Editor, Will A. Vick

September 18,1889


John Young and J.L. Davidson and wife were visiting at R.J. Patterson's Saturday.

J.M. and Jesse Jennings were visiting at W.H. Tribble's last Sunday.

Perry Young, Ike Harvey, George Davis and J. Thompson were seen on our streets Sunday.

Shed Jennings and daughter, Miss Sallie, and Joe Oran and daughter, Miss Dora, were visiting the family of R.C. Jennings, Jr. Sunday.

S.F. Barbee and family were visiting relatives at this place Saturday.

There was a public debate at the Prosperity Academy Friday night. The speakers were S.N. Bradford, M.M. Summer, and Joe Nevils and C.R. Nichol, Bill Turney and Jesse Jennings.

Charley Paty and James Bryan, both of the Auburn neighborhood, received the premiums for the two best colts at Statesville Saturday. Alex Ferrel of Jefferson then bought Mr. Paty's colt.

Roe Wetherspoon of Nashville is visiting at Drura McKee's.

Jep Turney has returned from Monteagle where he has been running a well machine.

John Patterson sold a fine lot of hogs to Joe Barger of Watertown.

H.A. Phillips, wife and sister, Miss Lou of Henderson X Roads spent Wednesday night with W.T. Alsup.

B.R. Williams left for Kentucky on a visit to relatives.

W.F. Tribble returned from Arkansas, where he had been on a visit to his brother.

Miss Jennie Davis is very sick at this time.

Forks of Pike

Tom Measles is improving.

Miss Mary Whaley is improving slowly.

Edgar Clark is very sick with fever.

Jep Turney of Cumberland Mountain is visiting friends and relatives near this place.

T.P. Bragg and wife visited relatives on Short Mountain last week.

Miss Maggie Sellars is visiting her sister, Mrs. Elledge, of Woodbury.

R.L. Hays school closed on Sycamore last week. He entered school at the Masonic Normal at Alexandria on Tuesday.

Tobe Truitt m. Miss Nannie Grooms, d/o H.B. Grooms, Sunday the 8th, near Cottage Home.

written August 28th

J.L. Barnes was 80 years old at a birthday dinner for about 150 people, including his children and grandchildren. He is in good health, can ride 40 miles a day, is the father of 13 children and has been married three times.

Round Top

J.B. Cothran's little girl was very sick last week.

Jas. Anderson of Cottage Home, after a long and painful illness, passed over the River, Saturday, at his home.

Ruf Paty of Cottage home is very low and ere long he will pass over the River.

J.B. Warren, Our County Superintendent, paid our schools a flying visit.

W.E. Rich and wife, Misses Anna Turner and Susie Roberts spent Sunday evening with Mr. Cothran and family.

J.W. Adamson and Dulaney Jennings passed through town Sunday.

Misses Lizzie and Eve Fite spent Sunday in town.


Miss Mattie Bone and James Goodner will manage the Floral Hall department at the Alexandria fair, which begins September 26th.

B.F. Bell, John Doak and D.W. Dinges secured several premiums at the Rome fair.

Mrs. Rebecca Cooper had her house on Main street repaired.

Botts & Flippen have established a branch of their undertaking business at Statesville.

Mrs. M.N. Wood and Mrs. Barbee have moved to town.

Elder E.A. Elam is preaching at the Christian church this week.

Rev. N.R. Sandborn will preach at this place Thursday night.

Frank Marler's little girl fell from the porch last Friday, stuck the prong of a pitchfork in her head inflicting a wound from which she died yesterday morning.

Dave Crutchfield of Nashville is visiting at this place.

Rev. J.J. Ransom left for home this morning. Bro. Ransom will leave in a few days for Missionary work in Cuba.

Col. J.J. Ford has purchased a new surrey.

R.A. Lawrence is again able to tend to business after sickness.

James Bates and Miss Lizzie Malone were m. last Thursday at the residence of Elder Dave Wauford.

Mrs. Josie Davis and Capt. W.H. Lincoln have gone to Conway, Arkansas to visit their brother, L.C. Lincoln, who is in feeble health.

Mrs. Henry Flippen, who has been sick at her father's on lower Helton, was brought home Sunday.

Mrs. Chandler of Carthage is visiting her mother, Mrs. Lester, at this place.

Miss Alma Dewees of Louisville returned last week.

Mrs. Agee, d/o Capt. Bill Turner, died Sunday.

Dulaney Jennings of Round Top is clerking for Durrett & Co.

Liv Tubb has sublet two booths at the Fairgrounds to Les Fuson of Dowelltown.

W.W. Patterson has lost 20 head of hogs from cholera.


Jas. King is confined to his bed again.

Edgar Griffith is very sick with bilious fever.

Esq. B.L. Estes of the Smithville neighborhood is in town today.

A girl was born to France Anderson and wife near Cottage Home on the 15th.

Alvin Avant, Esq. of Smithville was here on business this morning.

Bob Smithson came down from Smithville Saturday.

Milton Hughes left yesterday for the Flat Woods to see his mother who is very sick.

Earnest Stark got his mouth badly mashed with a foul ball Saturday.

Eld. D.B. Vance was here Saturday evening.

Messrs. John and Wm. Givan and Harry Byars, all of Keltonburg, are visiting relatives in town and surrounding neighborhood.

Our old friend, P.C. (Pleas) Adams, has bought out J.B. Estes & Co. at Cottage Home.

W.J. King will move to his farm on Clear Fork. J.D. Givan will occupy his house on West Main Street.

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