Editor, Will A. Vick

December 8, 1897


Jay Patterson is very low with a fever with chances in his favor for recovery.

Grover Hennessee, who had the misfortune of having a wagon to run over him and breaking his thigh, is slowly improving after intense suffering.

Miss Maggie Rhea has returned to her home near Belk after a several weeks visit to her sister Mrs. E.L. Mooneyham of this place.

V.L. Stephens was here Saturday prospecting with a view of entering school here.

J.L. Hale has moved to his home on Pea Ridge.

E.L. Mooneyham made a business trip down in the Clear Fork country Saturday.

Prof. W.B. King made a business trip to the Blughm's Mills section Saturday.


Rev. W.H. Stricklin who has been here holding a revival returned to his home at Rover last Wednesday.

Fred Chapman who has been very low with fever is improving.

Less Bass, a hustling young man of Smith Fork, will put up a stock of goods here soon.


The Leader of Today May Not be the Leader of Tomorrow

This is the third announcement of the greatest voting contest ever inaugurated by a newspaper in the upper country. [It doesn't say exactly how to vote but to send names of your friends for Best Farmer and Prettiest Girl]

Best Farmer


Prettiest Girl

1. J.S. Barry   Dowelltown   1. Miss Maud Flippen   Liberty
2. T.G. Bratten   Liberty   2. Miss Exum Corley   Dowelltown
3. Grant Fite   Forks of Pike   3. Miss Gertie Stark   Liberty
4. W.H. Bass   Dowelltown   4. Miss Sallie ______   Liberty
5. H. Neal   Watertown   5. Miss Bonnie Griffith   Forks of Pike
6. M.W. Willard   Auburn   6. Miss Willie Whaley   Liberty
7. U.W. Neal   Watertown   7. Miss Laura Byford   Temperance Hall
8. C.W.L. Hale   Liberty   8. Miss Willie Groom   Cottage Home
9. J.B. West   Forks of Pike   9. Miss Vera Robinson   Dowelltown
10. J.B. Patton   Haleville   10. Miss Bernice Neal   Watertown
11. Wm. Robinson   Forks of Pike   11. Miss Beulah Groom   Cottage Home
12. Dow Hamilton   Cottage Home   12. Miss Netttie Smartt   Brush Creek
13. C.C. Prichard   Dowelltown   13. Miss Era Scott   Liberty
14. C.C. Avant   Dowelltown   14. Miss Robbie Davis   Alexandria
15. John F. Martin   Mechanicsville   15. Miss Nannie Groom   Forks of Pike

For Sale

One thoroughbred bull, 8 months old, very deep red. For further particulars apply to Dr. W.A. Barger, Statesville.


Charlie Stokes Brien died at the home of his father on Summer St., Nashville last week.

Ap Stanford is moving to his farm today.

George Measle will move to town this week.

Jordan Measle and his three boys are stopping with Dan Smith near town.

Gips L. Walker and Miss Kittie Cooper were married Sunday at the home of the bride on Main Street, Rev. Brett officiating.

Bratten - Vick

Last Sunday evening at 2 o'clock in the presence of a few friends, while seated in their buggy in front to Esq. Son Williams' residence, the future destinies of Mr. M.C. Bratten and Miss Zella Vick were united by Esq. Williams.

The bride, who is the daughter of our genial townsman, Mr. M.C. Vick, is one of DeKalb's most popular and intelligent young ladies while the groom, who is a son of Mr. T.G. Bratten, is one of our most promising young men.

Temperance Hall

Lon Hinsley's nine months old infant died Saturday night.

Bob Hinsley of Texas is visiting relatives here.

Jordan Parker has moved near town.

J.R. Hayes will move near Nashville this week where he will reside in the future.

Mr. Edgar M. Hayes has been home for a few days but has returned to Nashville to resume his position as editor of "The Cheerful Victory." T.H. Pierce, formerly of the Smithville Review, has been engaged in the business with Edgar and the business will be conducted by these gentlemen.

Dry Creek

Messrs. Dickson, Doyle & Co., a wealthy firm of Chicago, have commenced work in the Dry Creek silver mines. It would be a good thing for old DeKalb county if a small Klondyke could be opened up so the people could have employment.

Erick Snow is improving his dwelling by building an additional room.

Old aunt Polly Ellage is very feeble here of late. She has lived ___ see the snow of more than f______ years.

Mrs. Eliza Frazier is on _______ list this week.

Our Neighbors

News Taken From Our County Exchanges

Wilson County -- The Democrat

Hons. Bancroft Murray of Gainesboro and Geo. H. Morgan of Cookeville were here yesterday.

Mrs. T.B. King of Brownsville was in Lebanon last week to attend the funeral of her father, Col. R.E. Thompson.

Robert E. King of the senior law class, Vanderbilt University, attended the funeral of his grandfather, Col. R.E. Thompson last week.

Auctioneer W.W. Donnell goes to Saundersville next Tuesday to sell the personal property of Joe Edwards, deceased, a former prominent stock raiser and farmer of that place.

Wilson County -- The Tribune

T.B. Arrington and family have moved to the Irby place on Depot street.

Hon. Lillard Thompson will go to Shelbyville next Tuesday to assume his duties as attorney general.

Esq. Abe Britton returned Tuesday evening from a stay of two weeks with friends and relatives at Monterey and other places.

Mrs. Harrison, the mother of Dave Harrison near Corum, died yesterday of pneumonia. She was about 80 years old. The remains were buried at the graveyard on the Tolliver farm.

Hon. and Mrs. Benton McMillin with his little son, John Brown McMillin, were in our city Tuesday and Wednesday on their way to Washington.

Rutherford County -- The News

Last Thursday evening while the family of Dr. J.H. Nelson were at supper, someone entered his residence and relieved him of some overcoats and hats. It is supposed the thief entered the front door.

Mr. Chip Henderson last Saturday sold to Messrs. L.J. Burgdorf and Ed I. McKinley, the entire newspaper and job office plant of the Home Journal. In the past the paper had been edited by L.J. Burgdorf, as lessee. The paper will be edited by these two gentlemen as a democratic newspaper. Both are practical newspaper men.

Mr. James D. Richardson, Jr. returned last Thursday from Washington City where he had been engaged for several months. He will be in Murfreesboro for several weeks.

Putnam County -- The Press

Leslie Judd has returned from the West where he has been several months.

Deputy Sheriff R.L. Jared lost his pocketbook last Sunday some where on the road west of Cookeville.

Dr. N.A. Nelly and H.J. Brown, two local nimrods of deadly aim, returned Saturday from a week's hunt on Cumberland mountain. They bagged several fine wild turkeys.

Sheriff Alcorn went to Bloomington Tuesday and took in custody Bud Bowen and Mrs. Jennie Reynolds, who had eloped from near Brotherton on the mountain. The arrest was made at the instance of the woman's husband.

Porter Ramsey, son of A.R. Ramsey and Miss Merie Clinton were married at the Free Hill church last Sunday. Rev. S.K. Phillips officiating. Both are highly esteemed by the young people of Cookeville and they enter upon the matrimonial voyage with the congratulations of many friends.

Smith County -- The Times

Camille Maddux is confined to her home with whooping cough.

A young daughter of Judge T.J. Fisher is very ill at her home with whooping cough.

Work has begun on R.G. Turner's house. He is going to have another story added and other improvements done.

Capt. T.P. Bridges, president of the Carthage Tobacco Works, left Tuesday morning for Louisville to purchase 50 hogsheads of tobacco.

Rev. A.L. Prewett, who has been conducting a series of meetings at the Methodist church in this city, left yesterday for Cookeville,where he will begin a series of meetings Dec. 5.

Thos. C. Price, who has been laid up for the past three weeks with a bone fellon on his left thumb, is improving very slowly and it is now thought he will lost the first joint of the injured member.

In the case of S.M. Young vs. Mrs. Howard Young which was appealed from the county court to the circuit court, asking that a larger amount be set aside for her support from the estate of Howard Young, deceased, the Judge delivered an opinion in favor of the plaintiff and the amount set apart for a year's support by the commissioners ratified.

The train ran over and killed two fine horses belonging to Dave Smith of Bridges last week.

Robert Preston of Bridges, whose leg was broken some time ago, is now able to walk by the assistance of crutches.

Maj. W.W. Ferguson, who recently sold his farm near Riddleton, will leave with his family in a few days for Madison Station where they will reside.

Levy Moss and Syd Sampson of Bridges became involved in a difficulty recently and exchanged a few shots. Only one shot took effect, this striking Sampson in the leg.

M.D. Gore, son of Capt. Wm. Gore of Gainesboro, who was one of the Centennial guards, was taken sick at the close of the exposition and entered a hospital for treatment. Early last Friday morning he died. His body was shipped to Double Springs and taken from there to Gainesboro, where he was buried. He was about 25 years of age. Attorney-general M.G. Butler, who is a cousin of the deceased was at Carthage attending court and was notified by telephone.

Here and There by "Ariel"

Again, last week I left Liberty [to] wend my way through the fertile valley of Smith's Fork . Moving on down toward Hendersons X Roads, I stayed Tuesday night with Mr. Everett Blankenship, one of the best known mule buyers in Wilson county. Wednesday I mingled with the people of X Roads and spent the night J.M. Williams. Mr. Williams has just completed a handsome new residence on his place near Hattonsville. Thursday was a gloomy day-outside- but within the elegant home of Hon. L.D. Stroud where I dined that day, all was cheerful and bright. I hope some day to pay that section another visit.


All the factories in and around here are running on full time. Four of cotton and woolen goods; one of iron, steel; two plain and fancy furniture; two barrel and stave works; one handle; one broom and two flouring mills; three plaining [sic] and saw mills; coop and egg case works. These constitute about all the manufacturing industries.

McMinnville Hardware Co. will soon have a completed warehouse 80 X 80 feet on Main street east of the Opera House.

Robt. Lamberson of Liberty was here with a load of corn the past week.

Mrs. B.A. Adamson of Gath is at the point of death.

Mrs. Jno. Smith, who has been visiting the family of her deceased husband's father, Harry Smith, left for Alabama this last week.

E.W. Brown's three boys, Oakley, Willie and Jessie Mai are impatiently waiting for Santa Claus. They speak often of their little friends in DeKalb and Cannon counties.


Charlie Smith and wife and W.J. Smith and wife visited at Mahone Saturday night.

Preaching at the Baptist Church nest Saturday at 2 p.m. and Sunday at 11 a.m. by Brother J.H. Grime.

The Sanctificationists are still holding forth at Saulsbury. I learn today that Oscar Jones and L.S. White, Campbellite, will debate at Bethlehem church on Tuesday.


Prof. J.C. Eastes is in town.

Mrs. M.C. Vick is on the sick list.

Call on E.E. Baker for Bridle and Saddlery Repair work.

John Neal on Helton is dangerously sick with erysipelas.

Miss Beulah Overall is spending the week with relatives at Forks of Pike.

Miss Fannie King visited her friend, Miss Maude Flippen, at this place Monday.

Thomas Blackburn of Dowelltown has been granted an increase on his pension.

Mrs. Rich Mathias is critically ill with pneumonia at her home on Adamson Branch.

There was an oyster supper at Doc Tramel's on Indian Creek last Wednesday night.

Mrs. J.H. Lamberson has been on the sick list for several day, but is now able to be up.

W.G. Evans has gone to Temperance Hall to see Mrs. Fox Frazier, who is very sick.

J. Robert Stark gave a social to his friends last night.

D.D. Overall and W.P. Whaley left for Nashville yesterday to buy their Christmas goods.

Misses Mary and Maude Flippen and Miss Fannie King visited friends at Smithville.

All parties due the firm of Lamberson & Griffith are hereby notified to come in and settle up at once.

Henry Snow and wife of Dry Creek are visiting Mrs. Snow's father, Mr. Jas. Lamberson at this place.

Jack Thurmond, Lee Epperson and Bob Floyd, popular "knights of the grip" were here last Saturday.

Mrs. Hard Hindsley fell and broke her left leg one day last week.

J.D. Givan is very sick at his home in Smithville.

Mrs. Pal Duncan of Smithville is visiting friends at this place.

Wade Washer at Foutch is on the sick list but not dangerously so.

Mrs. Martha A. Scott sustained another fall last week that is very serious.

C.W.L. Hale is having his eyes treated by Dr. ________ of Red Boiling Springs.

Frank Gore, a popular "knight of the grip" was in town a couple of days last week.

Sylvanus Pritchett has the nicest line of canned goods in town and sells them cheap.

Dr. W.H. Robinson has been laid up for several days and is still confined to his room.

W.H. Huggins has not been so well with his rheumatism for several days past.

Mrs. John Odom is dangerously sick at her home near town. Her friends entertain but little hopes of her recovery.

Willie Atwell and Miss Nellie Gray were married in Smithville last Thursday. The groom is 18 and the bride is 17 years old.

Geo. A Gartner, Jr., the general agent for the McCormick company was here last Friday.

James Givan, one of our best farmers sold the best lot of hogs averaged 350 pounds.

Prof. R.J. Brandon gave our office a pleasant call yesterday. He and T.J. Driver will teach the Spring school at Temperance Hall.

Dr. Drennan will be married to Miss Eppie McBroom in the Christian church at Woodbury, Dec. 22nd. No cards. It will be a swell affair on account of the prominence of the contracting parties.

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