Editor, Will A. Vick

February 1, 1899


On February the 13th, 1899, I will sell at the Water Roller Mill and at the late residence of B.L. Hale, deceased, in the town of Liberty, all the personal property of the said B.L. Hale consisting of household furniture, one surrey, nearly new, and 15 shares of Water Roller Mill stock of $100 each.


On last Thursday night the writer was called to go to the home of Hosia Winchester on Caney Fork to attend his funeral. He was born June 7, 1827 and departed this life Jan. 19, 1899. He was 72 years, 7 months and 12 days old. He has been a very acceptable member of the M.E. Church at Hopewell church on Long Branch for many, many years. Father Winchester was loved by all who knew him. He leaves a young wife and two small children to mourn their sad loss of a husband and father. He was laid away on Friday the 20th, to rest in cemetery at Sister Braswell's on the bank of the Caney Fork river, where he has spent the greater part of his life. Sleep on dear father till the resurrection morn.

M.B. Scott

Catestown News

Grover, the son of James A. Todd of Bradyville, had his leg cut off by his team running away.

Miss Lizzie Vance, who has been sick for some time, is improving.

Miss Josie Cates is on the sick list this week.

Prof. J.E. Brandon gave an entertainment a few nights ago.

Mr. Albert Gaither has entered the Brandon training school at Wartrace, Tenn.

Mrs. J.M.D. Cates is very sick.

Miss Jennie Williams of Bu__ visited the family of Mrs. M._. Cates this week.

Our Neighbors

News Taken From Our County Exchanges

Putnam County ---- The Press

Mr. and Mrs. Z.P. Lee are in Nashville this week.

Mrs. Trapp, wife of Dr. Trapp of Algood, died yesterday after a short illness.

Miss Mai Freeze accidentally fell on the floor last evening and quite painful bruises resulted, she is not seriously hurt.

The Great Council of Tennessee, Imp. O.R.M. is in session this week at Nashville, Judge J.W. Puckett is the able representative of the Narragansett tribe.

Cannon County ---- The Press

Last Tuesday night Henry Barnes, col., became intoxicated and proceeded to take in the town by loud and boisterous swearing. Constable C.T. Franks demanded that Barnes give himself over into the custody of the law, Barnes resisted [but] he was placed under arrest and fined four dollars by Recorder St. John Wednesday morning. Later in the day, Barnes and Bill Johnson became drunk and disorderly, were arrested and placed in the calaboose, as they entered the calaboose Barnes snatched a club from Policeman Cook and was in the act of hitting him with it when Special Policeman S.B. Travis picked up a piece of plank and struck Barnes a severe blow on the head, making an ugly gash which was dressed by Dr. Drennan.

Mr. Elby Grooms of Wilson County is mixing with friends here.

Ben A. Puckett, who has been sick for sometime, is able to be out again.

We understand that Enoch Phalon of Chicago will shortly erect two nice residences on his vacant lots, north side of the Public Square.

Ragland & Tatum will enlarge their business by stocking the house vacated by Brevard Bros., in addition to their already large and commodious house.

Wilson County ---- The Democrat

Miss Mable Lee McFerrin, who has been confined for several days with la grippe, is convalescing.

Dr. F. Simmons of St. Louis is here this week visiting his father-in-law, Judge Robt. Cantrell.

Ellison Garrett, Sam and Robert Pickering of Carthage were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Stiles Sunday.

Forrest Kirkpatrick, who for the past several months has been engaged in business in Watertown, N.Y., was here last week.

B.J. Dillard left yesterday for Nashville as a representative to the Masonic Grand Lodge.

Prof. F.M. Bowling, county superintendent, has returned from Nashville where he has been attending the Public School Officers State Association.

Smith County ---- The Times

Miss Carrie Savage, who has been visiting friends in Nashville for two months, has returned.

Rev. G.L. Beale, a former pastor of the Methodist churches at Carthage and Alexandria visited his many friends during the past week.

Mrs. Estelle Cleveland of Nashville came to Carthage last Sunday to visit her father, Capt. Buck Hart and her brothers, Dr. H.E., W.Y., and E.S. Hart.

Prof. B. Hicks has a good spring school at Lancaster.

The first boat load of coal from the upper Cumberland this season was landed in Carthage last Friday and was bought entirely by J.S. Read & Co. It contained 4,970 bushels.

Joseph Myer of Carthage who went to Florida last week accompanied by his son-in-law, E.R. Reynolds, in search of health, after a short stay at Jacksonville and St. Augustine returned home on Wednesday, his wife and son, W.E., meeting him on the road. Herman Myer, who is in business in New York city, also came home on Wednesday.

Land Sale in Circuit Court

P.L. Cantrell vs. E.L. & N. Lawrence

By virtue of an order issued to me at the November term, 1898, I will on Monday, Feb. 27, 1899, at the Court House door, offer for sale the following described tract of land lying in the 12th civil district, containing 70 acres, more or less and bounded as follows: North by Reynolds, East, South and West by the lands of Oakley. Said land is levied on as the defendants to satisfy an execution in my hands and will be sold subject to homestead rights. --- John T. Odom


W.A Witty, a veteran of the Mexican war, is very sick at present.

Prof. Shuemaker of Ind. is visiting W.S. Davis of this place.

Messrs. Aubrey Johnson, Aubrey Jennings, Webster Armstrong and Marvin Turney were "on the jury" at Greenvale last week.

Rev. P.A. Lyons filled his appointment at the C.P. Church yesterday.

Tilden Delay of Lebanon was in our midst Saturday.

Ernest Armstrong was at Round Top Sunday on urgent business.

Miss Ida Jacobs of Cherry Valley is visiting relatives at this place.

Shelah Cox of Greenvale was visiting friends at this place Sunday.

Clear Fork

The children gave a surprise dinner to their father today, which is the sixtieth anniversary of his birth. His sister, Mrs. J.B. Stark and husband, H.C. Givan and wife, G.B. Givan and wife and T.M. Givan and wife, who are the only children living of Thos. and Emeline Givan, deceased; also Mrs. W.G. Bratten, sister of Mrs. R.J. Givan, with many other relatives and friends.

Health is good with the exception of Nannie, the little daughter of Mr. J.R. Smith and wife.


F.J. Mears of Rock House was here Saturday.

J.R. Grizzle and Miss Susie Hawkins were married last Wednesday, Esq. L.L. Melton officiating.

Miss Sue Ledbetter was the guest of Miss Laura Kidwell Monday night.

T.R. Clark and Geo. Smithson and Misses Alice Smithson and Callie Tassey went to Hendersons X Roads last Monday.

Mr. Andy Hamilton of Kentucky and Miss Delia Vandagriff of this place were married Sunday.

Misses Hattie and George Ann Ledbetter are visiting friends on Sycamore this week.

S.P. Tassey and daughters, Misses Anna and Laura, went to Nashville last Monday.

Tim Vinson accidentally shot himself with a revolver last week. The wound is not dangerous.

Billie Comer went to Nashville last week.


John Adcock is visiting his brothers who are here in school.

E.L. Mooneyham visited his parents near Belk last Sunday.

Mrs. E.L. Mooneyham is on the sick list this week.

Ashford Bros. have moved back to this place after an 18 months stay.

W.C. Bank of Coffee County is back in school this term.

Misses Maggie Rhea and Dellas West visited Misses Kate and Emma Arnett Saturday night.


Prof. C.A. Oakley's vocal music is still in progress in the Campbellite church here.

Misses Sophia, Annie and Ruby Gill are at their Grandpa Smith's attending the music class.

Miss Daisy Odum will begin a school at commerce next Monday.

Albert Lee went to Watertown last Monday and entered school and came home Wednesday evening said to be graduated.

The widow of Elder H. Bass has been visiting at L.D. Smith's for a week.

A tombstone agent by the name of Sellers from Cottage Home was in Commerce one night last week. He was a relative of L.D. Smith and spent the night with him.

Henry Oakley of Henderson's X Roads was with Chas. Smith last night.

Marshal Smith was at his Grandpa's today.


Will Simpson of Truckee, California, who is visiting his father, L.E. Simpson, says from Truckee they can see the snow all the year around.

Miss Effie Simpson is visiting Mrs. Lun Rollins.

Mrs. Ludie Drane is visiting Mrs. Levia Goodner of this place.

Robert Cooper, who died at his home on Dismal yesterday, will be buried here this afternoon. Funeral services will be held at the Baptist Church, conducted by Rev. T.J. Eastes.

Dibrell Dinges came home from Nashville Saturday.

Mrs. Grafton Green and Miss Annie McClain of Lebanon are visiting the family of D.W. Dinges.

Miss Eula Smith of Shefield, Alabama is visiting friends here.

A.P. Smith left for his home in Shefield, Alabama Saturday.

Mrs. Mattie McNelly visited her uncle, N.M. Foutch last week.

Miss Zuelika Gill and Miss Ola Barrett of New Middleton were here Thursday.

Miss Alice Cullom has returned to her home in Bowling Green after a visit to Mrs. Liv Tubb.

Mrs. S.W. McClellan and daughter are visiting the family of Andrew McClellan at Hall's Hill.

The entertainment given last week by Dr. and Mrs. Womack in honor of Miss Allie Colvert was a most pleasant occasion and enjoyable evening to the bells and beaux of Alexandria.

Miss Julia Smith and Mrs. Carrie Luck of Watertown were here Monday.

Frank Roy is the assistant cashier at the Bank of Alexandria.


Bob Webb was here Saturday.

Pete Smith has bought a bicycle.

Jas. Maddux of Watertown was in Liberty Thursday.

Mrs. W.A. Vick made a flying visit to Alexandria Thursday.

Thos. Lamberson and wife visited relatives on Dry Creek Sunday.

John Clark has moved into the residence recently vacated by T.E. Vick.

Frank Jones of Alexandria was with relatives in town Friday night.

Uncle Pole Woodside is recovering from a tight spell of the "Grippe".

Dr. D.S. Logan was relieved of $135 by a pickpocket in Nashville last Thursday night.

Oscar Moore and Chas. Upton of New Middleton were with friends here Saturday and Sunday.

Dr. Joe Logan was in town a shortwhile Monday and said his household goods were on the way.

Lum Bailiff and sister, Miss Josie, came up Saturday. Miss Josie was the guest of Miss Daisy Hale while here.

J.D. Smith returned from Nashville where he had been to represent the Masonic Lodge of Liberty in the Grand Lodge.

James Williams moved to his farm on lower Smith fork Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Kersey of Gordonsville came up Saturday and remained with relatives here till Monday. Andy is the engineer on the Carthage branch of the N & K.

"Father" Gilbert died at the home of his son here last night at 8 o'clock. Hes remains will be carried to the family burying ground for burial near Tullahoma. Bro. Gilbert has been in the service of his Master for many years having passed his three score and ten and his life has been a beautiful one. Two of his children, John and Will, were with him in his last illness.

Darris Mathis has moved back to town.

Dr. T.O. Bratten spent a day or two of last week in town.

Sam Woodside went to Short Mountain Saturday to meet Joe Ramsey. The Rhea House, a hotel at Sparta, which burned about a year ago, will be rebuilt.

J.B. Womack returned Monday from Warren county where he visited relatives.

John Smith, the music man of Watertown and Miss Holly Young of Cottage Home were in town.

Mrs. J.P. Stark went to Alexandria Thursday and stayed overnight with her sister, Mrs. R.F. Jones, who is reported very low.

G.P. Mansfield Williams, who lived here for several years but now a citizen of Dowelltown, has been granted an $8 per month pension.

Calvin Stewart, son of Eld. J.H. Stewart, living about two miles north of Dowelltown has been sick with meningitis for several weeks.

Joe Ramsey, the official organizer of the Epworth League, came Saturday and took charge of the protracted meeting which has been going on at the Methodist church. Joe is blind, but this misfortune seems not to hinder the God-inspired thoughts that emanate from [him].

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