Editor, Will A. Vick

February 24, 1897

Kosoma, I.T.

Letter from E.H. Stark, M.D. to the Herald showing a letter from an Indian to Mr. Mike Hamby. No other names mentioned. He talks of the Indian's style of writing, beautiful hand and correct spelling.

Jas. H. Stark
Last Friday morning at 10 o'clock, Uncle Jimmie Stark quietly passed away at his home in this town after a very brief illness. On Thursday he was out at his usual place of business when he was seized with a pain in his head. He suffered a great deal and soon became unconscious living about 24 hours. He had lived to a good old age, being more than 80 years old and was held in the very highest esteem by everybody. Funeral services were conducted by Eld. T.H. Estes at Salem on Saturday at 1 p.m.

Church History

In 1835 an effort was made to have the history of Salem Baptist church written up for the Association. Eld. C. Bethel, Eld. Wm. Dale, Moses Fite, Henry Fite and Tillman Fite were appointed to get it up. Something was done but the manuscript has been lost and we are now making an effort to rewrite its history. If any of the surviving friends or relatives of the deceased committee can produce the original copy they will confer a great favor on the present committee who are at work on its church history. Address any information to L.J. Bratten, Liberty, Tenn.


Miss Erma Smith of Mt. Juliet has been in on a visit to her sister, Miss Edna Smith.

Thomas Stevenson, one of our young photographers, is sick at the present.

J.J. Jewell has returned from Albertha, Ala. to which place he has been with a carload of mules.

Prof. M.M. Summers was in our midst Saturday.

Jim Birtle of Beech Grove is attending school here.


The barn of Willard Jones burned Friday. No insurance.

Miss Robbie Davis is visiting at Hartsville.

Frank Beck made a "flying" trip through town last week.

Miss Myrtle High is visiting the family of Judge D.O. Williams.

James Parker, Esqr. Has moved his family to this place. He will teach the school at upper Helton this spring. He will also continue his law studies.

Charlie Wheeler spent Sunday in town.

Elder John T. Oakley was on the down stage this morning.

Dr. Sam McMillin of Woods & McMillin, made a business trip to Nashville last week.

Ed Jaratt, a promising young attorney, has located in Alexandria and has his office at Judge Dan Williams office on Main street.

Our Neighbors

News Taken From Our County Exchanges

Smith County -- The Times

L.B. Flippen, circuit clerk at Carthage has recovered from his illness and is out again.

Miss Frankie Reubeit, who has been teaching at Gadsden, Ala., is at home in Carthage on a visit to her parents.

Verns, one of W.D. Gold's children, had a rock to fall on one of her feet at their home in Carthage last Sunday, which caused a painful injury.

Mrs. Joseph Myer of Carthage, who has been taking care of her sick daughter, Mrs. Josie Reynolds of Jacksonville, Fla. for some time, is expected home this week. Mrs. Reynolds is improving.

Last Saturday, W.A. Jordan and S.M. Young of Dixon Springs, both of which have been quite sick lately, left on the steamer, 'Dunbar' for Nashville, from there they will go to [________ ]for their health.

A telephone message from Dr. Fowler at Gainesboro to J.H. Gardenhire and Mrs. J.H. McMillin was received in Carthage last Saturday summoning them to the bedside of their father, Judge E.L. Gardenshire, who was not expected to live. They went on the steamer 'Hart' on Sunday, returning on Wednesday and report the Judge's condition much improved. He will probably recover.

Mrs. Florence Ellston of New York, while visiting her brother, W.A. Jordan near Dixon Springs, was quite ill last week, but has recovered sufficiently to return to the home of her father, Rev. J.B. Jordan in Carthage.

Col. John A. Fite returned to Carthage on Tuesday, having been in Lebanon for over a week at the bedside of his grandchild, J.A. Fite, Jr. The little one is better.

Wilson County -- The Tribune

W.S. Bates & Co. have taken the contract to rebuild the house of R.A. Cato at Rome, which was burned some time ago. R.B. Haliburton and J.B. Organ left Monday to do the work.

R.E. Nichol, proprietor of the Rechett Store, yesterday made an assignment of all his effects, naming Dr. J.W. Huddleston as assignee.

A.J. Casey, representing the Equitable Life Assurance Society of New York, was in this city Saturday taking proof of death of Judge Wilson M. Hammock, who had a policy in that company for $2,500. The guardian was appointed February 1, and the company was notified on the 8th inst. The policy was for the benefit of his nine year old daughter and will be paid as soon as the proof can be sent to New York.

Fire broke out in the storehouse occupied by S. Marton & Co., dealers in dry goods, boots and shoes on the West side of the square. The building which was a two story brick, belonged to Prof. J.I.D. Hinds.

Wednesday evening of last week, Mr. W.T. Marshall of Weir and Miss Mary Tom Jackson of this city, were united in marriage at the home of the bride's aunt, Mrs. Jennie Carter on West Main street, Rev. J.M. Herbert uniting their destinies in a beautiful ceremony.

Putnam County -- The Press

J.H. Moore is still very sick, hopes are entertained for his recovery.

Miss Nora Lee, Engrossing Clerk of the House of Representatives, returned home last Monday evening and will spend the recess at home.

R.W. Allen, proprietor of the Cookeville Roller Mill, has about completed a beautiful and commodious residence near his mill.

The committee of lawyers, consisting of Capt. Walton Smith, F.T. Fancher, Geo. H. Morgan, A. Algood and H.P. Davis, who were appointed by a mass meeting of the citizens to report whether Cookeville could be incorporated it would be unconstitutional and void.

W.G. Currie of Cookeville received a dispatch from Memphis yesterday announcing the death of his father, Dr. John Currie, which occurred in that city Tuesday last. Mr. Currie and his little son, Wilburn, left this morning to a visit of the sorrowing family.

[More on the incorporation] mentions T.L. Denny, C.H. Whitney, C.C. Fowler, T.J. Baker and B.B. Jared.

Throat Cut

The Body of E.C. Chapman found this morning in the street
This city was shocked early this morning by the announcement that Mr. E.C. Chapman had committed suicide. He was sick a few days ago but had apparently recovered and was at his place of business yesterday. He talked as usual with his friends and no one had the slightest idea that he was soon to die by his own hand.

Mr. Chapman went to a hotel here last night and registered but it seems that he did not stay there. It is said that he went to bed with his friend, Joe Langley at the Central Hotel and some time during the night while Joe was asleep he got up and left.

It was about 4 o'clock in the morning when parties at the H & T C Depot heard groans as if from someone in agony about Owen's lumber yard, near where the walk crosses from the depot. It was a horrible sight, he was covered with blood and the ground strewn with human gore. The unfortunate man was still breathing but death had soon done its work. On examination it was found that he had cut a gash nearly two inches long on the right side of his neck and then another gaping wound about four inches long extending from the front of the neck back most to the left ear.

From the blood stains on the ground it is believed that he cut himself first immediately in front of the Owens lumber office, then with his lifeblood flowing from ghastly wounds he passed around the corner where he fell from loss of blood. The body was moved to Marcias undertaking establishment where it was prepared for burial and was then removed to the home of his brother, J.M. Chapman.

Deceased has lived in Ennis for many years and was associated in the saloon business with S.A. Brown and was a quiet inoffensive citizen and had a large circle of personal friends who are made sad by his tragic death. Deceased was unmarried and made his home with his brother and was devoted to his two little nieces.

Mr. Chapman was an honest, law abiding citizen and was at all times careful of the rights and desires of others.-----------Ennis (Texas) Democrat

Round Top

Matt Hayes and daughter, Miss Mary, visited relatives at Sycamore Sunday.

Joe Ford gave the young people a social Saturday night. They report an enjoyable time.

Little Willie Fite has been right sick but is better as of this writing.

Chas. Robinson and wife visited the family of W.J. Jennings one night last week.

Estell Woods has purchased him a disc harrow.

Misses Elma and Julia Jennings visited Miss Mary Hayes one night last week.

Miss Belle Walden is on the puny list.

Tobe McMillin was in our midst on business Sunday evening.(?)

W.E. Rich is preparing to build him a new house this spring.

Sterlin Rich has about completed his house.

Mr.& Mrs. W.C. Jennings visited friends at Statesville last week.


Mrs. J.H. Stark is improving slowly.

Gip Walker of Alexandria was here Monday.

Mrs. T.A. Killman is visiting relatives in Smith county.

Dr. W.H. Robinson has had a slight relapse of lagrippe.

James Jones of Alexandria was here on business Monday.

James Pritchett has gone on a business trip to Smith county.

Less Odum of the Smith Fork country was in town yesterday.

M.C. Vick went to the Watertown country Monday on business.

MC. Dodd died at his home on Clear Fork last Saturday morning.

Tom Vick made a business trip to Cannon and Coffee counties last week.

Miss Susie Carden has returned to her home in Coffee county after several weeks visit here.

John Stark and wife of Watertown came up Friday to attend the funeral of James H. Stark.

Uncle Alfred Hancock has suffered a relapse and his condition is considered dangerous.

Miss Carrie Bell, one of Alexandria's most enchanting young ladies, visited here Sunday.

Dr. W.F. Young of Cottage Home was here Monday.

Wm. Corley shipped a carload of shoats yesterday.

W.H. Carpenter of New Middleton was here last week.

Sam Williams, a prominent farmer of Smith county, was here last week.

Miss Bertha, daughter of Mr.& Mrs. John Woodsides, died at their home one mile south of town last Saturday morning with that dreaded disease, consumption. Funeral services were conducted at Salem Sunday by Rev. G.B. McPeak.

Kit Overall died at his home on Clear Fork Monday with consumption.

H.A. Bratten and T.A. Killman left for Nashville Monday in the interest of their scales.

Mrs. J.L. Hollandsworth has not been so well for several days, but is some better now.

Mrs. J.P. Stark carried Maude and Carrie Gleason to the Orphan's Home at Nashville yesterday.

Dr. T.O. Bratten and mother of Watertown were up Saturday to attend the funeral of J.H. Stark.

W.D. Bass shipped another carload of mules South yesterday, making over 200 head this season.

Babe Oakley, Sen., a prominent farmer of the Smith Fork country, was here Monday on business.

Esq. John Hawkins and James Carter, two of Cannon county's best farmers, were here today.

W.H. (Red) Odom died at his home in Auburn last Friday morning with lagrippe. He had never gotten entirely well from the wound received during the war.

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