Editor, Will A. Vick

August 12, 1896

The Election

The Hottest Contest Ever Known in DeKalb

Merritt won for Sheriff and Reynolds for Trustee. The names of Constables and assessors elected in the various districts: Dist. 1-E.A. Foutch, (D) Constable, J.C. Colvert, (D) Assessor; 2-Oscar Bratten, (R) Constable, W.H. Allen, (R) Assessor; 3-L. Bass, (R) Constable, Chas. Hale, (R) Assessor; 4-H.M. Robinson, (R) Constable, B.F. Hale, (R) Assessor; 5-A.M. Cantrell, (D) Constable, J.L. Smith, (D) Assessor; 6-Wm. Cantrell, (D) Constable, Ike Moore, (D) Assessor, 7-Tom West, (D) Constable, Stanton Threat, (D) Assessor; 8-J.S. Lafevers, (R) Constable, L.L. Ashburn, (R) Assessor; 9-Henry Johnson, (D) and Henry Turner, (D) Constables, L.D. Moore, (D) Assessor; 10-G.H. Hendrixson, (R) Constable, W.A. Hendrixson, (R) Assessor; 11-Henry Tramel, (D) Constable, Wade Washer, (R) Assessor; 12-C. Odom, (D) Constable, W.L. Moore, (R) Assessor; 13-Bob McMillin, (R) Constable, John Truett, (D) Assessor; 14-T.L. Anderson, (D) Constable, W.H.F. Hays, (D) Assessor; 15-J.W. Christian, (R) Constable, H. Starnes, (D) Assessor; 16-S.D. Maxwell, (D) Constable, John Mitchell, (R) Assessor; 17-G. Denney, (R) Constable, Jas. Oakley (R) Assessor; 18-W.J. Hayes, (D) Constable, John Hale, (R) Assessor; 19-John Roberts, (R) Constable, C. Driver, (R) Assessor; 20-Chas. Smith, (R) Constable, Thos. Chapman, (R) Assessor; 21-Van Judkins, (D) Constable, Jo Cantrell, (D) Assessor; 22-Luke McGinnis, (D) Constable, M.H. McGinnis, (D) Assessor.

A Week's Travels

Long letter by E.W. Bass describing sight-seeing locations, etc. on a three week trip. "During the trip traveled on land and sea, nearly four thousand miles and in seventeen of the States." As he nears home on Smith Fork, he mentions stopping in McMinnville, "at the home of my old friend, Jas. Harvey Smith, the Orderly Sergeant of my company during the war." In Smithville, he spent the night with Charlie Williams.

Insolvent Notice

The insolvency of the estate of Ellen Rich, dec'd. …claims on or before Feb. 10, 1897 or the same will be forever barred. This Aug. 3, 1896 -- James O. Rich, Ad'm.

Dismal News

Mrs. Tennie Ponder is pretty bad off at this time.

Thomas Curtis is said to be very sick just now.

We learn that old Brother Ponder has arrived safe and sound in Illinois to his sons who live there.

The district conference at Pisgah has put two more heralds of the cross on the walls of Zion. One of them was Brother Charley Driver.

Rev. L.P. Suggs preached last Sunday to a very good crowd.

J.C. McNabb is holding his monthly meeting at Cooper's chapel beginning last Saturday.

I want to say to my Brother James Davenport of Bowie, Texas, I am glad I have found you out, write again, Brother D.

Our Neighbors
News Taken From Our County Exchanges
Putnam County ---- The Press

Miss Elizabeth Potter of Smithville, who has been a guest of Miss Arnold for the past ten days, leaves today for her home.

The handsome residence of T.D. Ford is nearing completion and will certainly add one to the beautiful homes of our town.

Miss Lou Spurrier, who has been visiting Mrs. L.D. Perkins for the past two weeks, left Tuesday for her home in Nashville.

V.E. Bockman was bitten by a spider Tuesday and is suffering very much from the effects of the poison.

H.I. Swartout and wife have returned from a very pleasant visit to relatives in Minnesota.

Last Sunday afternoon Bill James shot his brother-in-law, Bill Stafford, at the home of the former in Bloomington. The ball entered just below the left collar bone and passed through his shoulder and on account of its proximity to the heart, is thought to be serious. The circumstances which lead to the shooting are as we learn them as follows: Stafford came up to James house and was well under the influence of whisky. He was very boisterous and would not heed the remonstrance from James, so James drew a .44 calibre pistol and fired. James says he not intend shooting Stafford but merely did it to scare him, but the ball went straight to its mark and the possibility is that another killing in Putnam has been enacted.

Wilson County ---- The Tribune

Mrs. Walter Ashworth will leave this week for Texas.

Mrs. B.W. Buford has returned from a month's visit to relatives in Smith and DeKalb counties.

Esq. H. Neal of Watertown, one of the jail Commissioners, is here superintending the erection of the jail.

J.G. Bransford is quite sick and owing to his advanced age but little hope is entertained of his recovery. He was running a grocery store at the depot [and] has gone out of business. He has shipped his goods to New Middleton.

Jessie Harris, who escaped from jail about three months ago, was captured by the officers last week and placed in jail. On last Saturday he broke out again and left for parts unknown.

Dr. Dixie Douglass came up from Nashville last Saturday night to perform an operation on the 9 year old son of Joe Mann, of the 5th district, for appendicitis Drs. J.B. Cowan and Jerry McFarland assisted Dr. Douglass in the operation which was done Sunday morning. The patient was in a desperate condition with the chances very much against him when the doctors arrived there, but the operation was a very successful one and the little patient at this writing as could be expected with chances in favor of his recovery.


Mrs. Etna Sherley died at her home on Hurrican Creek last Tuesday and was brought here Wednesday for burial. Sam George's daughter died Wednesday and was buried at Sycamore. H.H. Kidwell and wife visited relatives at Liberty yesterday. Mrs. Dovie Powell has gone to the cancer doctor near Sulphur Springs to have a cancer taken off of her face.
Teacher's Institute

Liberty, Tenn.-Aug. 1-The colored teachers of DeKalb county held their institute in Phillip's chapel today. The house was called to order by the president, T.H. Elliot, after which prayer was offered by Rev. B.F. Whitley. Welcome address by T.H. Elliot, Response by Rev. Whitley. Then the regular work of the institute began: Arithmetic, Thos. S. Officer; Grammar, J.H. Moore; Geography, Amanda Bullington; Physiology, N.C. Woods; dinner, then, Tenn. History, T.H. Elliot; U.S. History, Callie Allen. Then a debate between W.A. Moore and W.H. Slaughter; For next meeting, Response by Wm. Brewington; Tenn. History, Ethel Bettie; and J.H. Moore on Committee [other subjects by aforementioned]

Insolvent Notice

John L. Evans, admr. Of the estate of Sarah Evans, deceased, having suggested the insolvency of said estate do hereby notify all persons having claims against said estate to file them properly authenticated with J.K. Conger, Clerk of the county court for DeKalb County on or before the 1st day of March 1897, or they will forever be bared in law and equity. --- This August 11, 1896 --- John L. Evans


John Goodner, L.W. Rollins, Mr. Duke and Enoch Rollins have returned from a fishing trip to Caney Fork.

Mrs. M.F. Reece and daughter, Frankie, left Monday for their home in Nashville.

Mrs. Em Turner and Miss Pauline Dinges returned from Bloomington Springs Monday.

Mrs. Mary Barbee of Mahone and W.A. Oakford of Humbolt were married last week.

Esq. John Jones of New Hope has been sick for several days.

Mrs. Hal Tubb leaves this week to visit relatives at Franklin.

Miss Alice Cullom left Saturday to visit her parents at Woodburn, Ky.

A.B. Smith went to Nashville today.

C.D. Baird will teach a class in music this fall.

Oscar Moore and sister, Miss Isa, are visiting here.

Miss Bertie Moore and Miss Zuleika Gill were in Alexandria last week.

Hatton Shaver will return from Woodburn this week.

Robert L. Lawrence and wife of Lancaster are visiting relatives here.

Rev. T.J. Eastes was in town Saturday.

W.B. Simpson and wife have returned from McMinnville.

J.F. Roy is adding a front room to his residence on Main st.

J.H. Green is shipping lumber this week.

O.P. Barry and wife left last week for Alabama.

Rev. W.H. Smith and Miss Mattie Sampson were married last week.

Mrs. R.F. Jones has returned home.

Geo. Hildreth lost his little girl last week, who was sick with whooping cough.

James Spurlock, representing Charles Frankland, Nashville, is in town today.

At the election held last Thursday, J.D. Colvert was elected Tax Assessor and E.A. Foutch was re-elected Constable. The school commissioners are Dr. Knox, David Wauford and Ike Keaton.

Andrew McClellan of Hall's Hill is here.

Judge Irenus Beckwith is reported to be quite sick at his home near town.


J.L. Lamberson will pay cash for wheat.

H.A. Bratten has gone to Nashville.

Geo. Borum of Nashville came up on his wheel last week.

Wm. Bailiff of Dry Creek will start off on a pearling trip in a few days.

Henry Brown and wife of Warren county spent last night in Liberty.

Doss Squires of Smith county has been visiting relatives here for a few days.

Born to B.H. Phillips and wife last week, an 11 lb. boy. Mother and son doing well.

J.W. and D.D. Overall have gone to Nashville this week to attend the Republican State Convention.

Silas Anderson was on the down stage yesterday morning enroute to the State Convention.

Sol Farmer is in Robertson county taking of a crop of tobacco that he recently bought.

Mrs. T.W. McFerrin is here working up a music class on Guitar, Violin or Mandolin.

J.T. Lynch will leave today for Illinois to attend to some business there. He expects to make this country his home, however, after his return in October.

James Paty's little girl died at Smithville Sunday night and was buried at Prosperity Monday evening. She was at Smithville going to school and had been sick only a few days.

A Mad Dog's Work

Last Thursday morning a blue looking hound passed through the streets of Dowelltown and when just in front of Aaron Braswell's house attacked Bill (Buck) Barry, who was standing in the road and apparently not noticing the dog. In an instant the dog sprang on Mr. Barry and had to be choked loose. Bill was bitten on the side of the leg just below the right knee.

He left at once for the mad stone near Woodbury which we understand stuck to the bite 54 hours. He got home Sunday. The same dog bit Rev. Mr. Roper on Dismal Creek the same day and he left at once for the mad stone at New Middleton which, we understand, stuck to the bite for 12 hours.

We understand that Judge Bonham's son, near Smithville, was bitten the day before by a dog answering the same description. That dog is dead now but created a great deal of excitement before he could be killed. John Hindsley, in attempting to shoot this same dog with a pistol, shot himself through the left hand.

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