Editor, Will A. Vick

April 21, 1897

Letter from H.L Craddock

[About a trip on the Upper Cumberland by boat, no names mentioned]

Henderson's X Roads

Mrs. Ezekial Vantrease died last week.

Misses Dona Pemberton, Lucie Alexander and Lucie Oakley made a flying visit to Commerce.

L.E. McClusky, DeKalb's poet and parrot trainer, was recondoodling [?] in our community last week.

The wave of prosperity has struck our place and W.T. Leeman is postmaster instead of W.P. Phillips, who has faithfully filled that position for more than twenty years.

Mrs. Milas Thompson has been quite sick.


Miss Nannie Oakley and Mrs. Oakley were in town today.

Liv Tubb returned from Nashville Thursday.

Rob Roy went to Nashville last week.

Andrew McClellan and wife left for home Monday.

Miss Corrille McClellan visited in Liberty Sunday.

J.H. Shaver and Misses Anna and Alice Cullom went to Liberty Sunday.

Ed Bethel came in from St. Louis last week and will be here about a month.

Enoch Rollins and D. Bethel went to Lebanon Sunday.

Charles Duncan was here today.

The sale of household goods at Col. Stokes residence took place last Saturday.

Mrs. Mamie Doak is visiting her mother, Mrs. Wood, on Main Street.

Our Neighbors

News Taken From Our County Exchanges

Cannon County

Capt. John C. New and wife left this week for a visit to Waco, Texas.

W.T. Mingle has moved his law office to the Fisher building.

Capt. H.J. St. John, city recorder and champion angler, reports catching an 8 pound catfish that measured 25 inches, at Readyville on last Tuesday.

C.P. Brown has moved his family this week from his former residence on Main street to his place on High, having recently sold his residence on Main to J.M. Lee. Mr. Brown will in the near future erect a new residence on High street.

Smith County ---- The Times

Samuel Hartsfield, the Lebanon machinist, was seriously burned about the face last week while working on an electric light engine.

C. Burton of Cookeville is getting out two kinds of lithographing stone, buff stone and marble for a Putnam county exhibit at the Centennial.

Dr. Henry Martin of Cookeville, last week extracted a gun-cap from the ball of E.M. Maynard's eye, which had been imbedded in that member for 23 years.

A waterspout burst near Celina last week and several rafts of fine logs were swept away. A woman named Davidson was crossing Kentucky creek; the waters struck her horse, washing it down and the woman's baby was drowned.

A few weeks ago a horse was stolen from a man near Pembroke, Ky. A reward was offered. A.J. Prewitt and Bobbie Johnson of Monroe county, two country men, thought they would turn a few dollars by acting detectives. … They followed him until just below Carthage, where they captured him, Davis by name, on Capt. C.N. Davis' farm near Mabry's landing … and started for Pembroke.

The McDonald House … built in 1819, last Thursday was the first time burglars have entered its portals. … thieves entered the room occupied by Capt. D.N. McDonald. …They ransacked his vest and took a ladies gold Swiss watch, a keepsake of the Captain's, it having belonged to his deceased wife; also a fine watch of his own, beside a good shirt stud and his pocketbook, containing between$8 and $10.

Warren County ---- The Standard

Mrs. S.F. Hendrickson died at her home in Chicago of consumption on the 8th last. She was formerly Miss Clara Prior and had many friends in McMinnville, where she grew up to womanhood. Her health had been failing for two or three years. Her death is a sad blow to her devoted husband, one little daughter and her aged mother who survive her.

J.F. Bauer of this county left Thursday morning for Ohio where he will visit his relatives for several weeks and then go to Salt Lake City to spend a few weeks.

Mrs. W.H. Brooks of Chattanooga is here attending upon the bedside of her daughter, Mrs. D.T. Arledge, who is seriously ill.

Mrs. R.H. Mason and J.M. Paschal have leased the Hurricane Hall hotel at Tullahoma and Mr. Mason took charge of the house Thursday. He will be joined by Prof. Paschal when he finishes the school term at Piedmont, Alabama.

Wilson County ---- The Democrat

Sam Green and John Reeves of Buhler, confined in the jail accused of housebreaking and larceny at Weir, made an unsuccessful attempt to escape from the jail last Wednesday night. During the night with a saw, which is supposed to have been made from a corset stave and which they had secured by means unknown to Sheriff McMenaway, they sawed off one of the locks to the corridor of the cells, but as the combination lock also held them they could not escape.

Seagraves & Cox are at work repairing the house on the square which, until the fire burned them out, was occupied by S. Marton & Co.

Hon. G.N. Tillman, ex-candidate for governor, was here yesterday enroute to the great horse sale at Watertown.

F.J. Sanders, Jr. left this week for Arkansas where he goes on a professional tour.

An effort was made this week to recover the boat, R.T. Coles, which was sunk at Hunter's Point a few weeks ago. The boat had gone to pieces, making it a total loss. It contained no freight, being a passenger boat only. The loss, however, is estimated at $2,000.

Frank Tolliver returned last week from Illinois where he went some weeks ago with a carload of cattle.

Mrs. E.D. Harwell, who has been very sick for the past three weeks, is improving.

J.Scott Williamson of the 4th district, died Monday morning after less than a week's illness with pneumoniia. Mr. Williamson was the venerable father of our excellent townsmen, Porter and Matt Williamson and was 74 years old at the time of his death.

Putnam County ---- The Press

Mrs. William Chesterfield returned Friday from Cincinnati, where she had been on an extended visit.

Mrs. Walter Fowler has been very ill but we hear she is better and will recover.

___ry, the 4 year old son of Charlie Foster of this place, received a painful burn on the hands last Sunday from a fall in the fire.

Maj. Theo Smith, insurance agent, went to Gainesboro yesterday to pay the insurance on the church which was damaged some time ago by a storm.

A.K. Williamson, while working around the saw mill at Algood last Saturday got his leg broken and badly shattered. It got caught between the carriage and some plank which had been thrown out of place.

Deputy collector, J.H. Curtis and U.S. Deputy Marshall, Mike Moore, raided a wild cat den near the edge of Overton last Monday a captured quite a number of tubs of beer and destroyed it. The distilling apparatus and superintendents were not found. No arrests were made.

Last Wednesday Wiley Steakley of Double Springs was attempting to fire a lodged ball from a rifle, the plunger flew back entering the right eye just beneath the ball. Dr. T.L. Webb was telephoned for and dressed the wound. He is doing well at last report.

Marion Davis killed a young bald eagle about a mile east of Cookeville near Pullen pond.

The Big Reunion

Letter from Gen. J.B. Gordon, Commanding United Confederate Veterans publishing the date of the Reunion to take place at Nashville, Tenn. on June 22nd, 23rd, and 24th, 1897.

Non-Resident Notice

E.W. Taylor, Palina Bradley et als -- In Chancery at Smithville, Tennessee

In this case it appearing to me from the petition … that the defendants are non-residents of the State of Tennessee … It is therefore ordered by me that publication be made for said non-residents Sarah Neal and Golden Neal … to appear the first Monday in June, 1897 ------- J.B. Moore, C&M

Cottage Home

J.H. David has gone to Nashville to sell tickets for the Centennial. He will move next week.

Lee Ann Hays has gone to Nashville to board Centennial people.

Mrs. Polly Anderson has gone to Nashville.

Mrs. Ida Hamilton is fixing to go to Nashville to see home folks.

Prof. Duggin has moved here and lives in L. Hays house. He is teaching at this place.

Jim Sellars who has been sick with malarial fever is able to be out again.

Dawsey Sellars who has been down 24 days with the same fever is some better at present.

Marshal Frasier (col.), an ex-convict, was tried last evening before Johnson and bound over to court for stealing old Uncle Dick Marler's money a few nights ago. We hope Gov. Taylor will let him serve out his term this time as he pardoned him out a few weeks ago.


J. H. Shaver was here Sunday.

Mrs. Dr. Whaley is convalescing.

Ed Evans is learning the harness trade.

Eld. J.T Oakley was in town Monday night.

W.H. Rhodes of Milton was here Monday on business.

Ezra Smith of Watertown was here yesterday on business.

Sam Morris of Clear Fork moved to Dowelltown last week.

Mrs. J.B. Patton sold 125 dozen eggs at one time last week.

Little Jessie May Brown has been very sick but she is better now.

G.W. Nixon of the Sykes country was here last Saturday on business.

Mrs. T.H. Groom of Cottage Home visited relatives here last Thursday.

Clark & Williams struck water at W.B. Evans' Monday at the depth of 48 feet.

Messrs. Bob Bruce and Buck Fry of New Middleton were at W.L. Vick's Sunday night.

Postmaster McClellan and family of Alexandria attended church services here Sunday.

G.G. Melton of Gassaway and James Lawrence of Woodbury were here Monday on business.

Misses Mattie Jones and Corrille McClellan of Alexandria were here on a visit to relatives.

Misses Lizzie Pope and Mai Reynolds of Temperance Hall visited the family of H.L. Hale.

Mrs. Dr. J.A. Fuson is dangerously ill at her home on Dry Creek.

Through an oversight last week we failed to mention the marriage of Mr. Eric Snow to Mrs. Delia Carroll at the home of the bride on Dry Creek.

R.B. West was here Monday on business.

James Pritchett is laying the foundation for a new barn.

Miss Bertha Vanatta of Forks of Pike visited in town Wednesday night.

Miss Nannie Taylor of Watertown visited here Saturday and Sunday.

Chapman Swingler of Rome visited relatives and friends here last week.

W.C. Youngblood has been very sick for several days but is improving now.

J.W. Overall, wife and little child visited relatives in Smith county yesterday.

D.D. Overall, Dr. Jackson and C.Y. Givan attended the Watertown Horse Sale last week.

Misses Anna and Alice Cullom of Alexandria visited Miss Nora Martin at this place.

Johnie Whaley and Oliver Stanton were at Hogan's Creek Saturday visiting relatives.

Miss Daisy Gothard is very sick at the home of Dr. Fuson on Dry Creek. Her condition is regarded very critical.

Misses Beulah Grooms and Virgil Overall and Messrs. Elba and Nat Groom gave our office a pleasant call yesterday afternoon.

Will Bright of the U.S. Governmental Engineering Corps has been visiting relatives here. At present he is looking after lock No. 7 on the Cumberland River.

Rev. R.N. Barrett, a former missionary ot Japan delivered an interesting lecture on that country.

I have a bay filly in my possession. Owner can get by paying advertising and feed. C.W.L. Hale.

Rev. G.B. McPeak preached on the subject of missions Sunday morning and Rev. T.A. Carden filled the pulpit at night.

Oscar McPeak was in Watertown last week.

Morris Phillips and Herbert West of Smithville were in town Saturday.

E.W. Brown, Tom Vick, J.P. Stark and R.B. Vanatta were at Watertown Friday.

It having been reported that J.W. Overall had been appointed referee for this, the 5th congressional district by the administration to dispense the local patronage, a great many applicants have been to see him during the last week. Mr. Overall says he has not had notice of any such appointment and would not accept it tendered him.

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