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This May 4, 1887 Issue was filmed with the 1897 Issues of the Paper

May 4, 1887

Temperance Hall

It is with sadness we are called upon to report the death of another sweet little babe. Little Offie Turner, aged about 14 months and the only child of W.A. and Martha Turner, while at play yesterday, was suddenly taken with a spasm about 4 o'clock and died at 8.

Wm. Reynolds and J.I Fisher have bought out the stock of goods of Mr. Rinslow at Lancaster and Bill has put on a new suit of clothes.

Cherry Valley

Mr. Ed Bass died at his home Tuesday morning. He was buried Wednesday by the Masonic fraternity, being a member of that body.

Mrs. William Phillips, Jr. has been quite sick for some time, but is improving slowly.


Miss Emma Curtis was here on a visit last week.

Miss Fanny Bass of Warren county was here Saturday. She is teaching school at Clear Fork.

Mr. A.J. Kersey has sold his house and lot and will build another new house soon near Jo Turner's.

R.F. Jones contemplates building this summer on his new lot bought from C.W.L. Hale. He has already had his well bored. Mr. Geraty took the contract to dig it for $30 and insure good water.

Mrs. Callie Fite will get her insurance money soon.

Mr. Thomas Hill of Dry Creek had the misfortune to lose his pocket book somewhere between Dowelltown and Lebanon last Friday.

Mrs. John Taylor of Indian Creek was here last week under treatment for a cancer on his[?] face by Dr. Tom McClellan.

Land Sales

Pursuant to a decree of the Honorable Chancery court rendered at its October term, 1881, and confirmed by the Supreme Court, I will on May 25, 1887, offer for sale at the court house door in Smithville, the following described tract of land situated in the 8th civil district of DeKalb county and bounded as follows: North by the land of W.B.C. Burton, East by the land of John C. Watson, South by W.C. Johnston, West by M.S. Smith, et als and said to contain 100 acres. Said land will be sold to satisfy a judgment in favor of John B. Robinson, C&M, and others.

H.S. Gill, Sheriff

By virtue of an execution levy issued to me by T.W. Shields, Clerk in favor S.H. Smith against T.C. Harper, I will on May 25, 1887, the following lands as the property of T.C. Harper, subject to his homestead, lying in the 16th civil district of DeKalb county, containing 250 acres, and bounded North by John H. Garner, East by A.N. Merritt, South by Kitty Carr, West by Johnston's land.

H.S. Gill, Sheriff

By virtue of an order issued to me by T.W. Shields, Clerk in favor of C.W.L. Hale & Son against G.A. Smith, I will on May 25, 1887, the remainder of interest house and lot situated in the 2nd civil district belonging to G.A. Smith and bounded North by Lebanon & Sparta Pike, East by W.H. Robinson, South by Smith Fork, West by Jno. Lamberson, Dec'd and containing about 1 acre, more or less.

H.S. Gill, Sheriff

By virtue of an order of sale issued to me by T.W. Shields, Clerk in favor of S.M. Crowder and against Spurlin Malone, I will on May 25, 1887, the remainder of interest in the following described tract of land in the 17th district and bounded North by J.B. Tubb, South and East by James Oakley, West by Jackson heirs and containing about 55 acres, in which land said Malone owns two shares.

H.S. Gill, Sheriff

By virtue of an order of sale issued to me by T.W. Shields, Clerk, in favor of E.E. Magness and against John E. Atnip, I will on May 25, 1887, the following tracts of land in the 18th district and bounded as follows: First Tract; beginning on a stake in J.E. Atnips Northeast corner, thence South 4 ½ degrees, 153 ½ poles to a stake, thence West with a conditional line made by said Atnip & Lamberson 91 poles to a stake on the bank of Holmes Creek, thence North 25 degrees, East 20 poles down the creek to a stake, thence North 27 degrees, Northwest 42 poles to a stake in a hollow, thence South 81 degrees, West 28 poles, to the beginning containing by measurement 170 acres. Second Tract; Beginning on a stake and pointers Lamberson corner in Enoch Atnips heirs line running with Lamberson's line South 10 poles, East 42 poles to a stake in Alford Allen's line, , containing 20 acres more or less, said two tracts of land was deeded to J.E. Atnip Aug. 6, 1883 by A.B. Cheatham and Martha Cheatham and said deed is registered in book P, pages 488 & 489 in the DeKalb Registers office.

H.S. Gill, Sheriff

Pursuant to an order of sale issued to me by John Turney, Clerk of the Supreme Court in favor of J.A. Moss against R.S. Love, I will on May 25, 1887, Three tracts of land lying in the 16th civil district of DeKalb Co.; 1st tract being a one third interest in the dower of Nancy Love, which is R.S. Love's interest; 2nd tract, one sixth interest in said dowry being L.A. Loves, bounded as follows, North by McCray, South by R.S.J. & H. Loves, East by S.F. Love, West by H.A. Moss, containing about 60 acres; also, one tract containing about 65 acres, bounded south by Gills heirs, North by Love's dowry, East by J.W. McDonnell, West by W.A. Moss. Also R.S. Love's remaining interest in his homestead bounded North, East, & South by Nancy Love's dowry and West by A. Moss.

H.S. Gill, Sheriff -- April 25, "87"


D.W. Dinges [Dry Goods, Farm Machinery] Alexandria, Tenn

Foust & Jones, Carriage Factory, Manufacturers of Buggies, Bretts, Phaetons and Carriages of every style H.D. Foust - L.E. Jones Alexandria, Tenn

Masonic Normal - Liberty, Tenn. -- Z.D. Jones, Advanced Courses; W.S. Renick, Intermediate Classes, Miss Nannie B. Jones, Music and Art

West & Frazier Livery and Feed Stable--R.B. West -- C.S. Frazier

Donelson the Clothier, 18 North Cherry St., Nashville, Tenn For Sale Great Bargains, Engines, Boilers, Mill Machinery John P. Dale, No 84 College St. Nashville

A.E. Tanford, Dowelltown, Tenn -- Both Plain and Ornamental Coffens furnished

Hollandsworth & Son, Undertakers. All kinds of Coffins furnished Liberty, Tenn

Ira W. King & Co., Complete line of Fancy Articles

Forks of Pike

Mr. Joe Clark is said to be improving.

Messrs. McClellan and Ferry of Grant were in town.

The Payne Bros were here last week in the fire insurance business.

Prof. Z.D. Jones and his students of the Liberty school enjoyed a nice picnic down on Smith Fork Saturday.


Mrs. Frease is visiting her father and mother of Rutherford county this week.

Miss Thusia Thomas is visiting at home at present.

Mrs. Henry Patterson has died with paralysis.

Rev. N.A. Anthony preached an interesting sermon at the M.E. church Sunday.

Mr. Charley Sellars, one of Dry Creek's most enterprising young men is visiting the family of Dr. Turney this week.

Ezra Smith of Watertown was seen on our streets Sunday.


Frank P. Durham's little boy, aged 15 months, died suddenly Sunday evening. His death is supposed to have been caused by a grain of popcorn lodged in the wind pipe.

Mr. Ed Eason of Lebanon and Miss April Doss of this place were married last Sunday eveing. A party of young folks accompanied the happy couple into Wilson county, where they were married by Rev. Ira W. King. After congratulations and best wishes of friends they left for Lebanon, their future home.

Col. J.J. Ford and Miss Hattie Blackburn returned Sunday from a short visit to Nashville.

Mr. B.F. Bell and family returned Monday from a visit to relatives at Murfreesboro.

Mrs. R.V. Wright of Nashville came up Saturday on a visit to relatives.

Mrs. Allen, wife of Judge Matt Allen of Nashville, is visiting Mrs D.W. Dinges.

Mr. Tom Ferrell has accepted a position in the Drug store of Ira W. King.

Competitive Examination

Notice is hereby given that on Monday, May 9, 1887, at Lebanon, Tenn. there will be a competitive examination for the selection of a cadet to the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis from the Fourth Congressional District of Tennessee..
Benton McMillin, M.C. Fourth District

From an Old Resident

Letter to Will Vick from R.R. Evans, Germantown, Tenn. for a subscription to the paper.


At her residence in Smithville, Tenn, April 25, 1887, Attorey Lockhart, wife of Andrew Lockhart and daughter of Johnathan Hall. She leaves a husband, three little children and many friends to mourn her departure at the early age of 32 years. She professed religion in the year 1885 and joined Primitive Baptist church. It was measles that took her home.

James Snow, Smithville

Round Top

Mr. West Jenning's little boy was badly hurt by a horse kicking him, and the little fellow has suffered greatly.

Messrs. Luck & Young, stock traders of Statesville, have been here this week.

Mr. Jo Fite will not go to school but will attend to farm duties.

Bear Branch

The Society at Oak Grove is doing well. Its work will be published in book form and we expect to have it done at The Herald office. It will make a good sized pamphlet.

Mr. Son Hicks sold the clover on 15 acres of land for $100 last week, yet some say clover will not do in flat woods.


The following resolutions were adopted by the Cumberland Presbyterian Sunday School of Alexandria April 24. Whereas God in his allwise Providence has seen fit to remove from our midst Will E. Foust, for some time a member and teacher in our Sunday School. That we hereby express our sorrow at the death of one so young and promising

R.L. McDonnell, Ira W. King, Jr., A.S. Honeycutt, Comm.


Geo. & Bob Bradley came up last Sunday to see their girls.

Celebrated mild, bread, 2 loaves for 15 cts. At J.F. Schott's Lebanon.

Miss Annie May Gossett is improving from her recent sickness.

The sick children of Mr. and Mrs. L.N. Woodside are improving.

Mr. H.L. Hale has been appointed chairman of the prohibition workers of the second district.

Miss Ida Grooms of Forks of Pike has been visiting relatives here for several days.

Mrs. L. Hale returned home last week. She had been to see her mother, who died last Thursday.

Misses Maggie Woodside and Alice Bass gave us a pleasant call yesterday, Come again.

Mr. R.L. Floyd, wife and Miss Willie Bowers of Alexandria were here last Sunday.

J.T. Odom, the popular clothing man of Lebanon will have a display advertisement next week.

Mr. S.M. McClellan and her children, Hugh and Corral of Alexandria were here last week.

Miss Bell Wheeler of Alexandria spent a few days with relatives here.

Jim Hammonds and Dan Harrison gave our merchants a call last Saturday.

Fire in the woods did considerable damage on the farm of Josiah Griffeth, 2 miles northwest of town.

B.F. Vinson, ex-deputy sheriff of Cannon county was married to Ms. Dr. Everett of Smallman last Sunday.

Drs. A. Avant and Womack of Smithville gave us a pleasant call.

J.E. Stratton, who so richly deserves the patronage of the Dry Good's Public will have a big advertisement.

Pierce Kerley of Dry Creek informs us that he has a white oak tree that measures 21 feet in circumference.

A.P. Smith, Esq., Misses Eula and Lumie and Master Willie Smith of Temperance Hall gave us a pleasant call Saturday.

Rev. J.B. Stevens preached an interesting sermon at the Methodist church last Sunday.

Dr. J.G. Squires, Rev. N.A. Anthony and Will T. Hale will speak at Pea Ridge church next Saturday on the prohibition amendment.

Liv Tubb at Alexandria has received this week an entire new stock of Hats.

A fatal accident occurred on Clear Fork last week, resulting the death of Elija Holland, who has been to very poor health for some time. He had been out riding on horseback and when he tried to dismount his foot became fastened in the stirup so that he could not extricate it. The horse became frightened and dashed furiously away, terrible mutilating the head and shoulders of the young man. He lived 24 hours after the accident.

Notice: Will T. Hale has moved to Liberty and will devote himself to the practice of the law.

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