Editor, Will A. Vick

March 15, 1899


Judge Dan Williams is building an addition to his office on Main street.

Know & Womack will conduct a circulating library.

Terry & Stevens have added to their stock paints, oils and field seeds.

Liv Tubb has rented an additional room fronting on High street for his millinery department.

Dr. Sam McMillin will have a telephone box placed in his residence this week.

Miss Annie Blackburn went to Nashville Saturday.

Miss Effie Barnhill leaves for her home in Charleston, Mo. Tuesday.

Fleming Mefford is in St. Louis.

Misses Mary and Maud Flippen and Daisy Womack visited Miss Lena Tubb last Tuesday, spending the evening at Mrs. Hal Tubb's.

James Jones has been absent several days on a business trip.

Miss Edna Rollins was in town Sunday visiting the family of L.W. Rollins.

Irene Rutland, daughter of H.C. Rutland, has been dangerously sick the past few days.

Dr. R.M. Bone was able to be over in town today.

Col. Ford went to Carthage last week.

Miss Corille McClellan has taken charge of her school at Hall's Hill.

Mrs. Ed Terry is visiting relatives in Wilson county.

A Dirty Trick for Revenge

On Friday night of last week Messrs. E.E. Bell, J.W. Jenkins and R.V. Goodson, revenue officers, made a raid into Grundy county, captured and destroyed a wild-cat brandy distillery in full operation in Hubburd's Cove, but the parties operating it made good their escape, without the raiders getting so much as a glimpse of them. Returning, the party reached Viola a little after daylight and acting upon information no doubt previously given to them, they made a search of L.P. Sain's barn, in the loft of which they found a ten gallon keg of unstamped brandy. The officers could not do otherwise than place Mr. Sain under bond to appear before a U.S. Commissioner, but it is safe to say that there is not a dozen people in Warren county who will believe that he had any knowledge of the brandy being in his barn or any connection with it. There is a little nest of whiskey men around Viola who have been a curse and an abomination to the community for months. These men and their infamous traffic Mr. Sain has boldly and courageously denounced, has used his best efforts as a good citizen to suppress and prevent the illegal sale of liquor. One or more of them has simply played this trick through revenge or spite and that is all there is to it. ------------Southern Standard


Claude Hayes and Alvah Champion went to Milton last Sunday on important business.

Ask Jeff Sneed if he is still taking picture negatives.

Messrs. Tim and Lee Lax and Tom Brasher of Auburn ate twelve pounds of oysters at Alvah Champion's restaurant a few days since.

Will Kennedy of Auburn had the misfortune of losing a mare last Wednesday night.

Dry Creek

Geo. Martin is able to be out again after several weeks of confinement to his bed.

Thos. Huggins is still in very feeble health with rheumatism.

Dave Norman, col., died Wednesday evening after suffering some time with consumption. He was buried Thursday evening. The community has lost a good old darkey.

There was a lawsuit in Dowelltown yesterday between Lenzi Reynolds and James Johnson arising from a horse swap they had made which resulted in Reynolds being taxed with the cost.

Wm. Fite and John Martin had a little difficulty not long since which resulted in no serious damage. They decided to wait for the weather to get in better shape before the finished their trouble.

Our Neighbors

News Taken From Our County Exchanges

Putnam County ---- The Press

Capt. Z.P. Lee was quite ill last week but improving.

Rolly Quinn made his escape from jail one day last week. He has not been recaptured.

Senator A.W. Boyd came up Saturday to spend a few days with his family during the vacation of the legislature.

Elijah Bussell, night watchman at the Gregory Handle Factory, got his left forefinger cut off last Friday while monkeying with a lathe.

Miss Grace Lee has been quite sick.

John S. Denton, Private Secretary to the Governor, came up to visit home folks at this place.

Wilson County ---- The Democrat

Rev. B.F. Haynes was confined at home last week with an attack of la grippe.

Telephones have recently been put into the residences of Messrs. W.P. Bone, J.N. McKenzie and I.W.P. Buchanan.

Jim Brown, who served in the artillery of the U.S. Army during the recent unpleasantness with Spain, being stationed at Tybee Island, Ga., returned home last week.

Uncle Anderson Provine, one of Lebanon's oldest colored citizens, died at his home in the eastern part of the town last night. He was 74 years of age and went out a few days ago to assist in digging a grave, since which he has not been able to speak.

W.M. Harkreader, Secretary of Wilson County Camp, Confederate Veterans, has called a meeting of all Confederate soldiers of this county to be held at the courthouse Monday. A number of important measures will be brought before the meeting, among them being a report from A.K. Miller, who has in charge the marking of the graves of Confederate dead in Cedar Grove Cemetery.

Friday night last the home of A.D. Eskew, one mile from Lebanon on the Sparta turnpike, was burned. Mr. Eskew and family lost much of their clothing and household goods and that without having any insurance. The house was the property of Sam Green and S.F. Forbes and was insured for $900 with E.E. Beard's agency. The fire is supposed to have originated from the kitchen flue.

Warren County ---- The Standard

Stroud & Bruster shipped a carload of mules to Atlanta Thursday.

Rev. W.B. Holmes, who has been engaged in a meeting at Owensboro, Ky. for nearly three weeks, returned home Thursday.

Nellie Goring, a little step-daughter of Dr. W.J. Jolly, aged about 8 years, died at two o'clock this Friday morning from scarlet fever and will be buried at 3:30 o'clock this afternoon. The other two children who were stricken with the fever are improving and are considered out of danger.

Mrs. Annie Gillespie Leonard, wife of Dr. N.C. Leonard, died at their home on Smithville street at 9 o'clock Saturday morning, March 4th, 1899. Funeral services were held at the residence Sunday afternoon by Rev. C.E. Sullivan, followed by burial in the new cemetery.


Foster Beard of Watertown; who has been sick for some time, died Saturday morning at 9 a.m. and was buried at the Salem graveyard at Liberty Sunday by the Knights of Pythias.

Jacob and Staley Barbee, of out town, are building a chimney for John Jewel of Statesville.

Wiley Floyd has the contract for foundation and chimneys for a new house for James Neal, Sr. at Mahone.

Last Sunday night as Tom Johnson was riding along the public road near Bob Barry's, someone threw a rock, striking him on the head cutting a considerable gash, then shot at him several times, the bullets whizzing uncomfortably to his head.

Miss Mary Smith of Holmes Gap is still visiting at Commerce.

Miss Maggie Cundall and a Mr. Bass of Dowelltown were at church at Commerce Sunday.


Charley Jones, private of Co. D, 6th Mo., Inf't., is at home on a 20 days furlough.

The family of S.T. Wall of Pinegar is visiting Mrs. Wall's father, Captain Perry Adcock.

H.R. Taylor has sold his ferry to S.T. Wall.

Luther Young of Cassville was here Tuesday.

W.A. Stephens, who is attending school at Smithville, visited home folks Saturday.

H.L. Overall, trustee, was here Tuesday and reported a good collection.

Reece Arnold of Cassville was here the 8th inst.

R.G. Pinegar, who is attending school at Smithville visited homefolks Saturday.

S.T. Luna and F.B. Thurman went to Sparta today.


Fuson, the little two year old child of Rev. T.J. Stricklin, is very sick.

Less Bass is very sick at his home on Smith Fork.

Uncle David Norman, (col.), an old and respected negro of Snows Hill, died last Wednesday.

Claude Parker, (col.), formerly of this place but recently of Nashville, died last Thursday. His remains were shipped here for interment.

Misses Hassie and Eliza Campbell of Liberty visited friends here Sunday.

Miss Pearl Foutch, who has been visiting her aunt on Dry Creek, returned home Saturday.

J.F. Turner is in Nashville this week buying his spring stock of goods.

Miss Lula McClellan is also there selecting her stock of ladies hats.

Clarance Stark is clerking for Grandstaff & Stark.

Oscar Whaley of Liberty was in town Sunday on business(?).


John Hollandsworth Will be Taken Back to Cannon County

Union City, Mar. 11-John Hollandsworth, a man of about 40 years of age, surrendered to S.R. (Steve) Patterson, a saloon man. Hollandsworth killed two men in Cannon County, Tenn. two years ago. Mr. Patterson, to whom Hollandsworth surrendered telephoned Sheriff Patterson of Cannon county. The Sheriff arrived in Union City at 1 p.m. and will take Hollandsworth with him. Mr. Patterson, to whom Hollandsworth surrendered, will receive $400--$100 from the citizens of Woodbury and $300 from the State..-Banner, March 11th


Arthur Reynolds spent last night in town.

F.W. Hobson of Foutch was in town last week.

Sheriff Odom and Brown Foster were in town Sunday.

J.J. Evans of Jones Mills spent Monday night in town.

Cicero Sullins was up from Watertown to see his brother Sunday.

Bob Webb, Sherill Evans, Jas. Tinsley and Chas. Potter were here Sunday.

J.A. Todd of Warren county gave our office a pleasant call this morning.

The Misses Kennedy of Prosperity visited Miss Mattie Lamberson Sunday.

Misses Ida and Anna Williams were up from Watertown last week visiting friends in Liberty.

Miss Lizzie Barry, a charming miss of Forks of Pike, spent last week with Miss Gertie Stark.

Miss Beulah Groom of Prosperity and Miss Nannie Barry of Forks of Pike were with friends Sunday.

Jas. Smartt and sister, Miss Nettie, visited relatives here Saturday and returned to their home at Brush Creek Sunday evening.

A letter received from Chas. L. Hale at Santiago, Cuba, last night states that he is "right in the midst of the fray" as a mounted policeman. He is the son of Will T. Hale and the grandson of C.W.L. Hale, our fellow townsoman.

Through an oversight we failed to mention the death of one of J._. Smith's twin girls which occurred the 15th ult. This was one of the twins born Dec. 27th, last. The surviving child is doing well and prospects are that they will raise it.

Monday night the barn of W.A. Spurlock on Sycamore was burned and with it two mules.

Foster Baird [sic] died at his home near Watertown Saturday after an illness of several months. A wife and two children are left to feel the loss of husband and father.

Jas. Williams was on our streets this morning.

Ed Potter and family visited at Dowelltown Sunday.

Miss Etta Woodside is at Smithville for her health.

Miss Lillie Sullins of Watertown visited here last week.

Fred Toneymacher and Arthur Gilliam of Watertown were here Sunday.

Jim Caskey had a wagon horse to die on the way to Watertown last week.

Misses Bernice Neal and Sallie Givan paid us a pleasant call last press day.

Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Bradley's baby has not been so well for the past few days.

Willie Owen and Thomas Swingley of Bellwood visited relatives here last week.

Benj. J. Overall of Murfreesboro was renewing acquaintances here Saturday.

Vick & Lamberson have purchased the Statesville band wagon and will paint and remodel it.

Mrs. Jas. Ballinger, formerly of this place, but now of Woodbury, was here visiting relatives and friends a few days of last week.

Miss Maude Flippen left for Nashville Monday to spend a week.

Mrs. Jas. H. Overall, accompanied by two of her youngest children and Miss Virgil, visited Mrs. D. Whaley Saturday and Sunday, returning to their home at Murfreesboro Monday.

Geo. Smith received a letter from his son, Lewis, who is in Iloilo, P.I. last night. This is the first news received from him since last November when he at Honolulu. He had been in the hospital for some time, but is well now.

Last night the house on the farm of Dr. Hudson, 3/4 miles north west of town was burned. The building was new and was to have been occupied by James Sims today.


Jo Logan-Dentist --- Liberty, Tenn.

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