Editor, Will A. Vick

August 14, 1889

Forks of Pike

Tom Wooden married Mrs. Celia Taylor on August 1st.

J.B. Groom is quite sick at this writing.

Mrs. M.J. Ford has been visiting Mrs. J.C. Evans of Smith county.

Prof. Winstead and Miss Mildred Harvey paid our town a visit Saturday.

Miss Isa and Mr. Charlie Givans were visiting at H.C. Givan's Sunday.

Prof. Jones and sister, Miss Nannie, were in town Saturday.

Sam Vanatta and wife went to Smithville today.

F.H. Hays of Forks of Pike has bought the Murfreesboro and Liberty mail route from Al Hathaway.

Clear Fork

P.C. Adams of this place and Miss Mollie Dodd, d/o Harrison Dodd, dec'd, of Cottage Home were married on August 8th.

Messrs. R.J. and T.M. Givan went to Watertown Wednesday.

Mrs. J.W. Goggin is on the sick list this week.

Mr. and Mrs. W.G. Bratten are in very feeble health.

Sallie, the little dau. of R.J. Givan, is on the sick list.


Andy Williams will leave for Texas soon, where he will make his future home.

Jordan Bass left on a 30 day pleasure trip. He will meet his brother, Henry, in New Orleans and they will go from there to New York, Chicago and many other important cities.

Buck Barry is clerking for Pat Geraty.

B.W. Robinson is very sick today.

A.B. Hathaway has sold out his mail route and will move back to Sweet Water Wednesday. He will move into the Simpson house.


Mrs. Florence Daugherty, who has been sick with congestion and Spinal affection, is not expected to live.

W.E. Davenport of this village and M/M Morgan of Murfreesboro left for Texas last Tuesday.

Raimon Odom, s/o R.L. Odom has been sick with fever.

John Smith, formerly of this place, passed through enroute to Murfreesboro.

Miss Mat Holmes of Murfreesboro is visiting Capt. J.W. Nichols family.

An infant s/o S.H. Bryan is very sick with pneumonia.

Alton Odom, who has been attending school in Knoxville, has returned.

Claud Odom, formerly of this vicinity, has returned from the Lone Star State.

Forest Smith, one of Wilson county's energetic young men, was in our village Saturday.

Capt. J.W. Nichol left Wednesday for Chattanooga. He anticipates staying several months.

Mr. Scobys of Hopkinsville was visiting James High.

Mr. Leman of Watertown and Miss Angie Stroud of Statesville are visiting Miss Hallie Hancock.

Prof. M.M. Summer, who is teaching at Stroud's school house, passed through here.

There will be a public debate at Auburn Academy Friday night. The question and speakers are as follows: Resolve that our forefathers were justifiable in dispossessing the Indians of their lands; Affirmative-Joe Nevils, C.R. Nichol, Walter Hancock, J ack Hawkins, T.M. Bryan and Jas. High; Negative-S.N. Bradford, M.M. Summer, Haywood Champion, Bill Turney and J.A. Hale.

New Middleton

Our school, under the management of Profs. Pendleton and Thompson and Miss Bettie Sanders, is in a flourishing condition with about 100 scholars enrolled.

Mrs. Marrie Carpenter has been quite sick at her father's near Tucker's X Roads.

J.M. Jenkins is able to be out again.

Miss Rich Smith of Nashville is visiting at W.B. Denny's of this place.

Miss Etta McClellan of Dowelltown is visiting Miss Mollie Pullin near Gordonsville.

Misses Jennie McGee and Josie Hall, accompanied by Messrs. A.S. Allen and J.M. Jenkins visited Miss Mollie Pullin Sunday.

Miss Mittie Smith returned from Gainesboro, where she has been visiting some weeks.

Rev. J.B. Jenkins and wife have gone to Sumner county.

A.L. Johnson was carried to Nashville to the insane asylum last week.

Rev. T.J. Estes will begin a series of meetings at the Baptist Church.

Asa Bass and wife, A.S. Allen and Miss Josie Hall attended church at Grant last night.

Miss Hattie Taylor of Gordonsville visited Miss Ocia Barrett Sunday.

Miss Maggie Barrett visited Misses Sallie and Rose Litchford Sunday.

G.S. Blackburn of Dowelltown passed through town enroute to Gordonsville.

Chancery Court--Monday, August 11, 1889

The regular Chancellor, W.W. Wade, caused court to be opened and announced that he was not physically able to hold court. Judge Gribble was elected and the following proceedings were had up to August 13, 1889.

Lucinda Hill vs. M.F. Close----motion to dissolve the junction entered

T.J. Simpson vs. Thomas Marks----motion to dissolve the junction entered

L.E. Jones vs. H.D. Foust----motion to dissolve the junction entered

J.M. Fisher vs. M.A. Crowley C&M----motion to dismiss bill entered

J.B. Frazier vs. H. Frazier----order confirming report of sale

J.J. Ford vs. Thomas Roberts----decree dismissing bill, complainant and defendant will respectively recover one half the cost each against each other.

J.M. Sandlin vs. F.M. Foutch----decree ordering scire facias to issue

M.Lancaster vs. C.S. Frazier----decree ordering scire facias to issue

A.J. Vantrease et al vs Mattie N. Wood----decree reviving cause

A.J. Vantrease vs. Wm. Robinson----decree reviving cause

M.A. Crowley vs. J.T. Exum----the defendant filed issues fact and demanded a jury

Peoples Bank vs. W.G. Crowley----decree changing venire

T.W. Shields vs. W.W. Wade----decree ordering land sold free from the equity of redemption

P.H. Camerson vs. R.C. Hays et al----decree dismissing cause as to W.N. Wilson

W.B. Corley vs. T.W. Shields----decree dismissing bill at cost of complainant

F.H. Robertson vs. D.B. Davis----order of refenrence


The "old Rebs" of this place and vicinity will attend the Confederate reunion at Spring Creek on the 20th.

Page Hearn, a colored man living near here, has gone deranged and has to be confined.

The Prohibition Elocutionary contest came off at the Methodist Church Thursday night. Misses Lunnie Wood, Pattie Bethel, Attie Simpson, Etta Donnell and Georgie Reece; Messrs. Will Odom and Willie Beckwith were the contestant s.

The 21st Anniversary of the United Benevolent Societies (colored) of the State convened at this place August 5th. The Assembly was welcomed by Vice-President, Peter Tubb.

Billie Reece has again embarked in business on the corner of Main and Church streets.

John Rutland and John Durrett have returned from Red Boiling Springs.

Miss Lou Bullock of Germantown, Kentucky is visiting Miss Sallie Compton.

Dick Macon was circulating among his Alexandria friends yesterday.

Miss Effie Simpson is visiting relatives at Gordonsville this week.

Mrs. Len Davis and children of East Nashville are visiting Dr. O.D. Williams.

Mrs. Bettie Oldham and Mrs. Mace of Lebanon have been visiting friends at this place.

Mrs. O.B. Hill, who has been quite sick, is improving rapidly.

M.C. Banks will sell his household goods Saturday and will leave for Nashville a few days afterwards.

Mrs. J.J. Ford has been sick for several days.

L. Tubb and Messrs. Bill Petway, Ed Bone, and Ed Smith, Misses Mattie Bone, Calie Tubb, Etta Donnell and Hattie Blackburn visited the cave near Dowelltown.

Ed. E. Bone left for his home in Gainsville Saturday.

At the Juvenile circus near the Mill, Dib Dinges and Charlie Crutchfield do numerous feats on the horizontal bar-Hugh Donnell is the Champion Wire Walker-Jimmie Stokes does the daring trapeze acts and Stokes McNelly has introduced the mop act.


Many visitors from different parts of the county have been in our midst for several days. Among the many visitors were Miss Chris Lamberson of Liberty visiting her relatives, Harrison Kidwell's family. Also, Miss Jennie Powell and m other of Forks of Pike were visiting Luke Melton's family.

Mrs. Joe Lawrence and family, Prof. T.B. Mears and Wiley Hawkins, and Prof. Lawrence and sister, Miss Elida have all been here visiting.

Pick Up

Mrs. B. Jennings and Elmer Smith have been very sick-both are much improved.

Mrs. Rebecca Jennings, w/o L.R. Jennings, is very sick at present.

J.W. Young of the Alexandria neighborhood was here mixing with his many friends.

J.M. Knight of Cottage Home was on our streets Saturday evening.

Sam Davis visited relatives at Henderson X Roads last week.

Tom Bryan and Miss Hallie Hancock of Auburn passed through Sunday.

Miss Birtie Patton visited relatives near Alexandria and at Gordonsville.

W.H. Tribble and dau., Miss Renie, visited Rutherford county relatives.

John Talley of the Alexandria neighborhood spent Tuesday with relatives here.

Sanders Luttrel has rented one of the many farms of George Havey near this place.

Jep Turney has also rented the J.L. Word farm.

The school at Harvey's Chapel is under the instruction of Miss Susan Oakley.

Sam Davis begins teaching Monday at the school at Rock Springs.

Orvil, infant s/o J.W. Davis, is very sick this week.


Misses Mai and Alice Robinson, who have been visiting friends here, left Tuesday for a visit to Dowelltown.

Miss Mattie Webb entertained a few of her friends Friday evening.

I.F. Puckett of Buffalo Valley is here attending Chancery Court.

J.J. Ford, D.O. Williams and Henry Blackburn of Alexandria are here attending Chancery Court.

Robert Gribble of Lebanon is visiting relatives in Smithville.

J.S. Gribble of Lebanon came up to attend Chancery Court and was elected special judge by the members of the bar.

R.C. Nesmith has his new law office about completed.

W.W. Sellars, A.E. Hancock and P.C. Adams are attending Chancery Court here.

Will T. Hale of Liberty is attending Chancery Court.

Miss Ada Blankenship spent Saturday and Sunday in Smithville and returned to her home in Dowelltown Monday.

John H. Savage of McMinnville is attending Chancery Court here.


H.N. Hudson and wife will go to Nashville on a visit to Jas. T. and F.A. Haley.

Jas. Davidson and W.A. Haley got through with their millet last week.

J.B. Haley left this morning preparatory for making a large delivery of pictures.

Mollie Emerson's baby has about recovered.

J.B. Haley bought a field of corn from J.M. Malone.

Old Aunt Harriet Davis has been very feeble for some time.

J.N. Bryan has a good school at Cragwall's school house.

Thos. Evans has a horse to run away with a hay rake.

J.R. Neal carried a load of bacon to Nashville last week.

Mrs. Ellen Hudson is visiting today at her mother's, Mrs. Jane Haley.

Lee Hermond has been on the sick list for several days.


Esq. Jos. Young was in town Saturday.

Mrs. W.L. Vick is on the sick list this week.

W.B. Lamberson still continues to be very bad.

Judson Dougherty is confined to his room this week.

L.A. Phillips of Cherry Valley was in town yesterday.

Roe Williams and wife have been here on a visit.

Miss Sarah Griffith spent last night with Miss Nora Youngblood.

Mon Hill is very sick this week.

John Dillon of the Lascassas neighborhood was in town Sunday.

Mrs. Joe Barrett and Miss Jennie Barrett of Clear Fork were in town Monday.

R.L. Smithson of Smallman has entered school at Pure Fountain College.

Mrs. R.F. Jones and Mrs. J.P. Stark visited relatives near Alexandria yesterday.

B.W. Robinson is very sick at his home near Dowelltown.

T.W. Eason is running a hack from Alexandria to Brush Creek making connection with all trains.

Mrs. John Bass has returned to her home on Clear Fork, after spending several weeks with her parents.

Jarome Campbell of Nashville was visiting the family of Mrs. Dr. Campbell Thursday.

Z.D. Jones and his sister, Miss Nannie came down from Auburn Saturday and spent the day with friends.

Mrs. John Robinson of Temperance Hall was up to see her sister, Mrs. N.A. Anthony.

P.C. Crowley, who is teaching school on Helton near Alexandria, was in town Sunday.

Miss Lillian Hobbs, who has been in town visiting relatives, will return to her home at Bellwood Saturday.

W.E. Williams & Son have leased the property where their shop is now located from Jas. Lamberson for the purpose of erecting a large carriage and repair shop soon.

Viney Pitts, s/o Rev. J.J. Pitts, who was once on this circuit, was here yesterday. He has been spending several days with his sister, near Cottage Home.

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