Editor, Will A. Vick

September 9, 1896

A Card

Last week's issue of The Herald said "T.A. Patton, in the I.C. Turney burnout on Clear Fork, saved nearly everything." At a close estimate I did not save over one fourth of what I had there. To some that will seem small, but you may know I had only those things that were necessary to life, and it will have to be replaced by money that I had to go to school on.

Stephenville, Texas

Letter from T.J. Fisher, mentions no other names, but does state that "My wife was most down with consumption when we moved here in 1890 and now she is as healthy as anyone could be. Our children are all healthy. We have five, 3 boys and 2 girls. Have four in school."

Insolvent Notice

The insolvency of the estate of John Gleason, deceased, having been suggested appear on or before the 1st Monday in Oct. 1896. --- This June 1st, 1896. --- S.N. Williams, Admr.

Land Sales
In Circuit Court at Smithville, Tenn.
W.J. Avant vs. C.W. Anderson

I will offer for sale, Monday, Oct 5, 1896, the following described tract of land lying in the 15th district of DeKalb, containing 14 acres more or less. Bounded South, East, North and West by Anderson, levied on as the homestead of the deft. subject to his life time. This July 7, 1896

W.W. Parker vs. D.M. League

I will offer for sale Monday, Oct. 5, 1896, the following tract of land situated and bounded as follows: North by Cantrell; South by Crowley; East by Magness; and West by Crowley, lying in the 9th civil district of DeKalb and levied on as the property of Jesse R. Cantrell, subject however to his life estate. --- This April 3, 1896

Jas. A. Nesmith vs. Chestley Turner

I will offer for sale, Monday, Oct. 5, 1896, the following tract of land lying in the 7th civil district and bounded as follows: North by Jones, South by Thompson, East by Adcock and West by Turner, containing 60 acres more or less levied on as the property of Preston Turner, subject to his homestead right. --- This July 18, 1896

Jno Conditt, et als vs. Sylvanus Puckett

I will offer for sale, Monday, Oct 5, 1896, the remaining interest of Jno. James (the stayor), in the two following tracts of land lying in the 8th civil district of DeKalb, described as follows: First tract containing 39 acres more or less and bounded North by Hayes; South by Maynard; East by Pedigo; and West by Caney Fork River; Second tract containing 12 acres more or less and bounded North by Hayes, South by Maynard, East by Pedigo, and West by Maynard. Said remaining interest in said tracts of land levied on as the property of said Jno James and is the land on which he now lives and is in possession. --- This April 18, 1896

Forks of Pike

The free school was out last Friday and we had to part with one of our excellent teachers, Prof. C.M. Preston, who will soon leave for Bethany, W. Va., where her will enter school again. We will miss him. We will still have a good school under the management of Prof. J.W. Preston and Miss Nannie Barry, his assistant teacher.

Joe Gibb's and family of Ky. are in on a visit with the family of his brother, James Gibbs.

Miss Belle Wheeler, who has been teaching art at Woodbury is visiting her sister, Mrs. S.H. Flippen.

Mrs. O.D. Griffith spent last week with Mr.& Mrs. Wink Truitt of Cottage Home.

Jas. Sellars is better.

Mrs. Francis Ellege is improving.

Mrs. S.D. Fite and Robt. Fite are able to be up after a short spell of sickness.

The open hearted men of this neighborhood gathered together at the home of Mrs. Samantha Bogle last Thursday and built a chimney to her house.

S.H. Flippen has purchased him a new buggy.

I think H.C. Givan and J.W. Preston will address you at any time on "Free Silver".

Miss Maggie Robinson who is teaching school at Cottage Home, spent Sunday with homefolks.

Sam Vanatta and J.R. McMillin went to Smithville Monday.

Our Neighbors
News Taken From Our County Exchanges
Rutherford County ---- The News

Hon. Josephus Hopwood, Prohibition candidate for governor, spoke at the court house Saturday.

A lively sensation was sprung among the colored people of the city last Sunday when it was stated that Dr. Jerome S. Smith, a well known colored doctor, had sworn out a warrant charging Kirk Williams, colored, with criminal assault upon Mrs. Millie Smith, wife of the doctor.

A series of meetings will be gone at the Methodist church next Sunday. The pastor, Rev. Green P. Jackson will be assisted by Rev. W.T. Haggard of Nashville.

Hon. J.J. Bean, Democratic Elector for this Congressional District, will address the people at the court house next Saturday.

Messrs. Josh Barton and Will Jetton have bought out the dry goods establishment of H. Hirsch.

Putnam County ---- The Press

Last Thursday the baby of Mr.& Mrs. Y.W. Williams fell and received a painful cut on the head. The little one will soon be well.

Misses Mary Curtis of this place and Nellie McDaniel of Algood, left Monday for Athens, Ala. where they will enter college. They were accompanied as far as Nashville by J.H. Curtis.

A.J. Crowford of Terra Haute, Ind, president of the N & K is in the city.

Hany Thompson of Wilson county has been spending several days in the county buying cattle.

A.C. Freeze will move his family and stock of merchandise from Waterloo to this place where he will reside. Mr. Freeze will administer upon the estate of his father, the late J.C. Freeze.

Miss Nora Lee leaves Saturday for Nashville to be present at the convening of the legislature. Miss Lee is a candidate for engrossing clerk of the house, in all probabilities will be elected.

Sheriff elect, G.W. Alcorn, who will be sworn into office next Monday, has announced the following deputies: B.F. McBroom of the 10th district, John Jackson of the 3rd and Bob Jared of the 11th, jailer.


R.B. Capshaw, Att'y of Cookville, is here attending court.

E. Nuby, D.J. Luna, A. Cope, Jno. Goodson and Wm.Wright of the 6th district were here today.

Judge Cantrell, U.T. Adcock, W.J. Adcock and J.D. Thueatt of the 7th District were here today.

E.W. Brown, DeKalb Co's. next representative was here mixing with friends Monday.

B.B. Taylor and W.B. Corley are here attending court.

Capt. New of Woodbury spent part of last week here visiting his son, Prof. W.S. New.

Miss Dollie Pinegar has entered school at this place.

E.J. Evans is confined to his bed with fever.

Miss Julia Givan went to Liberty today.

The little infant of Mr.& Mrs. D.F. Wallace died a few days ago.

Edgar Hays of Temperance Hall was here today.

Harrison Kidwell was here today.


Shoes at Hard Time Price at J.M. Bradley's.

Mrs. Marshal Yeargin is very sick at her home on Dismal.

Jake Hawkins, living near Auburn, is dangerously sick.

Jas. W. Sellars is still improving and will soon be out again.

Mrs. Florie Metcalf of White county is visiting relatives here.

W.B. Lamberson and family of Nashville are visiting relatives here.

W.B. Thomas of the Indian Creek country was here on business yesterday.

Mrs. J.C. Bass left for her home in Georgia last week after a several week's visit here.

Drury Williams is very sick at his home on Smith Fork. His is regarded as dangerously ill.

Our home mechanics have returned from Smithville having finished two handsome residences for W.R. and J.J. Smith.

Bob Carden and family have gone to Coffee county on a visit.

Doc Crook is still very sick with indications in his favor.

Jo Ben Fuson is recovering after a tight spell and will soon be out again.

R.M. Johnson of the Prosperity country was here Monday.

Mrs. Frances Elledge is slowly improving and will get well if no new troubles set up.

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