Editor, Will A. Vick

May 10, 1899

Dry Creek

Ann Allen, col., is very sick at this writing.

Robt. Martin is able to walk with crutches and to be out with friends after being confined for about two months with a wounded knee.

Mrs. Chas. Taylor is improving after several days confinement to her room.

Born to Mathew Keaton and wife recently, a smiling boy.

It is rumored that John Thomas, col., has been taken from his grave, but we don't know how true it is for in this age of the world one can hear most anything.

Mrs. Samuel Hathaway visited at Mrs. Rube Martin's last week.

Mitchell Overall, col., killed a large rattlesnake one day last week.

Round Top

On last Saturday morning, between dawn and sunrise, Mr. J.M. Walden invited your humble scribe over to supper. He had invited all his friends and neighbors in to eat a birthday supper. About 7 o'clock, through the rain I wended my way. After a few minutes supper was announced and into the dining hall we went. The hall was nicely decorated with evergreens. The table was loaded with candies, cakes, fruits, preserves and dishes. Those present were; Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Walden, Mrs. Hill, J.M. Hayes, C.B. Fite, C.D. Jennings, Newton Walden, Henry Hays, Master Walden, H.L. Craddock, Mrs. J.M. Hayes, Alton Hayes, Marvin Jennings, Miss Henly, Edd Jennings, Clummie Jennings, Mrs. C.D. Jennings, Bill Walden, Etta Walden, Edna Walden. Three charming young ladies waited on the guests.

Rock Hill, Texas

I am an old Tennessean and write a few lines to The Herald to ask some of the friends and acquaintances of the long ago to please write at least a short letter every week or two. … I was born on Dry Creek, just above old Dr. Fuson's, in DeKalb county, Tenn., about-well a long time ago. I have been pretty well over eleven different states. I came to Texas 20 years ago. I have traveled over fifty counties in Texas. I meet many old Tennesseans in Texas. To mention the half of them would make my letter four times too long. I'll mention a few who left old Tennessee many years ago.

Isaac Overall, aged 90, who married John Close's sister, Hannah, lived near old Pisgah church. He came to Texas before the war, now lives at Douglass, Nacogdoshes county, Texas.

John R. Kelley, aged 65, married Jackie Hayes' daughter, Josie. Came to Texas in 1857. Resides at Mixon, Cherokee county. He formerly lived on Dry Creek.

Jackie Hays married a Williams. Jackie, or Johnie Hays lived near old Asbury church. His four -------------- Elizabeth Morris and Louisa, married Jasper Kelley, Josephene married John R. Kelley, Darthula married Amos Page, who lives in Cherokee county, Texas.

Smith Close lives at Coleman City, Coleman county, Texas. Will Close lives at Santa Anna, Coleman county. Little John Close lives at Chambersville, Collin county. All the above Closes were the sons of old Johnie Close, who lived near Temperance Hall. A sister, Paralee, married Jim While [? White?] and lived at Liberty Hill, Williamson county. She and her husband are both dead.

Abner Self came to Texas in 1860. He married old uncle Johnnie Close's sister, Susan. He is dead. His widow lives at Looneyville, Nacogdoches county. She has a large family of children. She has one preacher among her boys-Geo. W. Self. He is as able a preacher as Eastern Texas affords. He is called by many "Talmage II", has been actively engaged in preaching for 15 years, is a Presbyterian.

William Self came to Texas ten years ago. He lives at Rock Hill, Tex. His two brothers, T. Jep and John Self have been here about six years, but John has moved to the Indian Territory.

All the above named people are doing well. I could name a hundred more, but I only name a few immediately old Liberty and Pisgah church to see if I cannot induce someone in the neighborhood of Asbury, Liberty, Temperance Hll, Close or the surrounding country to write.

Wonder what is the matter with Jim Turner, Dr. Martin, some of Elbert Robinson's children at the Hall, Bill Moore, John Capilinger or Jim Ellis at Close, Harrison Self or his wife at Forks of Pike, writing a letter. Mrs. Self can write a good hand if she will.


Lige Jennings got into a very narrow place this evening, not knowing the creek at the Hayes ford was past fording, he drove right in and the horse made a few jumps and ran out of the harness leaving Mr. Jennings to care for himself. He says he can't swim a lick and was certainly scared. Claude Hayes ran very quickly to his rescue and landed him safe to the shore. Everything was gotten out. Bud Bly swam in and got his buggy.

Mrs. Lassie Hawkins is not so well.

A mad dog scare took place on the farm of J.W. Hayes last Monday.

Our Neighbors

News Taken From Our County Exchanges

Putnam County ----- The Press

Last Wednesday night about 10 o'clock Pete McGuffy was shot and killed near the depot at Mine Lick. Walter Tucker and Grant Jones have been arrested for the crime and were placed in jail this morning. From the information that Walter Tucker, who was only released from jail yesterday, had gone down to Mine Lick and ate supper with McGuffy. Later, he was joined by Jones and the two were walking around town. It is said that an eyewitness to the affair saw Tucker and Jones nearing the depot and McGuffy was seated on the platform, when McGuffy called out, "Is that you Grant?", whereupon pistol shots were fired, the balls taking effect in McGuffy who ran across the street and fell dead. The two then left the depot. Sheriff Alcorn was summoned about two o'clock and with Constable Judd left here to arrest the parties. They found them just at daybreak near Mine Lick and when they saw the officers attempted to run, but the officers being mounted, easily overhauled them. A pistol was found on the ground alongside of Jones, but none was found on Tucker. It is said that Tucker was seen with a pistol during the afternoon. Both had been drinking heavily and were under the influence of liquor when brought to Cookeville. Pete McGuffy was well known in court circles, having been a regular attendant as principal and accessory in many crimes.

Last Tuesday about noon the daughter of John King, who lives three miles North-east of this place, while out in the field with her father who was burning brush, got her dress on fire by going too near a burning heap. She ran to her father who was a hundred yards distant and he attempted to tear her burning clothes off, but he did not succeed in doing so until she had been frightfully burned. It was a horrible sight and she suffered intense agony for twelve hours when she died.

Last Saturday, Judge Geo. H. Morgan of this place, who was a passenger on the incoming train, while at Double Springs, attempted to walk from one car to another when the train gave a lurch throwing him forward. He fell heavily on his face, cutting two or three painful gashes and otherwise bruising him up. On account of the Judge being afflicted with rheumatism, he was unable to save himself from a hard fall.

Last Friday afternoon the residence of Thos. M. Breeding, four miles south of town, was destroyed by fire with all its contents.

C.E. Wilson has gone to Marietta, Ga., where he will purchase a large quantity of marble for use in his works at this place.

Miss Mamie Morgan has returned from Celina, where she had been teaching a music class.


Jacob Barbee, Dr. Cunningham and two of Wiley Floyd's boys are all sick.

Will Hastings has a boy who fell out of a crib door last week and struck his head against a rock. The boy is now in a strange fix-swollen all over with something like eczema with erysipelas developed where the rock came in contact with his head. Drs. think he is liable to have meningitis.

Esq. William Gill of Grant planted on Friday, April 28 and died Saturday evening with something like apoplexy. Funeral services Sunday by Rev. Simms of the C.P. Church.

Mrs. Jessie Gill had a ? last Thursday night and another Saturday ? [too faint to read]

W.J. Smith and wife visited ------? Smith's Saturday night.

Big Oak

Mr. and Mrs. Claude McMillin have been spending the week with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Young.

Mr. B. Cassidy is in this section in the interest of a new thresher to be purchased by him and Mr. Young.

T.C. Sullivan, one of our charming old bachelors, is making some change in the program.

O.E. Crowe and W.M. Durham left our midst Sunday morning going south.


Miss Nora Lee of Cookeville visited her sister of this place Sunday.

Miss Nannie Oakley, who has been teaching school at Brush Creek, has returned home.

Ollie Jennings, formerly an old Statesville boy, is in town talking shoes to our merchant's.

Mrs. Frank Richmond of Jackson county has returned home after several days at her sister's.

Mrs. Will Johnson is very sick.

The hotel being erected by J.J. Jewell is nearing completion.


Mrs. Dr. Robinson is on the sick list this week.

Mrs. W.A McClellan is better at this writing.

Granma Turentine, who got her arm broken some time ago is able to be out again.

Misses Edna and Bernice Smith of Liberty visited friends here Sunday.

Ras Kyle and wife visited relatives here Sunday.

W.J. Grandstaff and family visited relatives at Liberty Sunday.

Clay Stark of Clear Fork passed through town today.

Messrs. Oscar and Percy Whaley of Liberty were in town Sunday on business(?).

Lem Stark returned from Nashville Saturday night.

Rev. T.J. Stricklin has purchased a new organ.

Cridner Pullin has also purchased a guitar.

A Card of Thanks

The ladies of Liberty and especially Miss Lelia Whaley, have my sincere thanks and heartfelt gratitude for the nice present I received yesterday. -- Ben O. Edmonds


Robert Bruce and Mr. Anderson are thinking of locating their photograph gallery here.

James Parker, Esq., has returned from Nashville.

Dr. Sam McMillan left this morning for Chattanooga to attend the Grand Lodge K. of P.

Mrs. Sarah Driver has been quite sick for several days.

Isaac Johnson of the 11th district, was stricken with paralysis last week-little hopes are entertained of his recovery.

Have you seen Rob Roy's list. He is a hustler for news.

Mrs. Elizabeth McMillin visited her son, Dr. Sam McMillin this past week.

Jacob Thomason is visiting his daughter, Mrs. Barbee on Main street.

B.F.C. Smith, Esq. was in town Monday.

Elder David Wauford preached at the Baptist Church Sunday night.

Clyde Terry was here yesterday.

Ed Terry left yesterday evening for a trip to purchase lumber.

J.C. and Vera Goodner are visiting in town.

Shelah Farmer is at work in his father's shop on High street.

Lightning killed a valuable cow for W.W. Patterson last week.


Prof. N.L. Gold is in town.

Henry Johnson of Clear Fork is sick.

S.L. Williams was in Murfreesboro last week.

H.A. Hill and wife of Jennings were in town Monday.

Oscar Moore of New Middletown spent Friday night in town.

Irby McAdoo of Watertown was in these parts Sunday.

Charles Baker and sister of Watertown were in Liberty Sunday.

Mrs. Bob Smith is very sick at her home on Clear Fork south of Liberty.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Armstrong of Statesville were in town shopping Monday.

Shoes! Shoes! Fine shoes and slippers cheap at W.A. Bass & Co's. --- Dowelltown

Misses Maggie Henley, Nettie and Maggie Foutch of near Alexandria were in town.

Mrs. J.F. Roy and Mrs. Saleena Yeargin of Alexandria visited at .

Mr. and Mrs. W.G. Evans attended the religious debate at Helton Thursday.

A.J. Pugh is still very sick at his home five miles south of town. Some of his friends doubt his recovery.

A letter received here last week from Alvah Lamberson states that the Liberty boys are all well and enjoying life, butt all want to come home.

W.B. Lamberson has been confined at the home of his father-in-law, W.B. Payne's, 1 1/2 miles west of town, for nearly a week. He has returned to Nashville. Drs. T.J. Jackson and J.R. Hudson returned from Gainesboro Thursday where they had been attending the Upper Cumberland Medical Society.

Ed Evans and Bob Stark went to Lebanon Saturday to play with the Carthage baseball club.

Photographs-J.P. Jennings

Jas. Williams was in town Monday.

R. Matt Priest came up to see "dear friends".

Miss Ida Eastes returned to her home at Grant Thursday.

O.A. Bratten, Const., will sell a lot of tobacco publicly Saturday.

Miss Nannie Bogle of Sycamore was in town shopping.

C.W.L. and H.L. Hale made a business trip to Smithville.

Chas. L. Hale writes to friends that he has been promoted to the position of Corporal.

Misses Willie Woodside and Era Turney spent last week with Mrs. James Ballinger at Woodbury.

The Patton Saw Mill Co. passed through town yesterday with their sawmill.

Attorneys, W.T. Dozier, T.W. Wade and Harry Robinson of Smithville and W.B. Corley of Dowelltown were here Friday taking depositions in the Hollandsworth vs. Squires case. The suit was tried before Judge Fisher this week. Dr. Squires won.

Sam N. Warren, Livestock Commissioner of the State Board of Health at Nashville, will be at Smithville Monday.

…Last night Jack Thurman and Tom Bright hied away to the millpond to cajole some of the amphibious animals of the genus Rana [frogs] from their lairs.

W.D. Bass wants to sell his farm on Smith Fork.

Miss Mamie Bryan of Watertown visited friends here Saturday.

James Bradley is in Nashville and Chattanooga this week buying goods.

Don Squires and Fred Payne are visiting relatives in Smith county.

Misses Isa and Sallie Givan are visiting their brother, C.Y. Givan at Cherry Valley.

Gray, the little child of Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Smith is recovering from a spell of sickness.

Mrs. John Grooms and daughter, Miss Eula, of Forks of Pike, were in town.

An infant child of Mr. and Mrs. John Barger, of near Murfreesboro, was buried in Salem cemetery last Thursday evening.

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