Editor, Will A. Vick

February 8, 1899

Cherry Valley

Rev. J.P. Gilliam offered his resignation as pastor of Round Lick church.

Mrs. Oscar Phillips and children have returned from Bessemer, Ala. where they have been on an extended visit to relatives.

Joe Patten has made some improvements on his dwelling house.

B.H. Phillips has put up a stock [of] groceries in the Towry building at Watertown.

Born to W.S. Henderson and wife on the 25th, a girl.

Mrs. Dr. W.R. Seat is still in feeble health.

Rev. David Phillips was presented some time since with a new buggy and harness by two churches of which he has charge of near Franklin.

Arthur Gilliam has returned from Mossy Creek where he has been in attendance at Carson and Newman College.


Elza Givan was in Auburn Monday on business for Vick & Bright.

Hop Young, a candidate for matrimony, went to Sharpeville last week to solicit a vote. It is understood that he well soon win. Claude Hays went with him.

Miss Ella Champion is visiting relatives at Sharpeville this week.

Chas. Rich and Miss Stella Fite were united in marriage today, Feb. 1st, at 2 p.m. by J.W. Hays, Justice of Peace. If no mistake, the bride 20 years old and the groom 48. At 3 p.m. a very nice dinner was set before the crowd composed of lots of good things.

Will David of Rutherford county is in our midst visiting relatives and friends.

Thorp Springs, Texas ---- from Minnie

Our young people enjoyed a 'tacky party' at Mr. Clapp's Friday night. Mr. Campbell and Miss Jessie Cameron won the prizes for "the tackiest".

Mrs. Millwe of Marlow, Ind. Terr., who has been here visiting her grandchildren, Ruth and Len Boyd, returned home Wednesday.

Miss Jennie Green returned yesterday from an extended visit to relatives at Lancaster.

Mr. and Mrs. J.P. McKinney are enjoying the "gulf breezes" at Houston.

Dr. Cummins and wife left for Barry, Navaro county, where they contemplate locating.

Edgar Wade of Somerville county accompanied Miss Tennie Nunley home from Panter, where she is teaching.

We read with pleasure the letters in the Herald from the soldier boys. We would be glad to hear from Forks of Pike again.


Mrs. Jane Thurman is visiting her daughter, I[L]ou Hutchens this week.

Aunt Creasy Statton is very low with La Grippe.

Elder S.E. Humphrey delivered two excellent sermons at Indian Mound Baptist Church.

Watson Pollard and wife visited the family of W.G. Adcock Saturday.

Will Slatton raised his barn Monday and Tuesday.

T.J. Jackson of Darkey Spring has moved to this place.

J.N. Vaughn of Young's Bend visited his sister, Mrs. J.B. Jones, Monday.

W.T. Knowles and the Love boys attended meeting at Indian Mound Sunday.

J.L. Neal of Rowland visited his sister, Mrs. Webb Hutchens, Saturday.

John Hutchens has rented the Cantrell Mill property.

Jim Cope is repairing his dwelling house.

Mrs. Sookey Thurman visited Mrs. Sarah Pinegar Wednesday.

Webb Hutchens has been sick for several days with La Grippe.

J.D. Luna went to Smithville Monday.

D.L. Clark opened up a new store here Tuesday.

Mart Ennery, Const. of White county, was here Thursday.

T.G. Howell has leased some land from Widow Slatton.

Bud Bain and Chas. Trapp were here Thursday and Friday.


Central College, Mechanicsville, Tenn.

A Teacher's Course is offered to prepare young teachers. A Complete College Education included in our courses with tuition ranging from $1 to $3.50 per month.

E.L. Mooneyham, B.S., Principal

Forks of Pike

Mr. Lee Overall, the tax collector, was in our midst and spent the night with T.P. Bragg.

Mrs. James Sellars, who has been to Nashville for the past few weeks under treatment of a physician, returned home a few days ago and is much improved.

Mr. T.P. Bragg has bought the Taylor farm.

Rev. Joe Ramsey, the blind preacher, is billed for a few lectures at Four Corner.

Our Neighbors

News Taken From Our County Exchanges

Smith County ---- The Times

Miss Ethel Jordan has been sick this week with grippe.

Rev. R. Brett preached at Tullahoma Sunday.

Joseph Myer, who returned from a Florida trip last week, is improving.

Robert Wagoner has given out the contract for a new storehouse on the south side of the river at Sander's and will open a store there.

Five steamboats now pass Carthage each way during the week-Bob Dudley, R. Dunbar, Henry Harley, J.N. White and J.W. Thomas. The White is taking corn out of the Caney Fork river.

Putnam County ---- The Press

Mrs. Z.P. Lee has returned from a visit to Nashville.

____________ to learn of the ________[paper torn] P. Gillem, Sr., which _______ his home Monday after____ _________ under most unfortunate circumstances. He was in the woods cutting some timber when a tree fell on him. Mr. Gillem was formerly a prominent businessman at this place and was a high toned honest gentleman. His death will be a serious blow to his family, many of the boys being scattered over the country and some in Manila. Mrs. Gillem is almost prostrate with grief.

Wilson County ---- The Democrat

Mrs. E.E. Adams and Miss Minnie McClain have returned from a two-week visit to Sprinfield.

Rev. B.F. Haynes spent the greater part of last week in Nashville [with] affairs of his paper, Zion's Outlook, calling him thither.

Hon. N.G. Robertson and a number of other distinguished Tennesseans have been appointed by the governor as delegates to the military convention at Tampa, Fla. beginning Feb. 8th.

Misses Mary Ewing and Emma Beard gave an afternoon reception for Miss Webb of Cincinnati.

The approaching marriage has been announced of Miss Adna V. Goodwin to Mr. Frank McLaurine, Wednesday morning, Feb. 8 at 6 o'clock. The ceremony will be performed by Rev. J.M. Hubbert. The bride-elect is the daughter of Editor Jas. W. Goodwin of The Tribune and Mr. McLaurine is a prosperous young businessman of Lynnville, Tenn.

Warren County ---- The Standard

The Supreme Court of Nashville, last week, sustained the cases of Col. John H. Savage and others against the Postal Telegraph Cable Co. for damages caused by the fire on the northside of the Square two or three years ago, in which it was claimed that the fire originated from the wires of the Postal Company.

Last Sunday afternoon at 5 o'clock, at the residence of Rev. W.B. Holmes in McMinnville, Joseph F. Rankin and Miss Susie E. Ritchey were united in holy marriage.


Old man John Lanham, who has been sick for six months and who is over eighty, is very low at this time and not expected to live only a few days.

Foster Beard, our deputy sheriff who resides at Watertown, is very low and not expected to live.

West Palmer, a negro of Calepsville, died last night.

Last Saturday was pension day and nearly all our pensioners were out to see L.D. Smith, the Notary Public.

F.W. Smith was buying shoats last week at three cents to feed.


The Directors of the DeKalb County Fair met on Saturday and elected the following officers: Josh T. Craighead, President; John W. Rutland, Treasurer; Rob Roy, Secretary. The dates for the fall fair are September 21, 22, and 23. Women are admitted free the first day.

Rev. R. Brett has resigned as pastor of the Baptist and will move to Huntsville, Ala.

Revs. L.B. Jarmon and W.J. Watson were here Sunday.

U.W. Neal and wife attended services at the Baptist church Sunday.

Ezekiel Martin was accused this week of cutting the cover of Manson Payne's wagon.

James Bowman of Waverly was here this week.

W.C. Preston died at his home in the 11th district Monday. He was an old citizen and had many friends in this section.

Miss Nannie Witt is visiting at R.F. Jones.

Miss Effie Barnhill is visiting her sister, Mrs. Freer, at this place.

Dr. R.M. Bone came home from Nashville last week.

Mrs. Sarah Driver fell one day last week and has not been able to walk from the injuries.

Mrs. Allen and Mrs. Lauderdale of Hartsville are here visiting their mother, Mrs. H.H. Jones, who has been quite sick.

Misses Alice and Carrie Drifoos are visiting at Cainsville.

Shelah Farmer is at work on The Times.


Charlie Forehand, a youth of 16, died with consumption on last Saturday night and was buried the Jennings cemetery today.

Rev. Gilbert did not fill his appointment at the M.E. Church yesterday, owing to the death of his father.

Prof. Andrew Whitlock of Cowan, Tenn, was visiting relatives here last week.

Ollie Adamson of Dry Creek visited his father at this place Sunday.

Prof. Mat Summer visited friends at Fall Creek Sunday.

Messrs. Aubrey Jennings and E.F. Johnson visited Buzzard Bay Sunday evening.

A mystical gloom of cloudy despondency seemed to overshadow the countenance of Marvin Turney on last Sunday evening owing to his failure to see "Prosperity".


Pate Henley was here Sunday.

Ode Woodside remains very feeble.

L.N. Woodside continues to improve.

Dr. and Mrs. Bell of Woodbury were here Saturday.

Mrs. Jas. Starks has been suffering from grippe several days.

Mrs. J.M. Bradley and the little baby are improving some this week.

Wm. Woodside returned from Nashville yesterday where he had been since Thursday.

As we go to press we learn that Mr. Sam Woodside and Miss Mai Gothard will be married tonight.

We are informed that Prof. Killman has purchased the Adamson property now occupied by Dr. Hudson.

J.E. Hobson's face in now lighted up with a broad and happy smile. A young lady visitor arrived at his home Saturday.

Don Campbell, the produce huckster formerly of Dowelltown, moved his family to this place Friday and will make headquarters here.

Joe Ramsey is able to be out after wrestling with grippe for a week. He leaves today for Forks of Pike to spend the night with his friend, T.P. Bragg.

Mansfield Williams of Dowelltown was here yesterday.

Mrs. Lucinda Evans has been visiting here for several days.

Robt. Webb and Chas. Potter of Smithville were here Sunday.

Ed Evans and Dillard Givan were on Helton Sunday.

Jas. Evans of Jones' Mills was the guest of W.G. Evans Friday night.

Elza [Givan] says he will not go any more until July 4th as she has gone visiting.

S.L. Williams was on the puny list the latter part of the week gone.

Thos. Givan and son, Dillard, went to Lebanon Wednesday to carry the remains of 'Father' Gilbert and returned Thursday.

Monday at Smithville there was a shooting affray in which three men were hit but none seriously wounded. Harve Taylor and Harve Robinson figured on one side and John Turner on the other. It seems that all were drinking and had been quarreling all day.

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