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September 2, 1896

Cottage Home

Clyde Keaton was born Dec. 30, 1874, and died Aug. 15, 1896. Joined the Baptist church at Prosperity in the year 1890 and lived a good Christian until his death.

Temperance Hall

Sickness prevails all over this entire country, the most important cases reported by Dr. G.W. Martin this week are, viz: Shellah Nixon, Mrs. Parker, Jep Tubb, Mrs. Sarah Hayes, Mrs. Isabel Fitts, Lillian Hays and Mrs. Huldie Watson's baby.

Prof. J.A. Burch of Laurel Hill was here last Saturday.

Many people are spending time in the waters of Caney Fork pearling. Dent Trapp found a nice pearl for which he has refused $200.

It is rumored that Chas. Netfield of Laurel Hill has gone insane on the account of the death of his son, which occurred a few weeks ago.

Mr. John Stephens of Forks of Pike was here last week "shoat and turkey".

John Taylor was here on business last Friday.

The Memories of Childhood
Long letter from James Davenport, Bowie, Texas. Not one name mentioned.


L.S. Lafever, Tim Williams, Rile Maynard and Jackson Brimer of Mine Lick were here Wednesday.

J.J. Ford of Alexandria was here Wednesday.

Chas. Blankenship, who has been sick for some time, is able to be out again.

W.T. Dozier, D C&M, was on the sick list this week.

J.W. Wilson was married to a Miss Griffith last Wednesday.

S.F. Anderson and S.W. Foster went to the river country Wednesday.

Geo. Mullican, constable of the 10th district, was here Saturday.

B.B. and W.E. Taylor of Dowelltown were here Saturday.

B.M. and Robt. Webb returned from Nashville Saturday night.

E.W. Potter went to Sparta Saturday.

Rev. T.J. Baker preached at the M E Church Sunday.

W.B. Corley, J.M. and J.S. Braswell and M.H. Hill were here Saturday arranging to answer the bill of Brevard vs. Braswell, Hill Bros. and Co.

Hendersons X Roads

Our community was sadly shocked on the morning of August 27th to learn that during the past night the silent messenger had visited the home of Prof. J.H. White and laid his cold hand upon Mrs. White. The whole community mourns the death of Mrs. Florence White, the granddaughter of Rev. M.A. Byars. She leaves a little babe some two weeks old but joins two others on the other shore. We invoke the blessings of heaven upon the stricken husband and motherless babe.

Charles Smith and Miss Myrtle Smith of Commerce spent the night of the 25th inst with Mrs. J.T. Oakely.

Aubra and Lucie D. Oakley went to Commerce last week to bid Miss Myrtl Smith good bye, who left Wednesday for her far away home in Lime City, Iowa. It is said Dick Macon's heart is broken.

Miss Myrtle was accompanied by her grandparents, Eld. L.D. Smith and wife of Commerce.

Rev. Enoch Winds was here on business last week.

Eld. J.H. Grime is in a fine meeting at Ramah.

Pastor J.T. Oakley is in a fine meeting at Boonville, Lincoln county, Tenn.

Jones Mills

Health is very good here only one case of sickness that is Miss Bettie Long. She has been sick several weeks but is improving.

Miss Adar Gilbert is teaching a successful school at Blue Springs.

New Bildad

The little son of H.G. Atnip is very sick with fever at this writing.

Prof. E.S. Lentz of Hollandsworth was here Sunday.

S.B. Davis and wife visited the family of E.L. Mooneyham Sunday last.

P.M. Sanders is building a new house which will add much to the looks of Bear Branch.

P.G. Cantrell has returned from a business trip across the mountain.

Mr. Jaco, who has been sick all spring and summer died Thursday night and was buried Saturday at the graveyard near Esq. Bass' in Warren county, our profound sympathy is with the family in their sad loss.

Our Neighbors
News Taken From Our County Exchanges
Rutherford County ---- The News

Ira Jackson will go into the tobacco manufacturing business near Christiana with Sheriff Smotherman.

D.W. Butler of the 11th district shipped to Nashville last Thursday morning, the 20th, a bale of cotton weighing 460 pounds. This is the first bale of the county this year.

Messrs. C.B. Ragland and L.C. Bryson passed through Murfreesboro last Tuesday enroute to the markets to purchase goods. Mr. Bryson has purchased a half interest in the house of C.B. Ragland.

Wilson County ---- The Tribune

Mr.& Mrs. George Corley of Carthage visited Mrs. W.W. Hawks last Sunday.

Jous Baird of Shop Springs, who has been very sick for some time, is reported as better.

Joe Harris and family, who have been visiting friends and relatives here will leave for their home in Texas today.

Sam Stratton, who has been with the woolen mills at McMinnville, has resigned his position and will bring his family to Lebanon to live. Sam will enter the law school.

A difficulty between Lone John, our Chinese laundryman, and a negro about some money and a lamp created a ripple of excitement. Lone John came out winner, getting both money and lamp.

Robin R. Cox died at the home of his son, John Cox, Saturday, August 22nd, and was buried in the Green graveyard Sunday. Uncle Robin was the oldest man in Wilson county and probably the oldest in the State. There is some dispute as to his exact age, but from the most authentic sources we are led to believe that he was 102 years old, although there are some who place his age at a 106 years. He was born in Campbell county, Virginia and lived there until he was 11 years old, coming to Tennessee in 1804 and settling in this county, where he remained until his death.

Smith County ---- The Times

Last Friday a report was current in Carthage, that the Lafayette bank had closed its doors and the cashier and clerk were missing. William Beckwith, son of the late Judge Irenus Beckwith and Oscar McPeak, son on Rev. G.B. McPeak, were the cashier and clerk. The amount missing was stated as being at $12,000.

Rev. J.W. Smith, a Methodist minister and W.H. Magness, town recorder, had a set to recently in Sparta, brought about by charges made by the preacher that the town authorities were not doing their duty. Both were bound over to court.

Mrs. Willie Newman, better known around New Middleton in the 70's as Willie Betty, who is now a recognized artist at Paris, France, is visiting relatives at Nashville and will have some of her famous paintings on exhibition at the Tennessee Centennial next year. She is the daughter of W.F.M. Betty of Lebanon.

Mrs. Augusta House, wife of J.R. House of New Middleton, died on Monday morning at 7 o'clock. She had been sick only a short time and death was the result of a carbunkle on her head. Previous to her recent marriage to Mr. House, she was the widow of D.T. Barrett, the well-known stock trader. She was buried Tuesday.

Last week while Sheriff M.J. Malone was in Lebanon he arrested Luke Patterson, colored, who skipped this section recently to escape an indictment and landed him in Carthage jail. He was released this week on bond.

The firm of James & Ashley Hickman has dissolved. R.B. James succeeds to the business.

Benj. Armistead, Kempville, was hurt a few days ago by a log rolling on him. He afterward took the fever and is very sick.

Revs. G.L. Beale and J.B. Jordan of Carthage are conducting a revival meeting at Gordonsville.

Lemuel Barnett, near New Middleton, died on last Friday and was buried Saturday, he was between 80 and 90 years old.

Rev. T.J. Eastes, near Grant, who was confined to his home with fever, is able to be out again.

On Thursday of last week, W.H. Carpenter, near New Middleton, lost a fine jack.


Hal Tubb is building a new storeroom on High Street next to Foust and son's shop.

Flemming Mefford is clerking for Hal Tubb.

Misses Minnie and Ida Eastes of Grant were here Monday.

Horace Hale of Liberty is in town today.

Misses Bettie and Effie McMillin of Statesville were here today.

George Lester and R.W. Patterson went to Nashville this morning.

Mrs. W.H. Petway returned home last week.

Mr.& Mrs. Andrew McClellan of Hall's Hill visited relatives here last week.

Mrs Mary McCullough has returned from Bloomington.

Miss Batie Moore and Miss Zuleika Gill of New Middleton were here last week.

Mrs. Hal Tubb has returned from a visit to relatives at Franklin.

Miss Alice Cullum returned from Woodburn, Ky. last Wednesday.

Miss Daisy Flippen of Rome was here Monday.

The many friends of Mrs. H.D. Foust, Sr. will be pained to learn of her death last week. She was sick only a few days and her death unexpected.

Capt. R.V. Wright came up last week to attend the funeral of Mrs. Foust.

Jeff Blackburn of Nashville is visiting home folks.

Mrs. L.E. Simpson has been quite sick for several days.


Mattie Darden Bright has the measles.

B.L. Hale has a little girl with the measles.

J.F. Youngblood and wife gone to Kentucky on a visit.

W.H. Huggins is laid off from work on account of rheumatism.

Willie Yeargin from near Nashville is visiting relatives near here.

Mrs. Jo Parker is very much improved and will be out in a few days.

Messrs Malone & Measle, insurance men, were here yesterday talking protection against fires.

Mrs. France Ellege is slowly improving this week. Her two little children are up again.

W.R. Caplinger, a good farmer of the Hanner's Branch country, was here Monday.

B.M. Merritt for sheriff and J.W. Reynolds for trustee, officers elect, were sworn into office yeserday.

Geo. Stark, son of Mr.& Mrs. J.B. Stark, was taken very sick Saturday and now has the fever.

J.N. (Pole) Woodside is moving back to Liberty.

Jesse Walling preached at the Academy here last Friday night.

"Aunt" Rene Robinson (col.) has been very sick for several days.

Dock Crook has been on the sick list for a few days, but he is better now.

The home of I.C. Turney, 2 1/2 miles south of this place on Clear Fork, burned last Saturday morning about 3 o'clock. Everything in the house was burned except a few household goods gotten out of the front rooms. T.A. Patton and wife were occupying the house with Mr. Turney temporarily, but they saved most of their goods. Mr. Turney preparing to rebuild.

E.J. Robinson and Robt. Robinson of the Auburn country, were here yesterday.

Mrs. Maud Wilcox and children left for Watertown yesterday after a week's stay here.

H.A. Bratten has been a little of the sick list for a week or more, but he will be able to take in the fairs.

There is no material change in Jas. Sellars' condition. He is still very sick. His little boy is well again.

Dr. W.H. Robinson has hardly been able to be out for several days, but manages to go to see some of his patients in a buggy.

France Foutch of the 11th district, had two children to die one day last week. They were both buried in the same grave.

Matt Priest, the barber, left this morning for Watertown to work during the fair. He will be gone until after the Alexandria Fair.

Over sweet sixteen, The Alexandria Fair will celebrate its 24th anniversary, Sept. 10, 11 and 12.

We understand that William (Chunk) Bragg's house near Woodbury was burned last Friday. Contents of house nearly all saved.

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