Editor, Will A. Vick

February 7, 1900

Fight at Auburn

A few days since, there was a fight at Auburn between Carroll Summers and Howard Odom. Odom went into the drugstore and on finding Summers in there, raised a racket with him. Odom began cutting at Summers and Summers hit Odom with a 4-pound weight-and Odom ran, but as he went out the door he looked back to see if Summers was after him. Summers threw a 2-pound weight at him, hitting him on the head, cutting a very bad gash. The weight rebounded and broke some bottles on the shelf, but Jas. McBroom said: "If Odom can furnish the head I can furnish the bottles that they broke." Had it not been for Dr. McKnight, Summers would have killed Odom. An old grudge was the cause of the fight.


Compton & Sons have charge of the roller mill and Jas. Brown is driving the wagon.

Maut Foutch got up today for the first time; he is recovering rapidly.

Guy Davis is expected home soon from the Phillipines.

Miss Effie Simpson went to Watertown this morning.

Marvin Jennings went home Saturday to attend the funeral of his grandmother Jennings.

Miss Hattie Turner died at the home of her aunt near Brush Creek Friday night and was buried at the Turner graveyard Sunday.

Mrs. Roe Williams was in town today.

Mrs. Robert Terry is at Double Springs.

Wilson Gregson was in town today.

Death of Levi Moore

Mr. Levi Moore, aged 59 years, died at his home on the 1st inst. He had been a consistent member of the Methodist church for 21 years. --- The Review


At four o'clock on the morning of 1st inst, occurred the death of Mr. and Mrs. Avant Cantrell's little child. It's remains were interred in the City Cemetery. E.A. Elam conducted funeral services. --- The Review

Jacob's Pillar

We regret very much to give up our friends and neighbors, J.W. Jones and family, who will start to Texas the 15th of February to make it their home.

F.H. Smith or W.J. Vickers could be elected Trustee next term is either should run.

I heard Charley Smith's name mentioned for Sheriff.


Mrs. Clieve Cantrell is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Estes.

Mrs. Rena Judkins is confined to her room with pneumonia.

Jas. Redmon's little son was seriously hurt by a tree falling on him recently. His elder brothers were sawing down trees and the little fellow happened to be too near. The doctors say he will soon recover.

Mrs. Venie Givan, who has been sick for quite awhile, isn't expected to live long.

Miss Mai Redmon is visiting her brother near Belk.

Misses Mary and Mattie Cantrell visited Misses Cannie and Willie Adcock Sunday.

Our school is progressing nicely under the management of Miss Eva Summar.

Misses Eva and Ceylon Summar visited Miss Hortence Adcock Sunday.

L. Cantrell had the misfortune of his house catching fire Wednesday. It caused great excitement but they succeeded in extinguishing it before it did much damage.

W.H. Adcock has been real sick but is better now.

Born to J.W. Magness and wife, on the 23 inst., a boy.

Medley Jones visited E.N. Chisen Sunday.

Jas. Jones and Howard Brimby were in our town Sunday.

Messrs. Charley Cantrell, Robert Smith and J.H. Mullican made a business trip to McMinnville.

Miss Myrtle Smith and Mrs. Anderson visited Miss Eva Summar's school Thursday.

Miss Hortence Adcock has been visiting her aunt, Mrs. Locke, near McMinnville.

Aunt Mary Youngblood is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Josie Cantrell.

Messrs. Oliver Cantrell and S. Adcock have returned from Mississippi.

Miss Hattie Cantrell visited her kinsfolk near McMinnville the past week.

Miss Lillie Judkins visited Miss Helen McGuiness this week.


Since our last report the following pupils have entered the Watertown School; Zora Ray, Gertie, Willie and Gretchen Patton, Wilford Neal, Elsie Beard, George Young of Watertown and Horace Williams of Hattonville. Mary Baker has re-entered school after and absence of two weeks on account of the severe illness of her mother, Mrs. Dr. R.H. Baker, who is now much better.

Quite a number of our people attended a social last Saturday night given by Miss Maggie Green of Linwood.

E.B. Patton is convalescent after an attack of measles.

Mrs. Alice Young is still quite sick.

John Anderson has entered Jennings' Business College in Nashville.


Four Young Men Engage in a Bloody Fight on Dry Creek Saturday

One Killed, One Wounded

Last Saturday night at 8 o'clock the home of L. Caney Adamson was the scene of the bloodiest shooting in the history of this county.

The story runs that four boys, two brothers on each side, began a quarrel about a lantern as they were on their way to a party. This terminated in a scuffle when the Davis brothers ran to Mr. Adamson's house and borrowed some cartridges from Dan Tucker and loaded their pistols, telling him that they were going to kill the Braswell boys.

Now, the Braswell boys were going to Adamson's for a fiddler to play for them at the party and when they drew near the house the Davis boys met them at the door. Henry commenced to snap his pistol at H.L. Braswell when Charley Braswell said: "Henry Davis, don't do that." At this time Joe Davis drew near and shot Charley Braswell dead. H.L. Braswell succeeded in driving the Davis boys from the home, when he reported that he was "shot bad" and that he wanted a lantern to look for his brother and see if he was shot also. When he found his brother, he was dead with a knife open in his hand.

H.L. Braswell was shot both in the shoulder and the thigh but unrelenting, he, unaided, carried his dead brother into the house. He was so distressed over the death [of] his brother that it was with difficulty that the Adamson family kept him from taking his own life.

The Davis boys are sons of Mr. Bill Davis, a respected citizen of Dry Creek.

The Braswell boys are orphans, having been raised by their sister, Ella Fuson.

The Davis boys were taken into custody Sunday and place in jail at Smithville. Their trial is set for tomorrow.


The school at this place under the general management of Prof. E.E. Groom opened last Monday with an enrollment of about 30.

Aubrey Jennings, who is attending the Law School at Lebanon, visited homefolks.

Messrs. Ike Ferrell and John Jamerson of Murfreesboro purchased 30 head of cattle from here.

W.A. Witty, who has been sick for the past week, is improving.

J.F. Jewell, who has been in Texas for the past twelve months, has returned to make this his future home.

Wade H. Davis and Ed Johnson were at McMinnville last week on business.

Misses Gertie Witty and Claudie Talley visited Miss Laura Jennings Saturday near Greenvale.

Miss Lanna Ayers is visiting relatives at Murfreesboro.

Reece Patterson and his brother, Marsal, of Lebanon, are visiting their parents this week.

Robt. Cox of Lebanon was here last Saturday among friends and relatives.


Mr. Less Bass, who has been very gayly for the past few days is sick today.

Miss Tennie Reynolds of Close is visiting her aunt, Liza Thomas, this week.

Misses Nelia Davis and Lula Curtis were the guests of Miss Belle Curtis Saturday.

Mr. Horace Trusty is following the same old trade-smoking his pipe.

Mr. Charley Hill visited his best girl at New Town Sunday evening.

M.A. Stark, who formerly occupied the houses near the steam mill, has moved to the tollgate between this place and Dowelltown.


I strictly forbid hunting on my land and request all parties to keep their dogs off of the same. --- T.M. Givan

Mrs. W.S. Tyree and little daughter of Smithville are here visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M.B. Harwell.

McMinnville Southern Standard

Mrs. Obe Ray died at 12 o'clock Sunday night, Jan. 28.

Death of Miss Shorter

Jan. 29th witnessed the death of Miss Daisy Shorter, a lovely daughter of Mr. Sam Shorter. Miss Daisy was only 19 years of age when the much regretted departure took place at her home at Greenwood, Tenn.

Dr. D.M. Harris

The Rev. Dr. D.M. Harris, editor of the Observer, died at his home on 2430 Bell Avenue at St. Louis, Mo. at 2:30 p.m., Jan. 27th, from appendicitis.

Mrs. Lota V. Officer, wife of Eld. R.W. Officer, died at Atoka, I.T., Jan 30.

The death of Mrs. Laura A. Hogan, wife of Dr. J.E. Hogan, occurred in Nashville on the 24th of last month.


Mr. F.B. Shrygley of the church of Christ and Elder J.H. Whitlock, (Baptist) will engage in a debate on the 10th inst.

Snow Hill

Mrs. W.S. Evins is on the sick list.

Rev. A.J. Waller filled his regular appointment here Saturday and Sunday.

Mrs. Susie Pack is very low with fever.

Little Altin Smith with her grandpa Smith this week.

Lize Moore (col.) is very low with consumption.


Pete Rankin, the man arrested by the posse of Revenue officers at Irving College last week was tried before a U.S. commissioner at Nashville and bound over to court in the sum of $2.00.

Miss Susie Argo left Thursday for Louisville, Ky. where she will spend several months.

Nearly all of the business portion of Crossville, Tenn. was destroyed by fire early Thursday.


J.T. Bell --- Dentist
Bridgework and Crownwork a specialty --- Woodbury, Tenn.

J.D. Colvert ---Alexandria, Tenn
Roofing, Guttering ---Orders for any kind of Tin or Sheet Metal work promptly filled

D.W. Dinges Banking Co., --- (Incorporated) ---Alexandria, Tennessee
Officers: D.W. Dinges, Pres., J.A. Walker, V. Pres., Dib Dinges, Cash.
Directors-J.A. Walker, D.W. Dinges, R. Tubb, W.H. Lincoln, Dib Dinges


Aaron Braswell is on the sick list.

Aunt Annie Blackburn is somewhat better this week.

Jas. Woodside has moved into the Geraghty house on High street.

Parker Hardin of Joy entered school here last Tuesday.

Jno. Stark of Nashville is visiting homefolks here this week.

L.A. Bass and Mrs. Maggie Bass were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Robinson Sunday.

Will Fite and wife attended church here Sunday.

Rev. T.J. Stricklin is in Macon county this week.

Oscar Robinson has business (?) at Forks of Pike Saturday night.

A Surprise Dinner

Jonathan W. Adams was surprised on the 23rd by a birthday dinner at his home at ____ville given by his children. Smithville

Mrs. D.B. Wilson, who has been confined to her bed for sometime with sickness is some better.

Mr. Avant Cantrell has about recovered from a case of measles.

Mr. Dow Hollnadsworth moved into Mr. Winnard's new home last week.

Ben Drake of the river country spent a few days with relatives here.

Mr. Good Hooper will leave for Nebraska one day this week where he will in the future reside.

Mrs. J.B. Robinson has returned home from Nashville and Carthage where she has been visiting relatives and friends.

Land Sale ----- Circuit Court at Smithville, Tenn.

Pat Geraghty vs. Geo. Martin

By virtue of an order issued to me at its November term, 1899, I will sell … Feb. 24, 1900, the following land situated on the waters of Dry Creek and bounded; North by Odom, South by Odom, East by Fite, West by Odom.

T.M. Bright vs. J.T. Turner

By virtue …November term, 1899, I will sell … Feb. 24, 1900, the following land situated on the waters of Dry Creek and bounded; North by Dr. Fuson, East by Mrs. Turner, South by Messrs. Clarke and Fite and West by Fite and Clarke containing about 29 acres.


John W. Overall is here.

Jim Stanley was here today.

John English was in town Saturday.

Jno. Bonham of Smithville was in town yesterday.

C. Hays of Auburn was in town Saturday.

Mr. John Banks was in our town yesterday.

John Rutland was seen on our streets Monday.

E.D. Bone went to Watertown Saturday.

H.L. Walling of McMinnville was here Saturday.

Miss Beulah Overall is with relatives at Brush Creek.

Dave Willis of Webb's Mill was here yesterday.

We learn that Claud Vickers, who lives near Youngblood, is at the point of death.

J.H. Neville of Watertown was on our streets Saturday.

Mr. Tom Blackburn gave this office a call this morning.

Dr. W.H. Robinson returned from Wilson county Monday.

Hon. T.W. Wade of Smithville passed through town Friday.

A.J. Keirsey of Gordonsville has been spending several days here with relatives and friends.

P.J. Mangum went to Hollandsworth on Friday, returning Monday.

H.L. Smith and Hamp Woodside spent Sunday on Dry Creek.

Rev. Kellum has returned home, having been at his old home near Pulaski.

Amos Henderson and Chas. Bly of Cove Hollow were here Monday.

Col. T. Doodle Givan spent Sunday with Maj. R.H. Givan at Smithville.

G. Farmer of Alexandria was in town yesterday.

L.N. Woodside of Nashville is up on a visit to relatives and friends.

John Vandergriff, son of Dillard Vandergriff, died on Clear Fork today.

Lewis Bright, the little son of C.L. Bright, is very sick.

Misses Lola Robinson and Lella Huggins are guests of friends and relatives at Shop Springs.

Mrs. Ed Gothard of Dowelltown is her visiting her daughter, Mrs. Sam Woodside.

P.G. Hicks and J.R. Turner of Hollandsworth were here yesterday.

Edgar Clarke now occupies the W.T. Hale residence, Mr. Leon Lamberson, who formerly lived there, having moved to Clear Fork.

Mrs. Jas. Pritchett, who has been an invalid for quite awhile, has grown worse and is not expected to live long.

Last week a catfish was drawn from the well of Mrs. Wm. Vick. The fish was well formed but it was so white the blood vessels and all the inner organs could be plainly seen. It had no eyes.

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