Editor, Will A. Vick

July 24, 1889

New Middleton

John Yeargin of Nashville visited his brother, Orville, who is improving.

Born to A.S. Lee and wife on the 13th, a girl.

Miss Josie Coward, who has been in California for 2 or 3 years, is visiting here.

Miss Washburn of Illinois is visiting her sister, Mrs. Charlie Neal.

J.M. Jenkins is improving and is able to sit up alone.

Levi Agee and sister, Miss Mattie of Murfreesboro are visiting here.

W.H. Williams and Mr. Ballinger of Liberty visited here Saturday.

Mrs. W.N. Vantrease visited J.M. Jenkins Sunday.

Misses Laura Calhoun of Nashville, Jennie Bridges of Murfreesboro, Belle NelsonMr. Penick and sister of Alabama are visiting Dr. J.G. Bridges.

Mrs. Mattie Turner opened school at Dyers branch last Monday.

Mrs. Mollie Pullin visited in town Tuesday.

Jeff Rollins and wife visited Rome yesterday.

Miss Lucille Kennedy is visiting at Auburn.

Mrs. Ella Barrett of Clear Fork is visiting here.

Miss Gertie Wilkerson of Saulsberry is visiting her grandfather, Col. Swan.

Shady Grove

John Oakley of Owl Hollow died yesterday.

Born to Jim Bass and wife, a boy.

Miss Lula Davis is visiting her cousin, Miss Dollie Tracy.

Mrs. Kate Prichett is dangerously ill.

John S. Patterson of Murfreesboro is in our midst.

Miss Mary Marks has opened school at Commerce.

Miss Nora Barbee and little son, Jo Dorman, are visiting friends and relatives in this community.

J.T. Tracy has returned to his home after an absence of 6 years.

The land belonging to the estate of Rev. D.R. Patterson will be sold on August the 10th.


Mrs. Geneva Measle and Willie Barton Bowers of Alexandria are visiting their father, E.S. Bowers.

School commenced Monday by Miss Mollie Marks, also, Mrs. Cora Fite has a fine music class.

Miss Carrie Smith has returned from Nashville where she has been visiting relatives.

Albert Smith of Nashville is visiting relatives here.

Grant Fite of Liberty was in our midst last week.

Aunt Bet Barbee is still very sick.

Aunt Nancy Bass is very sick now.

Rev. H.J. Lanham has been very sick, but is on the mend.


Carlisle Kennedy, infant s/o W.C. Kennedy, was very sick, but is much better.

Denry Odom, formerly of this place, was visiting friends in this vicinity.

Miss Lola Sherrill, a beautiful and highly accomplished young lady of Nashville, is visiting relatives here.

Messrs. J. Odom and family and Samuel McAdoo and family left Friday for the cold water springs near Woodbury.

Messrs. Haywood Champion, Billie Turney, and M.M. Summers, three of our most energetic young men, will open their schools this Monday. Mr. Champion will teach at the Buckeye Academy, Mr. Turney at Hebron, and Mr. Summers at Stroud's Academy.

Shop Springs

Miss Emma Thompson of Baird's Mill has been visiting her many friends and relatives in the community.

Frank Mangrum, who has been trading in the south and west, has returned to his home near here.

Mrs. Mangrum has been sick and is no better.

W.B. Williams and wife of Temperance Hall have been visiting relatives here.

Miss Jennie Weston of near Nashville has been visiting her many friends here.

Esq. Ed Owen has been in our town on business.

Letter from W.L. Waters-"The Great West"

Pick Up

Mrs. Tennie Hucherson is still very sick and no hopes for recovery.

Davy Young and family of Milton were visiting at L.L. Word's.

Messrs. J.M. Jennings, George and Hark Davis and Ed Johnson were in town Sunday evening.

Rev. Holland delivered an able discourse at Hebron Sunday.

Rev. John T. Oakley preached at Statesville last Sunday.

A.N. Walden paid Alexandria a flying visit yesterday.

Forest Smith opened his school at Cainsville last Monday.

H.C. Alsup of Murfreesboro and H.S. Phillips of Henderson X Roads are visiting relatives in this community.

Forks of Pike

Miss Belle Wheeler of Alexandria has been visiting her sister, Mrs. S.H. Flippen near this place.

Mrs. Cora Fite of Commerce has been visiting friends at this place.

Charlie Robinson will begin school at Four Corner, August 5th.

Miss Effie Smith of Smithville has been visiting Miss Jennie Powell.

Alex Pettie and wife paid Dowelltown a visit last week.

James Evans went to Smithville last Saturday.

Walter Hancock and little Marshall Young of Auburn spent last Monday night with T. P. Bragg.

Sam Vanatta went to Smithville Thursday on business.


Jordan Stokes and son, Jimmie, of McKinney, Texas are visiting the family of Col. W.B. Stokes.

Mrs. Ida Grooms of Cairo, Illinois is visiting her mother, Mrs. Bethel.

Purney and Jim Banks are expected today, to visit their father, M.C. Banks.

Mrs. Eliza Allison and grandson, Hugh Dowell, arrived from McKinney, Texas.

Lillie Kersey is visiting her uncle, R.A. Botts.

Mrs. Chandler of Carthage is visiting her mother, Mrs. Lester.

R.A. Botts has begun the building of his residence on West Main street.

Rev. N.R. Sandborn will preach at the Cumberland Church.

At the 21st deligated Assembly of the United Benevolent Societies at this place, August 7th, the address of welcome will be delivered by Peter Tubb, Vice Pres. Of B. O. No. 12, response by R.P. Mason, Grand Pres. Of D. A. Committee of arr angements: Wood Allen, M.C. Mason, R. Hale and T. Owen; Sub-committee; Lucien Preston, Nelson Robinson, Jake Tubb, Wash James, Hattie Lawrence, Phillis Dowell, Mary Tubb, Nancy Turner and Fannie Wright.

J.F. Roy has completed the survey of the Pike from here to Brush Creek.

T.W. Eason runs a daily Hack from here to brush Creek.

Mrs. Nichols and children, Frank and Nellie left for Owensboro, Kentucky, Tuesday.

Mrs. R.V. Wright left for home Monday.

Miss Lena Allen of Nashville is visiting at John Rollins.

Miss Annie Neal of Lebanon is visiting at B.F. Bell's.

Miss Ophie Tyree is visiting Miss Callie Tubb at this place.

Miss Nora Patterson is at the springs near New Middleton.

Tom Feril was here yesterday,

Shelby Malone went to Nashville Monday.

Mrs. M.L. Allen of Lafayette is visiting relatives near this place.

Miss Callie White of Nashville is visiting relatives at this place.

Tom Foutch and family were visiting in town Sunday.

Misses Drusy, Kate and Eunice Gold have returned from a visit to relatives at Gordonsville.

Prof. R.B. Harris has returned from his home in Kentucky.

Albert Smith of Nashville was here last week.

Dr. W.W. Jones and wife and James Jones and wife visited relatives at Dowelltown.

Mr. A.B. Hick's health continues about as usual.

Stokes McNelly is visiting at Mr. Hoskins on Smith Fork.

Mrs. W.T. Hoskins, Mrs. John F. Turner and Claud Hoskins are visiting at Col. Stokes today.

Lawyers Fight

Last Tuesday, a difficulty occurred between Attorney General, W.V. Whitson and B.M. Webb, opposite the Tyree House in Smithville. Webb struck Whitson over the head twice with his walking stick and Whitson struck at Webb with his knife. They were separated by W.T. Hale and Judge D.O. Williams before any serious damage was done. Williams had them both arrested at once, and fined each six dollars.

Non-Resident Notices (in Chancery Court at Smithville)

P.T. Shores vs. Maggie Shores

John Windham vs. R.J. Christian, et al

Bettie Morgan vs. Lee Morgan

Henderson X Roads

Aunt Patsy Robinson died at home, July 8th, age 80 odd years.

Orphel Sellars, 22, and Miss Lou McAdoo, 12 years and 6 months, married.

Newton Donnell and Miss Loueta Thompson m. July 16th at her father's home.

Tobe Moser, who has been in Texas for 17 years, returned [here] to his mother's.

Old man Billy Coleman died the 18th. He was a Mexican War soldier.

Prof. Frank M. Bowling of Pure Fountain was in our vicinity last week.

Prof. Elijah Sullivan and Mr. P.A. Sherriltown of Stringtown spent the night here on their way to the Farmer's Convention in Cottage Home.

Tim Alsup is visiting H.A. Phillips.

Miss Lucie D. Oakley is visiting friends in Lebanon.

Frank Phillips of Lascassas is "rumigating" in our community.

Dr. J.R. Graves will begin his chair talks at Fall Creek Friday.

Miss Mary Thomas and Miss Floy Henderson paid friends a visit near Lascassas and they took Claud Henderson and George Robinson along.


Mrs. Barnett of Morrilton, Arkansas is visiting M/M C.L. Bright.

Mannis Johnson and Miss Fannie Clayborn, both of Dismal, m. Wednesday.

Mrs. Savage, mother of Col. John H. Savage, d. at home near McMinnville, Monday. She was very old, nearly a century in years.

Wife of Frank McConnell, s/o Judge N.W. McConnell, died. Both Judge and Mr. McConnell presently reside at Helena, Montana.

John Grizzle d. at Nashville last Monday. He was the s/o Dan Grizzle of Clear Fork and had been m. only a short time.

Wiley Fite is sick with fever again.

G.W. Grizzle of Smallman was here today.

Mrs. N.A. Anthony is quite sick now with fever.

W.L. Vick went to Alexandria yesterday on business.

Dr. T.O. Bratten of Watertwon came up this morning.

Monroe Malone of Dismal Creek is sick.

Mrs. S.D. Fite of Forks of Pike was in town this morning.

I will pay a liberal price, in cash, for County or School warrants. Wm. Vick

Little Bob Armstrong is on the sick list with fever.

Eld. Moody spent Monday night with family of Wm. Vick.

Miss Peggy Ferrill of Granville is at Stewart's Well for her health.

W.R. Bratten and wife visited relatives on Clear Fork.

Isaac Turney and Jas. Anderson of Smallman were in town today.

Miss Jennie Smith is visiting her brother, Chas., at Dowelltown.

We are glad that our friend, W.G. Bratten is out again.

J.F. Youngblood and wife went to Commerce Sunday.

Capt. Womack of Bellwood was in town yesterday.

G.W. Lewis of Lebanon and Lee Lewis of Louisville were visiting here last week.

Dr. Martin of Temperance Hall has been here.

Mrs. Wm. Vick, Mrs. Dr. Wells and Miss Eula Vick went to Alexandria yesterday.

Fry (Fryerson) Foster of Smithville is spending a few days with the family of W.G. Evans.

Rev. R.E. Smith will be traveling in the interest of Healing Water boarding house.

Miss Viola Armstrong gave a few of her friends a nice birthday surprise Monday night.

S.T. Wall of Catlen's Mills came down Saturday to see J.I. Whaley.

Miss Eula Potter of Smithville spent Saturday night with the family of Wm. Youngblood.

Dr. W.W. Jones, wife and little son of Murfreesboro and Jas. Jones and wife of Alexandria spent Saturday with relatives here.

Mrs. W.T. and B.W. Robinson and Mrs. Jno. CorleyCarrie, all of Dowelltown, spent yesterday with Mrs. Dr. Hudson.

M/M Milton Hughes have returned from the "Flatwoods" where they have been spending a month with his father.

The Liberty Cornet Band will go to Smithville Thursday to make music for another concert.

The case of Pierce Kerley, charged with killing Bennett, will probably be given to the jury today.

Someone was caught stealing E.M. Whaley's chickens.

The grand jury failed to find a true bill against Thomas Keaton, who was bound over to Circuit Court by Mr. Vickers of Dry Creek.

Miss Jennie Smith will assist Prof. Winstead in our school next term.

Earnest Barrett, who has been canvassing for a medical book in Kentucky, has returned home near Cottage Home.

W.G. Evans was complimented by the Nashville American as being the first trustee to make a settlement of taxes this year.

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