Editor, Will A. Vick

March 8, 1899


Tom B. Malone and mother of DeKalb county are visiting the family of C.T. Cates this week. On account of so much mud they will remain until winter breaks.

Mrs. A.C. Brandon of Burt was visiting Mrs. J.M.D. Cates this week.

Sam Bragg of Braxton will be married at Murfreesboro today, Feb. 28, to Mrs. D.O. Hollis of Dilton, Tenn.

Miss Maude Elliot, who has been visiting in the neighborhood of Readyville, has returned.

Thorpe Springs, Texas

W.D.G. Carnes is in Palo Pinto county taking orders for "Our New Possessions."

Mrs. Mattie Shaffer of Athens is here visiting her mother, Mrs. Clark. We were grieved to learn of the death of Ode Woodsides.

Mrs. Rouland and daughter, Gertrude, both have pluracy.

Dan Cogsdale of Granbury, who has a mortgage on some school property here, is rapidly moving it away.

Our Neighbors

News Taken From Our County Exchanges

Wilson County ---- The Democrat

Trustee J.L. Knight forwarded today $3,706.48 to the state treasurer for February.

Frank Pemberton and Jim McFarland, colored, were tried before Esq. J.D. Glenn Monday on a warrant charging them with having stolen a side of meat from R.M. Ireland. They were found guilty and bound over to the criminal court.

Two houses fell victim to the flames here last night. One, a dwelling house on College street owned by J.L. Barry and occupied by Eugene Barry and family. The other the colored Cumberland Presbyterian Church in the eastern part of the town. A portion of the colored public school had been occupying the church since the burning of their building about three weeks ago.

Putnam County ---- The Press

Rev. T.J. Baker preached a very interesting sermon at the M.E. Church South last Sunday.

Ed Dorman is able to be out again.

We are glad to see the Hon. G.H. Morgan on the streets again after a severe spell of sickness.

R.L. Jared of this county has accepted the position as transportation agent for the State Prison Commission.

Cannon County ---- The Press

Dr. J.T. Bell spent a few days in Murfreesboro this week.

Anson Kennedy of Auburn visited friends in our city this week.

Mrs. W.T. Mingle had the misfortune to break her arm last week.

Walter Diehl of the Florida Volunteers is visiting his father, Maj. A.R. Diehl, of this place.

Warren County ---- The Standard

The wife of Dr. N.C. Leonard is dangerously ill and little hope of her recovery.

Editor Frank Wallace of The Smithville Review was here Wednesday enroute to Nashville, his wife and child visiting relatives during his absence.

Alex Harrison died at his home in the 5th civil district Tuesday morning in the 60th year of his age, from cancer with which he had been afflicted for some time. He was a member of the County Court for some years, but resigned last fall. He was buried at Buck Springs Wednesday.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday reversed the case of Wm. Ferguson, sentenced to 15 years in the penitentiary for arson by the Circuit Court of Warren county and remanded same for new trial.


Joe England and J.M. Randolph of Golden Mountain were here Saturday and Sunday.

Jack Hutchens sold his milch cow Saturday.

T.J. Jackson has moved to Jas. Fuson's.

J.B. Jones and J.T. Adcock went to Sparta Monday.

J.T. Adcock and J.L. Statton bid off the steam-distillery sold by R.V. Goodson, Deputy Collector.

M.F. Johnson was here Thursday.

Thos. Mabe's infant child is very sick.

L.M. Jessie of Viola spent several days visiting the family of T.J. Clark.

John (Hog) Pinegar went to Sparta Thursday.

C.E. Thurman went to Sparta Thursday.

T.J. Clark has been employed to teach the school at Indian Mound this fall.

P.G. Luna has moved to the river.

John Hutchens reports that he is doing a good business at the mill.

R.G. Ballard is visiting at F.M. Lewis'.

Rev. S.T. Luna spent Saturday with T.J. Clark.

Jas. Luna is building a new garden and yard fence.

Mrs. D.L. Clark had the shelves in her store rearranged.

A.J. Atnip and Miss Habbie Cope were married 2nd Sunday. [Feb.]

Dick Kerley's little boy is reported very sick.

C. Turner visited relatives here Saturday.

Luther and Edgar Young were here Monday.

Dr. Davis of Darkey Springs visited Dick Kerley's boy and reported him suffering with fever.

Webb Hutchens and C.H. Hutchens swapped land. Webb Hutchens is moving near Walling.

Tom Clouse and wife of Fountain Head are visiting Mrs. Clouse's mother.

W.H. Mabe and wife will visit Mrs. Mabe's mother at Golden Mountain next week.

Perry Brack has moved into his new house.

John Brack and _.L. Trouble [?] are not doing much work in the sheep.

John Steele and Nancy Raymond were married Thursday by Rev. S.T. Luna.


Miss Jennie Hawkins, Sammie and Meadie Odom of Smithville's college, visited home folks.

The lawsuit of Pleas Adams vs. Jene Stark, col., has been tried but the judgement is unknown at this time.

Mrs. Lassie Hawkins is some better at this writing.

Misses Ella and Kate Champion visited friends at Milton last Wednesday.

Hop Young and sister, Miss Hollie, visited friends at Auburn last week.

Dude Rollins was under bond for his appearance at court at this place on Feb. 28, the bond got out of order and when they met for trial Rollins had left the country for parts unknown.

Warren County Items

Mr. Jessie Todd had the good fortune to attend a pound supper Tuesday night.

The Stem-winding Star Bicycle Club convened at Mr. Wm. Young's last Tuesday. After the preliminary address by Prof. Jas. Young, Dave Mason was elected President and Wm. Young, secretary. Immediately following the election the practice work began. Prof. Jim Young "opened the ball" by performing a gymnastic on the handlebars and then danced a double-quick around the sprocket wheel. Then Pres. Mason came forward and displayed his dexterity by trying to "wheel" up a walnut tree, which he did admirably well. Jessie Todd, the next on the program, performed some very wonderful feats which reflected great credit on the performer. W.B. Young then took his turn on the track and displayed a considerable degree of activity. Then came the time for Esq. H.L. Brown to mount the "bike", which he did to the surprise of all present and with a dash he sped away down the track (with all the grace and solemnity of an old professor) for about twenty or thirty feet, when, with the dignity of a spring bird he spread his wings and had his feet become entangled in the wheel he would have made fine success at flying.

On Sunday night two weeks ago, Mr. Daniel Odom of Mountain Creek met with a very narrow escape. [No harm done]


Fleming Meflord is in Saint Louis.

Ernest Botts is visiting relatives at this place.

James Garrison went to Lancaster today.

Miss Stell Stone is at Liv Tubb's. Dr. R.M. Bone has been quite sick since returning from Nashville.

Kirk Eason is clerk at the Bailey House, Nashville.

Mrs.Levia Goodner is quite sick at her home on Locust street.

H.D. Foust, Jr. has moved into his new residence on North High street.

Will McMillen and wife of Statesville were here last week.

Sam Marler, son of R. Marler, died from a hemorrage Friday morning at the home of his father near town.

Ed Bethel and wife spent Thursday night at Bob Bryant's at Lynwood.

Miss Annie Sloan is with her sister, Mrs. Knox.

Miss Edna Rollins was in town last week.

Dr. Martin and son of Temperance Hall were in town last week.


For three weeks I have not written a line for the paper. During that time old man Jack Lanham has died in our immediate neighborhood and the writer held services over the remains in the Baptist Church at Commerce, then he was laid away to rest between the bodies of his companion and son, Howell, who was a minister of the C.P. Church.

Thomas Borum, another old citizen, died near Lebanon and was buried at Poplar Hill. Last week Mrs. Huffman, the widow of W.C. Huffman, died of dropsy.

Dick Mason and wife have a new boy at their house.

Foster Beard is still very low at Watertown with consumption and is not expected to live.


Dr. W.A. Barger shipped a carload of stock to Kansas last week.

J.M. Jennings and family of Lebanon were visiting the family of Dr. J.M. Turney last Friday.

Miss Gracie Turney who has been sick for some time is somewhat improved at this writing.

Miss Ida Jacobs and brother of Cherry Valley are attending school at this place.

Prof. M.M. Summars has suspended school for the present owing to his sickness.

Miss Dessie Cox, who is attending school at Watertown, was visiting home Sunday.

W.H. Talley is on the sick list this week.

Herschol Cathcart and Clarence Bragg of Woodbury are visiting Willie Webb this week.

Eugene Smith of Cainsville and Miss Carrie Drifoos of Alexandria were here last week.

T.K. Armstrong and Edwin Jennings had business in Lebanon last week.

Cottage Home

Edgar Brantly of Milton was with friends at Prosperity Sunday.

Wade Sneed and Hop Young visited Lum Bailiff at Alexandria Saturday night.

H.B. Edwards of Sycamore visited home folks Saturday.

Reason Jennings died at this home near Greenvale last week of consumption.

Lum Bailiff and Jordan Vantrease spent Sunday with Hop Young.

On account of sickness, Rev. Jno. T. Oakley failed to fill his appointment at Prosperity.

A.D. Truitt came near being drowned Saturday evening while crossing Smith Fork. He was returning home from the mill, drove into the creek and as there had been a terrible hail and rain storm above the creek came down with such force that it swept all before it, a mule and horse composed the team, the mule was drowned and the horse became untangled in the harness and walked out on a gravel bar and was saved.

Miss Zora McAdoo is visiting Miss Farrie Owen.

Miss Lillian Fite is with relatives at Watertown.

Miss Erta Kennedy is with Mrs. Charles Jacobs near Murfreesboro.

Let me correct a mistake made. Uncle Jeff Sneed is 89 instead of 90.

Anson Kennedy went to Woodbury last week.


B.A. Adamson was in town Thursday.

H.A. Hill will visit relatives in Texas next week.

C.S. Smartt of New Middleton was in town Thursday.

Bob Ballinger came over from Woodbury on business yesterday.

Certainly Bob Givan attended services at Prosperity Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Woodside were with relatives at Dowelltown Sunday.

Mrs. Chas. Evans visited her father's family at Dowelltown Saturday and Sunday.

Messrs. Elec and John Squires of New Middleton were up on business Friday and Saturday.

Miss Mai Nelle Drifoos, a fascinating belle of Alexandria was in Liberty a short while.

T.H. and Jas. Stark were in the neighborhood of Watertown prospecting for real estate.

A.E. Potter and family were with relatives at Smithville Saturday and Sunday.

Clarence Stark was in Dowelltown a portion of last week to wait on the customers in the store of Grandstaff & Stark.

Rev. W.H. Gilbert left Saturday morning to fill the pulpit at Statesville M.E. Church.

Chas. Page spent Monday night in town.

Lun Rollins was here Thursday.

H.L. Craddock of Round Top was here on business Monday.

M.A. Stark and wife attended preaching at Dowelltown Sunday.

Chas. Smith of Watertown was here on business one day last week.

W. Percy Whaley is prosecuting attorney in a case at Dowelltown.

Uncle Isaac Whaley is in very feeble health being confined to his bed most of the time.

Miss Hassie Campbell spent Friday night with her friend, Miss Willie Corley at Dowelltown.

Mrs. Nannie Page, nee Taylor, of Capling was visiting Mrs. C.W.L. Hale.

Misses Ludie Gothard and Maude Blackburn were the guests of Mrs. Sam Woodside last week.

The sociable given by Miss Lola Robinson Friday night was highly enjoyed by several Liberty young people and visitors.

Messrs Robt. Luck and Tom Grandstaff, two of Watertown's young men, were in these parts on business(?) Monday night.

Mr. and Mrs. S.W. McClellan and daughter, Miss Corille of Alexandria, were visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Lafayette Hale Friday.

Messrs. Bragg and Cathcart, young bloods of Woodbury, were in Liberty Friday and attended the party at Dr. W.H. Robinson's. They were visiting their friend, Mr. Elba Groom at Cottage Home.

Lee Smith will attend the funeral of Col. W.C. Smith, late colonel of the Tenn. Volunteer Regiment. Lee was honorably discharged a few days previous to the embarking of the troops for Manila.

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