Editor, Will A. Vick

August 21, 1889


Mrs. Mary Wilson of Smithville gave our village a call last week.

G.W. McBroom has had his dwelling painted.

Miss Lizzie Fletcher, one of Smithville's charming girls, has been attending the meeting at Prosperity.

Eugene Alexander and Miss Lovie Willard of Porterfield gave our village a visit Friday.

Sam Bradford, one of Auburn's best boys, gave Statesville a call.

Charlie Nichol sprained his ankle while scuffling a few days ago.

Miss Agnes McBroom, fair belle of Murfreesboro, is visiting at G.W. McBroom's.

Mrs. Bob Dougherty is much improved in health.

Mrs. J.B. Adams of Cottage Home is visiting Mrs. Jeff McKnight.

Misses Mattie McKnight and Rilla Brandon, accompanied by Messrs. Jesse Davenport and Wm. Fau [?] paid Bradyville a visit.

J.H. McKnight, our present Trustee, paid the south part of Carthage a visit. We hear it whispered that he went over in Coffee County and was struck with cupid's darts.

C.B. Odom and dau., Miss Nannie and Mrs. Susie Couch paid Murfreesboro a shopping trip.

R.H. Odom and Summar, also T.R. Summar, will exhibit a large lot of colts at Auburn.

Miss Jennie Bryan, sick for several days, is much better.

There is talk of a roller mill going up at this place, Capt. B.A. High, manager.


Silas Napolean (Polie) Banks, s/o Levi and Mary Banks, was born May 3, 1879 and died of congestion of the brain, August 6, 1889.

Bro. Henry C. Prewett d. July 12, 1889, aged about 40 years. He was m. to Virginia A. Barry, January 22, 1873, was a member of Poston Lodge No. 47, I.O.O.F. and had been an Odd Fellow about 18 years.

Letter from J.C. Bass in Texas telling of his trip.

Pick Up

Mrs. Tennie Hucherson, w/o James Hucherson, breathed her last, last Sunday morning after a lingering illness. The bereaved husband, brothers and sisters have the community's sympathy.

Mrs. Rebecca Jennings, who was very sick last week, is improving.

Joe Smith of Watertown, the popular buggy agent, was here delivering some buggies.

G.C. Webb, wife and dau., Miss Yella, were visiting at G.L. Smith's.

Mrs. Susan Cooper of Auburn was visiting at B.R. Williamson's Saturday.

Miss Sue Oakley was visiting Miss Fannie Patton at this place.

Prof. Sam Bradford of Auburn was visiting the school of Prof. Turney at Hebron.

J.L. Davidson and lady visited his father at Commerce this week.

Messrs. W.H. and W.F. Tribble went to Rutherford County on business.

Tobe Thomas and Captain Luck made a trip to the Caney Fork to purchase some cattle.

J.B. Armstrong and Lafaet Patton of Cottage Home were visiting at Esq. N.G. Patton's on Mill Street Sunday.

Andrew Tribble and Jim Harvey attended the protracted meeting at Cottage Home last Saturday.

Sam Davis went to Lebanon Saturday and obtained his certificate as teacher at the Rock Springs Academy.

Mrs. Mary Davis has purchased a new buggy.

A.J. Armstrong has been training his Vidette colts to exhibit at the colt show in Lebanon.

J.W., J.H. and N.L. Davis will have their colt show at Statesville.

Born to S.C. Reaves and wife, a son, August 11th.

A Damage Suit

A suit has been brought by Sam Vanatta against Overall Bros. for $10.000, alleged to have been sustained when the plaintiff jumped from a wagon hired from the defendants. It will be remembered that this accident occurred in Lebanon on the d ay of the Turney-Francis hanging, and when the team was running or attempting to run away the defendant [plaintiff] jumped out and broke his leg, which has since been amputated.


Grant Neal, in company with his "best girl" attended church at Commerce Sunday.

Dan Smith and the Hearn boys have commenced hulling clover with their new huller.

On the evening of the 14th we had a vary charge of electricity let down upon us at this place, shivering several telephone posts, knocking J.R. Neal senseless and stunning several others.


The booths at the Fair Grounds were rented to Liv Tubb, he being the highest bidder.

Bill Johnson had a fine mule killed by lightning.

M.C. Banks sold all his household goods at auction Saturday.

A.J. Marler has leased his interest in the sawmill at Helton to Will Malone till January 1st next.

John W. Botts has moved back to town and is living at the Baptist parsonage.

Will Reece of Nashville is visiting his father, Ed Reece, at this place.

. Miss Josie Crutchfield is visiting her sisters, Mrs. Dinges and Mrs. Rutland at this place,

Miss Callie White of Nashville is visiting her sister, Mrs. Colvert.

Mrs. Julia Botts and children visited W.J. Givan at Hickman.

A.J. Marler left today to visit his brother in Missouri.

Miss Hattie Bowers is teaching school at the Barry school house in Smith county.

A.L. and Stanton Malone left for Deport, Texas after an extended visit to relatives near this place.

M.C. Banks and wife and Purney Banks leave for Nashville Wednesday.

Liv Tubb having sold Mrs. M.J. Baird his interest in the Millinery business, she has removed the stock to her residence.

Mrs. Henry Bauman and Miss Susie Finegan of Nashville are visiting Mrs. Will Reece.

Cherry Valley

Prof. W.T. Phillips of Caruthers spent Saturday at Sunday at home.

Mr. Ben Rogers, an expert drummer, has returned home and we hope he will remain for awhile.


Little Floy Hale is thought to be some better today.

Mrs. Richard Sandlin of Dismal Creek is sick this week.

Mansfield Williams came in last night from Gordonsville.

J.S. Smith returned from the reunion very sick.

Wm. King (Uncle Billy), about 70, of the upper Clear Fork country, died Monday morning.

Sid Gibson is in town today, just back from a trip to Kentucky and other points.

A.L. Reynolds and Esq. Jack Mason of Temperance Hall are in town today.

J.W. Overall returned from a business trip to the upper country.

W.H. and C.L. Rhody and Wm. Woodin of Dry Creek were in this morning.

The meeting at Prosperity, in charge of Eld. J.T. Oakley, continues.

Ike Hays, s/o Az Hays, and a young man of promise, d. at his home on Dismal Creek Sunday.

Eld. J.H. Grimes meeting on Sycamore is accomplishing good.

D.D. Overall and wife will leave tomorrow for a week in Cincinnati, Ohio.

J.R. Tramel and J.U. Fuson left Monday for Red Sulphur Springs for a month for their health.

S.B. Sellars has been in feeble health for several weeks.

Tom Measles came home from Watertown very sick. He has been at work in the store of W.L. Waters.

J.C. Bass writes us from Texas that he is having a good time.

Mrs. Wm. Fite of near Dowelltown has sold her farm to Alex Pettie of Forks of Pike. She will move near Auburn.

John R. Hale of Statesville, president of the Water Roller Mill Co. at this place, came down yesterday.

John Ballinger of New Middleton was in town this morning. Mrs. Manda Ballinger of the same place, is spending a few days with relatives here.

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