Editor, Will A. Vick

May 31, 1899


Hop Young is now an agent for enlarging pictures.

Hop Young and Claude Hays were in Watertown last Friday to make pictures.

Yesterday, a horse belonging to Dr. Turney ran away with Misses Claude Talley and Gracy Turney. Miss Claude was not hurt as bad as Miss Gracy, so I understand. Marvin Turney, while attempting to check the horse barely escaped injury.

J.R. Edwards and son were in Watertown last Friday.

Wade Sneed returned from a business trip to Nashville.


With this issue I close my connection with this paper, having sold the entire plant and business to Messrs. R.C. Rose and W.J. Gothard of Smithville, Tenn. --- Will A. Vick


Messrs. Charlie Compton of Alexandria, [and] Clarence Fryer, Brush Creek, attended church here Sunday.

J.J. Jewell is in Alabama this week on business.

"Lemuel" Adamson attended the closing exercises of Dry Creek school Friday.

Miss Belle Walden of Round Top visited her cousins, Miss Etta and Altie Walden.

Alex Arnold of Cainsville was in this place yesterday evening.

Prof. E.E. Groom, our genial book agent, was showing the merits of his book last week.

Miss Dessie Cox of Watertown visited homefolk here Sunday.

S.S. Patton and wife of Watertown were visiting relatives here.

It is rumored that Prof. M.M. Summars will take up his abode in the Phillippines when annexed and woo and win a Malay lady.

Miss Hattie Quarles of Greenvale attended church here yesterday.

Anson Kennedy of Prosperity was in our midst Sunday.

Our Neighbors

News Taken From Our County Exchanges

Smith County ----- The Times

Miss Carrie Savage returned Sunday from a visit to relatives in Nashville.

Mrs. Mary Overall of Nashville and her brother, C.C. Olliver of the 14th district, were here Monday.

B.F. Sanders is the proud father of a seven pound girl, which his wife presented to him last Friday. Both mother and child are doing well.

The protracted meeting at the Methodist church is being held by Rev. W.T. Haggard.

Elder W.H. Sutton of Sparta is to begin a series of meetings at the Christian church.

Warren County ----- Southern Standard

Judge B.M. Webb and Hon. T.W. Wade of Smithville and Judge Dan Williams of Alexandria were here several days this week attending Chancery Court.

Mrs. Rhoda Davis died at her home in this place last Monday at 1 o'clock p.m. after an illness of some weeks. The burial took place in the city cemetery Tuesday morning after impressive funeral services at the residence by Rev. W.W. Weakley.

A serious fire originating from a defective flue occurred at Morrison last Monday afternoon. The frame dwelling house of Mr. J.W. Maddux was burned, together with all the contents. A new dwelling house belonging to Mr. Joe Martin and a storehouse were also consumed.

Putnam County ----- The Press

Sheriff W. Alcorn left Monday with Bill Barnes, who has been confined in the jail here for safe keeping. Barnes was a natural idiot, but not until recently did he show symptoms of violence. He was placed in the Asylum at Nashville.

Wm. Whitaker of Dry Valley has returned from the Philippines, where he has been doing service in Company K, First Tennessee Vols. He was wounded in battle and came home as he was unfit for further service. He saw the Cookeville boys before he left, all of whom were in good health, and were looking forward to their homecoming.

First Sergeant John Murray of Company H., Fourth Tennessee Vols, returned to this place Tuesday. He will go to his home in Gainesboro in a few days. He is looking well, notwithstanding the fact that he had a spell of yellow fever while his company was at Trinidad, Cuba. He talks interestingly of conditions in Cuba, but says he has no desire to make his abode there, as it is entirely too sickly for Americans. Sergeant Murry made a good record while in the army. He was mustered out with the regiment while at Savannah, Ga., some weeks ago.

Mr. Will Whitley of Gordonsville and Miss Mattie Kersey of this place were united in marriage Tuesday evening. Miss Kersey is the daughter of Mr. A.J. Kersey and is a beautiful and accomplished young lady. Esq. C. Burton officiated.

Wilson County ----- The Democrat

Mrs. Hill of Chicago and Mrs. Virginia Bandy of Nashville are guests of Mrs. Ed Davis.

Capt. Cordell Hull, a popular captain in the recently deceased 4th Tennessee Regiment, was here yesterday en route to his home at Celina.

Robt. Hearn and Miss Myra Irby, daughter of Mr. W.J. Irby, married at Hartsville last Saturday after a rather exciting experience in escaping from the father of the young lady who objected to the match. Mr. and Mrs. Hearn have returned to Lebanon and are at present with Mr. and Mrs. Tom Arrington.

Honors have been falling about the head of our distinguished townsman, Col. B.J. Dillard.

The sudden death of Mrs. Abe Witt, which occurred last Sunday was a surprise and sorrow to her friends. Her extreme illness was of short duration, covering only three days, though the malady that proved fatal was one of those that creep upon us silently. Mrs. Witt leaves several children. The funeral services occurred at the home and were conducted by Rev. B.T. Lannom. The remains were interred at the city cemetery.


Rev. M.B. Scott preached the memorial sermon for the G.A.R. here at the M.E. Church.

Harvey Malone, who has been clerking for Bass and Herd at Rome, Ga., came home Saturday to spend a few weeks with home folks.

Misses Alta Bratten and Bernice Smith of Liberty visited the family of C.C. Smith here.

Miss Stell Stone returned from Alexandria Saturday.

Rev. O.B. Close is in Cookeville this week.

Marvin Campbell of Liberty was in town Sunday on business(?).

Miss Athen Robinson was the guest of Mrs. Odom on Dry Creek Saturday.

Demps Hill and family of Wilson county are visiting relatives here this week.


Trustee H.L. Overall brought back with him from the Charleston, S.C. Confederate reunion a bottle of Atlantic water.

Mrs. W.A. Tramel most of last week visited the bedside of her mama, Mrs. E.M. Bailiff, at her home in Smithville. She is reported dangerously ill.

Wink Tramel has been very sick for the last few days.

Wm. Hendricks and charming daughter, Miss Martha, of Youngblood, just barely escaped the big hail storm by stopping in at the home of your scribe.

D.H. Tramel lost a fine young mule to death a few days ago.

Marvin Tramel of Liberty visited relatives in this neighborhood last week.

Our jolly sheriff, Jno. T. Oakley, was among us awhile Thursday.

Mrs. Len (Pole) Woodside and children of Liberty visited at the home of her father, W.H. Jones, last week.

John Blackburn and family of Dowelltown visited relatives in this "city".

Miss Ada Davis visited at her Aunt Delila Ayers on Smith Fork Thursday.

Miss Forest Squires of Liberty is visiting Mrs. Nannie Page this week.

J.N. Davis attended the exhibition at the close of Prof. Ford's school Friday.


George S. Hunt of Carthage was here last week.

Mrs. Bettie Groom and Miss McAdoo of Auburn where here today.

Zack Hendrixson is in town today.

D. Bethel is in Nashville

Rev. W.M. Freer preached at the Methodist church Sunday night.

Miss Stella Stone has returned to her home at Dowelltown.

Mrs. William Simpson spent Sunday with Mrs. Barrett at New Middleton.

Mrs. Sarah Driver is dangerously sick at her home near town.

Mrs. Liv Tubb has been quite ill the past few days.

Miss Effie McMillin has returned from attending Bascoble College.

Miss Ida Hancock and sister of Auburn were here Monday.

Dr. Brien Tubb was at Lancaster last week.

Temperance Hall

Messrs. Bob Sykes, Sherman Anderson and others of Hickman visited at this place. Miss Founce Turner, who has been in school at Fayettville, Tenn., returned to her home here on the 23rd inst.

Mrs. R.H. Lankford of Huntingdon, Tenn. is visiting relatives and friends here.

Esquire Askew, wife and step-son, Vator Bluhm, are visiting relatives at Smithville.


Mrs. John Bass is convalescing.

Lemons at Whaley Bros.

Dr. J.G. Squires is in Smith county.

W.H. Allen had business at Brush Creek Friday.

Vick & Lamberson-headquarters for screen doors.

Walton Robinson is with friends at Shop Springs.

Ben Overall of Murfreesboro came over Monday on business.

Hon. J.R. Smith of Watertown was in town yesterday morning.

Herbert West and Robt. Odom of Smithville were in town Sunday.

Edwin Evans and J. Robert Stark attended the decoration yesterday.

Mrs. Ed Gleason has been numbered with the sick for the past several days.

S.W. McClellan and wife of Alexandria were in town yesterday.

Mr. and Mrs. H.A. Hill of Jennings came up Sunday to attend the decoration.

The young folks spent yesterday evening enjoyably at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Hudson.

Misses Willie Whaley, Virgil and Bulah Overall attended the decoration at Alexandria.

We are glad to note that Uncle William Griffith, who has been sick, is greatly improving.

John Squires of Grant spent last Friday in town and bought a buggy.

James Woodside and wife of Nashville are visiting Mrs. W's. mother, Mrs. John Allen, one mile west of town.

Elba Groom of Cottage Home was in town yesterday and purchased a new buggy from Vick & Bright.

Chas. Carrick, the shoe drummer, representing Murray, Dibrell & Co. was interviewing our merchants yesterday.

Mr. and Mrs. T.H. Stark spent part of last week in Wilson county. Mr. Stark is talking of buying him a farm and moving down there this fall.

J.L. Lamberson of the enterprising firm of Vick & Lamberson, was the "early bird" this morning as he was the first caller to our office under our new management.

Mrs Eva Stark has returned from Lebanon.

W.G. Evans was on the sick list part of last week.

Miss Maude Flippen spent Sunday with friends near Auburn.

Mrs. H.L. Hale has been on the sick list for several days.

Miss Bernice Odom of Auburn is visiting Miss Maude Flippen.

D.H. Hill and family of Jennings are with relatives here this week.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cooper last Tuesday, the 24th, a boy.

Mrs. A.E. Potter and children are visiting relatives and friends in Smithiville.

James Evans and Joseph Gilbert of Jones Mills spent Monday night in town.

Charles Joines and wife of Wilson county are up visiting relatives and friends.

Eld. Wm Goings of Coffee county is before the Pension Examining Board today.

Jonnie Whaley, who has been on the road for several days, spent the night at home.

Messrs. Robt. Webb and Chas. Potter of Smithville spent last night at Liberty Hotel.

Dr. W.H. Robinson has been confined to his room for several days with a fever.

R.E. Bratten and Miss Forest Squires spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Page on Indian Creek.

When passing through Liberty, stop at Whaley's Soda Fount and get a cool drink.

Mr. and Mrs. C.L. Bright and sons, Vick and Lewis, visited at Murfreesboro last week.

Mans Johnson and wife are the happy parents of a big boy which made his arrival last Wednesday.

Matt Bratten has a knee that is giving him some pain as a result of a collision with Roger Flippen in the game of baseball Saturday evening. Flippen escaped unhurt.

Col. Frank W. Allen of Nashville, representing the Fish Bros Wagon Co., spent last Friday in town and sold Vick & Bright a carload of wagons.

Guy Wilson of Nashville and J.H. Fuson of Smithville, representatives of the Southern Marble Works are here today.

Jas. Johnson, the trader of Dowelltown and Jeff Sandlin were at Alexandria yesterday and raised a row but were separated before anything serious happened. They gave bond for their appearance before the magistrate.

A large number of farmers of Clear Fork gathered Saturday morning at Mr. J.R. Smith's to plow out his corn, which he was forced to neglect on account of the sickness of his wife. Before dinner his whole crop had been plowed. We think it was real nice of these farmers to remember a brother in such a spirit. There were 19 plows and 10 hoes.

M.A. Stark umpired the baseball game Saturday.

The Liberty Cornet Band have closed the contract with Mr. G.W. Gill, Secretary of the Rome Fair Association, to furnish music for the fall exibition.

Thos. Vick and J.L. Lamberson have consolidated their grocery stock and now occupy the new Lamberson block in the western part of town. W.L. Vick, of the firm of Vick Bros., retires from the mercantile business.

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