Editor, Will A. Vick

December 16, 1896


The Christian Endeavor was held at the home of Miss Mattie Jones last Sunday evening.

On account of sickness the family of J.H. Snoddy will not leave for McKinzie this week.

Eld. J.W. Fletcher's sermon last Sunday night was well received by a large audience.

Hendersons X Roads

Mr. Amzi Sherril and Miss Maggie Macon of Commerce and Mr. John Dill and Miss Mattie Setwart [sic] and Mr. Wm Pemberton and Miss Mattie Jaco all married last week.

Prof. Charlie Oakley and Richard Macon of Commerce spent a few days attending the meeting at Fall Creek last week. Mr. Macon talks a great deal about Iowa.

Staly Meadow of Commerce spent a night with Vidi last week. He is much improved.

Pastor Oakly is being assisted in a meeting at Fall Creek by Eld. W.Y. Quisenberry.

J.L. Patton had his hand damaged by a circle saw last week.

W.P. Phillips and J.A. Williams have exchanged farms and each has moved to where the other lived.

John W. Williams has moved to the Spencer Jennings farm near Hattonville.

B.C. Hale of Watertown was over last week and got a square meal at the wedding supper of Miss Mattie Stewart. Vidi would be glad to see Christopher pick up a little.

It is said that Rev. J.P. Gilliam is happy.

Rev. John Luggle Oakly, Mrs. John Luggle Oakly and John Lella Oakley have had the pleasure of entertaining Rev. Willie Y. Quisenberry for more than a week.

The four year old son of William Weatherly died Saturday morning.

Eld. D.B. Nance of Woodbury was at church Sunday night.

Miss Zilla Alsup of Murfreesboro is visiting her aunt, Mrs. Ellen Phillips.

Our Neighbors

News Taken From Our County Exchanges

Rutherford County The News

A colored woman named Martha Jeward died suddenly of heart failure at the colored Methodist Church last Sunday just at the close of the service.

The friends of Mr.& Mrs. W.A. McNeil will be glad to know that their children, William and Mary, who have been sick with the measles, are recovering rapidly.

Mr. Ragwell, the telegraph operator at the passenger depot found a drummer's roll of scissors and case knives, which were more samples belonging to Gray Dudly & Co., Nashville and carried by their traveling salesman, Mr. Tom Spain of this place.

Wilson County -- The Democrat

D.C. Williams of Chicago was with his mother, Mrs. John Lester, a couple days last week.

Mrs. Rebecca Prewitt and Sylvia Tolliver leave Tuesday for Texas to spend ten months with Miss Ella Redman and Mr. A.B. Wright.

Henry Lester and family leave next Tuesday for Selma, California, where Mr. Lester goes for the benefit of his health.

The Jenkins storehouse on the corner of College and Market street has been sold by the county court for partition, N.G. Robertson being the buyer.

A telegram was received yesterday by Capt. Abe Britton announcing the death of Mrs. Joe Britton at her home in Nashville. Her death was not wholly unexpected, as she has been an invalid for a number of years. Her remains will be brought to Lebanon on the morning train today for interment in Cedar Grove Cemetery.

The Methodist Sunday school has for the last several years been educating a young Japanese boy through Mrs. Hatton, wife of the late Gen. Robert Hatton, who is now in Japan with her son-in-law, Rev. Mr. Towson, who is a missionary to that country. Mrs. Hatton sent a picture of the young man to the Sunday school which was enlarged and framed by Mrs. F. Perryman and was presented Sunday.

Putnam County -- The Press

A.J. Crawford, President of the N & K Railway is in the city.

Ex-Sheriff, C.F. McCaleb and family have returned to their farm in the lower end of the county, after a two years residence in this city.

Geo. Hale of Gainesboro came up into Putnam county last Friday to look after a law suit and while stopping with a friend near Ai, he was helping put on a "back log", and in the effort his pistol fell out of his pocket and was discharged, the ball penetrating the knee ranged up the thigh and lodged in the hip. The bone was so badly shattered that amputation above the knee was necessary. A telephone message has been received from Gainesboro stating that he died there Wednesday morning from the effects of the wound.

The report has reached here of a serious affray which occurred near Burton in the 8th district of this county last Sunday, in which Joe Dunn was stabbed three times by Enoch Martin. The trouble grew out of an old grudge of some sort. Dunn is said to be seriously if not fatally wounded. One of the stabs was in the neck, just above the collar bone, one in the side and the other in the back, all of which penetrated to the hollow. There were three or four other persons present and they carried Dunn to a neighboring house and left him. We understand that Dunn claims that he lost $69 in cash, a pistol and a bottle of whiskey at the time.

Smith County -- The Times

Phil Shaw of Dixon Springs is perhaps buying and shipping more hogs and cattle than any other trader in the county. Within three weeks he has shipped about 1,700 hogs from Carthage.

On Wednesday, Nov. 25, Luther Neal of New Middleton was married to Miss Fannie Hawthorne of Maggart at the home of the bride's parents, Rev. J.P. Gillem officiating.

Jessie Wright, a young man of Macon county, while visiting relatives in Williamson county, was killed on Tuesday of last week by the accidental discharge of a shotgun.

Dr. J.G Goodpasture of Carthage who has been confined to his room for several days is able to be out again.

The other 4-month's-old twin child of Wils. Christian, colored, cook in the household of W.E. Myer, Carthage, died last Friday night.

S.A. Wilson, who recently purchased the Carter home in Carthage, has sold the same to Frank Reeves.

E.S. Hart and W.Y. Hart of the firm of Hart Bros., Carthage, have been sick for the past week.

Attorney G.S. Corley and wife, who have had rooms at the residence of Col. John A. Fite, Carthage, have moved to the former residence of Judge T.J. Fisher on Main street.

Attorney R.H. Fitzpatrick and family, who have been living at the Methodist parsonage, Carthage, moved to Nashville last Monday.

John Matney shot and instantly killed his father-in-law, Pleas Hamby, in the tenth district of Cumberland county on November 23rd.

A telephone message was received by Mrs. W.Y. Hart of Carthage last Saturday that her mother, Mrs. H.J. Harley of Nashville, was quite ill.

On Wednesday night of last week the commissary at the Government rock works on the farm of W.A. Wilson near Rome, burned.

The steamboat war has been inaugurated by the steamer, John W. Hart, which has cut the rate from 15 cents to 5 cents per 100 pounds on freight from Nashville.

Sam Crutchfield, who was convicted at the last March term of the Smith county circuit court and sentenced to one year in the penitentiary, was pardoned Monday by Governor Turney. George Corner, colored, convicted of perjury in Clay county in October, 1895, and sentenced for three years, was also pardoned.


Robt. Duke, Will Flippen, Ira Robinson and T. Botts were arrested Sunday on the charge of shooting Sanders Stokes, (col.) Saturday night. The shooting occurred about one mile from town on the Statesville road. The magistrates Knox and Foust thought the evidence sufficient against Duke to place him under a heavy bond for appearance at court, the charge as to Botts, Robinson and Flippen was dismissed. The evidence showed the shooting to be unprovoked as the negro was passing quietly along the road, he was shot in the back and Dr. Eaton pronounced the wound dangerous perhaps fatal as the ball could not be found.

One of the front show windows of Barry Bros. was broken Sunday.

Kitching Bros. have opened their grocery store.

John Reed has sold his interest in the drugstore of Knox & Reed to Charlie Womack, the style of the firm will be Knox & Womack.

Robt Turner is clerking for Barry Bros.

Robt. Bruce is clerking for Liv Tubb.

Dr. Knox and Liv Tubb were in Nashville last week.

Tavis Jones has rented the storehouse on Main Street where he will open up his goods in January, 1897.

Col. J.J. Ford has given to his grand-daughter, Mrs. L.W. Rollins, a lot on Main street and a dwelling will be built next year on the same.

Rev. J.B. Fletcher went to Doyle last week.

Geo. Hunt of Carthage and W.F. Barrett of New Middleton were here Saturday.

Judge Dan Williams and wife leave tomorrow for Nashville to be absent several days.

Miss Mattie Bone leaves Wednesday for a visit to relatives in Nashville.

Mr. Frank Gore was in town today.

Miss Daisy Odom returned to her home near Holmes Gap, Wednesday, after a visit to relatives in Nashville.

Miss Hattie Blackburn returned home from Nashville Wednesday.

Dr. Womack has purchased the brick on High street.

Geo. Measle has purchased the Dinwiddie property on High street and will move to town.

Rev. T.J. Eastes was here Saturday.

David Dinwiddie died last Wednesday after a few days illness. He was a bright young boy, just entering into manhood and his death was a sad blow to his many friends.


Miss Beulah Overall is visiting in Murfreesboro.

Mrs. J.D. Smith has been on the sick list for several days.

J.C. Prichard of the river country, was here yesterday on business.

Mrs. S.B. Sellars was thought to be better yesterday, though she is very weak.

Ode Woodside will be glad to see his friends at Vick & Bright's during the holidays.

Miss Ethel Bratten returned home from Statesville Sunday where she has been visiting.

Miss Willie Groom has returned from Nashville where she has been studying music.

J.F. Caplinger was down in this section last week looking after his interests for county Superintendent.

Rev. G.B. McPeak has been confined to his room with rheumatism for a few days last week.

W.J. Gothard has been out in the south part of the county hunting votes to elect him County Superintendent.

Ed Baker has opened a harness and repair shop here and is now quartered in the Brown storehouse. He is a fine workman and knows what to do in leather.

All persons indebted to the estate of John Gleason, dec'd., are notified to come and settle at once and save cost. --H.A. Bratten, Attorney

Last Saturday night, the Masonic School Board elected Prof. W.J. Gothard, Prof. J.C. Williams and wife, the faculty to take charge of the school here for the next Spring. Prof. Williams is a graduate of Cumberland University and a teacher of wide experience. His wife is a graduate of the Lebanon college for young ladies and also has long experience. Prof. Gothard, a self made DeKalb county boy and as full of life and energy as the ocean is of water. Now that we have a faculty second to none in the upper country parents would do well to send their children to Liberty. Sixteen young men from the country have already engaged board for the spring term.

W.B. Evans moved into his new home yesterday.

Miss Eula Turner of Dry Creek is visiting here at present.

Miss Nora Martin returned to her home in Nashville Monday.

Mrs. Dr. Wilkes has gone to Cornersville to spend the holidays.

Chas. Evans has moved into Mrs. J.L. Hollandsworth's house in the north part of town.

Rev. T.J. Eastes filled his appointment here Sunday.

Nic Vantrease, a good man of the New Middletown county, has been here since our last issue.

T.M. Bright and Will A. Vick have been in Nashville this week finishing up their stock of holiday goods.

Rev. Jo McCluskey and family are now residents of Liberty.

Mrs. John Parker, living near the foot of Snow' Hill, was found dead in her bed about 11 o'clock last Thursday night. She had been up to her son's and stayed till bedtime and complained of nothing but a slight headache. The boys came in from hunting about 11 o'clock and found her dead.

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