Editor, Will A. Vick

September 25, 1889


Fair Week-School children will be admitted free on Thursday when accompanied by their teacher. J.W. Wood is superintendent of the first day's exhibit. James Driver has his gallery already on the ground.

Ike Cooper fell from a scaffold at the Baptist church, with slight injuries.

Jordan Stokes and son, Jimmie, left for their home in McKinney, Texas Friday.

Mrs. Allison and grandson, Hugh Donnell, left for Texas Tuesday.

John Campbell of Fite, Lyle, Davis & Co. was here Saturday.

James Jones and Mrs. Baird are having a well drilled in the rear of their houses on Main street.


Prof. G.S. Corley's school is progressing finely.

Mrs. W.R. Hill is about well again.

D.H. Tramel bought a very fine young colt.

John Corley has a fine colt that he will carry to the fair.

J.R. Tramel ordered him a ten dollar electric belt for Rheumatism.

Prof. J.F. McClelland is teaching school at the Cave Springs school house.

Jas. Jacobs is acting as butcher for our little village.

Harrison Jones is building him a new house.

Wm. Hunt bought 10 head of cattle from D.H. Tramel.

Mrs. Will Caplinger is very sick.

John Jacobs is building him a new barn.

The store of W.L. Moore on Hanner's Branch came very near being broken into.

Miss Mary Hill, who has been sick so long, is no better.

John F. Caplinger and his sister, Miss Bettie, of Hanner's Branch went visiting Dry Creek.

Columbus Spencer and Miss Rhoda Adkins of Indian Creek were married Sunday.

Clear Fork

Ewnie, little s/o T.M. Givan, is on the sick list.

Thomas Wheeler of near McMinnville was visiting relatives in this vicinity.

Prof. H.A. Bratten was visiting relatives near McMinnville.

Alex Higgins is having a large barn erected.

Prof. R.L. (Bob) Hayes' school closed Friday at Sycamore.

Presley Adamson got very badly hurt by falling off a wagon.

Z.P. Lee and Chas. Frazier were here selling the "Steam Cooker".

Misses Geneva and Minnie Bratten and Isa Givan are visiting at Forks of Pike today.

John Barger came down the creek with a lot of good cattle and sheep he bought near Viola.


Mrs. Rebecca Jennings is very feeble.

W.H. Tribble is much improved at present.

Three of J.W. Davis' family have been very sick.

J.F. Patton and family were visiting relatives at this place.

Jim Turner and Jim Harvey were visiting at Esq. N.G. Patton's Sunday.

T.W. and Sam Davis are visiting relatives near Murfreesboro.

Jeff Haynes of Auburn was here on business last week.

W.C. Oakley received a very painful wound by a lever striking him on the head while loading a thresher at A.N. Walden's.

Married at the Smith's Fork church last Sunday morning, Willie McMillin to Miss Mary Luttrell by Rev. S.T. Alsup.

Mrs. Nathan Oakley was very seriously injured and two daughters, Misses Marthie and Nannie were bruised considerably when the horse attached to their carriage became frightened and ran away and threw them out of the carriage.

W.H. Tribble and wife are visiting Rutherford County relatives.

J.H. Davis refused $112.50 for one of his Lexington colts.

Noah Jones and Miss Paralee George were married last Thursday evening.

Round Top

Mrs. Lou Rich has been right sick for several days.

J.B. Cothran's little daughter, Pearl, has been very sick.

W.C. Jennings, Esq. has been on the sick list for several days.

C.D. (Dulaney) Jennings has accepted a clerk-ship with Durrett & Co.

W.H. Talley's children have been spending time with their friends in Smithville.

Finns Walden and lady of Cottage Home spent Sunday with W.H. Talley and family.

W.C. Jennings, Esq. will attend the trial in Lebanon of the parties accused of the murder of Joe Rakes near Statesville.

G.R. Smith and family spent Sunday with Rufus Smith and family.

W.E. Rich and lady attended church at Auburn Sunday.

The school is keeping up very well under our efficient teacher, J.J. Boyd.

New Middleton

J.M. Jenkins and Walter Williams were visiting in Liberty Saturday.

Miss Jennie McGee visited Mrs. Mollie Pullin.

Mrs. McGee of near Gordonsville is visiting D.H. Hall.

Richard Bradford who moved to Nashville last Monday, returned Saturday.

Miss Emma Stephens was out visiting yesterday.

Mrs. D.J. Hail has been quite sick.

Miss Cora Jefferys of Illinois is visiting friends and relatives here.

L.S. Bass and Ike Manning have bought them a surrey each.

Mr. Bell and Miss Mary Smith of Nashville are visiting J.M. Smith's.

Willie Johnson visited his uncle, Ab Johnson, who is in the insane asylum in Nashville and no better.

Undelivered Letters at Liberty

Francis Owens--James O. Mitchell--Mollie Lawrence--W.A. Turner--Wade Johnson--W.F. Hardin--J.A. Hodge--James Hicks--Dr. John C. Everett--T.J. Fisher--Wm. Crary--J.M. Clinton--Rev. T.J. Beckham--B.S. Payne--Louisa Driver--L. Allen


B.F. Odom has moved back to town.

Herschel Bratten went to McMinnville last week.

Jo Barger of Watertown was on the stage this morning.

Jo Wheeler came up on his bicycle from Alexandria.

The little four month old infant of C.C. Prichard died Sunday.

Matt Hughes and wife of Eagleville are visiting C.L. Bright.

John Givan and Miss Jennie Smith went to Smithville on a visit.

Miss Anna Jennings of Statesville is spending this week with the family of C.W. L. Hale.

Miss Julia Potter of Smithville is spending a few days with Miss Eula Vick.

Mrs. Tennie McFerrin and her daughter, Mabel, spent Monday with the family of C.W.L. Hale.

P.C. Crowley went to Smithville Friday to see his parents.

W.H. Woodside and family have just moved in from Viola and will occupy the Blackburn house.

40 acre farm for sale-on the Lebanon pike, one mile from Alexandria-Eli Winfrey, Shop Springs.

W.G. Evans has commenced to dry his lumber for his new residence.

Call on J.M. Driver to have your pictures taken at the Fair.

Hon. John C. New of Woodbury was here last week.

Chas. Sellars has been here this week.

There seems to be some fascination here for Mason Tiller, beyond the insurance business.

Tal Allen of Smithville and Miss Mai Robinson, d/o Hon. John B. Robinson, formerly of Smithville, but now of Nashville, are to be married Sunday and immediately take the train for Texas where they will reside.

Our old friend, Hop Kennedy of Wilson county, was here on business.

Dragged to Death

Mrs. Newton Hudson (Emma) was killed in a sad accident at Shop Springs.

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