Editor, Will A. Vick

July 10, 1889


The funeral of Mrs. Elizabeth Tramel will be preached the 3rd Sunday.

Miss Ida Gothard of Dry Creek is visiting her brother, John, and will enter school at Pisgah next Monday.

J.P. Self lost a very fine colt last week.

Andy Robinson of Helton country was here last week.

Wm. Blackburn, a prominent young man of Dowelltown, was here last week buying up witness claims.

Lee Overall has been off buying hogs for several days.

Prof. J.H. McClellan's school opened last Monday with a large attendance at the Cave Springs school house with W.G. Tramel as assistant.

Prof. G.S. Corley's school will commence at Good Hope, Monday week.

Mrs. W.B. Tramel is no better at this time.

Prof. Kelly thinks he will be able to begin his school at Pisgah on Hannah's Branch next Monday.

Letter from W.L. Waters

Letters at Smithville Post Office

Miss Louis Alen, Horace Atnip, Callie Cantrell, Frank Edward, L.D. Hall, Walter Hail, Carroll Johnson, Mrs. Ester Liles, Jas. Lafever, L.J. Magness, Jo Hood Potter, A.J. Stewart, A.D. Smith, Felix Wester, Carter White from R.E. Robinson, pos tmaster


Mrs. Cora Fite is visiting relatives at Liberty.

L.C. Oakley of Brush Creek was visiting here Sunday.

E.S. Bowers has been on the sick list this week.

Rev. J.B. Stevens preached here Sunday.

James Ellis, after an illness of five months, passed over the river.


The infant s/o J.R. Dougherty died last Thursday.

Mrs. Josie Wilkerson of Bukla, Tennessee is visiting the family of J.H. Champion.

Haywood Champion will commence his school at Buckeye Academy next Monday.

Jas. West reports that he has a duck that laid 23 dozen eggs in 2 months.

Silas Gaither is very sick.

Henderson X Roads

Daniel Owens, old citizen, died July 1st.

Prof. J.W. Leeman and Miss Cora Williams, d/o Esq. J.H. Williams, were m. July 4th.

Miss Ellen Phillips is visiting her brother, O.W. Phillips.

J.C. Henderson has returned home from Paris, Texas.

W.M. Oakley and lady of Lebanon came up Saturday.

Esq. J.H. Williams and G.P. Clemmons were ordained deacons of Fall Creek Church Sunday.

Mrs. Dr. Seat and her sister, Miss Phillips, are visiting friends in this community.

Miss Lillie Oakley is visiting friends about Statesville.

Prof. Woods of Cottage Home was up to attend the wedding Thursday.

Smith Co.

The wife of Hezekiah Taylor d. last Monday, one of the oldest ladies of this section.

Pick Up

Amos and Lafayette Patton of Cottage Home are visiting their uncle, Esq. N.G. Patton.

Mrs. Etter Argo and Miss Clide Patton of Nashville are visiting their cousin, Mrs. Fannie Patterson.

G.M. Armstrong, Bill Turney, James and Ike Harvey were in town Saturday night.

Mrs. Turney Hucherson is no better at this writing.

James Hutcherson had a horse to die with blind staggers.

A.N. Walden and family and Mrs. Mary Davis were visiting in town Sunday.

Shelah Barbee and his dog were seen on our streets Sunday evening.

Uncle Billy Adams is on the sick list this week.

J.R. Ricketts of Statesville is having wonderful success selling Bibles.

The commissioners met Tuesday and employed teachers for all the schools; John Davis at Statesville, J.L. Tribble at Mount Vernon, Mat Summer at Stroud school house, Miss Nannie Oakley at Knight's school house, Spencer Jennin gs at Rock Springs and Bill Turney at Hebron.


Mrs. Nancy Pistole, w/o Jas. Pistole, dec'd., died June 20th. She was born in 1809.


Bill Stark (col.) was bound over to the next term of the County Court on a charge of bastardy.

Mrs. Dr. W.H. Wilks of Waco, Texas is visiting Mrs. Wm. Vick, her mother, and other relatives.

General Bass and sister, Miss Sallie are visiting at Shop Springs. The General will return home in Griffith, Georgia on the 20th.

L.L. Melton of Smallman was in town yesterday.

M.C. Vick and J.D. Smith are jurors from this district in Circuit Court next Monday.

John L. Lamberson will go to Watertown in a few days.

Wm. Butterbough is very sick at his home near Cottage Home.

Chas. Smith and wife are here from Dowelltown for a few days.

Mrs. Jas. Malone is suffering from a malarial attack on South Fork.

Mrs. Barrett from New Middleton is visiting C.W.L. Hale and wife.

John R. Hale of Statesville visited C.W.L. Hale yesterday.

W.T. Hale, notary public, was engaged last Saturday in taking depositions.

Miss Sarah Patterson of Alexandria is at Stewart's well for her health.

Wm. Malone threshed 20 bushels of wheat from 6 acres.

Hon. H.A. Overall was on the streets last Saturday.

W.G. Bratten, who has been feeble for several weeks, was in town this morning.

Mason Tiller of Lebanon was in town. He is an insurance agent.

Samson King, W.J. King's boy, has his face seriously scalded by the explosion of a toy boiler.

John F. Yeargin used Healing Water and swears by it.

James Lamberson's wheat yielded 35 bushels to the acre.

W.B. Evans, Herschel and E.C. Bratten attended an ice cream party at the Bailiff house in Smithville.

Miss Maude Flippen will return home near Carthage after a visit to her sister and friends here.

Pluto Bratten had an accident a few days ago, nearly very serious.

Forks of Pike

Mrs. Wm. Robinson, who has been sick for some time, is improving.

Little Thurman Givan has been very sick for a few days.

Miss Lockie Hays spent several days here last week.

Miss Nannie Payne has returned from Bedford county, where she has been visiting relatives.

Miss Lula Sellars has returned home from her sister, Mrs. Elledge, of near Woodbury.

Mrs. D.D. Overall was visiting her mother Saturday.

R.L. Hays attended the institute at Woodbury last week. He opened school on Sycamore the first Monday in July.

Sam Vanatta was at the wheat threshing at F.H. Hays Monday.

Lightning struck a large oak tree in front of H.C. Givan's house.

J.B. West sold two fine working mules last week.

Two of T.P. Bragg's little children have been quite sick.

Alex Petty has a severe spell of bilious colic Friday.

Cottage Home
Monroe Adams of this neighborhood and Lee Arnold, both sons of Ham, had a difficulty yesterday at Statesville in which the latter was shot in the arm and cheek.

L.D. Hamilton, W. Truet, L. Hays and J.B. Patton are threshing wheat.

A Memorable 4th

"The 4th of July, 1889, will be one long to be remembered by the young people of Liberty. A very elaborate supper , consisting of ice cream, sherbet, peaches and confectioneries, had been arranged to take place at the Liberty Hotel, and to say that a sin gle anticipation of the management had failed we would strike wide of the mark; for it was a pronounced success in the fullest meaning of the expression." Among those present were noticed the following:
Miss Mollie Crowder W.B. Evans Miss Viola Armstrong Rob't Givan
Miss Hallie Dearman E.C. Bratten Miss Lelia Anthony Rufus Gleason
Miss Bonnie Overall H.W. Fite Miss Ida Clark Horace Evans
Miss Nannie Gossett T.E. Vick Miss Prudie Crowley Rob't Fite
Miss Minnie Bratten W.T. Gossett Miss Nora Lee Willie Holmes
Miss N. Youngblood P.C. Crowley Miss Ophelia Jones J.I. Whaley
Miss Pollie Lamberson Rob't Sellars Miss Nannie Whaley Grant Fite
Miss Sallie Whaley A.F. Evans Miss Sallie Fite J.F. Frazier
Miss Eula Vick Chas. Sellars Miss Maude Flippen H.A. Bratten
Miss C. Lamberson Shelah Turner Miss Geneva Bratten W.H. Bass
Miss Chris Lamberson J.H. Bratten Miss Etta Woodside J.C. Givan


The Alexandria Roller Mill Company at their last meeting elected the following directory: Ed Reece; A.P. Smith, Secretary; H. Clay Barry, Sup't and Treasurer; Rob't Donnell; J.F. Roy; John Durrett; Jo Rutland; and R.A. Lawr ence.

Foust & Son have purchased Lawrence & Jones stock of wagons.

A.J. Marler threshed 206 bushels of wheat from 9 acres.

Will Lawrence (col.), an inoffensive, one-armed boy, was hit with a rock Sunday night by someone unknown.

James High has returned from a visit to relatives in Smith county.

Miss Alma Dewses is visiting Miss Levie Marks at her home near Commerce.

Mrs. Fannie Tubb and little George McNelly have returned from a visit to relatives in Nashville.

Wm. Foust and wife arrived from Lebanon yesterday, where they have been visiting.

Rev. John B. Stevens came home yesterday.

Mrs. R.A. Lawrence and children are visiting Mrs. Davis in Smith county.

Jim Jones will visit Liberty soon on his new safety bicycle.

Mrs. W.H. Lincoln is visiting Mrs. Josie Davis near this place.

Dan Williams and wife returned from a trip to Franklin and Nashville.

Mrs. Liv Tubb and Mrs. Nichols went to Lebanon Friday.

Miss Lunnie Wood is at home again from a visit to Mrs. Tavie Wood at Watertown.

New Middleton

J.M. Jenkins had a serious accident on Jesse Agee's farm near Hickman. Drs. Jones and Bridges dressed a severe wound on his leg and he was brought home on a litter.

Orville Yeargin was hurt by falling out of an apple tree on the garden palings and is very bad.

Miss Mattie Smith is visiting at Gainesboro.

Miss Mollie Fuller spent several days in town with relatives.

Lee Rollins had the bad luck to get his tobacco barn burned.

Josie Hall and A.S. Allen visited Bud Bradley of Brush Creek.

Josh Jones Craghead and Miss Josie Wills visited here Sunday.

Business Ads

Geenvale Academy---Greenvale, Cherry Valley---T.A. Young, Principal; Miss Mary Thomas, Assistant

Pure Fountain College---Smithville---Faculty; F.M. Bowling, Mrs. H. Dillard, W.S. Renick, Mrs. Jessie Renick, Miss Jennie D. Scudder, Music Enrollment last year, 223

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