Editor, Will A. Vick

October 14, 1896


There was a McKinley club organized at the Dr. Walker school house in the 10th district. Hon. J.A. Gothard was elected temporary chairman to preside and Willie Hendrixson, secretary. J.R. Tramel was elected permanent chairman, Prof. Samuel Fitts, secretary and H.C. Coggins, treasurer.

Born to Simon Taylor and wife 1st inst., a fine boy.

Little Bob Blackburn has been right sick for a few days but now about alright again.

G.W. Moss of Warren county stayed here at J.R. Tramel's last night. He will move here in a few days to live on J.R. Tramel's farm another year.

Jim Amonett of Exum was here awhile Thursday.

Forks of Pike

Frank Marler and wife of Alexandria spent Sunday with the family of J.P. Barry.

Mr. Wm. Robinson and little daughter, Eva, spent last Tuesday with the family of C.E. Robinson and family at Milton.

Misses Eva and Daisy Yeargin and Mai Measle are real sick of the measles.

Miss Mary Flippen visited relatives at Liberty Saturday.

Miss Jennie Powell is improving.

Mrs. S.D. Fite is on an extended visit to relatives at Prosperity.

Miss Alice Robinson spent Sunday with Miss Lola Robinson.

Mrs. H.C. Givan visited her mother at Watertown last Tuesday.

Robt. Evan and family of Nashville have moved to this place.

Mrs. Lizzie Powell is much improved.

The family of James Sellars have all been sick during the past week.

W.M. Chapman is on the sick list.

Mrs. S.H. Flippen will visit relatives in Nashville this week.

Our Neighbors

News Taken From Our County Exchanges

Wilson County -- The Democrat

Mrs. Dehlia Trice's home in the country was burned last week, the fire occurred in the daytime while occupants were away. The house was insured for $500 with E.E. Baird.

Putnam County -- The Press

The infant boy of Mr.& Mrs. A.W. Boyd is quite sick.

Elder S.B. Srigley passed through here Friday on his way to Celina.

Miss Elsie Gordon, daughter of John Gordon, died on Wednesday of last week of consumption. Her remains were taken to Stonewall for interment.

The following invitation was sent out last Tuesday: "Mr.& Mrs. G.W. Birdwell invite you to be present at the marriage of their daughter, Luella, to Mr. Walter L. Fowler, Wednesday morning, Oct. 14, at their residence in Cookeville at half past seven."

Smith County -- The Times

The hotel at Bloomington, run by Mrs. Foust of Lafayette, is again in the hands of W.M. Draper, Mrs. Foust having returned to her home.

Prof. R.H. Washburn, Riddleton, who recently returned from quite a trip to Texas, was in town on Monday.

The barn of Thomas Brown, near here, was burned Sunday night. Supposed incendiary.

Rev. G.L. Beale began a revival service at the Methodist church last Sunday. Rev. R. Brett will assist him.

H.M. Hale is affected with sore eyes, but is improving.

Bettie, youngest daughter of Albert Woods, colored, died of consumption last Friday night and was buried on Saturday.

Rutherford County -- The News

Hon. F.M. Thompson of Chattanooga will speak at Jefferson on the 16th and at Murfreesboro on the 17th.

One morning this week as Mr. Ed Hooper was taking some bananas from the stalk he was bitten on the left hand by a tarantula. The swelling produced by the bite ran to Mr. Hooper's shoulder but at present it has about all disappeared.

A team of horses belonging to Alexander & Alsup created a sensation Tuesday evening by running away. No damage done.

Cannon County -- The Herald

Dr. M.B. McCrary returned to the medical department of the Vanderbilt University, where he will finish his course.

Mrs. Dr. J.B. McCabe and her little daughter, Ephie, returned from Chattanooga this week and report the Dr. is improving very fast.

T.J. Vance has sold his livery stable to R.C Stewart & Co., who will continue the business at the old stand on the west side of the square.

Married at the home of the bride's father on Parch Corn creek last Sunday, Mr. Hardie Hale to Miss Donie Elkins.

Temperance Hall

Our clever friend, Jep Tubb, we're glad to say, is able to be out again after a protracted illness.

The little son of Jep Avant is very sick at this writing.

R.H. Hayes is very sick with bronchial trouble.

Edgar Hayes went to Hickman Saturday on business.


Melvin Young "Free Silver" and Shelby Malone "Gold Bug" discussed the financial issue before the Alexandria Free Silver Club and a large crowd on last Saturday night.

W.B. Cobb has begun work on the Floyd building. The bank will occupy the Floyd building, the corner room.

The Times will move to its new home this week.

Hal Tubb has completed his produce house and has leased the same to Chas. McNelly.

Mrs. I.L. Pendleton is visiting the family of John Goodner.

Hatton Shaver and Miss Alice Cullom went to the Falls, near Smithville, Sunday in company with several from Liberty.

Jo West of Forks of Pike was here today.

George C. Flippen of New Middleton was here today.

Mrs. Mattie Wood has been quite sick this week.

Miss Mattie Bone is much improved in health.

Walter Allen went to Cookeville yesterday.

Rev. J.B. Fletcher went to Paris to attend the Baptist convention.

O.P. Barry and wife left for Nashvilee this morning.

Miss Rushing of Lebanon visited Miss Cora Jarrell last week.

Bob Kitching has returned from Nashville.

Ike High left last week for California.


Matt Priest is still very sick.

W.L. Vick has four blood pups for sale.

L.E. Barger is very sick at his home on Clear Fork.

W.J. Gothard went to Temperance Hall this morning.

Hon. J.J. Bean, district elector, will not speak here Saturday night.

Mrs. J.C. Evans of Grant is visiting her mother's family here this week.

Hardin Priest of Nashville is here to see his brother who is very sick and will remain with us for several days.

Walter Roper will discuss free silver at the Pea Ridge meeting house Thursday.

Misses Novella West of Smithville and Fanny Lou Black of Cookville spent last Saturday night in Liberty.

Arrangements are being made to have Maj. J.D. Richardson speak here Friday night.

Mrs. J.M. Boyd returned to her home in Avon. Mo. last Friday after a very pleasant visit of three weeks among relatives here.

Prof. Gross, Hugh Sparkman and J.W. Overall met here last Friday to examine the papers of the applicants for county Superintendent.

Judge Dan Williams and Prof. John Preston will speak on the financial question at Alexandria.

W.B. Lamberson came in from Nashville last week to visit his family. He will throw up his job at Nashville and live with his family at Dowelltown.

Hon. Jas A Tate will speak in the Methodist church here Friday night.

It is said that Elija Foutch and Hershel Overall have gone to Missouri after R.G. Turner. There are many reports in circulation in regard to the matter and we don't know how much of it is true.

Geo. Hopkins has a case of the measles.

Mrs. T.M. Bright at Dowelltown is on the sick list this week.

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