Editor, Will A. Vick

August 28, 1889

Pick Up

W.A. Tribble is very feeble with something like heart disease.

J.H. Jennings, W.H. Oran, Ike Harvey and James Turney were in town Sunday evening.

Amos Patton, one of Cottage Home's young men, came up Wednesday night.

Mrs. T.S. Patton and children of Cottage Home were visiting at Esq. N.G. Patton's.

Minnie Patton of this place is visiting her sister, Mrs. Louise Barbee at Statesville.

Messrs. W.H. Tribble, J.W. Oran, T.J. Oran and W.H. Oran went to Lebanon on business.

Miss Fannie Patton is visiting relatives at Cottage Home.

B.O. Barbee and Messrs. Patton and Luck have purchased a good many hogs in this community at 4 cents a pound.

Letter from Niagara Falls from J.C. Bass

Fined $7 and Cost

Dock Allen was arrested yesterday by Constable Vick for disturbing public worship on Indian Creek. As we understand it, he got drunk, went into the church and pulled the preacher down from the pulpit and jerked him around considerably. He was making his way to Texas when Constable Vick arrested himm and brought him to Dowelltown where he was tried and fined $7 and cost.


J. M. Malone and wife and Jack Dice and wife all left for Texas Monday morning.

Mrs. Louiza Bowman, who has been visiting relatives here, has returned to her home in Illinois. Mrs. Hattie Haley accompanied her to Nashville where she will spend some time with her parents.

James Davidson has been very busy preparing to recover his stables.

Mrs. Millie Emberson's baby has about recovered.

H.N. Hudson has improved his buggy by repainting it.

Mrs. Jane Murray is attending the protracted meeting at Good Hope.

Mrs. Mattie Haley and young dau., Rubie, returned home this morning.

J.R. Haley left yesterday for Nashville to visit his sons, James T. and Francis A.

Clear Fork

Prof. H.A. Bratten intends going to the law school in Lebanon this fall.

J.J. Stark and wife and Miss Callie were visiting relatives and friends in Sumner County.

Charlie Palmer of Alexandria was in the neighborhood yesterday.

Miss Chris Lamberson was visiting relatives at Smallman last week.

Prof. R.L. Smithson has entered school at Pure Fountain College.

Will T. Hale and family went visiting up the creek Sunday.

W.G. Bratten is still in feeble health.

Undelivered Letters at Liberty Post Office

Wm. Huggins Lizzie Hardage William Jones Dr. Fuller Joe Evans
R.S. Evans P.W. Duke Kate Calicote (col.) R.A. Craddock John Conley
M.P. Corder Lillie Campbell W.L. Denton Thomas Payne Robert Barger
J.W. Ruyle & C.W. Mullinax Sarah Bethel Nellie D. Barrett Rev.Y.J. Beckham Joe Barrett
S. Anderson E. Swan W.X. Smith S. Starkes H.F. Scaler
Samp Sellars Horace Neal Rec. D. Voxan John McCool Jno. F. McBeath
R.L. Moore T.H. McDowell Mathew B. Moth & Co. W. McDalial Charlie Mason
W.A. Nelson John Neal R.M. Owen J.B. Womack Bolling Wright & Co.
Frank Weedland Cook Otto Jno. Vickers W.A. Turner Mattie Stores
J.W. Scott H.W. Phillips Nelson Page William Prewitt Miss Eme Plumer
John Parker L. Robinson R.L. Leek H.F. Lawson W. Jale
J. King Samuel L. George Joe King J. Hart J.P. Hooper
James Hicks J.M. Griffith J.B. Hartman J.H. Harris W.M. Hugh
H.A. Alexander Mrs. G.M. Atnip Rev. Ben Anderson Lige Adamson Rev. John Jones
Wade Johnson O.B. Rich Rev. Jacob Stewart    

Faulkner Springs

Judge Cantrell and wife are visiting Thomas Faulkner's family this week.

R.W. Turner's family that have been at Mr. Faulkner's this summer left for their home in Nashville Monday.

Our clever bookkeeper, B.P. Cantrell, left for Nashville and Lebanon for a few days.

Thos. Faulkner is in very feeble health again.

Will Gibson returned from East Tennessee and has been on the sick list ever since.

E. Montgomery and Will Mason are at home this week.

Charlie Faulkner left for Guntersville, Alabama, where he will make his home.


At the last meeting of the Presbyterian church, the Silver medal was awarded to Linnie Smith.

John Doak left yesterday for the Dixon Springs Fair with an extra lot of stock. B.F. Bell also sent over his beautiful span of blacks.

Jim Jones has laid aside his new safety bicycle for a few days and gone to Cincinnati.

Will Beckwith came into town on his wheel yesterday.

Jo Wheeler done some fancy riding on Main street last week.

Frank Roy is the most graceful rider.

Miller Schurer is an expert and can give the boys points if they will watch him, he takes no fall.

Mason Tiller has quit bicycling.

Claud Doss is clerking for Dr. R.M. Bone.

James Vanatta and wife of Kentucky are visiting relatives near this place.

Tom Fuller of New Middleton was her Friday on business.

Len F. Davis of Fite, Lyles, Davis & Co., Nashville, is spending a week here among his numerous friends.

Miss Susie Webb of Wilson County is visiting relatives near this place.

John W. Botts made several deliveries of bananas from his farm on Coon Branch.

J.A. Donnell and T.W. Goodner went to New Middleton Monday.

Albert Smith and wife and Mrs. Knowles are visiting Mrs. C.L. Floyd.

E.C. Bratten was here last week.

Mrs. O.P. Hill left for home yesterday.

Miss Laura Calhoun is visiting the family of General W.B. Stokes.

Mrs. S.W. McClellan is visiting relatives on Defeated Creek.

Capt. Frank Dowell of McKinney, Texas was here last week after an absence of 23 years.

D.W. Dinges and Ed Reece leave this evening to attend the Dixon Springs Fair.

Mack Walker will bore a well at the fairgrounds shortly.

Rob't Gwaltney will go to Silver Point to work in the commissary department of the firm of Rodemer & Co.

Prof. R.R. Harris of Dowelltown was here last week. He reports a most flourishing school at that place.

Miss Maggie Sneed of Tucker's X Roads is here visiting her aunt, Mrs. Callie Rollins, near this place.

Mrs. Burford of Lebanon is visiting her father, Mr. High.

A protracted meeting is in progress at Helton, conducted by Rev. Wm. Simpson.

Judge D.O. Williams has been sick for several days.

Mrs. R.A. Botts and son, Clifton, have been sick for several days.

B.E. (Cain) Mullins of Sykes was here today. He is agent for school supplies.


Miss Blanch Tribble is very low and not expected to live.

Miss Birdie Hale and her little sister, Kittie, of Catrthage are visiting relatives at this place.

J.R. Hale will move his family to Murfreesboro this week to give his children better advantages to obtain an education.

We are informed that S.S. Patton and G.M. Luck are going to locate at Watertown.

W.E. Hale will enter school at Lebanon next month.

Andrew Patton attended a nuptial feast on Round Lick this week.

Our merchant at post is now Prof. T.H. Oakley instead of J.M. Jennings.

Thomas McGhee is now a citizen of our town.

Forest Smith, who is teaching school at Cainsville visited his father yesterday.

Ezra Smith of Watertown was seen at church here Wednesday, and he wasn't by himself either.

Shelah Barbee has purchased him a fine horse.

Jack Armstrong carried his colts to the colt show at Lebanon.

Miss Lou Bullock is visiting Miss Zella Webb today.

Barn Burned

Last Saturday night a barn belonging to the widow Smith Hendrix was burned. It was the work of an incendiary and the loss is estimated between $500 and $600.


All those indebted to the Mary Turney estate will please come forward and make settlemen at once. All having claims aggainst said estate please file with me for settlement. W.L. Turney, Adm. Of Mary Turney, dec'd. August 27, 1889


Mrs. Barbee, w/o Rev. J.T. Barbee, d. at her home in Caseyville, Kentucky, Saturday, August 24 at 10 o'clock and was burried at Murfreesboro Monday. She had been in feeble health for several years. Rev. and Mrs. Barbee moved from St atesville some three or four years ago and he has had charge of the Presbyterian church at Caseyville.

Mrs. Nolie Adams, w/o J.B. Adams, and d/o Hon. H.A. Overall, d. at her home in Cottage Home Sunday evening.


Ed Tassey of Smallman was in town Monday.

Little Floy Hale is not expected to last through today.

W.A. Vick and lady have gone to Cincinnati, Ohio, this week.

R.F. Jones and wife of Dowelltown spent Sunday in town.

Milton Dodd of Clear Fork was on our streets this morning.

Rev. Tom Allen (col.) and family of Murfreesboro are visiting here this week.

J.W. Overall left yesterday for Hartsville to be gone several days.

Mrs. S.A. Fite and daughter of Forks of Pike were visiting in town Monday.

Miss Nannie Witt of Lebanon is visiting relatives here and at Dowelltown.

Bob Fite and sister, Miss Eclistie of Forks of Pike visited relatives at Commerce.

Bob Smithson, who is going to school at Smithville visited his parents on Clear Fork Sunday.

Messrs. Ira Lamberson and James Lancaster of the Temperance Hall neighborhood were in town yesterday evening.

W.A. McMillin, an enterprising farmer from Statesville, gave our office a call.

D.R. Bedford of Lynchburg, Tennessee is now residing at the Stewart Well for his health.

Mrs. N.A. Anthony has recovered enough to visit her parents at Temperance Hall.

The Liberty Cornet Band is practicing regularly now and will be in fine time for the Rome Fair.

W.G. Evans is fast getting his lumber together to rebuild his house which was destroyed in the big fire three years ago.

Last Friday, Wm. Vick lost a roll of money somewhere between Andy Myer's store and Vick & Bright's store on Dry Creek. Reward

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