Editor, Will A. Vick

October 9, 1889

Forks of Pike

Alex Petty moved to his farm near Dowelltown last week.

T.P. Bragg is moving his goods into James Evans house, which he recently purchased from Alex Petty. Mr. Bragg is preparing to build a new store house.

Will Sewell and wife of Coffee County were visiting at T.P. Bragg's.

Temperance Hall

The well machine at Driver & Co. has found water at S. Watson's-strong sulphur.

Esq. A.T. Jackson and Jas. Cheek are on the sick list.

Clear Fork

R.J. Givan got his arm broke just above the wrist while hunting chestnuts.

Martin New was in the vicinity on a short business trip.

T.M. Givan went visiting near Alexandria today.

M/M W.G. Bratten visited relatives near Watertown last week.


H.C. Alsup of Murfreesboro was visiting his parents near this place.

P.M. Jennings, J.W. Oran and Ike Harvey were here Sunday.

S.F. Barbee and family spent Saturday with relatives at this place.

John Trower and family of Woodbury were guests of Mrs. J.W. Davis Saturday.

W.H. Tribble has purchased a 200 acre farm near Murfreesboro and will move his family to that place.

J.L. Word has left our midst and moved to the farm he purchased near Greenvale and Jep Turney will occupy the residence thus vacated.

M.D. Johnson, our constable, will become a citizen of our town, having rented the property of Esq. N.G. Patton. Mr. Patton will move to the farm nearby which he rented from George Harvey.

R.C. Jennings, Jr. has had a well sunk near his door.

Forest Smith, who is teaching school at Cainsville, was visiting his father near this place.

Mrs. D. Williamson is very sick at this writing.

Bud Smith of Shop Springs purchased a good many cattle this week.

Jo Britton of Lebanon, deputy county court clerk, was here on business.

New Middleton

T.W. Moore, son and daughter of Nashville were visiting D.J. Hall last week.

The Widow McGee's barn was burned-an incendiary.

J.B. McClellan, formerly of Dowelltown, now of Nashville, spent Saturday night at D.J. Hall's.

Dr. Ballard's wife (col.) died last Saturday.

George Jenkins is very sick with pneumonia, also Master Frankie Turner has been very sick.

Thomas Fuller visited in town Sunday.

Mr. Ballenger of Liberty is visiting his father at this place.

Nealie Bridges is at his father's at this place, very sick.

Born to L.S. Bass and wife on the 2nd, a girl.

Miss Josie Hall leaves for Nashville to visit friends and relatives.


A.S. Marler has sold his interest in the mill at Helton to Will Malone.

A.B. Smith has purchased an interest in the store of R.B. Floyd at Brush Creek.

Samps Williams and John King (col.) has a fight last Thursday.

H.C. Rutland raised a sweet potato that was 3 feet 2 inches in length.

Born to Rob't L. Donnell and wife on West Locust Street Friday, a boy.

Mrs. J.W. Cooper moved today to her house on Main Street.

Bill Reece is having his dwelling generally repaired.

Little D, s/o J.H. Schurer near Round Top, was thrown from a horse.

R.A. Lawrence is at Murfreesboro attending a conference.

Henderson X Roads

Uncle Samy D. Womack died week before last.

Elisha Patton and Miss Florence Leeman were married Sunday.

Rev. J.H. Lanham, Miss Minnie and Charles Smith, all of Commerce, spent Saturday night with J.T. Oakley and Sunday with R.M. Barbee.

Jas. Bryan and his good-looking son, Tom, had dinner here on the way to Lebanon.

Batchelor Tom Oakley, better known as Stroud's Branch Oakley, was over Sunday and attended services at all three churches and then didn't see her.

Rev. J.T. Barbee of Kentucky is attending the Presbyterry.


Mrs. W.L. Vick is slightly on the sick list.

John R. Adamson is slowly recovering from a long spell.

A.P. Smith and family are visiting at W.T. Hoskin's.

We hear it that Mon Hill has sold his farm and will move to Texas.

Peter I. Turney will leave next Monday for the Indian Territory to try his fortune.

B.L. Hale and family left for Wilson County to visit relatives.

James Jones came up on his new safety bicycle.

Geo. Smithson has been spending several days here.

Prof. L.P. Evans of Mechanicsville gave us a short call yesterday.

Wm. Sellars and daughter, Alice, of Cottage Home gave our office a call.

Telephone news was received that Mrs. Wiley Vick is very low.

M.T. Enos left for his home in New Albany, Indiana, Sunday, having completed his work on the new mill.

J.S. Womack of Cherry Valley visited this office last week.

W.G. Evans has received the tax book for 1889.

Rev. J.M. Stewart organized a Baptist church at Lancaster last week.

A.Cox and J.M. Patterson, formerly of Statesville, but now of Gallatin, Illinois, gave us a call Saturday. Mr. Cox was looking up evidence to make a application for a pension. He was a member of the 4th Tennessee Mounted Infantry, C ompany E.

Burton Hicks, living 5 miles west of this place, died suddenly yesterday.

Teacher's Institute

The institute met at Round Top, October 5th with Prof. J.B. Warren, Superintendent, in the chair. The program was then taken up; primary reading by Prof. Gross of Alexandria, history by J.A. Jennings and Miss Nannie Lewis, sc hool government by Z.D. Jones from Auburn, spelling by Mr. Bryant, arithmatic by R.B. Harris from Dowelltown, English grammar by J.B. Cothran and Jake Hawkins, history again by J.J. Boyd from Round Top.

Salem and New Salem

Salem Association appointed a committee of five to raise funds on the scholarship plan and consummate the purchase of Pure Fountain College. . Salem's committee is: Julius Williams, Henderson X Roads; Jas. Young, Cottage Home; Wm. Robin son, Forks of Pike; J.C. New, Woodbury; F.M. Bowling, Smithville.

New Salem Association appointed a like committee to act with Salem. New Salem's committee is: T.J. Fisher, Carthage; J.D. Jones, Shop Springs; J.A. Barrett, New Middleton; Jesse H. Baird, Hickman; Wm. Bass, Shop Springs .

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