Editor, Will A. Vick

September 30, 1896

Dismal News

Born to George Scott and wife last Tuesday morning, a girl.

Burl Driver and J.J. Scott started last Friday morning for Macon county to move Rev. Chas. Driver and family back to sweet water. They arrived at Fuller's Chapel just as preaching commenced yesterday and created quite a stir.

Sheley Vanatta was so much better Saturday that we learn he went across in Mr. Cooper's lot to see some mad dogs shot.

Brother Lewis has failed so far to get the bit out of Mac Sandlins well, he has begun blasting around it and aims to go down until he can get hold of it with his grab hooks.

Drury M. Williams

The subject of this article passed from life's toil Sept. 11, 1896. Drury's sickness was brief after confinement. Drury's last term was at Liberty in the spring of 1892, when it well be remembered that he stood with that analysis class of fourteen and he is the first one to fall from the class. To his young and noble wife, whose stay with her husband was so brief, also to father, mother, brothers and sisters, we beg leave to share in the sorrow you are now passing. -- E.W. Brown


Mrs. George Ann Arnett was killed this morning by a tree falling on her. The facts are as follows: Today was set apart to clean off the Grizzle graveyard. Mr. Arnett, living near it, was expecting a good deal of company for dinner. Mrs. Arnett decided to go to a new ground field to pick some beans, leaving her husband with the children to care for. A friend stepped in and while they were talking the little dog that went with her came back. Mr. Arnett remarked that he had better go and look after her as she might be sick and when he found her she was killed by a tree falling across her. [When] I saw that she was dead, I hollowed and Mr. Barum who was near hunting for her, came and we got the log off. The tree in falling broke twice, the piece that was across her was about 10 foot long and 20 inches in diameter. She had a peck basket full of beans and about the same amount in her apron. She leaves a good husband and five children. She will be buried tomorrow at the Grizzle graveyard. She was a member of the Methodist Church at Short Mountain.


Judge Dan Williams has returned from Cookeville where he defended the Anderson boys, who were acquitted on the charge of murder.

Hon. Sam Wauford returned from Nashville Saturday.

C.D. Baird is in town today.

Miss Mattie Bone has been suffering from rheumatism for several days.

Mrs. Mamie Doak and children are visiting in Lebanon.

Constable E.A. Foutch is the happiest man in town. The young lady is about a week old.

Mrs. J.B. Fletcher returned home last week.

Mr. Sexton is visiting his daughter, Mrs. Rowland, on Locust Street.

Mrs. Bell and Miss Carrie Bell have both been sick for several days.

Dr. Jones, Dr. Jackson, Dr. Barrett and Dr. McMillin left here Saturday morning to perform an operation on a man in Wilson county.

John Donnel Goodner has been sick for a day or two.

Mrs. Minnie Dollard and son are visiting Mrs. Etta Goodner at this place.

John Goodner has returned from a business trip to Nashville.

Liv Tubb has three children sick this week. His baby who has been quite sick with pneumonia is better today.

Charlie Wheeler lost his pocketbook Saturday night, but was fortunate enough to find it today. It contained $140 besides some valuable papers.

Mrs. Dan Williams, who has been quite sick, is better today.

B. Cobb has been at work here for several days for R.B. Floyd.

William R. Cooper came up from Nashville last week and will remain several days.

Misses Eula and Linnie Smith attended the Cookeville fair Saturday.

Mr. Brud Snoddy is visiting his brother, James Snoddy, of this place.

New Middleton

John Turner died last Thursday of heart dropsy.

Mrs. Mary Thomas is improving.

Ollie Swan is able to be up again after two weeks spell of the fever.

Jas. Rocky is on the sick list again.

Mrs. R.C. Richardson, who is at Cookville for her health is not expected to live long.

J.P. House has had him a house built, Terry Bros. doing the work.

Miss Etta Bowers has returned from Texas.

Miss Lula Harper of Gallatin has been the guest of Misses Ola and Mectie Barrett for two weeks.

Chas. High, formerly of this place but now of Hartsville, passed through town Wednesday enroute to Auburn to the burial of his sister-in-law, Mrs. B.A. High.

Miss Osia Barrett, who has been teaching music in Ky and Va for the past year, has returned home.

Jas. Johnson and Dr. Nichol of Hickman were in town last week.

Forks of Pike

Misses Nannie Barry and Maggie Robinson spent Friday night with Mrs. Mollie Kennedy of Prosperity. Miss Nannie Kennedy is very low with fever.

J.E. Henley and wife spent Sunday with J.W. Groom and family.

Miss Mai Measle visited Miss Sallie Givan Saturday night.

Miss Mary and Ellie Druer of Round Top spent Saturday night with Misses Angie and Ida McMillen.

Claud Hays of Auburn spent Saturday night and Sunday here with relatives.

Prof. Lankford of Brush Creek spent Sunday night with Wm. Robinson.

Mr.& Mrs. Wm. Grindstaff of Milton and Mrs. G.W. Dillon and daughter, Miss Era of Lascassas, spent Sunday night with Sam Vanatta and family.

Miss Maud Flippen attended Cookeville fair last Saturday and came home, bringing the premium with her, as the best reinslady. [sic]

Mrs. Polly Duggin of Auburn spent several days last week with Mrs. Wm. Robinson.

Miss Belle Wheeler is visiting her sister, Mrs. S.H. Flippen.

New Bildad

Measles has again invaded this section. The whole family of Wm. Moss is down with them.

Miss Maggie Rhea of Belk is visiting Mrs. E.L. Mooneyham this week.

A.L. Mooneyham and Watson Martin of Belk spent last night with the family of Wesley Sanders.

Mrs. Wm. Cope at Seven Springs is in feeble health at this writing.

There was a quiet wedding just across the county line near here yesterday evening. The contracting parties were Tillman Womack and Miss Maud Sanders, both of Warren county. Eld. L.P. Potter officiating.

Our Neighbors
News From Our County Exchanges
Putnam County ---- The Press

Jere Whitson was seriously injured in a runaway yesterday. He was changing the bridles on his team near his livery barn when for some reason they became frightened and ran away. Mr. Whitson caught hold of the lines and tried to stop them, when he was thrown violently to the ground, the large heavy bus passing over his body, badly crushing his ankle and bruising his hands and arms. The team continued its mad flight, running over A.W. Boyd's front fence smashing it but were finally stopped in his yard and strange to say were not injured in the least nor was bus scratched. While Mr. Whitson's wounds are very severe, he is in no way internally injured, but will be laid up for weeks.

Miss Beulah Marchbanks, who is suffering from a relapse of fever and who has been critically ill for several days, was moved from the Richelieu Friday night to the home of her kinsman, Capt. J.H. Curtis, and she is now thought to be improving.

The case of the State vs. Thomas and Henry Anderson for the murder of I.D. Jacques near the fair grounds at this place, 27th of Sept., was given to the jury at 10 o'clock Wednesday morning, who up to the present writing has not returned. The case has been one of wide spread interest and has been stubbornly fought on both sides six days, having been consumed in the investigation and about 100 witnesses examined.-Later the jury was out and returned a verdict of not guilty.

Last Thursday afternoon a small tenement house in Bushtown, owned by W.G. Currie and occupied by Louis Alfred, was burned with all its contents. No insurance.

Wilson County ---- The Tribune

S.R. Hawks, the energetic and enterprising manager of the Flouring Mill, has sold recently several hundred barrels of four to the Nashville mills.

Lewis Dies, while loading poles at Leesville Tuesday evening, had his leg broken.

Will Grigg, who bought a lot in North Lebanon from Mr. Jennings, is at work erecting thereon a neat cottage, which will be occupied by his family as soon as completed.

Geo. Covington has sold his home in North Lebanon to Brack Brown and has bought from its present owner and occupant, Mr. Thacker, the old Matherly place.

Work is progressing rapidly on the store house being erected by G.W. Simpson and East Main Street. It will be ready for occupancy Oct. 1.

Reuben Pennington (col.) was in town Monday. Reuben is not an old man by any means, yet he is the respected father of twenty-six children.

Elder J.A. Harding is holding an interesting meeting at the Bethel.

Last Saturday evening the residence occupied by Dick Smith on North Cumberland street was destroyed by fire. The house was the property of Mrs. Nora Faulkner.

Miss Fannie Davis has returned from Washington where she spent the Summer and is now attending the Annex.

Cannon County The Herald

Miss Ina Smithson of this place has taken charge of the public school at Sinking Creek in Rutherford county.

The many friend of Dr. J.B. McCabe will be glad to hear that he is greatly improved.

Will Cook of this place has accepted a position as night watchman at Thompson's stable in Murfreesboro.

Last Monday morning, Herschel Cathcart shot and captured a pelican on Hill's creek, which measured nine feet from tip to tip of its wings. Its bill measured 15 inches, it weighed 11 1/4 pounds. He sent it to A.A. McKnight at Readyville who will have it skinned and stuffed to be sent to Nashville to the Centennial.

A horse hitched to a buggy belonging to Butler's stable at Murfreesboro got loose at Mr. J.H. Oliver's of this place last Saturday night and returned to its former home at Statesville in Wilson county, a distance of 15 or 20 miles over a very rough road, without breaking anything.

On last Tuesday evening while Mr. Willie Campbell of the 1st district was trying to drive a jersey bull home, it became enraged and mad at Mr. Campbell and hooked him in three different places and would probably have killed him had not help been at hand. As it was he was badly lacerated, it requiring eleven stitches to sew up one of the wounds, 15 stitches in all. He is Dr. Ivey Campbell's son.

Roll of Honor
Lulie Ogle, Teacher

Those on the roll of honor at the Twelve Corner School for this month for their perfect lessons, regular attendance and not talked during the month are as follows: Lela Delay, Nettie Farr, Mollie and Ida Vandergriff, Jennie Dennis, Urbane Jennings, Joe Lahew, Walter Haynes, John Farr and Lura Craddock.


Last Thursday morning, very early, Bob Grizzle killed himself at his home on Clear Fork. He had been sick for a few days previous but was able to be up and down. On the fatal morning he told his mother he did not feel well enough to get up at the usual time but would soon. While the family were doing up housework, a pistol report was heard in his room and the family rushed in to find a wound just behind the right ear which proved fatal in one hours time. The cause is supposed to have come from some financial troubles in which he had recently been involved. Bob was considered an excellent young man and the community was shocked by the sad news of his death. His remains were buried at Sycamore on the following day. He was the son of Richard Grizzle.


D.D. Overall has gone to Nashville.

Dillard Givan is on the sick list.

G.W. Nixon of Sykes was here last Saturday on business.

W.H. Bright of Eagleville is visiting his sons here and at Dowelltown.

E.W. Bass and wife visited in town several days this week.

E.W. Brown and family have gone to Warren county to visit his mother.

Mrs. John Boyd of Missouri has been visiting relatives here for a few days.

Judge Dan Williams and J.F. Roy of Alexandria were here since our last.

Rev. T.A. Carden will leave Friday for Livingston to hold a protracted meeting.

B.L. Estes of Smithville country was here last week circulating among friends.

Lloyd, the little 3 year son of Mr.& Mrs. Joe Ben Fuson, died last Sunday morning and was buried at Salem Sunday evening.

Hon. Matt Hughes came over from Eagleville Monday after his daughter, Miss Mary Lizzie, who has spent the summer here for her health.

Strayed-one black horse mule, --- T.J. Jackson, Liberty

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