Editor, Will A. Vick

November 17, 1886

Forks of Pike

Mrs. M.J. Ford has been quite feeble.

Misses Eula Vick and Florie Floyd visited here Saturday, also Miss Etta Hays.

Prof. Adams school at Cottage Home closed Friday. Mabel McFerriff got the speaking prize for girls, Amos Patton for boys. Judges were Prof. Clarence Hale, Bob Estes, & Mr. Jim Estes.

Martha Grandstaff is visiting her g-dau., Mrs. U.W. Neal.

Miss Leela West has gone to Watertown to see her sister, Mrs. Martha Neal.

J.B. West and g-son, Basil Neal*****

Miss Lillie Carnes went home to Jackson Co., accompanied by Miss Ida Groom & Mrs. H.G. Roy.


Mrs. J.C. Whaley of Alexandria spent Saturday here.

Hal Tubb of Alexandria came up Monday.

Wm. Lewis & wife of Wilson Co. are visiting.

Jas. Jones of Alexandria came up yesterday.

Rev. Joseph Webster stationed at Hartsville.

Misses Sallie McConnell & Nettie Vick are in Nashville this week.

J.L. Lamberson is buying a carload of turkeys and chickens for the New Orleans market.

W.G. Evans moved to the "old Fuson residence" on Main St.

Rev. N.A. Anthony returned from trip to Chestnut Mound.

M/M Gill Davis of Alexandria were visiting the family of C.W.L. Hale.

Thomas Lanhan of Commerce is here on business.

J.H. Barger is paying .30/lb for good fat hogs-market firm.

W.H. Woodside moved near the steam mill, his place of work.

J.P. Stark will commence his new residence the first of December.

A. Avant of Smithville was in town Monday.

Dr. J.H. Robertson, specialist, will be here December 2nd.

The handsome new residence of W.S. Renick will be complete by Dec. 2nd.

Local attorney-at-law, William T. Hale, has been very successful at Circuit court.

Z.D. Jones made a trip to Statesville.

Messrs. Shela Ware & John Hooper, drummers from Nashville, were here.

_?.H. Fite, Watertown, was here telling friends good-bye. He leaves next week for California.

Mrs. R.W. Yeargin and dau., Mrs. Jno. F. Roy, spent testerday with the Wm. Vick family. Master Frank Roy came up to The Herald.

Mrs. & Dr. J.A. Fuson were in town last week. His health is slowly improving.


Mrs. S. L. Williams is improving.

H.L. Hale was here.

W.B. Foster has been made an agent for The Herald.

Messrs. Judge Wade, H.C. Eastham, G.L. Talley, Horace McGuire, and Thos. Bailiff are on a hunting trip.

T.F. Bowman and family left Monday for Kentucky.

Mr. George Rich, an old citizen of Cottage Home, age 80, died the 9th.

J.H. Fite of Watertown leaves next week for California.

Second Week of Circuit Court----The bar is ably represented, viz: Col. John H. Savage, McMinnville; James Cummings, Woodbury; Will T. Hale, Liberty; Messrs. Blackburn & McLellan, Dowelltown; M.V. Trapp, Laurel Hill.


Oby Rich & family left for Nashville.


Elder Barry preached at C.P. Church.

Britt Allen & Miss Cornelia Barry were m. Thursday.

Cards went out for the marriage of Chas. B. Fite, s/o Lem Fite, to Miss Mamie March, Nov. 24th, both of Nashville.

L.E. Simpson & Dr. R.M. Bone purchased T.F. Bowman's house on Locust St.

T.F. Bowman & family left Monday for Kentucky.

W.W. Ford of Snow Creek & Mr. Saunders of Carthage were here.

Mail in Post Office at Liberty
J.H. Arnold T.D. Bass Miss Annette Bratten D.A. Parker
Ike Arnold Mrs. L.D. Bass Miss Geneva Bratten Henry Smith
J.J. Evans R.A. Fite Josiah Griffith J.B. Stark
J.W. Goggins Levi Neal D.D. Overall J.H. Vickers
Miss A. Roberts J.W. Watson Miss Mary Whaley Carroll Johnson
H.C. Vandergriff Liberty Woolen Mills Miss Sarah Yeargin -
Business Ads

Liberty Livery Stable----Lewis & Hale, proprietors

W.L. Vick & Bros.---- Liberty--- Farm Implements, Hardware

Foust & Jones---- Alexandria--- New Carriage Factory, H.D. Foust and L.E. Jones

Masonic Normal----Liberty---Z.D. Jones, teacher of advanced Courses, W.S. Renick, teacher of Intermediate Classes, Miss Nannie B. Jones, ??

William T. Hale----Liberty---Attorney at Law and Solicitor in Chancery

Thos. F. Bowman----Alexandria---Attorney and Counselor at Law

Dentistry---- Alexandria ---Dr. Brien Tubb

Gribble & Adcock----Smithville---Attorney at Law and Solicitor in Chancery, J. S. Gribble and B.G. Adcock

Joseph S. Blackman----Dowelltown---Attorney at Law and Claim Agent

Ira W. King & Co.----Alexandria---General Merchandise

Hollandsworth & Son----Liberty---Undertakers

A.E. Stanford----Dowelltown---Undertakers

McClain Bros. & Co.---- Lebanon---Farm 7 Mill Machinery---Represented by John F. Roy, Alexandria

Fite & Renick----Liberty---Monuments

Dowelltown Woolen Mills----Allen Wright, proprietor

Love Sewing Machine----Forks of Pike---J.C. Evans, agent

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