of Carthage was here on legal business last week.

Hig Cummings of Woodbury was over on business this week.

R.H. Duggan and Miss Martha Summar were married.

Lee Lax and Miss Fannie Owen were married last Thursday.

"Al" Mathis, Joe Hays and Jas. Raikes, all of Milton, have been here several days.

Hooker Barrett was in town with a lot of beef Saturday.

John Robinson of Liberty has been in our midst.

Wm. Davenport of Murfreesboro is visiting his old home at this place.

Shop Springs

Will McKee left last Tuesday to try his fortune in Texas.

Sam Doak's colt threw him Monday evening, then Shel Major tried riding it and succeeded.


Mrs. D. Williamson is still very sick with fever.

Mrs. Fanny Alsup is on the sick list.

Mrs. J.F. Patton and family were guests of R.J. Patterson Saturday.

Miss Susie Armstrong was visiting Miss Renie Tribble Sunday.

Ike Harvey and Wilson Payne were visiting at this place Saturday.

J.M. Jennings and Ed Johnson were seen on our streets Sunday evening.

Amos Patton of Cottage Home was visiting his uncle, N.G. Patton, at this place.

Tip Cox, a prominent stockman of Greenvale was in this community.

H.S. Phillips and family of Henderson X Roads are spending a few days with friends and relatives here.

Mrs. Susie Armstrong, Emma Tribble and Miss Benie Tribble paid Alexandria a flying visit.

Wess Tribble, formerly of this place, but now a resident of Arkansas, is visiting friends and relatives at this place after an absence of about 8 years.

J.W. Davis of this community and H.C. Alsup of Murfreesboro left Tuesday on an excursion to the Lone Star State.

Prof. Sam Davis attended the teacher's institute at Round Top.

S.T. Moody of Statesville has rented the farm of Posey Jennings near this place and will move to it with his family in a short time.

Pate Williams, living near here, has sold his farm to Owens of Auburn.

Non-Resident Notices

S.T. Motley vs. M.A. Crowley, C.& M. [Clerk & Master], et al

O.B. Wright, et al vs. D.M. Osborn & Co. et al (defendant D.A. Smith is non-resident)

John Windham vs. R.J. Christian, et al

Nancy Cagle vs. Lewis Cagle

T.P Bragg vs. F.H. Clarke

Ellen Cantrell vs. John Cantrell

Bettie Morgan vs. Lee Morgan

Wm. Wilmoth, et als vs. Wesley Adcock, et als (Wesley Adcock, Harriet Wilmoth, James Wilmoth, John Wilmoth, Wm. Wilmoth, Sr. and Ada Wilmoth are non-residents)

Wm. Sellars, et al vs. Sec. National Bank, et al


M/M Rounds of Michigan are visiting the family of G.G. Dillard.

Elder J.M. Kidwell is at home this week, will preach at the Christian church Wednesday.

Prof. C.P. Windstead and E.C. Bratten of Liberty passed through Saturday.

Dr. M.L. Wilson, who has been practicing in East Tennessee, is visiting friends and relatives in Smithville.

Miss Maude Kendrick is visiting her sister, Mrs. B.G. Adcock.

W.W. Wade is improving.


Dave Litchford is having a well bored.

Old Grandma Floyd is still very sick.


Alex Higgins' baby is very sick.

Tom Vick has been having the chills this week.

J.T. Turney is slightly on the sick list.

Mrs. J.H. Overall has been very sick.

Mrs. Will Sandlin on Dismal is very sick.

R.E. Robinson of Smithville was here Saturday.

W.L. Evans came up from Temperance Hall.

Mrs. Wm. Youngblood is still in feeble health.

M.A. Lynum has gone to North Carolina to visit his father.

B.M. Webb and Jay Dillard were here taking depositions.

Wm. Huggins is not at work on account of a very sore hand.

J.M. Wilcher, H.K. Rigsby and Geo. Melton were in town Monday.

W.A. Cathcart of Woodbury was here Saturday.

Peter Turney has gone to Arkansas on a visit.

Little Jessie, daughter of N.E. Hays at forks of Pike, is very sick.

Jordan Pritchard is hauling logs to build a new house near old Ghosen church on Dismal.

Our old friend, Geo. W. Wood, came down from Short Mountain Monday.

Robert Evans came down Saturday from the upper country to spend a few days with relatives.

Miss Lillie Hays of Cottage Home spent last night with Mrs. Dr. Whaley. Harry Byars and Jno. Givan of Keltonsburgh are in town.

Mrs. A.J. Hancock of Smallman is visiting her mother, Mrs. Gossett.

J.W. Mullinax, wife and daughter and Amanda _____ of Round Top were here Friday.

R.M. Johnson, Esq. of Prosperity gave us a call yesterday.

Pay me what you owe, I must collect before I go to Florida for my health-J.U. Turner.

W.R. New, s/o Hon. John C. New of Woodbury, was here to collect the minutes of the Salem Association.

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