Editor, Will A. Vick

July 17, 1889


Clark Knight's wife died Sunday.

Born to J.M. Jennings and wife, a girl.

Born to J.W. Armstrong and wife, a girl.

Miss Hord McGregor of Lebanon is visiting Miss Stella Hale.

Messrs. Johnnie Johnson, Spencer Jennings, Bill Turney, Forest Smith and Johnnie Davis made a flying visit to Lebanon.

Ezra Smith, Durrett and Robert Rollins were here Sunday.

D.S. Boyd is on the sick list this week.

J.R. Hale is convalescing now.

J.L. Davis will be teaching at our school, which starts July 22nd.

Rev. John T. Oakley will preach at the C.P. church Sunday.

John Moody is preparing him a race track below town to train his fine horse for the fair.

T. Oakley has returned from visiting friends and relatives in Jackson county.

Long Letter about the West from Wilson L. Waters


Born to Mrs. Kate Prichard, a girl.

Born to M.M. Grandstaff and wife, a girl.

Miss Pearl Davidson of Nashville has been with us.

Misses Dollie Tracy, Lula Davis and Minnie Vantrease accompanied by Messrs. R.H. Clark, Jesse Hearn, and M.L. Allen explored "Williams Cave" Sunday.

W.N. Vantrease went to Lebanon last Saturday and had his mustache blacked.

Richard Cairly and wife are visiting friends and relatives here.


Ed.E. Bone of Gainesville, Texas is visiting his father, John Bone.

C. Banks and wife of Honey Grove, Texas is visiting M.C. Banks of this place. Mr. Banks expects to leave shortly for San Bernadino, California for his future home.

Henry Pruett of near this place, died Friday.

Mrs. Polly Kitchens, mother of James Kitchens, died at home on Carthage Pike, Sunday.

father, John J. Bowers, died Saturday at Nebo, Kentucky.

An effort is being made to build a pike from this place to Brush Creek and J.F. Roy is making a survey of the route.

R.B. Floyd is buying large quantities of wheat for shipment.

W.B. Bridges threshed 101 bushels of wheat from 3 acres.

Bob McMillin's horse got his tail caught in the thresher belt and torn off.

Charlie Rutland and Bird Smith, both colored, had a fight Saturday night. Smith was badly beaten by Rutland.

James Hays had a mare badly hurt from running against a barb wire fence.

Mrs. F.S. Gold and Profs. Gross and Boon are attending the National Teachers Convention at Nashville.

D. Bethel left Thursday for Red Boiling Springs, Macon county.

Miss Drucie Gold is visiting Miss Anna Givan at Hickman.

Miller Schurer went to Lebabnon to meet his sister, Mrs. O.P. Hill, of Murfreesboro, who will be visiting relatives here.

Mrs. S.W. McClellan fell and sprained her ankle.

Liv Tubb and family visited W.J. Givan at Hickman Thursday.

Capt. Nichol paid a short visit to his family at this place.

Miss Alma Dewelis left for her home in Louisville, Kentucky.

Mrs. R.V. Wright of Nashville is visiting relatives here.

James Doss is visiting his mother, Mrs. M.E. Doss, at this place.

Berry Dortch of Nashville is visiting here.

Dr. W.W. Jones came over last week from Murfreesboro.

Mrs. D.A. Buck and daughter of Laporte, Indiana and Mrs. Cartwright of Nashville, have been visiting M/M B.F. Bell.

Son Williams was here last week. He has placed a handsome organ in the Methodist Church on trial.

Edwin King is employed at the livery stable of T.W. Eason.

Mr. Fifer of Nashville is stopping at the Donnell House.

Miss Minnie Easters is visiting at Mrs. H.H. Jones of this place.

Clear Fork

Someone entered T.D. Bass' house while he was helping a neighbor thresh wheat.

Prof. H.A. Bratten opened school Monday at Ben Franklin.

Prof. R.L. Hays has opened school at Sycamore.

G.B. Givan nearly lost a fine mare to the lock-jaw.

R.J. Givan cut some timothy that measured 6 feet 5 inches from tip to tip.

H.L. Craddock is the juror from this district.


Mrs. Joe Agee has been very sick, but is improving.

Miss Alice Wills of Wilson county is visiting relatives of this community.

One of W.D. Irvin's little children has been quite sick.

Dr. Nichols of Hickman was at this place today.

J.G. Reasonover of this place is improved since returning from Nashville for an operation.


Mrs. Fanny Odom has been on the sick list for several days.

Joe B. Hawkins little boy, Marvin, was thrown from a mule and broke his arm.

The Odd Fellows met and the following officers were installed by J.C. McAdoo for Auburn Lodge No. 213, I.O.O.F. for the next term; George Davenport, J.T. Turney, J.H. Champion, J.W. Hays, John Hawkins, Joe B. Hawkins, G.B. Sneed, R.T. Hancock, F .S. Bogle, J.A. Fuson, H.A. Fite, J.G. Owen, A.J. Hancock, Tom Conch, A.Hays, R.H. Davenport.

A Tacky Party was given for the young people in our little village at the residence of B.A. High. Those of the girls present were; Misses Hallie and Myrtle Hancock, Fannie Paty, Lalia and Octa Champion, Fan Nichol, Maggie Millard, Ida Hancock, Angie McAdoo, Nannie Mathes, and Mattie Davenport. Among the boys were; Messrs. T.M. Bryan, Haywood Champion, C.R. Nichol, Alden Hale, Billie Davenport, Albert McAdoo, Ernest Odom, Jas. High and S.M. Bradford.

Faulkner Springs

Thos. Montgomery returned from a trip yesterday.

Elza Faulkner's family, R.W. Turner and family and Miss Jennings, all of Nashville, are at Asa Faulkner's for the summer.

E. Montgomery returned Friday from a trip.


Mrs. Jas. Malone is sick and very low at this writing.

Jas. Williams (Big Jim) is bad off too.

Dr. Lum Robinson lost a fine mare from eating too much wet clover.

B.W. Robinson has sold his ½ interest in the water mill at Temperance Hall to Bluhm & Avant.

James Beals of Nashville is one of the trainers on James Robinson's tracks.

Miss Debora Robinson had Dr. Hartman to straighten her eyes.

C.B. Williams was appointed store keeper and gauger under Cap't. Nunn and will move to the brandy regions soon.

James Fuson's family will occupy Charley's house while Jim is U.S. Marshall.


Bob Smithson was in town again yesterday evening.

Mrs. Jas. Hollandsworth is on the sick list this week.

Miss Rachel Petty of Forks of Pike spent Monday night in town.

George and Tilford Powell of Smallman were in town on Business.

John Gleason returned from a two-week visit in Birmingham, Alabama.

Hop Groves is improving from an injury caused by a horse falling with him.

Mrs. W.L. Vick and little children are visiting her parents at Brush Creek.

Herschel Bass and Miss Carrie Corley spent Sunday evening with Miss Bonnie Overall.

Miss Belle Wheeler of Alexandria has been visiting here for several days.

Mrs. B.L. Hale has gone to visit her kinfolks in Wilson county.

S.B. Sellars of Forks of Pike is on the sick list this week.

G.L. Talley and wife of Smithville spent Saturday and Sunday with the family of James Hollandsworth.

Prof. C.P. Winstead left to attend the educational association in Nashville.

Arch Markum, wife and dau., and Harrison Vandergriff, all of the Smallman country paid our office a call yesterday.

Dr. Duval of Carthage will be in Alexandria to do dental work.

Sam McMillin, a prominent young aspirant for a M.D.'s title, was here yesterday.

Mason Tiller left our little town this morning after several days, for Alexandria to write more insurance policies.

Messrs. Dillon and Phillips of Lancassas are now located at this place, instructing how to cut and fit garments with the National Garment Cutter.

Dan Grizzle went to Nashville to see son, John, who is very sick.


J.R. Hearn died June 29, 1889, aged 37 years, 9 months and 9 days----m. Nancy Tennessee Foutch, May 26, 1870.

Miss Nannie Smith, Liberty, died at home Sunday, 21 years of age. She was the oldest, except two of W.P. Smith, twice county trustee. The oldest, Mrs. Martha Hale, died 1885.

Pick Up

H.A. Phillips and family of Henderson X Roads was up visiting friends and relatives.

S.F. Barbee and family are visiting relatives at this place.

W.H. Tribble of this place is threshing wheat in the Cottage Home neighborhood.

George Turner, Tom Roberson, G.M. Armstrong, and Johnny Johnson were visiting in town.

Cason Jennings is threshing wheat this evening.

Charley Garrison and Tobe Thomas sold 45 head of hogs this week at 4 cents per pound.

Round Top

Pony Jennings reports finding a wheat head which had 15 grains to the mesh.

J.W. Turner found a five-leaf clover in a field.

J.B. Cothron and J.A. Jennings returned from attending the teacher's institute in Lebanon.

Miss Nannie Lewis will be able to take charge of her school soon.

J.W. Adamson returned from a few days in Nashville.

Lum Jennings commenced threshing wheat Friday.

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