Editor, Will A. Vick

January 5, 1898

Anderson -- Avant

Last Wednesday at 11 o'clock at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Avant, near Dowelltown, a very pretty romance of a few week's duration was realized by the quiet solemnity of a wedding ceremony. It was the consummation of the troth which had been plighted by O.H. Anderson of Gainesboro to Miss Bertie Avant of Dowelltown. Mr. George Sutton spoke the magical words that liked the two young lives together. Mr. Anderson is a rising young barrister of the Gainesboro bar. Mrs. Anderson is a talented and charming young lady of Dowelltown and is possessed of many graces. Mr. and Mrs. Anderson will make Gainesboro their home.

Cottage Home

We were all shocked at the horrible death of Claude Adam of this place, who committed suicide on Dec. 30th, Thursday evening. His parents, brothers and sisters have the sympathy of all who knew them.

Clarence Odom, son of Jim Henry Odom, died at his home at Auburn Friday evening. He had been suffering that dreaded disease consumption for several months.

C.S. Campbell and family of Murfreesboro are visiting mother and father of near Cottage Home.

Mrs. [sic] S.C. Barnes of Waco, Texas has returned to his wife who came in August. They will start for Kentucky in a short while where it is thought they will make their future home.

Emerson Owen and wife of Texas are spending their holidays at his father-in-law's, Sam Odom of Auburn.

Martin Party came in at Christmas eve with his bride. He went to Texas several years ago and gained a fortune (a wife).

James Young and family have been visiting relatives in Rutherford county.

Miss Hallie Young of Prosperity visited the Misses Champion and other friends at relatives of Auburn.

Edgar Bethel and Claud Hays visited friends (?) at Sharpsville during Christmas.

Prof R.A. Taylor and sister Miss Prudie Taylor will teach the spring school at Auburn.

Rufus Smith and family visited relatives at Auburn last week.

Misses Octa, Ella and Alva Champion of Auburn visited Miss Hallie Young of Prosperity.

Miss Zora Stevens and Miss Nettie Venatta of Forks of Pike visited J.W. Hays and wife.

S.C. Barnes and Hop Young were in Liberty Wednesday.

Miss Lillie Stewart, Miss Levada Mitchel and Stanton Smith attended the Christmas tree. Miss Mitchel returned to her home in Texas last week.


The Coroner's Jury Say It Was a Case of Suicide

Last Thursday evening just about sunset the people of the Cottage Home country were shocked to hear that Claude Adams had killed himself by firing a bullet into his brain. Claud had walked with Miss Essie Keaton from Cottage Home to her home a few hundred yards east and while at or near the gate, placed a pistol to his temple and pulled the trigger and the end came quickly. The body was carried into the residence of James Keaton, the father of the young lady, and medical aid was summoned. Why he committed such a rash deed cannot be accounted for as he was a young man well thought of in that community and was soon to have been married to Miss Keaton. He was the oldest son of P.C. Adams and grandson of Maj. H.A. Overall.

The family of the boy are slow to believe that it was a case of suicide and the country is full of many suspicious rumors as to circumstances connected with the unfortunate affair.

We publish the testimony of witnesses, as furnished us by Esq. N.E. Hayes, acting coroner before the Jury of Inquest and also the verdict of the jury.

The Evidence

Rochie Robinson, (col.) - Was the first person outside of the family to reach the scene. Adams was dead when he arrived. Looked around, but saw no pistol.

Mrs. James Keaton - Was in the house and heard the report of the pistol and went out. Adams was not dead when she arrived and that she found a pistol lying under his leg and she took it and put it behind a backlog.

Bud Neal Keaton - His evidence was about the same as that of his mother.

James Keaton - When he arrived the man was not dead. He saw the pistol lying under his leg.

Miss Essie Keaton, (the young lady that Adams had escorted home) - "We (Adams and myself) started from town about 4 p.m. and got home about sundown. He had his pistol out in his hands several times on the way and at times said 'that he would never see the rising of another sun.' When we got home we stopped at the gate and were talking, he had out his pistol and I at one time got it away from him, but I finally handed it back to him, but it was empty. He then took two cartridges out of his pocket and put them into the pistol and before I could prevent it, shot himself. I know of no cause whatever for his doing so. He seemed to be wild. I knew he was drinking some."

Weaver Keaton - I was upstairs sitting in the window on the side of the house facing the couple, I heard the report of the pistol and looked around and at that time, Claud threw up his hands and fell, sister was also falling. I then left for a doctor. Don't know who did the shooting and did not see any pistol. I met Robinson near the house.

Jim Hays - I was with Adams nearly all of the evening. Claude was not drunk but had drank some, but a person who didn't see him drink it, wouldn't have known it. He was in his right mind and in no degree was he insane. Claude showed me his pistol and it was of the same make of the one that was found near Claude and it was of the same calibre.

Tee Knight - Claude came to my store and bought 10 cartridges that evening.

The verdict of the jury was: "He came to his death by his own hands." The jury was composed of the following: M.A. Lynum; C.C. Vanatta; John Allen; John Bell Groom; Lum Hayes; Sidney Smith; and Wm. Buterbaugh. N.E. Hayes, Coroner


Mr. L.D. Barbee who cut a tree last Monday and it fell on him, died last Thursday night and was buried Friday evening at J.W. Barbee's, the old family graveyard. The widow will live with her son, R.W. Barbee at Statesville. She will sell her household property next Thursday.

The day before Christmas, Isaac Bates died at his son-in-law Flippen's (who lives on A. McEachern's land) yesterday eveing at 3 o'clock of consumption and will be buried at Wm. Oakley's today. Elder Grime or Gillem will preach the funeral at 2 o'clock at Mr. Flippen's house.

D.N. Litchford moved to the Jim Allen place near Holmes Gap and Meredith Ballenger moved to Mr. Allen's old place. Dave lately sold a farm near Oliver.

Our Neighbors

News Taken From Our County Exchanges

Wilson County ---- The Democrat

Little Miss Signa Hill was very near having a serious accident Monday while popping corn. The corn took fire and in attempting to put it out the little one's dress was ignited and but for the timely arrival of Mrs. Hill who smothered the flame with her own clothing, the result might have been fatal. As it was, Miss Signa escapes with only slight burns.

Uncle Elias Barbee, an old citizen of the upper portion of the county, died at the home of J.B. Phillips Monday night after an illness of six weeks. Mr. Barbee was 90 years old. He leaves three sons-Jim Barbee of Shop Springs and Jack and William Barbee of Louisville, Ill.

Col. W.F.M. Betty, who has been suffering with a serious and prolonged attack of neuralgia, leaves Friday for Hot Springs, Ark.

The wardrobe of our popular jeweler, B.J. Dillard, caught fire at 3 p.m. Monday evening and burned the entire contents being all the clothing of Mr. and Mrs. Dillard. Same was covered with insurance by N.G. Robertson.

A telegram was received from Grenapa, Miss. Sunday afternoon by Sam Golladay, announcing the death of his brother, Geo. Golladay. Mr. Golladay had been apparently well and that day had attempted to drive some stock from his yard when he suddenly fell to the ground. When someone reached him life was extinct. His death was due to heart disease. Mr. Golladay was a good citizen and for a short time was a citizen of Wilson county, living on a farm just a short distance out on the Hunter's Pike.

At her home, a few miles from town on the Hartsville pike Tuesday Mrs. Martha Dawson passed away. For some years she has been afflicted with an incurable disease and living as she has been for so long with full realization that the end was certain and not far distant. Mrs. Dawson was 71 years old and was a sister of Mrs. Rufus Foster, a valued citizen of Lebanon, who died only a very short time ago.

W.R. McDaniel, one of the most prominent farmers in Wilson county arrived here this morning Lebanon. He came with a consignment of turkeys, 1,350 in all, which were brought to this city today by the Lebanon train. He has 1,800 more at home which he will ship here in a day or so. Nashville Banner

Putnam County ---- The Press

Alfred Johnson, an old and highly respected citizen of Clay county, died at the home of his son-in-law, P. Smith, in this city last Sunday, with whom he has been living for some time past. The cause of his death was extreme old age. In the prime of life he was one of the most substantial and energetic men of that country; he owned a large farm on Obeds river, near Willow Grove, stocked with extensive herds of all kinds. He was taken last Monday to the old home and buried.

Detective Campbell Morgan arrested a somewhat intoxicated man on the train Tuesday.

Jonah Caruthers, who lives one mile east of town, had a fine hog to die with hydrophobia.

J.T. Cox and Miss Nannie Slagle were married last Sunday at the Cane Creek church, Rev. J.S. Clouse officiating.

Land Sales in Circuit Court at Smithville, Tenn.

J.G. Greener & Co. vs. A.B. Smith -- By virtue of an order of Circuit Court, November term, 1897, I will offer for sale Monday, Feb. 8, 1898, the following house and lot in the 1st civil district of DeKalb and bounded as follows: East by Foust; West by Church street; North by Z.D. Moore and South by Floyd & Drane, levied on as the property of A.B. Smith and as his remainder interest of said house and lot, in favor of J.G. Greener & Co. -- W.B. Foster, Sheriff

T.W. Wade vs. Herschel Parker -- By virtue of an order of Circuit Court, November term, 1897, I will offer for sale [too faint to read]

New Middleton

Frank Bridges of Arkansas is visiting his father, Dr. J.G. Bridges.

Miss Sallie Mc_lennehan of Grant has been visiting Miss Terry.

W.F. Barrett is laying _____ pipes to supply his tenants _____ drinking water.

Messrs. Barrett, Bradford and Ferguson attended a dinner at __ B. Denny's, our miller.

Round Top

Lum Hayes and family paid his brother, Matt, a visit last week.

Matt Smith and family visited Ruff Smith at this place during the holidays.

J.E. Wood has had a rising on his hand.

Joe Ford has gone to Lebanon today.

J.M. Walden tried squirrel hunting during the holidays.

P.C. Adams and C.B Fite went to Lebanon last week.

J.C. Johnson and Dinwiddie Rich entered school at Auburn this morning.

Joe Ford will move to Dry Creek next week where he will teach this spring.

Miss Mary Hayes visited Mrs. Hayes last week.

Charles McMillin and Bert Mullinax, now of Texas but formerly of this place, are in on a visit.

Ed Robinson was in town today.

John Talley and Russ Patton paid J.M. Walden a visit last week.


The firm of Barry Bros. will change to Barry & Lester. Geo. Lester, who has been clerking for several years for Jones Bros., having purchased Azel Barry's interest in the firm.

James C. Goodner has retired from the firm of Goodner & Sons; on account of ill health. Goodner & Son will continue at the same old stand.

Miss Atta Simpson will open a select school here this January.

R.F. Jones has purchased the R.B. Floyd property on Main street, formerly the property of Col. W.B. Stokes and he will move this week.

James Compton, Jr. has purchased the Ira W. King property on Locust street.

Miss Alice Cullom left today for her home at Cave City, Ky. She has been employed in Liv Tubb's millinery department for several years.

Jeff Blackburn has returned to Nashville.

James Phillips and Nelus Thompson (col.) are in Alexandria after being gone several years.

I.L. Pendleton, Esq., a prominent attorney of Nashville, was here during the holidays.

Mr. Calven Jones has moved to town.

Rev. R. Brett went from here to Nashville this morning.

_. B. Cobb is building a house on Findley avenue.

Sewell Barry is clerking for Jones Bros.

Oakley -Moser

At 2 p.m., Cainesville, seated in a buggy, Rev. G.A. Ogle officiating, Mr. Aubrey Graves Oakley and Miss Pearl Moser, both of Henderson's X Roads, were united in matrimony.

Oakley -Gill

On Main street, front of Bank, Watertown, Tenn, 3 p.m., Dec. 26, Prof. C.A. Oakley of Coffee county and Miss Eula Gill of Smith county, surrounded by nine couples seated in buggies and other spectators, were happily united in sweet wedlock, Rev. J.T. Oakley officiating.


Rev. T.J. Striklin preached at Asbury today.

Miss Clara Driver of Temperance Hall is the guest of Miss Stella Robinson this week.

Ed Robinson left last Thursday for Milledgeville, Ga.

Cridner Robinson will start to Pleasant Hill in the morning where he will attend school.

Forks of Pike

Our school will open again on Jan. 10th under the management of Prof. B.H. Clemmons and Miss Ella Alexander.

Joe Barry and family were visiting relatives and friends here this week.

J.M. Alexander of Mechanicsville came down after his daughter, Miss Ella.

Dr. Joe Logan, our clever dentist and musician, spent the holidays here.

Master James Roy was the successful guesser in the Cottage Home contest.


Thos. Givan is on the sick list.

J.P. Stark went to Smithville Saturday.

Morris Phillips of Smithville was in town Sunday.

Mrs. J.B. Womack has been on the sick list for several days.

A little child of Milton Braswell of Dry Creek died Saturday night.

Rev. J.A. McClusky filled his regular appointment at Shiloh Sunday.

Deputy Marshall, S.S. Harper of Gordonsville was here on business last week.

Miss Nora Martin returned to her home at Edgefield Junction yesterday.

A.B. Beasley of Tucker's X Roads visited friends here during the Christmas.

J.E. Hobson and family spent the holidays with his father on Smith Fork.

The young people had a musical entertainment at H.L. Hale's Tuesday night.

Dr. Chas. White came in from Nashville to spend Christmas.

Miss Beulah Groom of Prosperity visited Miss Virgil Overall during Christmas.

Miss Nettie and Maggie Foutch of Helton visited relatives at Dowelltown last week.

Jordan Bass of Carrollton, Ga. came in and spent the holidays here.

Miss Hattie Griffith of Helton spent several days with Miss Lola Robinson.

We have been asked to say whoever has the graveyard pick, will please return it to W.B. Evans.

Dr. C.C. Knox and Atty. W.J. Parker were in town Sunday on their way to court in Smithville.

W.B. Foster was reelected Coroner, S.S. Robinson, County Surveyor by the Quarterly Court.

Tom Parish, (col.) was married Eula Ward (col.) here Thursday. Parish's home is Lebanon.

Amos Patton and wife and Frank Patton of Clarksville came in to spend the Holidays.

Dan Williams was elected County Judge pro tem Monday in the absence of Judge Bonham who was very sick.

Rev. J.H. Grimes has been elected pastor of the new Baptist church at Dowelltown.

Misses Lamberson and Bluhm of Temperance Hall spent a few days during Christmas with Misses Daisy Hale and Alice Armstrong.

H.L. Craddock of Flynn's Lick came over to spend the Holidays with home folks. He was accompanied by Misses Haile and Gailbreath.

Tom Owen was killed on Clear Fork Christmas week by a wagon turning over on which he had a log, a wheel struck him and he lived only a few minutes.

G.W. Vaughn and Joseph Champion, District Grand Master of Auburn, came down Saturday night to assist in installing the new officers in the Odd Fellow Lodge.

Jim Malone, the little 5 year old boy of Jim Malone of Temperance Hall was killed on Dec. 27 by a blind horse falling in a ditch with him. Both were killed.

The following officers were elected by Salem Baptist Sunday School last Sunday: W.B. Evans, Supt.; Ed Gleason, Ass't Supt.; R.B. ___ans, Sec't. and Treas.; W.P. _haley, Ass't Sec't and Treas.

Bass Bros. shipped a carload of mules South Thursday.

Miss Laura Byford of Temperance Hall was in town Saturday.

Miss Lola Robinson visited friends at Helton Christmas week.

Miss Alma Hayes of Alexandria is visiting Mrs. James Woodside's.

W.H. Bright of Eagleville is here visiting his sons, C.L. and T.M. Bright.

Deputy Collector, C.C. Stone of Cookville was here during the past week.

Miss Ida Cooksey of Rome spent the holidays with Misses Isa and Sallie Givan.

Mrs. R.L. Clark, who has been very low for some time is now able to be up and about.

Miss Nannie Payne came in from Nashville to spend the holidays with home folks.

Messrs. Authur and Nicholas Reynolds of Temperance Hall were here during Christmas.

Nat Grooms has been very sick at his father's home near Forks of Pike. He is much better.

Mr. Robert Corley and Miss Mollie Nixon of Temperance Hall were married during the Holidays.

Prof. J.E. Brandon, principal of the Milton Seminary, was in Liberty on business.

Prof. R.L. Smithson of Kentucky came in to spend the Holidays with home folks.

Louis Merritt, son of B.M. Merritt, was elected sheriff by the Quarterly Court by a vote of 23 to 22 for Lassiter.

John Caskey has moved to the Tom Fite place on Clear Fork, his brother Tom will in a few days move into the house he vacated.

J.W. Hayes was elected Justice of the Peace of the 14th district of Wilson county. The following were candidates; J. W. Hayes, Pleas Adams and Dick Rich. Mr. Hayes will serve out the unexpired term of J.H. Fite who has moved to Murfreesboro.

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